Lead Generation: How To Find 100 Targeted B2B Leads Every Month

Generating quality leads is the lifeblood of any business – making it essential to have reliable lead generation strategies that balance quantity and quality.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for generating 100 high-quality B2B leads, month after month.

While there are dozens of different lead generation strategies you could pursue, those we’ve included in this guide will result in strong returns for your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to start generating more customers for your business, let’s get started!

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Key Takeaways
1. Identify ideal B2B customer profiles to target effectively.
2. Utilize data-driven research to refine lead generation.
3. Craft compelling content to attract and engage prospects.
4. Leverage social media and networking for wider reach.
5. Implement lead capture strategies to convert interest to leads.
6. Use analytics to optimize and adjust your lead generation plan.
7. Focus on nurturing relationships to convert leads into clients.

Find Your Ideal Client

There are many ways to find your ideal client, including:

Searching for people who have a problem you can solve. If a prospect is already looking for the solution that your product or service offers, they’re more likely to take action on what it is you have to offer them. 

For example, if you sell gourmet dog treats and someone has searched for “treats for lazy dogs” or “how do I get my dog off the couch?” then they may be ready to purchase from you!

Searching for people who have a budget allocated towards your product or service. 

Whether it be because of their own budget constraints or because their company requires that they spend money in this area anyway, knowing how much they’re willing to spend will help narrow down your potential target market.

Searching for people who need what you’re offering right now rather than just being interested in it at some point in the future (i.e., when they’re ready). 

The sooner someone needs something from you and starts looking into solutions offered by other providers (like yours), then the better chance there’ll be additional opportunities down the line as well!

Understanding the nuances of marketing research methodologies is crucial for successful lead generation. Explore our article on different types of marketing research to uncover the strategies that can enhance your B2B lead targeting.

Get 10 People To Review Your Product Or Service

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Find people who have already reviewed your product or service. If you’re selling a book on how to play chess, find authors of other books on chess and write them an email asking if they would be willing to review your book or write a short blurb about it. 

Also, look for reviews of other similar products or services in that market. If there are none, try getting customer feedback through surveys and testimonials on your website or landing page.

Find people who have written about your product or service. Look at social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for professionals who might be interested in what you have to offer (e-sports coaches work well here). 

Search through the hashtags used by these professionals so that others can find their content easily as well (e-sports coaches will use #esportscoach). Then reach out directly with an offer that benefits both parties: 

“I’m going live next week, would love for you guys [e-sports coaches] to join me!” Or “Our latest podcast episode covers [subject matter], thought I’d share with anyone else working in this field.” Yes – this will take quite some time but believe me it’s worth it!

Find people who have used your product or service

Get Featured In Inbound.Org

Inbound.org is a community of marketers and business professionals that you want to be a part of.

There are a few reasons why Inbound.org can be an amazing source of leads:

They have a lot of traffic. Inbound has over 100k users, so your content will reach people in your target market (and beyond).

It’s free! As long as you keep it professional, Inbound won’t charge you to submit articles or podcasts like some other sites might. And if they do charge, their price point is pretty reasonable about $20 per post in my experience (depending on how long the article/podcast is). 

This should also give you some peace of mind that no one will charge below market value for their services because there’s enough competition for them to offer great prices by default. 

Plus, when someone does ask for more money than what was agreed upon upfront, we can always negotiate down until both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Your content will get in front of thousands more eyes than just yours alone.

You’ll get exposure from highly influential people who work at companies like Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn, etc…

Effective lead generation relies on solid market research techniques. Discover how to conduct comprehensive research with our guide on market research in 14 easy steps, ensuring that your B2B leads are both targeted and valuable.

Build An Email List

To build a great list, you need to have a goal in mind. The best way to do this is by understanding what you want your email list to do for you. Is it for lead generation? Are you looking for sales? 

Or are you trying to sell specific products and services online? Whatever it is that you’re looking for from your email list, make sure that the content of the emails aligns with those goals. 

If not, then people will unsubscribe from your emails as soon as they realize that they’re not helpful or relevant enough.

Once you’ve identified what type of content people want from their inboxes (and how often), then it’s time for building up those numbers! 

While there are ways out there like buying lists or using popups on websites that may increase engagement rates but ultimately lowers quality leads because most people delete spammy emails rather than reading them(or worse yet getting tons of spam!)

We recommend building an actual relationship with potential clients where possible instead of just “cold calling” them all day long without knowing anything about them beforehand; 

This will help reduce bounce rates which makes more room left over after deleting spammy messages in general.

Saving both money spent on sending mailers out every week/month plus reducing overall losses due to excessive opt-outs later down the line which could potentially cost even more money over time if done incorrectly originally when starting up any business venture such as ours here at Lead Generation USA!

Speaking At Events & Getting Featured In Media

Speaking at events and getting featured in media are two ways to get your name out there. If you can manage to do both of these things, then you’re golden!

Speaking at events is a great way to get leads and get your name out there. You could host your event if you have enough connections, or find an existing one that would be helpful for your business like B2B conferences or webinars.

Getting featured in media (like blogs) can help boost your visibility as well. There are some great benefits of being featured in an industry blog:

  • You’ll gain more organic traffic from search engines like Google
  • Your name will become associated with high-quality content on the topic related to what you sell/provide (which makes it easier for people looking for this kind of service).

This last point means that not only does getting published help drive traffic toward your website.

But it also helps build trust among potential clients who may not have heard about you yet but recognize the publication where they saw one of their articles written by someone else before making their decision whether or not they should buy from them too!

Influencer Outreach (It’s Overwhelming)

Influencer outreach is the process of connecting with influencers in your industry to spread awareness of your brand and content.

You can find influencers in a variety of ways:

Social media research: Find people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Look for people who are active in conversations about your industry or business verticals that are relevant to yours.

Content promotion tools: There are several tools available on the market that allow you to search for popular blogs based on keywords related to your industry or product/service offerings (like BuzzSumo). 

This will help you identify top-tier bloggers who have published articles related to topics of interest.

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Use Content Promotion Networks To Find And Engage With Authors, Bloggers, And Journalists

Find other people who are writing about similar topics. Reach out to them with a link to your content. When they share it, they’ll be sending traffic back to you. 

This is one of the best ways to get more exposure for your content and drive qualified visitors from external sources like social media platforms and blogs.

Several tools can help you find authors or bloggers who have written about similar topics as well as journalists who may be interested in covering your business topic or starting a relationship with someone in the industry’s thought leaders (like yourself). 

For example:

Muck Rack 

A tool that helps PR professionals identify journalists based on their beats/topics they cover; provides information like Twitter handles so it’s easy for PR professionals/marketers/authors/bloggers etc…

To reach out directly via email or Twitter DM which is useful since most journalists these days don’t have time on their hands so having direct access through email makes things easier for everyone involved! 

It also has a blog post feed where users can add RSS feeds from sites such as Medium or LinkedIn Pulse (both popular blogging platforms) which makes it even easier for users because all those posts will show up automatically without needing any extra work done by them!

Guest Posting (Best Lead Generation Strategy Of All Time)

Guest posting is the best B2B lead generation strategy of all time.

There are three main reasons why:

It’s Cost-Effective

You don’t need to pay for traffic, you just need to write high-quality content and submit it to websites that will feature it on their site. 

The only costs involved are your time and effort in writing the post, and a small fee if you use a service like [Wix](https://www.wix.com/) or [WordPress](https://wordpress.com/) to publish your article online (which we recommend).

Your content gets in front of more people than any other B2B lead generation strategy because every website that features your guest post links back to both your company’s website, as well as the website where they published it.

So twice as many people see it! This makes guest posting an extremely effective way to generate leads from high-quality sources in a short amount of time (usually less than 2 weeks).

Guest posts rank well in search engines because they’re considered authoritative; 

Meaning Google sees them as valuable resources for its users and thus makes them appear higher up when someone searches for keywords related to what was discussed within each article – which means even more exposure!

Plan Ahead For Your Competitor’s Social Media Content

The best way to get ahead of the competition is by being prepared for whatever they throw at you.

Stay on top of their social media. You should always be keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing online and how their social media presence is shifting. 

This can provide valuable insight into how they’re trying to grow their business, and also give you a chance to respond accordingly if they say something negative about your work that could potentially damage your reputation. 

Conversely, if one of them happens to share positive feedback about something that you did well (either as an individual or as part of the team).

Then be sure to share it yourself! It’s important that all consumers know who deserves credit for good work done in the industry and there’s no better way than through social media sharing. 

If nothing else comes up during this time frame when checking out competitor activity online every day (or multiple times per week).

Then relax and enjoy being able to focus more on other areas like growing leads rather than having so many things going on at once right now without any rest periods between activities.

Because everything is happening simultaneously throughout every day until midnight hits again after another busy day has passed by.

Elevate your B2B lead generation strategy by integrating strategic marketing research. Our guide on applying strategic marketing research to increase sales offers actionable insights that can guide you toward more targeted and impactful leads.

Create A Free Theme For WordPress.Org

This strategy is simple: you create a free theme for WordPress.org, then promote it on your blog and social media channels. This will get you more traffic, social media followers, and eventually sales.

There are two ways to approach this method:

  • Make the theme yourself or hire someone else to make it (I would recommend hiring someone)
  • Create an outline of what your theme will be like so that others can start building it before you finish writing all of the code

Create A Free Plugin For WordPress.Org

To begin, create a free plugin for WordPress.org. This is the easiest way to get started with your lead generation campaign because you can use it as a starting point for learning how to create plugins and develop them further over time.

The best part? You don’t need any coding experience or advanced knowledge of PHP to start creating this plugin! All it takes is some determination and creativity (and maybe some coffee). 

You can find all the tools and resources you need on GitHub or via Google searches on how-to’s related specifically to developing plugins for WordPress sites using Git repositories or SVN repositories respectively.

Both are great options but Git will likely be easier since there aren’t many technical hurdles involved when using it compared with SVN which requires additional setup steps before anything else can happen after downloading from their website

Quora Promotions (The Best Option For Long-Term Traffic)

Quora is a great platform to promote your content. Quora has many users who are interested in the topics that you’re targeting, so it makes sense to promote your content there.

The best way to do this is by answering questions that are relevant to your audience and then linking back to one of your articles from those answers. 

For instance, if you had an article titled “7 SEO Tips for Small Businesses”, then when asked about how SEO works for small businesses on Quora, you could answer the question and link back to the article with a summary of what was written there. 

You can also use this strategy when answering other questions related to online marketing (e.g., “What is PPC?”). 

This will help drive traffic back over time because people will be able to find answers they need quickly while searching naturally on Google or Bing.

Instead of relying solely on links from other sites like Wikipedia or IMDb which tend not as useful as they once were due changes made by these sites recently (e.g., removing some content).

Use This Hack To Always Be The First One To Answer On Quora 😉

You can use Quora to promote your business, get traffic to your site, and collect leads for your business.

Quora is a great place to pick up new customers. Thanks to the massive audience it has amassed over the years (1 billion monthly users), Quora has become one of the best places on the internet for customer acquisition. 

People with similar interests tend to hang out in the same communities on Quora and share information about their niche topics. 

As such, many businesses have started using this platform as a way of creating awareness about their products or services and getting backlinks to their sites in return.

Also, several other benefits come with promoting yourself on this social networking site:

You can use quora as an opportunity to gain social proof by answering questions related to your industry or even better yet.

Ask questions that will help you build relationships with your audience by giving them value; people will start following you if they see quality answers coming from someone like me 😉

You can use Quora as another way of getting product reviews; I prefer posting these types of questions myself rather than asking potential buyers directly.

Because then again it allows them not only to say something about what they think about my product but also to leave some comments behind which means more content!

Listicles And Roundups (The Lazy Way Out)

Listicle and roundup posts are easy to write. That’s why they are popular. They can get a lot of traffic, and they can be used for link building if you do it right. But did you know that these types of posts can also be used for lead generation?

The main reason people read listicles is that they want to learn something new, so if you include the right information in the article that relates directly to your target audience (or even just their interests), then there’s a good chance they will visit your site after reading it.

Media Outreach 101 For Lead Generation (With Pitch Templates)

Getting your name, brand, and story in front of targeted journalists is a critical, yet often overlooked step in the B2B lead generation process.

The more you can get your message out there, the better chance you have of being found by an appropriate prospect. And once you’ve earned media attention, it’s much easier to follow up with interested prospects who’ve seen your press coverage.

But how do you get started? How do you approach these influencers with a pitch that will work? 

We’ll show you how to find media opportunities that are right for your business and help them see why they should write about or talk about what matters most to their readers/listeners/viewers…

Scientific precision is key when optimizing lead generation tactics. Delve into our exploration of observation, inference, and testing in marketing research to refine your B2B lead strategies with a data-driven and rigorous approach.

Reddit Promotions (If You Have Time To Waste, Go Crazy)

Reddit is a great source of traffic, leads, feedback, and content. It’s also a great way to waste your time.

You can post on Reddit in two ways: by creating an account and posting your content or by promoting your business through sponsored posts. 

This tactic is called “Reddit advertising.” If you want to go down this route, it’s important to know that there are different types of ads on Reddit that can be tailored to meet the needs of your campaign (and budget). 

For example, if you’re looking for more engagement than clicks and therefore less traffic you might choose cost-per-engagement (CPE) ads instead of CPE+CPM (cost per mille) ones. 

You’ll also have several options when it comes to targeting users based on their geographical location or interest in certain topics like cryptocurrency or investing in real estate or even just specific subreddits themselves.

Find-And-Email / Massive Outreach (Old Trick, But Still Works)

Finding and emailing people is one of the oldest tricks in marketing. It’s easy to do and can lead to some great results, but you’ll have to be careful. 

The most important thing you can do when finding and emailing people is to use a tool like BuzzStream that makes finding contacts easier. You can use their database or upload your list of emails, however, if you choose to find them it will make them easier to access later on.

Turn Cold Email Into Warm Email With This Trick!

If you’re looking to generate leads, cold emails are your friend. But if you’re not sure how to do it right, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how:

Start with a personal email rather than a “Hello” or “Good morning.” You should mention something that you have in common with the person receiving your email (e.g., an upcoming conference).

And ask for a quick call to discuss an opportunity for collaboration or partnership with your company.

If you don’t get a reply after three attempts, change up the subject line (and maybe even the body of the message).

Get Interviewed On Podcasts Via Email Templates That Work

Podcasts are a great way to get your name out there and connect with influencers in your industry. You can also use them as a lead generation tool, and to build your reputation as an expert or thought leader in the field.

If you want to get interviewed on podcasts, your target podcast must have a relevant audience for what you do. 

For example, if you run an agency specializing in digital advertising services, targeting podcasts for small businesses won’t work well for you you need bigger fish. 

You can use Google Search or iTunes Charts (or both) to search by keyword or category until you find something that fits the bill.

Once you find a few shows that seem like good matches, contact each host via email with “Email Templates That Work: A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Interviewed On Podcasts” attached. The template should include all of these things:

  • Your name (and company name)
  • The topic of conversation (for example “How B2B agencies are using social media today”)
  • How long the interview will be (30 minutes is typical)


We’re here to help you generate 100 targeted leads every month. These are the best strategies and tactics to get more business from your website. 

We know, it’s overwhelming, but we’ve been through this ourselves so we’re confident that with a little bit of guidance you can do it too! Use our free template for finding your ideal client or contacting influencers just fill in the blanks and get started today!

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Got questions about B2B lead generation? We’ve got answers:

What are the key components of a successful B2B lead generation strategy?

A successful B2B lead generation strategy typically involves understanding your target audience, creating valuable content, utilizing multiple channels for outreach, nurturing leads, and constantly analyzing and optimizing your approach.

How can inbound lead generation benefit B2B businesses?

Inbound lead generation focuses on attracting prospects through valuable content and experiences. For B2B businesses, this approach can establish authority, build trust, and attract high-quality leads that are genuinely interested in your products or services.

What are some effective ways to capture leads from website visitors?

Implementing lead capture forms, offering downloadable resources in exchange for contact information, and utilizing live chat for instant engagement are all effective methods to capture leads from website visitors.

How can social media be leveraged for B2B lead generation?

Social media platforms can be used to share valuable content, engage with your target audience, run targeted advertising campaigns, and create a sense of community, all of which contribute to B2B lead generation by attracting and nurturing potential clients.

What role does content marketing play in B2B lead generation?

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in B2B lead generation by providing informative and valuable content that addresses the pain points and needs of your target audience. This establishes your brand as an authority and attracts prospects who are seeking solutions you can provide.