Why I Became A Freelance Social Media Assistant [And You Should, Too]

If you’re looking for a way to make some money on the side, you may want to consider becoming a freelance social media assistant.

A social media assistant is a person who helps others with their social media posting and management. This can include developing content for social media posts, scheduling social media posts, and monitoring the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

As a freelancer, you get to choose your hours and your clients. You can work as much or as little as you’d like, and you can work with a variety of clients in different industries. The more hours you work, the more money you’ll make it’s really up to you how much time and effort you want to put into it!

Many businesses now use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms to attract new customers and engage existing ones. As these companies are seeing their online presence grow, they may decide that they want help managing these accounts or coming up with content that will reach their target audience.

How I’d Become a Freelancer Today
Embracing the role of a freelance social media assistant offers an avenue to harness creative skills and contribute to impactful online campaigns.
Freelance social media assistance provides the opportunity to work remotely, offering flexibility in managing work-life balance.
Gaining firsthand experience in managing social media for diverse clients can enhance your skill set and make you a versatile digital marketer.
The journey of a freelance social media assistant can open doors to networking with professionals across various industries.
By becoming a freelance social media assistant, you can play a pivotal role in driving engagement, brand visibility, and business growth for clients in the digital landscape.

Why I  Switch From Teaching To Social Media Assisting?

“When I quit my job as a teacher, people had a lot of questions for me,” Says John Michael. Why did I leave your job? Do I have another job lined up? Do I know how much it costs to live in San Francisco?

The truth is, I just wasn’t passionate about teaching anymore. It’s such a rewarding career, but after spending so many years at it, it was time for me to move on.

I started thinking about what would make me happy in my next career, and the answer was simple: social media assisting. I’ve always loved creating content for events and organizations (I used to do it as part of my teaching job) and helping others achieve their goals while creating cool stuff with words and pictures is something that energizes me every day.

Here are some of the benefits of working as a freelance social media assistant. 

Starting a career as a freelance social media assistant can be an exciting journey. However, to truly succeed as a freelance social media coordinator, you need to master not only the technical aspects but also the art of engaging and connecting with your audience.

1. Flexibility

First and foremost, I really enjoy the flexibility that freelancing offers. As a parent of three boys under the age of six, it’s really hard to find a job that works with my schedule. Being able to work when my kids are in school and having the weekends off is really important to me. And as a freelancer, I can do that!

2. Independence

I also love being able to be independent and run my business as I see fit. It’s nice not having someone tell me how things should be done or how certain things should look and feel. Since it’s my business, I can make all those decisions on my own! And nobody needs to sign off on anything it’s just me making things happen!

3. You Get To Set Your Own Hours

So many jobs have rigid schedules that require you to be at the office from 9 am-5 pm every day. That kind of schedule is great if it works for your life’s other obligations, but even then there are days when things come up (you have to take your dog to the vet or you need to pick your kids up from school) and you can’t go into work. And what happens on those days? You get marked down for missing work even if it’s unavoidable!

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be the creative force behind social media content? Discover the world of a freelance social media content creator and get inspired by the challenges and rewards of bringing brands to life in the digital realm.

4. Working From Anywhere

When you become a social media assistant, you can work from virtually anywhere in the world. I’m not kidding. You can set up your laptop and get stuff done from your local coffee shop or from your vacation rental in Paris.

The best part about that is that you don’t have to give up anything you can still do all of your typical work, but now you can do it while soaking up the sun or while drinking a latte on your lunch break.

5. Time Management

When you’re working as a freelancer, you are 100% responsible for your own schedule. So if you want to take a Friday off because your BFF is coming to town? You can do that. If you want to go out for the night and then get up at 3:00 AM and work for seven hours straight? You can do that too. As a freelancer, you have complete autonomy over your time!

6. I’ve Always Been A Little Bit Of An Anarchist

I don’t care for being told what to do, and I’m constantly tempted to rebel against authority figures. But when you make your own schedule as a freelancer, this isn’t really an issue you have to deal with anymore.

7. I’ve Always Wanted To Work For Myself

It’s not just because of the perceived freedom and flexibility, although those are certainly attractive. It’s also because, frankly, I have way too many ideas to keep to myself. You see, I have a problem. I see an opportunity and immediately think “I could do that!” which, to be honest, is exactly what happened when I started as a freelance social media assistant.

But it’s not all about me. In fact, being a freelance social media assistant has given me the chance to help other people realize their dreams and passions by helping them build their own businesses and brands. 

And you know what? It turns out that sharing my skills is even more rewarding than using them for my own benefit! So today I’m going to share with you the reasons why I became a freelance social media assistant in the first place and why you should consider doing it too.

Deciding on the right rates for your freelance services is crucial, especially in the world of social media. Learn more about how to determine your worth by checking out our guide on how much freelance social media managers should charge.

8. Control Over What Projects I Work On

Being able to control which projects I work on gives me the ability to choose clients who align with my values and passions. As a result, every day of my life feels like an adventure.

9. It’s Your Schedule

You work when you want, and don’t work when you can’t. That means that if you want to take a long vacation to the beach in July, your boss (or bosses) won’t care. In fact, they’ll probably be jealous of you. 

Additionally, it’s your clients, you pick who you want to work with and who you don’t. If there’s a company out there that you really respect and admire, here’s your chance to work for them and get paid for doing it!

10. The Freedom To Pursue New Opportunities

When you work at a salaried job, your options are limited by the industry in which your company operates. If you want to try something new, that usually means finding another job.

But when you freelance, you can scan job boards and apply to anything that strikes your fancy! You can even take jobs that may not be related to your existing expertise and if you don’t like it, no big deal.

11. There’s No Limit To How Much Money You Can Make

You might work on retainer, where you’ll get paid a certain amount per month regardless of the hours you put in. You can also charge by the hour or by the day or week. The more valuable you become to your clients, the more money you can make.

Making a lucrative income while working in the realm of social media is attainable for those who set their sights high. Dive into the possibilities of becoming a freelance social media manager and making six figures as you master the art of engaging audiences and driving impactful campaigns.

How To Get Started!

So you want to be a freelance social media assistant. Great! Not only is it a fun job that lets you do what you love, but it’s also great to pay and not too super-crazy hard to get started on.

Here Are The Basics:

Figure Out What Your Skills Are

Take a look at your recent jobs, school experience, passion projects, etc., and try to think about what you bring to the table in terms of social media skills. Are you savvy with analytics? Can you create an engaging copy? Do you have good design sense? Are you a whiz at editing videos and photos?.

Decide On Your Niche

If you want to work as a social media assistant, it’s best to focus on a niche within the field that you’re passionate about. This doesn’t mean that you can’t expand your skillset in the future just that starting off with a specialty will allow you to set yourself apart from other people in your field and give yourself an edge. 

Explore different areas of social media management until you find something specific that excites you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If you’ve never done something before, it can be terrifying to start. We all feel like we have to know everything before we can actually get started, but there’s no shame in asking for help along the way! Many people will be happy to help you if they see that you’re trying your best.

Have A Schedule

As a freelancer, your time is limited. Don’t let yourself get distracted by things that aren’t important create a schedule and stick to it. That way, when it’s time to work, you can just focus on getting things done.

Stay Organized And On-Task

It’s easy to waste time if you don’t stay focused on what’s important. Make sure your workspace is neat and organized so that you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

Get Certified

If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to become certified before you can start applying for jobs. Luckily, this isn’t too difficult for people who have a strong grasp of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. There’s no limit on where you can take classes, but we recommend doing internet research to find out what classes are available in your area and which ones offer the certification that’s right for you.

Develop A Portfolio Showcasing Your Work

This is what potential clients will examine when they’re trying to decide whether or not to hire you, so it’s crucial that it showcases your skills in a way that will be compelling and persuasive for them. And you should also think about what kind of work you want to do if you want to focus on Instagram posts, for example, make sure that the work in your portfolio reflects that.

The world of social media is a blend of artistry and strategy. For those seeking to enhance their design skills within this context, understanding the mindset and process of a freelance social media designer can provide valuable insights to help you craft compelling visual narratives.

Find And Register With A Freelance Platform

A platform like Upwork or Freelancer is where you can get matched with clients who are hiring people with your skillset. These platforms also offer ways for clients to leave reviews of contractors they’ve worked with, which can help build your reputation over time.

If you’re brand new, it can be helpful to take advantage of any trial periods or limited time offers that are available through these platforms a lot of them will give you a discount or even let you use their services for free during promotional periods.

Start Approaching Potential Clients

Once you’ve got your resume and portfolio ready to go, it’s time to start connecting with customers. Think about businesses in your area who could benefit from a freelance social media assistant, then email them directly at their business email address (not their direct personal email!). Offer them a free trial of your

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my reason to blog and work in this industry is to earn money and support myself. I am working on my blog as a full-time job now and it has improved my knowledge in blogging, design, and social networking. I hope that this article helps those who are interested in blogging or want to start an online business.

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People Also Ask

Why Hire A Freelance Social Media Assistant?

Social media is how people connect with their friends and family members and increasingly, it’s also how they connect with their favorite brands. As a result, companies have realized that they have to be present on social media in order to maintain strong connections with their customers. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, it might seem like you don’t care about your audience or worse, like you’re stuck in the past!

How Do I Get Started As A Freelancer?

You can get started as a freelancer by first finding an area where you have expertise. Then you can reach out to prospective clients, offering your services and discussing rates. If you have trouble with this, consider taking a course or working with a coach.

What’s The Best Way To Find Clients?

The best way to find clients is to reach out with a well-written cold email that offers your expertise, highlights your strengths in the field, and addresses how you can help them. It’s also important to follow up if you don’t hear back right away. If you have trouble with this, consider taking a course or working with a coach.

How Much Should I Charge For My Services?

This depends entirely on your location and the type of work you will be doing. If you are just getting started, make sure that your rates are competitive but not too cheap so that you’re not undervaluing yourself. If you have trouble with this, consider taking a course or working with a coach.

What Kind Of Problems Can Social Media Solve?

I can help your company create and maintain an online presence, allowing your business to reach more people than ever before! I can help your company understand how to tailor its marketing pitches specifically for each of the different target markets that exist on each platform. Additionally, I can save you precious time by taking on the task myself and freeing you up for more pressing duties.

What Inspired You To Become A Freelance Social Media Assistant?

I had played with the idea of being my own boss for a while, but I wasn’t sure what kind of work I would do. Then I was approached by some friends who had recently started their own company and wanted some help; it turned out to be the perfect fit!

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

It varies depending on the clients I’m working with, but generally speaking, I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s: replying to comments and messages, making sure that people are getting the information they need, and that we’re putting out fresh engaging content.

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Job?

Working with people is the best part! I love helping people solve their problems, but also learning from them about how they got to where they are now. Everyone has a different path, and each client has asked me questions that have challenged me to think more deeply about what my career goals are.

What Do You Like Least About Being A Social Media Assistant?

I love almost everything about being a social media assistant, but if I had to choose something I didn’t love, it would be that I don’t get as much face-to-face interaction with people as I used to before starting this career path. 

However, having said that, there’s still a ton of interaction with clients and with the freelancer community. And in the long run, working for myself has been really good for my self-esteem which is something that I really needed after leaving an office job where I was feeling undervalued.

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