This Is Why I Became A Ghostwriter (My Story)

I’m a ghostwriter that can help you with everything from blog posts to podcasts or even books! 

I’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years and have worked with clients ranging from small business owners to celebrities. Why would anyone hire a writer? Well, there are many reasons. 

Some people don’t like writing very much, so they hire someone else who does love writing (me) to do it for them. 

Others simply need help getting their ideas out of their head onto paper or computer screens because they don’t want to spend hours doing anything but staring at a blank page/white screen while trying to think up something interesting enough for others to read…

Should I Hire One? Is a Ghostwriter Worth it?
1. Personal Insight: Gain valuable insights into the motivations and experiences of a real-life ghostwriter.
2. Passion for Writing: Discover the writer’s passion for the art of crafting compelling stories behind the scenes.
3. Career Journey: Explore the author’s journey to becoming a professional ghostwriter and the challenges they faced.
4. Benefits of Ghostwriting: Learn about the rewarding aspects and unique opportunities that come with being a ghostwriter.
5. Impact on Others: Understand how ghostwriting can make a significant impact on authors and readers alike.

I Am A Perfectionist

When you hire me, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with care. I have high attention to detail and am extremely thorough in my work. I am also a self-starter, able to take on large projects with little supervision. 

My strong work ethic means I always go above and beyond what is expected of me, making sure that every task is done correctly before moving on to the next one.

This combination of skills makes me an ideal candidate for ghostwriting work: I know how to get things done right, which is why many of my clients come back again and again!

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I Love The Written Word

I love the written word. I love to read, and I love to write. I’m the kind of person who loves to write letters, poetry, and stories — even if they’re not published. If it has words on it, chances are that I will read it and enjoy it.

I also have a passion for writing articles, blog posts, or press releases; anything where I can put my ideas into words to share them with others who may find them useful or interesting.

This is why ghostwriting was so appealing for me: because it allows me to do all of this at once!

I Have Some Excellent Writing Skills

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, as well as a master’s degree in journalism. I also have a master’s degree in communication and public relations, along with a master’s degree in marketing.

I know how to write excellent content that your customers will love reading!

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I Have A Desire To Continuously Learn And Grow

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my writing skills, marketing skills, and social media skills. 

You should be too! As a ghostwriter, this is one of the many reasons why I love what I do. There’s always something new to learn or improve upon – which keeps things interesting!

I’m Creative And Have A Large Imagination

Being a ghostwriter is more than just writing words on a page. It’s about creating content that ranks in Google searches and drives traffic back to your site while finding the right keywords to target too! 

I’m a copywriter and content marketer who specializes in creating content that converts.

I take complex information and make it simple & digestible for you, so your audience can understand it quickly and then take action based on their understanding of the topic at hand. After all, if they don’t understand what you’re talking about then why would they even care?

Of course, you may already be thinking “but I already have an idea of what I want my blog post/ebook/website copy to say.” 

Yes…and no! You need someone who can read through what YOU’VE written (if applicable) or talked about during our first meeting & come up with ways to turn YOUR ideas into something more enticing & interesting for readers AND search engines alike!

I See World From Different Points Of View

As a ghostwriter, I see the world from different points of view.

This is because I’m not afraid to ask for help when I need it. I’m willing to change my mind when I discover that I’m wrong. And I’m always willing to learn new things about myself and others if it helps me understand the world better.

I’m also open to other people’s ideas, which means that even if you disagree with me (and we all have different opinions), then at least you know where my perspective comes from.

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I Can Take Complex Information And Make It Simple & Digestible

The key is to make sure that your readers understand the information they’re reading. If you want them to remember what you’ve said, then you need to be specific and use language they will understand.

It’s important to remember that most people are visual learners – so don’t write just for yourself or an elite few who like reading large chunks of text.

Here are some tips:

Use simple language: You don’t need big words to impress readers or make yourself sound smarter than everyone else (it makes it harder for them). 

Just talk like a normal person would do in daily conversations with friends and family members – this will help your reader relate better because they won’t feel intimidated by your vocabulary level!

Use short sentences: Readers can easily get confused by long paragraphs filled with too many clauses separated by commas…so keep things simple by breaking up large blocks of text into smaller ones using periods instead. Bullet points are great for lists like this one!

I Can Convey A Personality Through Writing

As a ghostwriter, I can help you find your voice. I can help you write in a way that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

I’ve found that many authors want their writing to be authentic, genuine, and engaging. If this is important to you too – then I’m the right person for the job!

I Can Research Any Subject, Fast

And I know how to put the information together in a way that makes it easy to read, understand and remember.

  • I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and have worked on hundreds of projects.
  • I love helping people reach their goals, especially through content marketing.
  • The best part about being a ghostwriter is helping people reach their goals, especially through content marketing.

I am a people person. I love to help others and see them succeed. I have always had a passion for helping people be successful in whatever they do and this allowed me to find my niche as a ghostwriter.

My Writing Easily Converts Into Social Media Content, Blog Posts, And Podcast Scripts & Episodes

The reason why I became a Ghostwriter was that I can help you create content that will rank in Google searches and find the right keywords to target too!

I have written hundreds of thousands of words for other people, from books to white papers, ebooks to articles. And if you’re looking for help with your next project or just want someone with experience creating content for your business or personal brand I’m here for that too!

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I Can Create Content That Will Rank In Google Searches And Find The Right Keywords To Target Too!

To help you rank in search engines and generate more leads, I will write your content with keywords. I’ll use the right ones that are relevant to your business, industry, and target audience.

This is important because if people are searching for those keywords on Google or another search engine, it’s likely they’re looking for what you offer!

So let me walk through some of my favorite ways to incorporate keywords into each piece of content:

Headings: Use the most important words from your title as H1 headings throughout your article (this also helps with SEO!)

Meta descriptions: Again here is where we can include some great key terms from our title or if possible a full sentence about what makes this particular blog post unique and why someone should click on it over other similar posts online.

Body copy: Be sure not only at the top but also throughout the body copy that there are plenty of instances where those same words appear again so that Google can understand them as being important parts of this page/post – think synonyms too!

URLs: Make sure these reflect what’s actually written on them otherwise people might get confused when they see a page called ‘Our Favourite Recipes’ but then find out it contains no recipes whatsoever (I’ve seen this happen).

My services are affordable to most small business owners who want to succeed online but hate writing or simply don’t have the time to do it all themselves. (Yes, that’s you!)

I Can Help You Reach Your Goals, No Matter How Big Or Small They Are!

I’m very affordable in comparison to other writers out there who charge thousands of dollars per month. You’re probably wondering, “Why am I so cheap? What’s the catch? Does she have any credentials at all?”

No worries I have plenty of experience (and a degree) under my belt as well as an excellent track record for clients who want results that last long-term. 

My services are also less expensive than what it would cost for someone else to hire another employee just for content creation alone!

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I am ready to help you get ahead with your online business! My goal is to provide you with quality content that will transform your business and grow it into something amazing. I look forward to working with you soon!

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What qualifications do I need to become a ghostwriter?

To become a ghostwriter, formal qualifications are not strictly necessary. However, possessing excellent writing skills, a strong grasp of grammar, and the ability to adapt to various writing styles are essential.

How can I find ghostwriting opportunities?

Networking within the writing community, joining freelance platforms, and reaching out to publishers or authors in need of ghostwriters are effective ways to discover ghostwriting opportunities.

How do ghostwriters handle confidentiality?

Ghostwriters maintain strict confidentiality and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with their clients to ensure that the work remains anonymous and the client’s identity is protected.

How do ghostwriters negotiate payment?

Ghostwriting payment varies depending on the project’s complexity and the ghostwriter’s experience. Payment can be a flat fee, a percentage of royalties, or a combination of both, which is negotiated between the ghostwriter and the client.

Can I get credit for my work as a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters typically do not receive public credit for their work, as the author’s name is attributed to the piece. However, some agreements may allow for acknowledgment in the form of an acknowledgment page or a discreet credit.