Tips for Writing an Effective Upwork Cover Letter for Web Developers

Writing an effective cover letter can be one of the most challenging parts of applying for an Upwork job. We’ve all been there: You spend hours researching a project, crafting a killer resume, and perfecting your cover letter. 

Then you submit your application…and wait. The next thing you know, someone else is hired! It’s frustrating to put in all this effort only for your application to fall flat. 

But don’t despair—we’ve got tips on how to write an awesome upwork cover letter so you can beat out the competition and get hired by employers looking for web developers!

Upwork Cover Letter for total BEGINNERS [FULL TEMPLATE!]
Clearly highlight your relevant skills and experience in your cover letter.
Tailor your cover letter to the specific requirements of each client and project.
Showcase your understanding of the client’s needs and demonstrate how you can meet them.
Use examples and specific achievements to back up your claims and demonstrate your expertise.
Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in the project to make a positive impression.
Proofread your cover letter to ensure it is error-free and professional.
Keep your cover letter concise and focused, around 200-300 words.
Include a portfolio or samples of your work to provide evidence of your skills and capabilities.
Personalize your cover letter to stand out from the competition.
Follow up with clients after submitting your cover letter to demonstrate your interest and professionalism.

Keep Your Cover Letter To One Page

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The cover letter is the most important part of your application. The hiring manager will use it to determine whether you’re a good fit for their team and job requirements. It should be concise, clear and specific about how you can help the company succeed. 

However, as a web developer, it’s tempting to include all sorts of technical details about your skillset or previous projects don’t do this! Instead of cramming everything into one page (like some other sites recommend), keep things simple by following these tips:

Use an easy-to-read font size no smaller than 12pt; anything smaller makes readers strain their eyes when they read too much at once on screen (especially if they are doing so on mobile). If possible try using Arial/Helvetica instead because these fonts tend to be used more often by computers.

Avoid fancy fonts like Comic Sans MS or Papyrus—when we see them online they feel juvenile or unprofessional because they are traditionally used for children’s projects or cartoons instead of professional documents like cover letters where readers expect professionalism from us as authors (as opposed to having fun).

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Use A Standard Cover Letter Format

  • Use the same cover letter format for each application.
  • Write your cover letter in standard business letter format.
  • Create and use a template to help you write a cover letter.

Create A Unique Cover Letter For Each Job You Apply For

The best way to write a cover letter is by customizing it for each job you apply for, based on the hiring manager’s description and your own experience.

Here are some tips for creating unique cover letters:

Use the company’s website as a source of information. If you can find any information about the company or the team that will be working with you, use it! You should also take some time to visit their social media profiles and see if they’ve shared anything interesting recently (and include that in your cover letter).

Read through the job posting carefully before writing up your cover letter so that you know exactly what they want from someone like you. 

If possible, try reaching out directly through email or phone first—this will help ensure that your application stands out among others who might also be applying for this role.

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Highlight Your Relevant Experience

When you’re writing your cover letter, it’s important to highlight your relevant experience. Start with the most recent jobs and work backward if necessary. 

If you want to use an example of a project that isn’t relevant to web development, don’t let that stop you just explain why it’s still worth including (perhaps because it demonstrates how well-rounded your skills are).

If possible, include specific numbers when talking about years of experience, such as “3 years” or “2 years.” This can help show prospective clients that you have a solid understanding of what level of quality their website requires. 

Be sure not to go overboard by using words like “many” too often; otherwise, it will sound clunky and unprofessional!

Finally: keep each paragraph short and sweet; this makes them easier for people who are skimming through the document at first glance (which is usually what happens during interviews).

Match Your Skills To The Job Description

When applying to a job, it’s important to make sure your skills align with what the employer is looking for. The key here is not just listing your technical skills but explaining how they apply to this particular job. For example:

If the project involves building out an eCommerce platform, you might emphasize how you’ve worked on eCommerce sites before and how you can apply those experiences to this project.

If the job posting mentions something about having built an app with React, then explain why that’s important—maybe it was a mobile app or maybe it was something else entirely! 

It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t exactly like this particular project; what matters is that you understand why these technologies are relevant and can use them effectively in your work.

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Be Specific About What You Can Bring To The Table

When writing a cover letter, it’s important to be specific about what you can bring to the table. You need to show that you understand what the client is looking for in their freelancer and how your past experience makes you a good fit.

Show that you understand the job description by referencing specific words or phrases from their posting. For example, if the ad says “must know JavaScript”, list off some projects where you used JavaScript and how it helped users accomplish tasks quicker or more efficiently.

Don’t just say “I’m a great developer,” instead talk about how much experience/training/certification/etc. that makes you qualified for this job (and prove it with examples). Be sure not to brag too much though; being humble and honest will help build trust with potential clients!

Incorporate Keywords From The Job Listing In Your Cover Letter

You should include the same keywords from the job description in your cover letter and resume. This way, it will be easier for employers to see that you have experience with these skills, and they’ll be much more likely to hire you.

It can be tempting to just rehash what’s on your resume, but if you want to stand out from all the other applicants, try using different words or phrases when describing your past roles:

Include Examples Of Your Accomplishments In Past Jobs As They Relate To The Job You’re Applying For Now

When it comes to writing a cover letter, you need to show how you have used the skills you have learned in previous jobs. This will help your potential employer see how they can benefit from hiring someone like you. 

You should use specific examples of what you have done and use action words to describe your accomplishments. Don’t forget to include numbers if possible, as this will make it clear that what you are saying is true and not just an assumption on your part.

Address Any Potential Concerns In Your Resume Or Background Check

If there are any issues with your background or resume, address them in the cover letter. Don’t try to hide any problems; instead, address them head on and show how you have fixed the issue. Don’t make excuses; just explain what you’ve done to fix the problem or why it isn’t relevant anymore.

Also, avoid including information that’s not directly relevant to the job at hand (e.g., references to other employers). 

This is especially important if you’re pursuing an opportunity with multiple companies at once: If one client finds out about other clients who also use Upwork, they might view that as a red flag. Instead of mentioning these connections outright, simply say something like “I’d be happy to discuss this further during our interview.”

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Mention Your Current Or Previous Clients

If you have an existing or previous client base, then mentioning them in your cover letter is a great way to showcase your expertise.

This is because it shows potential clients that you’ve worked with clients before and were able to provide value for them. It also indicates that you have experience as a web developer and can get results from your work.

Be Professional, But Also Show Some Personality In Your Writing Sample.

When you’re applying for a job, it’s crucial to show your potential employer that you are professional, diligent, and personable. You want them to know that if they hire you, they can trust that you’ll do excellent work. 

That’s the goal of your cover letter to convince the hiring manager at Upwork who is reading it (or one of their colleagues) that he or she needs to hire you for their job posting.

But how do you show all those things without sounding like an automaton? Of course, writing in a conversational style is acceptable as long as it doesn’t come across as too casual or informal. 

But there are other ways besides writing your cover letter in complete sentences and paragraphs with proper punctuation like showing off some personality!

For example: if you mention something funny about yourself (but don’t overdo this), like being obsessed with chocolate chip cookies or loving cats more than anything else in the world; when talking about why now is the perfect time for this position because of recent personal developments in your life; or when explaining what a great fit for this position would be based on who YOU are…

Proofread, Proofread And Proofread Again!

You may think that reading your cover letter out loud will help you to catch grammar and spelling mistakes. 

While this is true, it’s also important to have someone else read your cover letter as well. You might not be able to see the mistakes that are in front of you because we’re all too close to our own writing. 

This is especially true when it comes to tone and style a comma here or there can change the meaning of a sentence entirely!

So what should you do? The most effective option is going through multiple rounds of editing by yourself and then with others (like a friend or family member). 

This will ensure that each time you find something new that needs fixing, so no problems slip through unnoticed!

Take The Time To Write A Good Cover Letter, It’s Worth It!

The first thing you should know about writing a cover letter for Upwork is that it’s not just about writing a single paragraph. In fact, most Upwork clients (and employers in general) prefer a two-page or longer document.

What should be included in your cover letter?

A personal introduction of who you are and why you want the job. This should include information about how long you have been working as a web developer, where/when/how much experience you have as well as any other relevant information (such as being born in another country).

What skills and experiences make them perfect for this position and why they would be great at it. This is an important part of convincing potential employers that they should hire them because there are many applicants competing against each other so highlighting relevant skillsets can help separate yourself from the rest of the pack!

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If you’re serious about finding work on Upwork, it’s worth taking the time to write a cover letter. This is your first chance to make an impression with potential clients. 

Make sure they can see how well-qualified you are for their job by demonstrating how your experience and skills match what they’re looking for. 

A good cover letter will highlight why you are the right person for this role as well as any potential concerns that might arise during background checks or interviews with team members who may have worked with other freelancers before hiring them.

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Now, let’s create the “FAQs” section:


How can I write an effective cover letter for web development projects?

Crafting an effective cover letter for web development projects involves showcasing your skills and experience in a concise and compelling manner. Highlight your relevant achievements, emphasize your technical expertise, and tailor your cover letter to the specific project requirements.

Should I customize my cover letter for each client on Upwork?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to customize your cover letter for each client on Upwork. Personalizing your cover letter shows that you have taken the time to understand the client’s needs and requirements, increasing your chances of getting hired.

What are some important tips for standing out with my Upwork cover letter as a web developer?

To stand out with your Upwork cover letter as a web developer, make sure to:

  • Clearly showcase your relevant skills and experience.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the client’s project and requirements.
  • Provide examples of your past work that align with the client’s needs.
  • Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in the project.
  • Proofread your cover letter for grammar and spelling errors.

How long should my cover letter be for web development projects on Upwork?

Your cover letter for web development projects on Upwork should be concise and to the point. Aim for around 200-300 words, focusing on highlighting your relevant skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the project.

Is it important to include a portfolio or samples of my work in my Upwork cover letter?

Yes, including a portfolio or samples of your work in your Upwork cover letter can significantly enhance your chances of getting hired. It allows clients to assess your skills and see tangible evidence of your capabilities as a web developer.