A-List Of 11 Useful Free Things For Aspiring Graphic Designers

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get your graphic design career off the ground. There are lots of free resources online that will help you learn, take practice tests, and even find prospective employers. Here’s what I’ve found out there that has helped me so far.

8 MUST HAVE FREEBIES For Designers (Useful)
1. Explore various free design templates to kickstart your creative projects.
2. Discover affordable digital tools that can enhance your graphic design workflow.
3. Earn money by showcasing your design skills on platforms that pay for your work.
4. Choose the perfect fonts for your logos to create a memorable brand identity.
5. Understand the importance of context in typography for impactful design projects.

1. Free Fonts

You might be wondering why you need free fonts, especially if you’re just starting to design. The truth is that fonts are an important part of the design and they can convey different messages depending on the font used. 

For example, a modern or elegant-looking font will generally be better suited for formal occasions and weddings, while flamboyant or playful fonts are usually better suited for birthday parties and other casual events.

Regardless of the occasion though, it’s important to choose fonts carefully because poor choice in typeface can ruin even the most well thought out designs. 

So before we go over some great places where you can find good quality free fonts for your next project let me explain why choosing the right kind of font matters so much when designing anything from websites to logos and everything in between!

Designing eye-catching graphics is essential for every aspiring graphic designer. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 15 terrific freebie design templates to elevate your creative projects.

2. Fonts Are Crucial To Designing Well

Using the wrong typeface can ruin even the best ideas!

The first thing that people usually notice about your design is the font. This is not surprising because fonts play a major role in conveying information quickly and efficiently to viewers. 

A good designer will know how important it makes sense then for designers to have access to free fonts, but unfortunately, there are not many options available out there. In this article, we’ll look at some places where you can find them and also give you some tips on what kinds of fonts work best depending on what type of project you

Freelance designers often need affordable tools that don’t compromise on quality. Explore this list of 10 affordable digital tools that can enhance your workflow and bring your design ideas to life.

3. Free Mockups

There is a difference between mockups and wireframes. Mockups are used to “mock-up” or show the color, style, and feel of a website or application. Wireframes are used to flesh out the functionality of an app.


A mockup is more visual than a wireframe, so it helps you imagine how your design will look in real life. Using free mockup templates can be an effective part of your workflow because they allow you to visualize your work before it goes into production. This saves time, money, and stress on everyone involved with the project!

4. Free Stock Images

Stock images from a stock photo website

The first place you should look for images is at a stock photography website. There are hundreds of these sites on the web and they offer different types of photos and illustrations some are very professional-looking, while others are more casual. 

Some sites allow you to use their photos for free if you meet certain requirements (such as attribution) but most only allow them to be used commercially with payment. 

This can often be expensive; however, if you’re working on a project that doesn’t have a large budget or isn’t intended for commercial purposes (like your portfolio), then it might still be worth paying for high-quality images.

Are you interested in making money by showcasing your design skills? Discover these 20 sites that will pay you to design and start turning your creative talents into a source of income.

5. Free Psd Templates And Design Resources

A PSD template is a graphic file format that can be used to design web pages, logos, and other graphics. This type of file contains all the elements and layers from an original design (such as fonts and colors) in a single document so that you can easily edit them or add more elements when creating your designs.

There are many types of templates available for download online, including:

UI kits: These have pre-made buttons, icons, and patterns you can use when designing websites or apps; they may also include mockups for various phone screens that show how certain elements will look in different sizes.

WordPress themes: These are ready-made templates that include both frontend code along with backend admin panels where you can make changes directly without needing to redo everything yourself. 

Some examples include Bootstrap frameworks like [Bootswatch](https://bootswatch.com/) (free) which offer several different color schemes so you don’t need to find colors yourself before designing a site just pick one!

6. Free Wireframe Kits And Templates

If you’re a designer, you likely have a strong understanding of what a wireframe is. For those of you who don’t know, a wireframe is an early layout or blueprint-like representation of how the site will look and function. 

They are typically created in grayscale so as not to distract from the design itself. The purpose of these wireframes is to give your client an idea of how their new website will look before any actual development takes place. 

This can help save money on rework later down the line when things aren’t exactly as expected!

7. Freelance And Job Help

Find a mentor: There are several ways to find a mentor that you feel comfortable with. You can search for people who have similar skill sets to you and ask them if they’d be interested in mentoring you. You could also approach local businesses and ask if they know of anyone who would be willing to help get your career started.

Join a networking group: Many organizations such as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) offer student memberships that include access to discounted conferences and courses, scholarships, job opportunities, mentorship programs, and discounts on software subscriptions.

Complete an internship: Internships provide valuable experience without requiring payment which can help get your foot in the door at companies where there may not be any openings available at that time.

Fonts play a crucial role in creating memorable logos. If you’re struggling to choose the right font, our guide on the 15 best fonts for logos can help you make a lasting impression with your designs.

8. Web Development

Learning how to code is an important skill for any designer, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. Here are some resources that will help you get started:

  • Learn HTML and CSS
  • Learn how to use a text editor
  • Learn FTP and how to set up a web server
  • Learn how to use a content management system like WordPress or Joomla! (or another CMS)

If you’re interested in using some pre-made templates or frameworks for your website design, check out Bootstrap, which is a popular CSS framework used by many companies today.

9. Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of information, such as data or knowledge. Infographics can be used in a variety of different ways, such as for presentations or to explain a concept in an article or blog post. They are also useful for presenting complex data clearly and concisely.

A good infographic will contain engaging visuals that help the reader understand the information presented by the designer.

You must choose the right topic for your infographic if you want it to be successful:

Make sure that your data is collected correctly and presented clearly before starting the process of designing an infographic; this will help ensure that what you end up with is accurate and easy to understand.

10. Free Photoshop Actions And Brushes

In the graphic design industry, Photoshop Actions are commonly used to speed up the process of creating a design. They can automate tasks such as creating a particular type of brushstroke or light source or performing an action on multiple layers at once.

While you can always create your actions by recording yourself performing actions in Photoshop, many free Photoshop actions already exist online. 

These will save you time and energy so you can spend more time focusing on improving your skills instead of having to recreate something from scratch every time.

The most important thing when downloading free Photoshop actions is knowing what you’re getting into before purchasing anything; make sure that there’s enough information about each action so that it doesn’t just look like a bunch of randomly placed objects on top of each other without any sense behind them (or worse yet – nothing at all).

11. Random Resources (Icons, Textures, and More)

Free Icons

Stock. xchng and Icon Finder are two great places to find icons. You can also search the web for them by using the keyword “free icon”.

Free Textures

Subtle Patterns has some nice textures and patterns, as well as a few freebies. You can also check out Texture King’s texture collection (it is free).

Free Backgrounds

Gratisography has an excellent selection of high-quality backgrounds, most of which are released under creative commons licenses with attribution required to their creator(s). There are also some good options at Unsplash and Pixaby.

Typography is more than just choosing a font; it’s about understanding context. Dive into the benefits of considering context in typography with insights from our article on The benefits of considering context in typography, and discover how it can enhance your design projects.


So there you have it, that’s our ultimate list of 11 useful free things for aspiring graphic designers. Press Tab to write more…

Can we help with anything else? We are always publishing new content and sharing new trends, so if there is anything, in particular, you want to know about, get in touch and we can help!

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What Is A Mockup?

A mockup is a representation of what the final product will look like. It’s often used to show clients or other stakeholders what their idea will look like in reality. In the graphic design world, you’ll often see various mockups of logos, websites, and other design elements.

What Are Photoshop Actions?

Actions are pre-programmed events that can be triggered by simply pressing one button. For example, many Photoshop actions let you create seamless patterns with just one click! You can find these on graphicriver.net or on your favorite stock image site (we recommend Shutterstock for quality). 

These actions save so much time in your workflow because they allow you to create complex designs without coding them yourself from scratch each time! They also let you quickly change things up if needed without having to do everything from scratch again after every change request from clients or bosses 🙂 

What Is An Infographic? 

An infographic is any visual representation of information (textual) put into image form (such as charts/graphs) rather than text form only – especially when referring specifically to graphics created by designers/illustrators who can visualize data better visually than through words alone.”

What Is A Mockup?

A mockup is a fancy word for a prototype. Mockups are typically created in Photoshop, but they can be made in any design tool that allows you to layout elements on a page. 

Mockups are useful because they allow you to experiment with different layouts and get feedback from your client before starting work on the final design. What is a wireframe?

Wireframes are typically created in Illustrator or Sketch and show basic elements of the design including its structure, space, and hierarchy of information. 

They’re used by designers as reference points throughout the graphic design process from initial brainstorming sessions. 

All the way through feedback from clients and stakeholders for approval before moving forward with finalizing kerning, color palettes, etc. which helps ensure that each stage of development aligns with user needs while keeping costs low compared to creating something completely from scratch every time there’s an adjustment needed (which would require starting over again). 

What Is PSD? 

Photoshop actions let users record their steps taken while working on an image so when they want them done again later without having access to those original files! 

They’re often used in combination with other tools such as filters & textures which change how images look without affecting their underlying layers so even if someone were looking right at them they wouldn’t necessarily notice anything different about what’s going on underneath

What Are Fonts?

Fonts are the most common and easy-to-use free things for beginners. Fonts are used to make text look good, as it helps you add personality to your design.

What Are Mockups?

Mockups can be used in several different ways like making your icons or even creating thumbnails for social media posts! They can also be used just as mock-up templates which are great if you want to create a more realistic image (like an icon).

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