The Ultimate List Of Ghostwriting Jobs For Beginners

If you’re looking to make some extra money, ghostwriting can be a great career. In fact, it’s one of the most flexible, diverse and lucrative jobs out there. But what exactly is ghostwriting? Well, it’s all about helping other people bring their ideas to life by writing for them. 

And this isn’t just limited to books – ghostwriters are often hired for e-books, magazines, and blogs too! 

If you have great writing chops then you can write anything. Now that we’ve got your attention with this wildly exciting opportunity… let’s talk about how much money you’ll make doing it!

Ghostwriting 101 as a new beginner ghost writer – YouTube
1. Ghostwriting offers various opportunities for beginners to kickstart their writing careers.
2. Different industries require ghostwriters, including publishing, marketing, and content creation.
3. Freelancing platforms and job boards are valuable resources for finding ghostwriting gigs.
4. Developing a diverse writing portfolio is essential for attracting potential clients.
5. Building strong communication skills and understanding clients’ needs are key to success in ghostwriting.
6. Collaborating with other writers and professionals can lead to new and exciting projects.
7. Networking within the ghostwriting community can open doors to more opportunities.
8. Researching and staying updated on various topics is vital for delivering high-quality ghostwritten content.
9. Adhering to deadlines and maintaining professionalism are crucial for client satisfaction and repeat business.
10. Continuous improvement and learning are necessary to thrive in the competitive ghostwriting market.

Website Content Writer

Website content writers are responsible for providing the content that helps users navigate and use a website, including blog posts, articles, and other types of written material. 

This role is ideal for anyone who has strong writing skills but isn’t quite ready to sign on as the official writer of an entire website.

As far as ghostwriting jobs go, this one may be the easiest to start with because it’s something you can do without any prior experience or training at all. You don’t need to be an expert in SEO or search engine optimization; 

You just need a knack for writing well-researched pieces on topics relevant to your niche audience. 

If you’re new to ghostwriting at all (or even just new to writing), this could be a great place for you because it will force you into learning some valuable skills before moving up into higher-paying gigs later on down the line.

The best way for beginners to break into this industry is by setting goals for themselves: What type of content will they write? How long does each piece need to be? 

How often should they submit their work? It’s important not only that these goals are realistic and achievable within three months or so but also ambitious enough so that they push newcomers beyond their comfort zone while inspiring them toward self-improvement over time!

Building a successful career as a ghostwriter requires a solid foundation. If you’re just starting, our Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Ghostwriter can provide essential insights to help you get started on the right path.

Social Media Writer

Social media is a powerful tool for marketers and businesses. Therefore, social media writers are in high demand. If you’re interested in becoming a social media writer, there are several types of jobs you can pursue:

Creating content for social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their specific guidelines and expectations when it comes to writing copy. If you’re interested in this job category as a beginner ghostwriter, here’s what you need to know: 

You’ll be tasked with creating posts that drive engagement (e.g., likes or comments) by using calls-to-action such as “Like if this makes you laugh!” or “Comment this post with your favorite movie quote!”

Managing existing accounts, Many businesses use other people’s accounts for their content marketing strategies because it saves them time on both the frontend and backend of content creation; 

However, they still want complete control over the account so they don’t lose fans who become disappointed by bad posts from an unprofessional writer who doesn’t know how to engage properly on these platforms. 

This type of job generally requires more experience than simply being able to write the good copy yourself because it involves managing multiple accounts simultaneously while keeping track of analytics data to stay up-to-date on what works best at any given moment (or season).

Creating blog posts. If you’d rather write longer pieces than short ones like those mentioned above then blogging might be right up your alley! 

Blogging allows ghostwriters like us some freedom since we don’t need any previous knowledge about specific topics before starting work on them – just general creativity skills will do fine here too 🙂


  • A blogger is someone who writes content for a blog
  • You can write content for any type of blog: personal, professional, lifestyle, and so on
  • Some examples of blogging jobs include writing guest posts and sponsored posts (like this one).

You can also write content for a specific company’s website or newsletter. If they don’t have any written content yet, you can help them get started by writing some samples of what their site could look like down the road.

Are you new to the world of ghostwriting? Don’t worry; our guide on Ghostwriting for Beginners covers all the basics and will get you up to speed in no time.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are written for e-commerce websites. A product description is a short, engaging paragraph that describes the benefits of a product and includes details on how it works.

Product descriptions need to be accurate, professional, and easy to read.

B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriting is a type of writing that’s done for businesses. This kind of copywriting is often used in the business-to-business sector, and it can be used to sell products and services to other companies.

Some examples of B2B copywriting assignments include:

  • Writing an email newsletter for your company’s clients or customers (e.g., introducing new product features)
  • Create whitepapers that explain how your service works, or how you can solve your client’s problem(s).
  • Creating sales proposals describing why a buyer should purchase from you instead of another vendor (this could also be called “sales collateral”).

Becoming a B2B copywriter requires knowledge about business processes, marketing tactics, and strategies, industry trends, etc., 

So it’s important to educate yourself on these topics before attempting this line of work because many people want these jobs but only few will get them! 

The pay isn’t great either; rates range between $15-$30 per hour depending on experience level and location so make sure this role fits into your financial needs before pursuing one full-time!

Branding Expert

  • Define the brand.
  • Define the audience.
  • Define the competition.
  • Define your goals, strategy, and tone of voice.
  • Decide on a style and image for you as a writer (it’s important to separate these two concepts). 
  • This can be based on your personal preferences or something more specific like an existing brand or company image (a good example is Coca-Cola usually has a very similar “feel” throughout all their marketing campaigns). 

You can also use research from other successful campaigns which have used similar styles/images as an inspiration point for your writing project(s). 

For example, if you’re writing about kittens in need of adoption then maybe go with something cute but not too cutesy not only will it appeal to potential adopters but also show people how serious you are about providing help through this cause!

Time management is crucial for ghostwriters. Check out our valuable Tips to Write Faster and Publish More as a Ghostwriter to boost your productivity and take your career to the next level.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is a job for someone who can manage multiple social media accounts. The person in this position must be able to write content for each account, as well as respond to comments and questions from followers.

They also have to have a good understanding of different social media platforms and the best way to use them for their business.

Marketing Copywriter And Strategist

A marketing copywriter and strategist is responsible for writing the words that sell a product or service to promote business growth. 

Marketing copywriters must be able to write compelling sales letters, ad campaigns, and landing pages for various products/services based on their knowledge of the target audience.

They also need to create cohesive brand stories by considering the overall message being communicated through all forms of media (e.g., print ads, social media posts). 

A good strategy will help you understand how your business fits into or stands out from the competition at every stage of its lifecycle as well as what will work best with your target market at specific points in time.

Resume Writer

If you’re looking to start ghostwriting, resume writing is a good place to start. It’s an easy way to get your foot in the door and build your portfolio before moving on to more complex projects such as novels, academic papers, and business plans.

Resume writing is probably the easiest ghostwriting job for beginners because it doesn’t require as much research or technical knowledge as other types of ghostwriting jobs do. 

You don’t have to know how to code or analyze financial data; all you need is basic writing skills and a little bit of time on Google.

However, if you want this job badly enough then I recommend learning how to write great resumes by reading books about resume-writing like “The Perfect Resume” by Richard A. Moody Jr., 

Watching videos about resume-building tips like this one from the YouTube channel Hireathon or taking online courses that teach basic principles of effective resumes like this one offered by Udemy (which costs $19).

Technical Writer

As a technical writer, you’re responsible for creating written documentation that helps other people understand how to use a particular product. You could be writing instructions for how to use software or hardware, or instructions on how to set up or use an application.

If you like writing and have some experience with technology, this might be the perfect job for you.

As a ghostwriter, you’ll face various inquiries from clients. Our article on the Top 10 Questions Asked Most as a Ghostwriter addresses common queries and equips you with well-crafted responses.

E-Book Writer

Writing an e-book is a great way to make some quick cash. It’s also a good way to build your resume if you want to become a ghostwriter, or just expand your writing experience.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the more comprehensive and thorough your research is, the easier it will be for you to write the e-book, and the more money it will make. 

If you don’t know much about the subject matter of your chosen e-book topic, then this might not be right for you right now. However, if you do have experience in the area but are looking for something new or different, then this could be ideal!

Grant Writer

Grant writers are in high demand. As the saying goes, “money makes the world go round” and there’s no shortage of organizations out there looking for people who can write their way into a funding pool.

Grant writers provide clients with customized proposals for grants that will help them achieve their goals and objectives. This could include applying for government funding or private donations from foundations or corporations. 

I’ve been told that it takes about ten hours to write an average grant proposal, so as you can see, this is one of those jobs where you get paid to work hard!

The best part about working as a grant writer is that there are many different types of organizations seeking your expertise government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations, and even private businesses might come calling if you have what they need (which we’ll talk about later). 

You can choose what kind of organization fits into your schedule best: big or small; local or international; educational institutions vs hospitals vs museums the list goes on!

White Paper Ghostwriter

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps readers understand a specific issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. It can be an essay, brochure, case study, manual, or ebook.

White papers are meant to inform and educate rather than convince people to buy something. 

They’re great for building your credibility as an expert in your field because they give readers valuable information about the topic you’re writing about. Plus, most white papers are free for download on websites like Scribd and SlideShare!

If you love writing and have experience in a particular subject area (like business), ghostwriting white papers is a great way to make money while also gaining expertise in your field of choice. 

You don’t need any formal training as long as you know what makes up good content – otherwise known as “the five Ws” (who/what/when/where/why).

Magazine Article Ghostwriter For Hire

If you’re a writer with experience writing for magazines, newspapers, or online publications, or even if you don’t have any experience at all but are willing to learn and write for clients who need your services, this is the perfect gig for you. 

You can write about anything that interests you from fashion to technology to entertainment and get paid well in exchange for your work. 

All it takes is some experience with writing and editing and some basic research skills (so that when someone asks you how many ounces are in a pound, or what an ounce of spinach looks like compared to an ounce of steak), as well as a passion for the subject matter at hand!

Experience can teach valuable lessons for a ghostwriter’s journey. Learn from the insights shared in How I Survived as a Ghostwriter for 7 Years and Counting to thrive in the competitive world of ghostwriting.


Ghostwriting jobs can be a great way to build your portfolio and make money writing. If you’re looking for an opportunity that will allow you to work on a variety of projects, then ghostwriting might be the right choice for you. 

And if this post has piqued your interest in becoming a ghostwriter, we have good news: it’s easier than ever before! 

With websites like Upwork or Fiverr offering hundreds (if not thousands) of different freelance writing gigs from around the world, finding work as a ghostwriter is easier than ever before.

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What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the practice of writing content on behalf of someone else who takes credit for the work.

Why do people use ghostwriters?

People use ghostwriters to save time, leverage the expertise of skilled writers, and maintain the illusion of authorship.

Is ghostwriting legal?

Yes, ghostwriting is legal as long as there is an agreement between the writer and the person taking credit for the work.

What types of content do ghostwriters write?

Ghostwriters can write various types of content, including books, articles, speeches, blog posts, and social media posts.

How much do ghostwriters charge for their services?

The cost of ghostwriting services varies depending on factors like the length and complexity of the project, the writer’s experience, and the client’s budget.