The World’s Most Annoying Survey – Rubbish?

Now is your opportunity to take part in the most exciting survey of all time. Yes, that’s right, get ready for a thrill-a-minute ride through some of the most important questions ever asked. Will you be left with more knowledge than when you started? 

Possibly, but no one can know for sure. So sit back and enjoy this rollercoaster of query as we take a deep dive into everything from snack food preferences to bathroom behavior. Click on the START button below, and prepare to have your life changed forever.

The 5 Most Annoying Coworkers (Are You One Of Them?)
Key Takeaways
1. Avoid using leading questions that push respondents towards a certain answer.
2. Keep survey questions concise and clear to prevent confusion for participants.
3. Steer clear of jargon or technical terms that might be unfamiliar to respondents.
4. Be cautious with double-barreled questions that ask multiple things at once.
5. Skip irrelevant questions that don’t contribute to the survey’s purpose.
6. Utilize a mix of question types (multiple choice, open-ended, etc.) for varied insights.
7. Prioritize privacy and data security to encourage honest and candid responses.
8. Pilot test surveys with a small group to identify any potential issues or biases.
9. Consider the order of questions to ensure a logical flow and prevent bias.
10. Analyze and interpret survey results carefully, taking context into account.

1. Which Is The Most Common Restroom Type In Malls?

The most common restroom type in malls in the public restroom.

Public restrooms are for anyone who needs to use it, but not everyone can enter. They usually have a door or curtain, so you have some privacy when you’re doing your business. 

However, because this type of bathroom doesn’t have a lock on the door, it may be more likely that someone will walk in on you while using it than they would in other types of bathrooms. 

Public restrooms are also typically larger than private ones and will often have multiple stalls inside of them – which means there’s more room for people who need extra space (like wheelchair users).

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What’s Next?

If you want to learn more about what types of bathrooms exist and how they work differently from one another (for example: how many stalls), then head over to our next article where we discuss all kinds!

2. What Is Your Favorite Junk Food?

If you’re like us, your favorite junk food is all of the above. If you’re not like us, then you should listen to this advice: don’t eat junk food! It’s bad for your health and bad for the world. 

If you’re looking for a more wholesome snack alternative, try a banana they’re so delicious they can be eaten raw or cooked with other ingredients. Plus, as a fruit, they contain fiber which helps keep your digestive system working properly. 

Bananas are also rich in potassium which helps maintain normal blood pressure levels while providing energy to muscles needed during exercise activities such as running around outside and throwing flowers at people (this doesn’t happen).

3. If You Had To Choose One Of These, Which Would You Prefer?

An A4 sheet of paper that’s been folded in half, on which the words “what is your name?” are written. 

In this case, your name would be written in lowercase letters with a pen or pencil and not a pen-like stylus. The paper will have no designs or patterns on it and is not made from recycled materials.

Seven lines printed on an A3 sheet of paper (the same size as your computer screen), each line containing four characters that spell out the word ‘WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S MOST ANNOYING SURVEY’. 

At the top right-hand corner, there will be an arrow pointing down towards where your name should be written and at the bottom left-hand corner, there will be another arrow pointing up towards where your email address should be written. 

Above each line are two boxes where you can tick either YES or NO to indicate whether or not you agree with what has been said so far in this section of this questionnaire; 

These boxes also contain numbers 1–5 for ease of use if required by law enforcement agencies when checking for compliance with data protection laws governing surveys.

Such as these before sending them back out again after being edited/changed accordingly based on how many complaints were received from people who didn’t want their personal information given away without their consent first being sought beforehand etcetera…

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4. In Super Mario Bros., How Many Levels Are There In Total?

There are 96 levels in total. There are 8 worlds, with 8 levels in each world, for a total of 64 individual stages. 

This makes a total of 576 unique stages (8 x 7 x 6). But this doesn’t account for the fact that you can go through those same stages again, which would make the number even higher! 

You could also choose to play the game’s special levels or even its secret ones if you wanted to extend your gameplay even further! How long did it take you to beat all these stages?

5. Which Is The Most Common Question Asked On A Survey?

The answer is: “What’s your gender?”

This is a question that gets asked in all sorts of surveys, and the answer to this question can tell you a lot about how the survey was designed.

If the survey asks if you are male or female and then only gives two options (male and female) then it will only count people who identify as either or as surveys. This means that any other genders that don’t fit into these categories won’t be counted at all, which isn’t very fair!

The alternative option would be to ask people what they prefer to be called instead of male/female.

But this can make it harder for people who don’t have a preference over which term they use – particularly if those terms aren’t used much outside of official documents like birth certificates.

6. What Famous Food Brand Started Its Life As A Single Product Company In 1959?

Okay, so we’re not asking you to name the company. But if you’ve ever been to McDonald’s or Burger King.

Then you know that they each have their unique take on the Big Mac and Whopper respectively. And when it comes to fried chicken, KFC has its own distinct flavor profile as well.

So which fast-food restaurant do you think started out as a single product company?

If your guess is McDonald’s or Burger King, then give yourself points for being correct!

The other two answers are Pizza Hut (which serves pizza) and Wendy’s (which serves hamburgers).

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7. Have You Ever Been Offered A Free Survey Before?

If you’ve never been offered a free survey, then you should definitely check out the one I have here. It’s one of the best ones out there and it won’t cost you a dime to take! Just fill in your details on this page and I’ll send it right over:

However, if you’ve already been offered a free survey before and didn’t like it, don’t worry. This one is different! 

The first thing that sets them apart is that they pay for themselves by giving away awesome stuff like gift cards or electronics to people who sign up for these surveys (and then complete every single question). 

So basically if all goes well with this survey and they pick me as one of their winners (which they will because my answers are so good), then I could end up winning some pretty nice things!

I also think that what makes this stand out from other free surveys available online today is how easy it was to find something suitable for me to do – most sites would ask questions like “What sports team do you support?” which doesn’t apply at all since I don’t care about sports haha 🙂

8. Toilet Paper Roll – Over Or Under?

The most common answer is Under, but this is wrong. The correct answer is Over because you need to be able to use the TP roll as a seat when sitting on the toilet. 

You also don’t want your behind rubbing against a wet surface when wiping yourself after finishing your business in the toilet.

Your favorite junk food? I like chocolate ice cream with sprinkles – it’s sweet and sour at the same time! And it’s not greasy! It’s also good for dunking cookies into!

How often do you eat junk food? I eat junk food every day, except for Sunday afternoons because my wife makes me go to church then and she says that God doesn’t want us to have too much fun on Sundays (even though we’re busy working hard all week).

How much junk food do you eat in a normal week? Our family eats about 3 kilos of chocolate each week (that’s almost 10 lbs or 4 kg). That makes me feel full but not heavy or bloated – just right 🙂

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9. How Long Does It Take For Garbage Trucks To Make Their Rounds At The City Dump? (In Minutes)

The most important thing to note is that this question is asking about garbage trucks taking the city dump, not going out for a leisurely ride in the country. 

So I’d recommend specifying the time of day and year, as well as whether you’re talking about summer or winter (and even if it’s raining). For example:

  • “How long does it take for garbage trucks to make their rounds at the city dump during summer?”
  • “How long does it take for garbage trucks to make their rounds at the city dump on Sundays?”

Following this format will ensure that your survey gets back some useful data!

10. Which Of These Came First?

Who invented the pop-up user survey? Back in 1996, Jakob Nielsen famously published a paper entitled “The World’s Most Annoying Survey”. 

He had been asked to review a website and found that there was one particular question that he couldn’t answer the site kept popping up questions and then disappearing again so quickly that he couldn’t get any work done. His solution? Abolish all forms of pop-up surveys:

But what happens when we ask this question from another perspective? Is it possible that pop-up surveys are here to stay? And if they are, should they become more minimal with fewer questions or take on the form of long online questionnaires (e.g., Google surveys)?

11. How Likely Are You To Be Offered A Survey Question Regarding “Super Glue”?

There is only one answer to this question: “Yes, very likely.” If you are not offered a survey question regarding super glue, then the world has gone mad and your existence is meaningless.

If you are being asked if you would like to take a survey regarding Super Glue™, then do so immediately! 

You will be presented with questions such as “How likely are you to get an injury from using this product?” And perhaps even “How many capillaries in your hand have been ruptured by using too much force when applying it?”

12. Who Invented The Pop-Up User Survey; Back In 1996?

Who is that? Well, you will remember him from now on.

Dave Goldberg was a business student at Stanford University when he came up with the idea for Survey Monkey. He started working on it in 1996 after graduating and founded the company with two friends. 

They called themselves “The Three Amigos” and set out to create software that would let anyone conduct surveys online easily. 

The first version of the product was launched in 2000 and since then, SurveyMonkey has grown into one of the top ten most popular survey tools worldwide with over 300 million users across 190 countries!

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13. When Do You Wear Sunglasses?

You can wear sunglasses when the sun is out, of course. But it’s also acceptable to wear them when it’s cloudy, rainy, snowy, or otherwise inclement outside. In fact, if you want to keep up with current fashion trends, you should probably be wearing sunglasses all year round!

Fashionistas who need their daily dose of Vitamin D will always appreciate a pair of polarized shades with UV protection for those sunny days when they’re not working inside an office cubicle (or wherever else they spend their days).


I hope that this post has encouraged you to think about whether or not you are a human. If the answer is yes, then I suggest you start thinking about your waste habits and how you can reduce them to help make this planet a better place. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in California or Guadeloupe, we all have a responsibility to care for our environment. That being said, there are some things that we as individuals cannot control such as fossil fuel emissions or deforestation due to agriculture. 

The only thing we can do is try and make ourselves more aware of these problems so that they become less out of sight out of mind. 

Hopefully, reading this post today will have given some food for thought on how much rubbish each individual produces every day without even realizing it!

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What are some common biases in survey questions?

Bias in survey questions can arise from leading language, double-barreled questions, and unclear phrasing. Such biases can skew responses and compromise data accuracy.

How can biased survey questions impact research outcomes?

Biased survey questions can lead to inaccurate data and misinterpretation of results. Respondents’ answers might not reflect their true opinions, affecting the validity of findings.

Are biased questions only an issue in customer surveys?

No, biased questions can affect any type of survey, including employee feedback and academic research. It’s essential to identify and eliminate biases in all types of survey design.

How can I identify and fix biased questions in my surveys?

Review your questions for leading language, assumptions, and loaded phrasing. Conduct pilot testing to identify potential biases, and consider involving experts in survey design for guidance.

Can biased survey questions be salvaged or rephrased?

In some cases, biased questions can be salvaged by rephrasing them to be more neutral and objective. However, it’s best to prevent biases during the initial design phase to ensure accurate results.