Maximizing Your Chances with an Upwork Cover Letter for Web Developers

Outsourcing is a booming business. It’s estimated that the global freelance workforce will grow, with more than half of them being from India and China alone. 

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity without having to relocate overseas, then Upwork is the best platform for finding freelancers who can help with everything from web development to transcription services. 

However, if your experience in hiring freelancers hasn’t been great or if you haven’t tried it at all yet then this guide will help you through the process of making sure your next hire goes smoothly!

How to Write A Winning Upwork Cover Letter – YouTube
Showcase your expertise and highlight relevant skills in your Upwork cover letter.
Personalize your cover letter for each job application to address the client’s specific needs.
Provide concrete examples and evidence of past successes to demonstrate your capabilities.
Emphasize your unique value proposition and what sets you apart from other web developers.
Keep your cover letter concise, clear, and professional. Avoid unnecessary fluff or generic statements.
Proofread your cover letter carefully to ensure it is error-free and well-written.
Tailor your cover letter to align with the client’s project requirements and industry expectations.
Show enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the client’s project to demonstrate your dedication.
Follow up with the client after submitting your cover letter to express continued interest.
Continuously refine and improve your cover letter based on feedback and market trends.

Use the Client’s Name

The first sentence of your cover letter, resume, portfolio and video resume should be written to include the client’s name. 

This will help you stand out from other applicants by showing that you have done some research into their business and are familiar with their current needs.

When it comes to creating a winning Upwork cover letter for web developers, showcasing your skills and highlighting your unique value proposition is essential. Our comprehensive guide provides valuable tips and examples to help you stand out from the competition and secure your dream projects. Take a look at our guide on creating a winning Upwork cover letter for web developers to boost your chances of success.

Read the Job Description!

If you’re applying for a position as an HTML coder, it’s important to make sure that what you’re reading is exactly what the company needs. If they want someone who knows how to create responsive websites that can be viewed on mobile devices and desktop computers, then that’s what they’ll want from you. 

The same goes with any other skillset: if they say in their job description that they need someone with experience doing X, Y, and Z tasks—then this should be your focus when writing your cover letter. 

You should also read the job description closely enough so that there are no misunderstandings about anything else. 

It’s not uncommon for companies to add requirements which aren’t explicitly stated in the text of their posting or listing; these may include things like “must have 5+ years of experience” or “must be able to work independently.”

It’s always better safe than sorry here if there are terms missing from the post which seem obvious (such as salary figures), feel free to ask those questions directly via email before applying!

Quickly Show That You Have the Skills They Need

If you can, show them that you’re a good fit for the job right off the bat. Let’s say that your job posting says they’re looking for someone to develop a website with an E-commerce component. Show them some of your work that involves E-commerce and how it has helped businesses grow their revenue. 

If there are any examples of websites where you’ve used JavaScript or another programming language to help increase conversions, include those as well!

With this approach, I’m going to assume that most people reading this blog have some degree of knowledge when it comes to coding/web development and should be able to create something fairly quickly based on what’s asked in their cover letter and resume alone. 

However, if you aren’t sure about whether or not you can do either of these things yet but want some guidance from us here at Upwork then all it takes is one email sent directly through our website (or even just google). We’ll get back with an answer within 24 hours guaranteed!

Writing an effective Upwork cover letter for web developers requires a strategic approach and attention to detail. By following our expert tips, you can craft a compelling cover letter that grabs the client’s attention and increases your chances of landing high-quality projects. Discover actionable advice and real-life examples in our article on tips for writing an effective Upwork cover letter for web developers.

Create Tangible Results

Aside from showing that you have a great deal of experience, one of the best ways to make your cover letter stand out is to demonstrate how you provided tangible results for previous employers. 

Make it clear that there is a reason why they would want to hire you again by demonstrating what kind of value you added to their business.

To accomplish this, simply mention any major projects or initiatives that were successful in helping solve problems for your employer. You could also include things like increases in sales, productivity or customer satisfaction if applicable.

If possible point out specific examples where this happened by using numbers, statistics and percentages when possible (i.e., “Increased sales by 500%”). 

Even if this isn’t something that can be quantified precisely (like increasing productivity), provide an example of how much better things are now compared with before when this problem was still around (i.e., “Now we have no more issues with payroll checks being late”).

Always Talk About Your Experience from Their Point of View

A good cover letter should show the client that you understand the position and the company’s needs. It should also demonstrate that you have relevant experience for this role, and are capable of performing it.

It’s important to keep in mind your target audience’s point-of-view when writing a cover letter for Upwork jobs; after all, they’re looking for someone who will help them solve their most pressing problems by solving those problems with their existing resources. 

If they can’t see how you’ll be able to work with them effectively, they won’t contact you or hire you—no matter how well-qualified or experienced you may be otherwise!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short by Talking About How Hard You Work

While it’s important to be confident, don’t talk about how hard you work or how passionate you are about the project. You may think that if you show your passion for this job and how much of yourself you want to put into it, then it will be clear why they should hire you. 

However, if a client sees this type of thing in your cover letter, they may wonder if it means that there are other jobs out there where you aren’t so invested and that would make them worry about hiring someone who could move on easily.

The best way to avoid this problem is by being genuine: talk about what interests and motivates YOU outside of work (hobbies/passions). 

While some people might try to sell themselves short by emphasizing their humility or modesty (“I’m just an ordinary person who wants nothing more than a simple lifestyle”), others might go too far in the opposite direction by putting themselves above everyone else (“I’m one of the greatest web developers alive”). 

Either approach can have negative consequences on your chances at getting hired because neither conveys the right message: namely, honesty!

Be Succinct and Direct, But Not Too Brief

The cover letter is a critical part of your application, and you need to make sure that it successfully conveys who you are and what you can do for the client. 

Keep in mind that your goal is not to tell them everything about your life, but rather to answer the question: “Why should we hire you?” You’re trying to showcase how well-suited you are for the project or role in question by providing just enough information to get the point across.

While we don’t recommend being overly brief (no one likes reading short emails), we do suggest being succinct and direct whenever possible. You want clients who have time constraints or limited budgets; therefore it’s important not waste their time or yours by rambling on about things that don’t matter as much as others would like them too. 

When crafting this document be sure not only put down key points about yourself but also try explaining why those attributes makes them want hire someone like yourself over anyone else applying for this job/project!

To stand out with your Upwork cover letter as a web developer, you need to showcase your expertise, highlight relevant experience, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Our article provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to make your cover letter shine. Dive into our guide on how to stand out with your Upwork cover letter as a web developer to make a memorable impression.

Make Sure There Are No Typos or Grammatical Errors

Your cover letter is your chance to make a good first impression. It’s the first thing clients will read when they review your application, so you have to make sure that it’s free of typos or grammatical errors. 

Here are some ways to help ensure you don’t leave any mistakes in yours:

Write out your cover letter by hand, then type it into the text box. If you write it by hand first, you can catch more mistakes than if you just type straight into the box without giving yourself time to review what you’ve written before committing it to paper.

Use spell check! There’s no excuse for not using this tool—it’s built right into Microsoft Word and many other programs (including Gmail). 

It even has a neat feature where it highlights misspelled words in red so that they’re easy for people who aren’t as familiar with certain words as others might be (like myself) can see exactly where there might be an error lurking within our prose.

Ask someone else (or several people) to proofread for typos or errors in spelling/grammar before sending any materials off via e-mail or posting them publicly online; anyone who speaks another language should also double-check any foreign terms used here since these tend not only cause confusion with native speakers but also lead English speakers astray sometimes too due cette raison d’être ou autre chose…

Be Polite and Humble, But Firm about What You Can Do for Them

Your cover letter should be polite and humble, but firm about what you can do for them. There is no need to brag about how hard you work or what a great person you are someone else will have already written that for you in their job posting! 

Instead, focus on the benefits of hiring you and why it makes sense for your potential client to hire a web developer like yourself.

  • Don’t use first person pronouns (I/me/my) in your cover letters as they can make you sound arrogant or needy in some cases.

Avoid using excuses as they will only weaken your chances of getting hired as an Upwork freelancer by making it seem like there are reasons why someone would not want to hire someone with so many red flags attached to their name. 

If this happens, try explaining yourself through examples instead of just saying things like “I was sick last week” or “My computer broke down so I couldn’t complete my project.”

Make Sure They See Value in Working with You

In your cover letter, you should show that you can add value to the company’s business. Here’s how:

Show them that you have the skills they need, and that you can do the job. This is especially important for web developers because there are many different types of web developer positions available on UpWork, so a company may be looking for someone with experience in a specific area of development (for example, front-end vs back-end). 

Make sure to mention this in your letter so it’s clear from the beginning that you’re qualified for their project!

Show them that you are a good fit for their job requirements. The more closely matched your background is with theirs and vice versa the better chance both parties will have at making things work out well together throughout projects down the line once hired together!

Show them experience doing similar work before within specific industries such as finance or healthcare (or whatever industry they’re working within currently!)

Show that You’re a Responsible Person to Work With

When it comes to hiring a freelancer, clients are looking for someone they can trust. They want to know that you’re detail-oriented, honest, and selfless. 

If a client is working with an agency or freelancers on a project that requires their input, they need the team members who are taking care of things to be patient and good listeners who will communicate well with them.

A great way to show that you’re reliable is by being a good mentor for other people in your field—both in real life and online. 

You could write articles about topics related to web development (or find existing ones already written), share what you’ve learned with others on social media and websites like StackExchange (as long as it’s not something they don’t allow), answer questions on Quora or 

Reddit if they’re relevant enough (and helpful), etc. This kind of effort shows how much interest there really is behind what you do!

Finding the right Upwork cover letter samples for web developers can be a game-changer in landing your desired projects. Our comprehensive guide offers a curated collection of cover letter samples accompanied by expert analysis and tips. Explore our guide on Upwork cover letter samples for web developers: A comprehensive guide to gain inspiration and enhance your application strategy.

Link to Your Portfolio or Other Projects Where Possible

One of the best ways to do this is by linking your portfolio or other projects where possible. It’s important to have a good portfolio of your work, so if you don’t have one yet, that could be something to start working on before applying for jobs on Upwork!

If you already have a portfolio, make sure it’s updated and showcases your best work. If you want to make sure it doesn’t get buried in the middle of an application and never be seen by hiring managers, try linking to it in your cover letter instead of attaching it as an attachment.

Add a Video Cover Letter If Possible

If you have the opportunity to add a video cover letter to your Upwork profile, the best way to create it is with a webcam or smartphone. 

Make sure that the lighting is good and that you are in a comfortable setting so that you can be yourself, relaxed and conversational. Keep it short you don’t want to go on too long if you can help it!

It’s important that you do this before submitting any other elements of your profile because if there are any technical glitches or issues with audio quality, these will not be resolved until after all other content has been submitted.

Ideally, try doing a test run of your video in front of friends or family members first so they can give feedback on how well it conveys what makes YOU special as an applicant for web developer positions on Upwork and make sure they let you know if anything needs improvement!

Mastering the art of the Upwork cover letter for web developers requires a deep understanding of client expectations and effective communication skills. Our article provides valuable insights, best practices, and real-life examples to help you craft compelling cover letters that increase your chances of winning projects. Elevate your cover letter game with our guide on mastering the art of the Upwork cover letter for web developers.


We hope that we have given you some good tips on how to write a cover letter for Upwork. The most important thing is to make sure that it is personalized, brief and clear. If you can do this then your chances of getting hired will increase significantly.

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And here’s the FAQs section:


How important is an Upwork cover letter?

An Upwork cover letter is crucial as it serves as your introduction to clients and allows you to showcase your skills, experience, and suitability for the job. A well-crafted cover letter can significantly impact your chances of getting hired.

What should I include in my Upwork cover letter?

In your Upwork cover letter, you should include a personalized greeting, a concise introduction, a brief overview of your relevant experience, a tailored response to the client’s requirements, and a compelling closing statement.

How can I make my Upwork cover letter stand out?

To make your Upwork cover letter stand out, focus on highlighting your unique value proposition, showcasing your expertise, and demonstrating your understanding of the client’s needs. Use specific examples and provide evidence of your past success to grab the client’s attention.

Should I customize my Upwork cover letter for each job application?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to customize your Upwork cover letter for each job application. Tailoring your cover letter to address the specific requirements and preferences of each client shows that you’ve taken the time to understand their needs and increases your chances of being hired.

Are there any resources or examples to help me improve my Upwork cover letter?

Yes, there are several resources available that provide tips, examples, and best practices for writing an effective Upwork cover letter. You can refer to online articles, blog posts, and freelancing websites that offer insights and guidance on crafting compelling cover letters.