Questions You Should Ask Before Partnering With A Copywriting Company

Writing a blog is a great way to connect with your audience, but it’s also something of an art form. It takes a special kind of writer to create content that is both engaging and effective. That’s why so many people hire copywriters: it’s not easy to do on your own! 

If you’re thinking about hiring someone else to write for your website, here are some questions you should ask before partnering with them:

10 Copywriting Questions to Ask Clients & Prospects – YouTube
1. Understand their expertise and industry knowledge.
2. Inquire about their approach to research and strategy.
3. Ask for examples of past successful copywriting projects.
4. Discuss their process for understanding your brand.
5. Clarify communication channels and project timelines.
6. Explore their flexibility in accommodating revisions.
7. Inquire about pricing structure and payment terms.
8. Assess their ability to adapt to your target audience.
9. Discuss how they handle confidential information.
10. Gauge their understanding of SEO and content optimization.

CV – Freelance Copywriter Questions

CV (curriculum vitae) is the first contact most clients will have with you, so it’s important to make it as engaging and professional as possible. A CV should be concise, well-structured and include only relevant information. It should also be updated regularly to reflect your current skills/ experience.

The following questions can help you get started:

What information does my CV need?

How long should my CV be?

What style of writing do I use in my CVs?

1. What is your CV like?

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What Is Your Cv Like?

This is a crucial question to ask. It will help you decide the quality of work and expertise that you can expect from the copywriting company. If they don’t have a clearly defined background, then this could be problematic for you as an end client.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

You need to know how long the copywriting company has been around, and what kind of experience they bring to the table. A longer track record means that they are more established and trustworthy as a business partner.

2. Who’s The Writer Behind The Company?

The key to a successful team is getting to know your teammates. The best way to do this is by asking as many questions as possible.

When it comes to copywriters, there are some questions you should ask before partnering with any company. This is especially true if the company has writers and editors who work remotely. In addition, we recommend asking these same questions of any agencies that you may be considering working with in the future:

Who’s the writer behind the company?

Can she tell me about her experience writing for my industry?

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3. Have You Worked With Clients Like Me Before?

You should ask your potential copywriting company if they have any experience working with clients like you. If they are new to the industry or don’t have a ton of experience working with clients like yours, that could be cause for concern.

It’s important to establish how long they’ve been in business and what kind of project experience they have before deciding whether or not you want them on your team.

You will also want to find out if they have worked with other clients that are similar to yours. The more similar their previous work is to yours, the better off you’ll be when it comes time for them to create content for your brand!

Before hiring a copywriter, make sure that you ask these questions: What is their background? How many years do they spend writing every day? What do their strengths and weaknesses look like? 

What kind of experiences do they bring into the agency each year (big-name clients)? Do any members get sick often? How much does it cost per hour/day/monthly retainer fee etc…

4. Do You Include Consultation And Strategic Planning In Your Services?

If you want to get the most out of your marketing strategy, you must have a clear picture of where you want to go, how to get there, and how much time and money will be required. A good copywriter can help with all of these things!

First, let’s talk about strategic planning. This is the process of defining what your goals are and the steps needed to achieve them. If a client brings a product or service idea but doesn’t know who their target audience is or what messaging they should use, they won’t be able to meet their goals without some help. 

A copywriter can provide this insight into what works best for both audiences AND businesses in general (e.g., are there any common threads between successful businesses?) And when it comes down to actual writing? 

Strategic planning helps make sure that every piece fits together seamlessly while still maintaining consistency across all platforms (such as website content).

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5. Are You Available To Work With Us Through The Duration Of Our Project?

You should never have to worry about whether or not your copywriting company is available and able to help you. If they are unresponsive, it’s going to be a major issue, because there’s no way of knowing what they are doing or when they will get back to you.

When choosing a copywriter, make sure that they can work with you throughout your project and don’t just disappear after one contact email.

6. How Do You Manage Deadlines?

You don’t want your copywriter to be the cause of a deadline being missed. That would be embarrassing and unprofessional, not to mention a bad reflection on you as well.

They must have a system in place for managing their writers’ deadlines, as well as communicating these deadlines to you and your other team members (editors, proofreaders).

7. Do You Have Creative Writing Expertise Or Any Other Specific Subject Matter Expertise That Will Benefit My Business Or Website?

If you’re looking for a copywriting company, this is a great one to ask. Because with the right expertise, they can help you write more effective marketing materials, have a greater impact, and ultimately generate more sales or leads. So if you have specific needs like:

Writing copy for your website

Writing brochure content (or any other type of printed material)

Presenting on stage at events and conferences (or even just talking about your business online)

Writing blog posts and articles that drive traffic to your site

Creating eBooks to sell online or as part of an email marketing campaign

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8. Will The Same Writer Work On All My Projects?

The best practice is that the same writer will work on all your projects. This ensures consistency in your brand and reduces the chance of inconsistencies in tone or voice being used.

The writer will be able to understand your business, your brand, and what you want to achieve from each piece of copy. They should also have a good knowledge of how their audience behaves/interacts with content online.

It’s for this reason that we always insist on working with the same writer on each project we do for our clients – because only then are we able to deliver the best copy possible!

9. Can I See Some Samples Of Your Work Or A Portfolio?

You should ask the copywriting agency to provide samples of their work before you partner with them. This is a simple request and they should be happy to oblige. If they don’t have any samples, then how can you tell if they’re the right fit for your project?

It’s also important that the agency show you examples of their content in your industry, niche, or vertical (if it applies).

10. Is There An Additional Cost For Revisions, Proofreading And Editing, Etc.? What Are Those Costs, Exactly?

A good copywriting company will want to make sure that you’re happy with their work. That’s why they’ll be willing to make changes if you request them. But how much will this cost? Are there additional costs for revisions, proofreading, editing, etc.? What are those costs exactly?

In some cases, it can be cheaper than expected to make changes after the first draft is complete. 

If your initial copy has been written in a way that’s clear and easy for your audience to understand or even if it just needs minimal tweaks it may not take as long as you think for a professional writer to make those adjustments. So ask about these potential costs for revisions before signing up any contract!

11. Will I Be Able To Review And Approve Copy Before It Being Published?

In most cases, you will be able to review and approve the copy before it is published.

If you do not have an editor on staff or if you are working with a small team at your company, this may not be possible. But I rarely see it done otherwise.

And even when a client does not want the final say, they can still request edits after the fact and make sure that their voice is heard during the process.

Collaborating with a copywriting company demands careful consideration. Before you partner up, make sure to review our list of questions you should ask to ensure that your collaboration aligns with your goals and expectations.


We hope these questions have helped you get started on your copywriting journey. If so, feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to chat more or work with us in some capacity. We’re always happy to talk!

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What’s the importance of a client questionnaire in copywriting?

A client questionnaire serves as a foundational tool for understanding client preferences, tone, and goals. It ensures that the copy aligns with the client’s vision, resulting in more effective communication.

How can asking the right questions benefit copywriters?

Asking the right questions enables copywriters to gain a deep understanding of the project’s requirements, target audience, and messaging goals. This clarity enhances the quality and relevance of the final copy.

What are some key client insights that copywriters should gather?

Copywriters should gather insights on the client’s brand identity, target audience demographics, preferred tone, key selling points, and desired call-to-actions. This information guides the copywriting process.

How do client questions contribute to successful copywriting projects?

Client questions foster open communication, establish clear expectations, and help address potential misunderstandings early in the project. This contributes to smoother collaboration and a more effective end result.

Are there specific strategies for tailoring copy based on client responses?

Absolutely. By analyzing client responses, copywriters can customize the tone, language, and messaging to resonate with the target audience. This personalization enhances engagement and conversions.