How To Market Your Freelance Business Using Just Email

You’ve got a great business idea and a killer portfolio. You’re all set, right? Not so fast—before you start getting paid to do what you love, you need to establish your brand and reach out to potential clients. This article will take a look at how freelancers can use email marketing to market their businesses and attract new clients.

Email Marketing For Social Media Managers And Freelancers
Key Takeaways
1. Email marketing is a powerful tool for promoting your freelance business. It allows you to directly reach your audience and build relationships.
2. Create a targeted email list by offering valuable content and lead magnets to attract subscribers interested in your services.
3. Craft compelling email content that provides value, showcases your expertise, and encourages action from recipients.
4. Personalize your emails to make your subscribers feel valued and understood, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
5. Utilize automation to streamline your email campaigns and deliver relevant content at the right times.
6. Monitor key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.
7. Consistency is key – maintain regular communication with your email subscribers to keep your freelance business top of mind.

Build An Email List Of Potential Clients

One of the best ways to market a freelance business is by building an email list. By having an email list, you can reach potential clients regularly and build relationships with them. The people on your list will be more likely to hire you when they need your services because they already know who you are, what you do, and how awesome it is to work with you!

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There Are Many Benefits Of Having An Email List:

You have a direct line of communication with potential clients that other companies cannot get access to (unless they offer their own product or service). That means less time spent researching the competition when deciding who should be awarded contracts for projects related to yours; instead, all information will come straight from one source YOU. 

This saves time by eliminating research time needed before making decisions about which company should receive contracts/projects from customers interested in hiring someone like me for their next project which could save money since there’s no need for advertising costs associated with getting noticed online.”

Send Regular Emails To Your List

As you grow your business, it’s important to keep in touch with your potential clients and customers. Regular email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay on their radar—and even better, it doesn’t require any money!

As a freelance writer, I send out at least one email every week. As my business grows and my audience expands, I plan on sending out more emails more often. Below are some guidelines for how often you should send out emails to different types of businesses:

  • One time per month* – A monthly newsletter will keep people in the loop about what’s going on with your business and give them an opportunity to subscribe or unsubscribe from future mailings
  • Once per week* – You can use this method if you’re active online (blogging) or offline (public speaking). This works well because it gives prospects something fresh each time they open their inboxes.*
  • Once every other day* – If possible, do this instead of sending out weekly newsletters: It keeps people interested but provides less frequent updates than daily emails do.*

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Be Consistent In Your Email Marketing Efforts

Consistency is the key to success. It takes time to build relationships with potential clients, but if you’re consistent they will start to see you as an expert in your field. Consistency also makes your emails more likely to be opened and read by potential clients. Here are a few ways you can be consistent:

Send at least one email per week or every other week when starting out. The more often you send emails, the better opportunity there is for those emails to get opened and read by potential clients. 

Once the frequency goes up, it becomes easier for people who have never heard of your business before (or heard your name) so begin slowly until they become familiar with what messages are coming from whom they know already receive them consistently then ramp up accordingly as needed/desired.*

Tell People What You Want Them To Do

One of the most important parts of an email is what you want your audience to do. When it comes to calls to action, it’s important not to be too vague. The best calls to action are clear and concise so that people know exactly what they are clicking through on or signing up for.

One example of a strong call to action might look like this: “Download my free guide here.” If you’re trying to get leads or subscribers, this is a great way because it tells them exactly what they need to do and links directly to something useful from your website (like a lead magnet).

  • Make sure your website is converting visitors into subscribers
  • If you have a website, it’s important that you’re converting visitors into subscribers. If you don’t have a website yet, get started with Squarespace or Wix.
  • If your signup form is not converting visitors into subscribers, there are three reasons:
  • It could be that the wording on your site isn’t clear enough about what they will receive by signing up.
  • It could be that they’re distracted while on your page and forget to fill out the form before leaving.
  • It could be that they don’t trust you enough yet to give away their email address (their most valuable asset).

Offer A Lead Magnet To Incentivize Signup

One of the best ways to get more signups for your email list is using lead magnets. Lead magnets are valuable offers that you give away for free in exchange for an email address, like a PDF guide or cheat sheet.

Lead magnets should be relevant to your target audience, so think about what they might find valuable and put it into an easy-to-consume format like a PDF file. It’s also important that they’re easy to share with friends or colleagues make sure you include a clear call-to-action in each lead magnet with links back to your website so people can register there as well!

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Follow Up With New Subscribers Once They Join Your List

When you first sign up new subscribers, make sure to follow up with them.

Send A Series Of Welcome Emails

Even if the signup form on your site is clear and easy to understand, people may still have questions or need help signing up. Include links to the most important things in these emails so that they don’t have to search for them when they arrive at your site.

Give A Freebie

This could be a sample chapter from one of your books or an article from your blog (or both). It doesn’t matter what you offer as long as it helps the reader learn something helpful about freelancing or working on their own projects while giving them another reason to stick around and come back again later on down the road when they are ready for more information or advice on their journey toward becoming self-employed themselves!

Include multiple calls-to-action (CTAs) in every email campaign because not everyone will respond positively right away; sometimes there needs to be more than one “push-back” in order before someone finally commits themselves fully to making changes in their lives. 

Even if those changes only involve sending off applications online instead of applying through traditional means like faxing applications instead which takes longer but can still get results quickly enough if needed urgently enough.”

Engage With Your Subscribers On Social Media, Then Send Them To Your List With Something Exclusive

Once you’ve built a list, it’s time to engage with your subscribers. To do this, you need to start following them on social media and building relationships. Then, when they visit your website or go through their email inboxes, they will see content from you that isn’t available anywhere else and trust that it is worth signing up for.

For example, if someone signs up for my free ebook on how to start an online business using Shopify (and I hope they do), then I can send them additional emails about how much money they could make with a Shopify store if they invested in this course or product and then send them a link where they can sign up but only after they read the first email! 

This way I’m building connections on social media and then converting those connections into subscribers and customers by giving them something special right off the bat.

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Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate And Share

Even if you have the best email list in the world, your business will still fail if it’s not easy to navigate. The general rule of thumb is that your website should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Set yourself up for success by making sure people can find what they’re looking for without being confused by jargon or forced down irrelevant rabbit holes of information.

Make sure all of your pages are clearly labeled with text at the top of the page (or on hover over). If you have a blog section on your website, make it clear that there’s more content available by listing recent posts and their dates below the title bar. Also, make sure all links are active so users don’t click on something only to find it doesn’t work and then leave immediately!

If possible, link directly from emails sent through Mailchimp back to relevant pages on your site like “About” or “Contact Us” so readers can easily reference them later if needed. It also helps build trust by showing off how professional and reliable you are when it comes to educating customers about exactly what they can expect from working with freelance writers like yourself!

Have A Clear Strategy In Place For How You Plan To Grow Your Subscriber List

Have a clear strategy in place for how you plan to grow your subscriber list. First, come up with a goal for the number of subscribers you want to have on your list. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend aiming for around 1,000 subscribers as this will give you enough people interested in your business to start making sales and generating revenue.

Next, decide how many emails per month you’ll send out and what topics they will cover (this can change over time). Be consistent with your efforts here if you miss any days or don’t write consistently throughout the week (or month), it won’t reflect well on your brand or professionalism as an expert in this field. 

Finally, use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to drive traffic back towards your website so that people can sign up for your newsletter there instead of having them do it directly from their inboxes without knowing who else might receive these emails too!

Avoid Using Too Many Lists. One Or Two Should Be Enough To Start Out

The email list is the core of your marketing strategy, and it’s important to keep your list as targeted and relevant as possible. Start by focusing on quality over quantity. Even if you have a larger mailing list at first, by focusing on fewer lists you will be able to engage with people more effectively and learn what works best for building engagement in your audience. 

This will allow you to grow your audience over time so that when you do eventually add additional lists, they will already be familiar with who you are and the types of messages they can expect from you.

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In conclusion, your email marketing is the most important part of building a business. It allows you to show people what you’re about and what value you bring to their lives. If done correctly, it can be one of the easiest ways for you to make money from home!

However, if you want to get results from your email list then it’s important that you stay consistent with your efforts. You don’t have time? Then hire someone else who does or uses an automated program like Aweber or MailChimp which will do all this work so that all that remains is sending out emails based on when they’re scheduled each month (or week).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Say In My Emails?

You can use your email to promote your business and services, set up appointments for projects, and share helpful information with clients. You can also use it to send reminders about when a project is due or what you’ve agreed upon with the client. 

It’s important to remember that most people check their email on their phones, so try making sure that your messages are short enough for them to read quickly while on the go!

How Often Should I Send Emails?

It depends on what kinds of clients you have and how much work they have coming up. If they have a lot of upcoming projects but aren’t paying you right away (e.g., because they’re waiting until after paying off debts), then sending an email every week or two might be enough. 

If they’re just starting out and have no idea what kind of schedule they’ll keep moving forward after getting started with freelancing work online through sites like Upwork might not even need any communication until close calls start approaching at which point monthly updates could suffice since most people don’t want constant updates from someone who isn’t doing anything at all anyway).

What Is The Best Way To Market Yourself As An Expert?

You should be sending out monthly newsletters. They are a great way to keep your name in front of your audience, and they add value by providing information they would not get anywhere else. Your subscribers will appreciate receiving these emails from you and will come to expect them!

What Types Of Email Marketing Are Most Effective?

The most effective type of email marketing is drip marketing. Drip marketing involves sending out regular emails on a staggered schedule so that each message builds on the previous one. This helps build trust with your audience and keeps them coming back for more!

What Type Of Content Should I Be Sending Out?

The content in your drip campaign should always have something new or interesting happening within it such as links to blog posts or videos, promotions for services/products, etc. Also, try adding some personal stories/experiences into what you send out as well because people like hearing about real experiences rather than just facts/statistics (which rarely ever change).

How Do I Get People To Sign Up For My Mailing List? 

A good way is through social media platforms like Facebook where users are already engaged in conversations surrounding topics related specifically to what interests them most – thus increasing chances that they’ll actually want those updates too since they’re already partaking so much when it comes down right now with everyone else getting involved too!

What Is The Best Way To Grow An Email List?

There are many ways to grow your email list, but the most effective method is doing outreach. Some examples of outreach include guest blogging on other websites, commenting on relevant blogs and social media posts, contributing to online communities (like Reddit), and attending events that attract your target audience. 

You can also send emails directly from your website or blog (with a link back) or provide value by providing free resources like checklists, templates, or whitepapers.

What Is The Best Email Marketing Software To Use?

Our favorite tool for growing an email list and managing campaigns is MailChimp. They offer high deliverability rates combined with a powerful interface that makes creating campaigns simple for even non-technical users no coding required! 

They have robust analytics so you can see who opened which emails as well as track links within those emails so you know which ones were clicked on most often (you’ll want more clicks!). 

And even if you don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever about HTML code or anything else related thereto (I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention such things when describing our personal backgrounds above). 

MailChimp has excellent support staff willing to answer questions via phone/chat/email 24 hours per day seven days per week 365 days per year – if not just because they love helping people like us succeed!

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