The AI Vs Freelance Writer Debate

Whether you are a commercial content writer, blogger, or even journalist for that matter; the discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on writing is inevitable. The question however is whether or not AI can replace human writers altogether. 

While many people believe that it may not be possible to completely replace human writers with AI; others think it will eventually happen if we are not careful. 

Before we get into the debate of whether or not AI can replace professional writing services and freelance writers such as yourself; let us first look at some of the pros and cons of using AI for content creation:

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Key Takeaways
AI writing tools have the potential to replace some aspects of human writing in the freelance industry.
AI writing is still limited in its ability to mimic human creativity and understanding of complex contexts.
Human writing is still a vital component of content creation and is unlikely to be replaced completely by AI.
AI can provide benefits to freelance writers, including increased efficiency and the ability to focus on higher-level creative work.
Potential drawbacks of AI in writing include the risk of creating generic content and perpetuating bias in data sets.
The impact of AI on the freelance writing industry is still being explored, but it has the potential to change the way content is created and consumed.

Pro: AI Is Faster And More Accurate

AI is faster and more accurate than a human writer.

AI can produce more content at a faster rate than a human writer, meaning that you don’t have to invest as much time or money into your writing process. 

The AI also produces content with fewer mistakes than humans, so you will be able to publish higher-quality content without having to worry about any errors getting in the way of your message.

The AI can produce more structured and relevant content because it uses algorithms based on data analysis, which makes it very efficient at producing results.

Pro: With Artificial Intelligence, One Can Do Much More Than Just Write

AI is a powerful tool and it can be used for multiple purposes other than writing. For example, AI can perform tasks like research, data analysis, and translation.

In addition to these tasks, AI can recognize voices and even learn from having conversations with humans! 

This feature is particularly useful if you want to dictate your ideas into a program or give instructions on how you want something written without having to type it yourself.

The fear of being replaced by AI is a common concern among freelance writers, but it’s important to remember that machines can’t replicate human creativity and emotional intelligence. As we explore the future of writing, freelance writers need not worry about being replaced by AI and should instead focus on developing their unique skills.

Con: AI Has Little Emotional Intelligence

To be a good writer, you must have the ability to understand how people feel and react. You must be able to use tact and diplomacy when writing for others.

AI is not able to do this. While AI can read what someone is saying, it cannot fully comprehend it or apply it in any meaningful way. For example:

AI cannot connect with people as humans do; it simply acts as a machine programmed by humans who are disconnected from their creations

AI will never understand how someone feels about something because its programming prevents it from doing so

Pro: Write Long Posts And Articles, With No Effort

  • AI can write long posts and articles, with no effort.
  • AI can write in any language.
  • AI can write in any style.
  • AI can write in any tone.
  • AI can write in any voice.

AI can even write for your website daily! If you have a blog or news site and need someone to regularly contribute content without breaking the bank, AI is an excellent choice for you to get started.

While AI writing can produce impressive results, there are still limitations to what machines can do. In some cases, an AI writer can outperform a freelance writer in terms of speed and accuracy, but human writers can bring nuance, emotion, and creativity to their work that AI cannot replicate.

Con: AI Cannot Produce Creative Content

AI can’t produce creative content. It’s not designed to be creative or imaginative, and it doesn’t have that human touch we need to tell stories. 

Sure, AI can produce accurate content but that’s just not enough for the average writer to be happy about. Even though AI offers speed and accuracy, humans will always want more than that from their writing services.

Pro: AI Can Work 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

AI is not limited to one type of content. It can create blog posts and new social media posts, as well as emails and sales pitches.

AI can work on a variety of projects for you, which means that it won’t get bored or tired of your business like humans do. By having more time to focus on other tasks such as marketing or design, you will make more money in the long term!

Con: Human Writers Can Connect With The Audience Better Than AI

AI is not a human and therefore cannot feel emotions. An AI bot can use words to describe a person, but it cannot be empathetic or relate to the audience.

AI cannot understand what the audience needs. It can provide information in response to queries, but it can’t tell you about your audience’s challenges or desires.

Since AI does not have a personality as we do, it won’t connect with the user on an emotional level (unless you’re using something like Alexa).

The emergence of GPT-3 and other AI writing tools has sparked discussion about the future of writing jobs. As we navigate this changing landscape, it’s important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI writing. Check out our article on what GPT-3 means for writers’ jobs to learn more about the role of AI in writing.

Pro: You Can Rely On Ai To Produce Quality Content

AI is an excellent tool for creating content. AI can do the work of a large team of writers, and it can produce content at a much faster rate than humans. 

At its best, AI produces accurate, timely, and consistent results that are not dependent on individual human contributors or their availability.

AI’s ability to scale means that it can create more content than any writer could ever hope to achieve in their lifetime and deliver it faster than you could ever hope to read it all!

Pro: Save On Cost As Well As Time When You Use Ai For Writing Content

AI can save you money and time.

AI is cheaper than a human writer. You can hire an AI for as little as $0.005 per word, compared to the average of $0.05-$0.08 per word for professional writers in most markets. 

This means that if you were previously paying your team of freelance writers $1,000 every two weeks to produce 5 articles totaling 10,000 words each, you would only need to pay an AI $500 to produce 30 articles with a total of 30,000 words! 

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of savings then consider this: You wouldn’t have had to pay any extra at all because the rates are just so low!

AI is faster than humans when it comes to content creation too (for reasons we’ll get into later). When used correctly by professionals who know how they work best with their machines and teams who know what kind of data sets they should use beforehand. 

So there’s no confusion between them while working together on projects it’s possible for an entire team consisting entirely of bots working together in unison without any supervision from humans on hand 24 hours per day (7 days per week) throughout all four seasons year-round without ever needing any breaks from working hard at all!

The rise of AI in writing has led to concern about the future of freelance writing jobs. While it’s true that AI can automate certain tasks, it’s important to keep perspective on the issue and understand that AI and human writers can coexist in a collaborative and complementary way.

Pro: AI Can Access A Lot Of Information From Different Sources And Make It Available To You To Use In Your Post Or Article

AI can be a great assistant for a writer, helping you find relevant information that you otherwise would have missed. 

For example, with the help of AI, you can easily access different sources of information and make them available to you. With the help of AI, you can also find a bunch of relevant and related content which may not appear in your search results if searched manually.

Con: No One Knows What The Future Has In Store For Artificial Intelligence (AI), Which Means You May Be Investing In Something That Will Become Obsolete Sooner Rather Than Later

AI, like any tool, can be used for good or evil. In theory, it could be used as a creative aid to ensure your content is not only grammatically correct but also engaging and informative. 

But there’s no telling how long AI will stay relevant or even exist at all in this constantly changing technological landscape.

Pro: AI Is Independent And Therefore Does Not Need Supervision To Deliver Quality Output

The best thing about AI is that it can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not need holidays or breaks and is always ready to produce quality content for your website.

Another great feature of the AI software is that it can write long posts and articles with no effort on your part at all. 

You just have to tell it what you want to be written and how many words there should be in each post, then sit back and relax while the software does all the hard work for you!

Furthermore, AI can produce creative content because there are thousands of algorithms running in parallel inside its brain which enable it to come up with ideas based on keywords provided by humans like yourself!

Finally, AI uses machine learning algorithms (ML) which makes them self-learning machines capable of improving their performance over time. 

This means that over time they will become even more efficient at producing better results than any human writer could ever hope for! 

All these benefits combine into one powerful tool which we call [AI Writer](

As AI becomes more prevalent in content creation, it’s natural to wonder what the future of content will look like. At the same time, we must remember that AI is just one tool in a writer’s toolkit. Our article on AI vs freelance writer: the future of content explores the role of AI in content creation and the continued importance of human writers.

Con: As Opposed To Human Writers, Who Usually Have Their Style Of Writing, Which Makes It Easier For Readers To Identify The Author Of An Article Or Blog Post; AI Tends To Use A Generic Style Of Writing That Sounds Alien To Most Readers

To further explain this point, let’s consider your favorite restaurant: if they served you the same food every single time you visited them (for example, if they served you pizza), would you still frequent this place? 

No! You’d probably go somewhere else where they serve different types of food so that each visit feels special and unique.

This is what I mean when I say AI lacks humanity: it delivers a product that’s not very creative or engaging because it can’t think outside of its pre-programmed box.


While AI may be able to produce articles, it has not yet reached the point where it can replace human writers entirely. 

Today’s AI can’t write a thoughtful email to a client or create an article that touches people on an emotional level. These are just a few things that bots can’t do yet (and we’re not sure if they ever will!).

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What is AI writing?

AI writing refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to create written content automatically. This includes using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate text that mimics human writing.

Can AI writing replace human writing completely?

While AI writing has shown impressive capabilities in generating content, it still has limitations in terms of creativity, emotion, and the ability to understand complex contexts. Human writing still plays a vital role in content creation and is unlikely to be replaced completely by AI.

What are the benefits of using AI in writing?

The benefits of AI in writing include increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and the ability to generate large volumes of content quickly. It can also help writers save time on repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on higher-level creative work.

What are the potential drawbacks of AI writing?

The potential drawbacks of AI writing include the risk of creating generic, uninspired content, the lack of emotional intelligence and creativity, and the possibility of perpetuating bias in the data sets used to train AI models.

What is the impact of AI on the freelance writing industry?

The impact of AI on the freelance writing industry is still being explored, but it has the potential to change the way content is created and consumed. AI may lead to increased competition and potentially lower rates for writers, but it can also open up new opportunities and streamline certain aspects of the writing process.

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