How To Boost Your Email Subscribers By 30% Or More

You’ve likely heard that email marketing is the most effective way to get your message in front of customers. And you’re probably sick of hearing it.

But there’s something else that you may not know: according to a report from Return Path, 85% of consumers prefer email over other channels like social media or direct mail. That means that if you can’t get your message out through email, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your customers.

If you’re looking for a quick way to increase your subscriber list and grow your business, then this article has just what you need! In this guide, we’ll go over how many emails to send per month (and why) as well as some tips for writing emails that people actually want to open.

How to Increase Your Email Subscribers
Key Takeaways
Utilize engaging lead magnets to attract subscribers.
Implement exit-intent popups for increased sign-ups.
Optimize your landing pages for conversions.
Craft compelling email content to retain subscribers.
Segment your email list for more personalized campaigns.
Test different strategies to find what works best.
Leverage social media to promote your email subscriptions.
Use A/B testing to optimize your sign-up forms.
Offer exclusive promotions or discounts to subscribers.
Continuously analyze and refine your email campaigns.

Add A Link To Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

Your CTA button should be above the fold, blue, and 50-80 characters long with a strong verb.

The CTA stands for call-to-action, which is just a fancy way of saying “the button people click on to sign up”.

Why your CTA button should be blue: It’s been shown that blue buttons get clicked on more than red or green buttons (source).

When you see an email that has a red or green button, what does it make you think about it? You might think something like “this person wants me to sign up now!” when in fact it could mean “this is urgent and time-sensitive because we are selling something quick before it expires today only at this very moment so act now!” 

It makes sense why people would want to click on those colors; after all, who wouldn’t want their email campaign to appear urgent or timely? But if they’re not urgent or time-sensitive at all and they’re certainly not worth acting upon right away then they might do more harm than good by making readers feel like they need to act quickly when there’s no real reason why.

Enhancing your email subscriber list is crucial for successful marketing. Learn how to boost your email subscribers by 30% or more using effective strategies and engagement techniques.

Add An Exit-Intent Pop-Up Form To Your Site

This is a great way to capture leads when people are leaving your site. The exit-intent pop-up form serves up a form that appears when someone clicks on the link in your navigation or footer, sidebars, or anywhere else on your website.

If you’re not familiar with these popups, here’s how it works: as soon as you begin scrolling down past a certain point on the page (usually about halfway), an “exit popup” appears asking the visitor if they’d like to subscribe or fill out some sort of lead form.

The purpose of this strategy is to capture leads at precisely the moment that they’re about to leave when their attention has been piqued but before they’ve had time for decision making!

Add A Welcome Mat To Your Site

What is a welcome mat?

Welcome mats are usually located at the top or bottom of your website, and they let visitors know how to subscribe to your email list. They can be as simple as “Subscribe,” or more elaborate with an image, brand logo,d more. Welcome mats are great ways to reinforce your brand while also encouraging new subscribers.

How do you add a welcome mat to my site?

The good news is that adding a welcome mat is easy! If you’re using WordPress, there are several plugins available that will allow you to add these elements within minutes you just have to choose one (like Solo MailChimp) and follow the instructions provided on their website. 

If you don’t have access to WordPress then many email service providers (ESPs) will have options for adding them directly into their platform as well so check out Mailchimp’s Sign Up Forms builder or ConvertKit’s Signup Forms builder depending on which ESPs best suit your needs.

Can I customize my welcome mat? You betcha! You can customize the look and feel of any element on your website by editing those elements directly in HTML code using CSS or JavaScript scripts so long as those codes support customization options like colors, fonts, etc. Do they work? Our own experience shows us that yes indeed they do work but only if done right…

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Enable Email Subscriptions In The Comments Section On Your Posts And Pages

You can also enable email subscriptions in the comments section of your posts and pages. This is a great way to collect more subscribers because it’s easy for users to opt-in, but you need an email marketing plugin that integrates with these services.

We recommend WPForms, Jetpack, or OptinMonster for this feature. If you don’t want to use these options, Ninja Forms also allows you to create an opt-in form that appears at the end of a post or page.

Always Include Social Share Buttons On Your Email Opt-In Forms

Include social share buttons on your email opt-in forms. When you’re building an email list, social media is a great way to connect with potential customers and get the word out about your business.

There are two main reasons why social media marketing can help increase your email subscribers:

Social media is a great way to build relationships. Sharing content on social media creates opportunities for people who’ve never heard of you before to discover that they like what you do enough to join your list, which will result in long-term sales revenue for your company.

Social media is a great way to promote yourself or your brand. If done correctly, promoting yourself or your brand can also result in increased revenue via signups/sales/etc…

Ask Readers To Subscribe In The “About” Section Of Your Website

Another place where you can use a CTA to boost your email subscriber numbers is the “About” section of your website. If someone has taken the time to visit your site, they probably have some interest in what you have to say so why not give them an easy way to sign up for your emails?

Include a simple link at the bottom of this page that will send visitors directly to a form where they can enter their email addresses. Make sure that you add an explanation about why they need to subscribe (or how it will help them) so that people don’t feel like they’re being sold something.

Elevate your marketing efforts with a comprehensive checklist. Explore our resource on improving your marketing with a 23-step checklist to ensure every aspect of your campaign is optimized.

Add A Qr Code To Your Print Cards, Stationary, Or Packaging

QR codes are a great way to drive more traffic to your website. They’re simple to generate and can be read by mobile devices with the appropriate app. Make sure you test them first, though, because they don’t always scan that well.

If you do decide to use QR codes in your marketing materials like print cards or packaging, make sure it’s linked to a mobile-optimized landing page that has been optimized for Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update (more on this later). You’ll want it easy for people who are on their phones but also easy for those who might not have one handy you don’t want anyone being left out!

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Add An Email Signup Option To Your Product Checkout Pages

Make the most of your checkout page by adding an email signup form to it.

Where should you place the form?

The best placements are near where customers will see it, either above or below the fold (the part of your product page that appears on the screen without scrolling). You can also put it in a sidebar just above or below the fold. If you have multiple checkout pages with different layouts and designs, you can use A/B testing to determine which layout works best for each type of visitor.

 In general, though, I’d recommend placing your email signup option at least above the fold so that it catches people’s eyes as soon as they open their browsers this way even people who haven’t scrolled down far enough yet will still see it!

Asking the right questions is a fundamental aspect of successful marketing. Dive into our guide on how to ask questions that will help you market and learn to create inquiries that lead to valuable insights.

Create A Dedicated Landing Page For Your Email Signup Form(S)

The first step in getting more subscribers is to create a dedicated landing page for your email signup form(s). This is what people will visit when they click on the “subscribe” button. The purpose of this page is to collect emails and provide information about your business, products, services, or blog posts.

The best way to create a successful signup form is by building a dedicated landing page from scratch that includes:

  • A strong call-to-action (CTA) urging visitors to sign up for updates from you
  • An attention-grabbing headline that conveys the benefit of subscribing
  • A subheadline explaining the benefits in more detail or further emphasizing the value indicated by your headline

With a few tweaks, you can increase the number of people who subscribe to your emails.

With a few tweaks, you can increase the number of people who subscribe to your emails.

Use a pop-up form to offer a discount or freebie. If someone is on your site, they are likely interested in something that you have to offer. Try using an interstitial (pop-up) window that asks them if they’d like to sign up for email updates when they leave the page like this one from Amazon:

Enable email subscriptions in the comments section. Most blogs allow users to leave comments, but many don’t enable them for receiving emails from authors. 

To attract more subscribers from your blog post comment section, simply add “Subscribe” or “Get Updates” as a button option when someone leaves their name and email address on your website’s opt-in form (usually found at the end). 

You can also display social share buttons next to these options so visitors will understand how easy it is for them to share something with their friends online if they enjoy what you’ve written!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Newsletter And An Email Update?

A newsletter is a weekly or monthly publication that you send out to your subscribers. It’s usually more formal than an email update, which is a shorter, more casual email message.

What Is Spam?

Spamming means sending unwanted emails through unsolicited bulk messages (UBM). Spammers can be companies who send millions of emails or individuals who are trying to market their products or services by sending out mass mailings.

Is My Business Liable For Spamming If Someone Else Uses My Email Address?

If you don’t permit your customers’ data to be used as part of this spam campaign then no, you won’t be liable for it at all. However, if you do give permission then it becomes harder for any company involved in such activity because they’ll end up with legal problems from all the people whose addresses were used including yours!

How Do I Increase My Email Subscribers?

The most effective way to increase your list size is with an exit-intent pop-up form. This allows you to capture the attention of someone who is about to leave your website without giving them a chance to get away, so they are more likely to stay on the page and fill out the form.

What Is An Exit-Intent Pop-Up Form?

This type of pop-up appears as soon as visitors start scrolling down your page or close to it (if they’re already scrolling). You can set up this type of pop-up by using a plugin called OptinMonster (free on WordPress) or another service like SumoMe that offers similar tools for free or paid plans. 

Both services have templates that are easy to use and have customizable features so you can make them look however you want! How do I create a dedicated landing page for my email signup form(s)? If possible, create a separate webpage from your homepage where people will land after signing up via one of these options forms. 

This can be done easily in WordPress by creating a separate index file (.php) that points directly at this specific location rather than pointing at /index/, which loads first because it comes alphabetically first before any other files in folder structure orderings systems like Apache HTTP Server Daemon (which runs nearly all websites today). 

What do QR codes look like? A QR code is simply two black squares separated by a mall white space between each square but surrounded by large rectangular-shaped black borders/lines around its perimeter; these lines together make one side length larger than another side length so it fits perfectly into standard-sized boxes when printed out onto paper documents such

 What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to grow your business, whether you’re a small shop just getting started or a large corporation looking to expand your reach. Not only does it allow you to reach out to current customers and potential customers who have already interacted with your brand, but it can also help you reach new audiences as well.

What Is An Exit-Intent Pop-Up Form?

An exit-intent pop-up form is a type of message that appears on the screen just before someone leaves from where they are viewing online content (like an article). 

They usually appear in either yellow or red and contain some sort of call for action such as “Stay tuned for more!” or “Tell us what you think here!” These types of messages have been shown to increase conversion rates by 44% according to HubSpot research.

What Is A Welcome Mat?  

A welcome mat is another way businesses can capture leads through their website without asking visitors directly through emails. This type of lead generation technique uses what’s called “list building” (also known as list segmentation) where marketers collect information about potential customers by tracking their behavior online for example, when those who visit certain pages on the site leave without signing up first.”

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