How To Use Reddit To Conduct Market Research

If you’re trying to figure out how to conduct market research on social media, start with Reddit. It’s a massive website with over 330 million active users and 14 billion page views per month. 

That means there are tons of posts in every niche where you can find out what people are talking about and what they’re not. You can use that information to build a picture of your ideal customer persona and develop strategies for improving your product or service.

How to use Reddit for Online Course Market Research
Leverage Reddit’s diverse communities for market insights.
Participate in relevant subreddits to observe discussions.
Analyze user-generated content to understand preferences.
Identify emerging trends through authentic conversations.
Gather customer feedback and deepen audience understanding.
Respect community guidelines to conduct ethical research.
Avoid intrusive behavior and follow subreddit rules.
Look for recurring themes and sentiments in data analysis.
Pay attention to upvoted and commented posts for insights.
Combine qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques.

Create A List Of Subreddits That Are Relevant To Your Business

To get started, you’ll want to create a list of subreddits that are relevant to your business. The best way to do this is by searching for the keywords that describe what your company does. 

For example, if you sell shoes, search “shoes” or “running shoes” and then check out the top results on Google. The results will show you which subreddits are related and have high traffic numbers you can then decide if they would be useful for conducting market research.

The second way is by looking at the information presented in the subreddit search bar on Reddit itself:

To find relevant content on Reddit, type in a keyword related to something that interests you into the search bar at r/all (the page where all posts from all other subreddits appear).

  • Click on any results that look interesting and read through them!
  • Find your ideal persona and understand what content they like.
  • You’ll want to find your ideal persona and then understand what content they like.

You can use Reddit to find your ideal customer by following these steps:

Look at the subreddits where your ideal customers hang out. Find the subreddit that seems most relevant to your business (use Google or Reddit). 

This can be done via an online search for “[insert topic] Reddit” or by asking people on those subreddits if there are any others that you should look into. If you’re going to post in a subreddit, make sure it fits! 

If your product is something that would be consumed by a younger demographic, don’t post on /r/seniorcitizens; if it’s geared towards young families with kids, don’t post in /r/gaming!

Research what kinds of posts get upvoted (liked) and downvoted (disliked) in these subreddits this will help you figure out what kind of content resonates with that group and which falls flat with them!

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Search For Subreddits That Mention Your Competitors

To start, you can use the subreddit search bar, which is located at the top of every page on Reddit. This will allow you to search for a term and bring up results from all subreddits that mention that term.

You can also use the advanced search function to find subreddits related to your competitors or industry. To do this, select “subreddits” as your “type of interest” and type in their name as a keyword. 

For example, if I wanted to research how people were using Reddit for market research purposes (including myself), I would type in “market research subs” into the advanced search box. 

This will bring up all subreddits that have been tagged with these keywords by users themselves when submitting posts or comments within those subreddits.

The final tool for searching for relevant information is called “Subreddit Discovery Tool” which uses three different methods: trending posts from each category; user-generated tags; and most active users over time!

Post In Subreddits With Large Followings And Get Feedback From Engaged Audiences

To get valuable feedback, you’ll want to post in subreddits with large followings. The more subscribers a subreddit has, the more chances you have of engaging with like-minded individuals who will be interested in your business.

When it comes to choosing which subreddits to post in, focus on those that are relevant and interesting for your business. 

For example, if you’re posting about making crafts using cardboard boxes (like we did), then it makes sense to post on a subreddit devoted solely to crafting with cardboard boxes you’ll get more engagement there than if you posted in /r/DIY or /r/crafts.

Similarly, if your business specializes in creating apps for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

Then consider submitting an article about how easy it is these days for anyone without technical skills at all levels.

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Create Roundup Posts And Ask For Answers From People At All Stages Of The Product Cycle

You can gather information from a broad audience by creating a roundup post. A roundup post is simply a list of all the information you’ve gathered from your audience, and it’s usually organized into categories. 

In other words, it’s an easy way for people to see their answers all together in one place. They’re also great for creating visualizations that show trends or patterns across multiple responses.

In this section, we’ll share some tips on how to create roundup posts and get the most out of them when conducting market research:

Ask questions about things that matter most to your business goals (like product development, marketing strategy, sales pitch).

Create A Dedicated Subreddit For Your Company And Invite Fans To Share Their Thoughts 

A subreddit is a forum where people with similar interests can meet up and share content. Redditors love to give and receive feedback, so they’ll be happy to offer suggestions on how you can improve your business. 

Your community will also have an opportunity to get in touch with other members of the same demographic, which could lead to valuable new insights or even partnerships.

Give Them A Voice

Online forums provide an excellent opportunity for brands to provide fans with a platform that lets them speak up about important issues that matter to them. 

By listening closely, businesses can gain insight into what’s most important and potentially discover ways they can better serve their customers’ needs as well as make an impact in their communities at large.

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Use Reddit’s Advanced Search Function To Uncover Industry Trends

The advanced search function allows you to search for subreddits by keyword and subreddit name. This is useful if you want to find specific content within a particular industry or niche, or if you’re looking for topics that revolve around competitors.

Searching the advanced search interface is very straightforward: simply enter your keyword in the search bar at the top of the screen and press “Enter” on your keyboard (or click on “Search Subreddits”). 

You should now see a list of relevant subreddits appear below, along with their respective subscriber counts. From here, it’s easy to sort this list by size (i.e., number of subscribers), which means that finding large-following subreddits will be easier than ever before!

Subscribe To Subreddits Related To Your Industry

Subscribing to subreddits is the first step to understanding how Reddit works, and it’s also a great way of finding out about new trends in your industry.

For example, if you were an entrepreneur looking for advice on starting an online business, the /r/Entrepreneur subreddit would be a helpful place to start. 

Here, you could ask questions about your potential venture and get honest answers from other entrepreneurs who have gone through similar experiences. 

Similarly, if you wanted help growing your online store or improving its customer service capabilities, or any other aspect of running a retail business the /r/Retail subreddit would be full of useful information and resources.

Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool As A Starting Point When Searching Relevant Topics On Reddit

First, use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find relevant topics on Reddit.

You can also use it to find related keywords that can help you better target your audience.

For example, if “how to cook” is a keyword you want to rank for in Google search results, you might also want to target other related keywords like “how do I make my spaghetti sauce recipe?” or even just “spaghetti sauce recipe” if it’s something that people often search for.

You can also use this tool as a starting point when searching relevant topics on Reddit:

Listen to what people are saying about you on Reddit.

There are several ways to monitor what people are saying about you on Reddit.

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Use The Advanced Search Function To Find Content That Mentions Your Brand Or Product In Any Combination Of Words, Phrases, And Subreddits

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool as a starting point for finding keywords related to your business or industry, then use them in the search box (or as tags) with [Reddit] before each term. 

This will help you find threads that match your query and allow you to see how many times those terms have been used on Reddit over time. You can also use “Reddit” instead of “[Reddit]”.

At least once per week set up alerts using Google Alerts so that when something new is posted on Reddit about your company or brand it gets sent directly to your inbox via email.

Get A Better Sense Of Your Customers By Getting Insight Into Their Interests And Hobbies

One of the best things about Reddit is that it’s a great place to get an idea of what people are interested in. If you’re trying to create a new product or service, it can be helpful to see what types of things people are talking about on Reddit.

This will give you a better sense of your customer base and help you understand their interests and hobbies. For example, if there are lots of posts about bike riding on r/bicycling and r/cycling, then that might mean there’s an opportunity for you to create a business around bikes!

On top of this, knowing what topics are popular on Reddit also allows you to find out if certain topics have already been covered by other websites or blogs so that yours will stand out from the rest.

If You’re Trying To Figure Out How To Conduct Market Research On Social Media, Start With Reddit

Reddit is a great place to get feedback on your product or service. If you’re building a new eCommerce platform, for example, post about it on Reddit and ask for feedback from the community. 

You’ll be surprised by how many users respond with helpful advice and suggestions! It’s also a great tool for getting user feedback on your business model (e.g., “How would you use this platform?”) or brand identity (“What would make this company successful”).

You can even use it as an early indicator of how well your marketing strategy will work in the real world; think about it if people are talking about something online (and they are), it probably means that they’re interested in what they read or saw there.

So why not utilize that interest while capitalizing on its momentum?

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Here are some frequently asked questions about using Reddit for market research:

How can Reddit be used for market research?

Reddit can be a valuable platform for market research as it hosts diverse communities discussing a wide range of topics. By participating in relevant subreddits, observing discussions, and analyzing user-generated content, you can gain insights into consumer preferences and trends.

What are some benefits of using Reddit for market research?

Using Reddit for market research allows you to tap into authentic conversations and opinions of real users. It provides an opportunity to identify emerging trends, gather customer feedback, and understand your target audience’s needs more deeply.

Are there any specific subreddits that are useful for market research?

Yes, there are subreddits dedicated to various industries, niches, and interests. Finding and engaging with these specialized communities can help you gather insights from individuals who are passionate about the topics relevant to your business.

How do I approach market research on Reddit without being intrusive?

To conduct ethical and effective market research on Reddit, it’s important to respect the community guidelines and rules of each subreddit. Be transparent about your intentions, engage in genuine conversations, and avoid overly promotional or intrusive behavior.

What are some best practices for analyzing data collected from Reddit?

When analyzing data from Reddit, look for recurring themes, sentiments, and discussions. Pay attention to upvoted or highly commented posts to gauge popular opinions. Use qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to derive actionable insights from the collected data.

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