Product Review Writing And How To Make A Living From It

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered writing product reviews. If not, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to make money online. 

Product review writing is among the most popular and easiest ways to earn money online because it requires no skills or prior experience. You can start earning money from home with just an internet connection and your laptop no special tools are required!

In this post we’ll cover everything from how to write a good product review for beginners (and more advanced writers), as well as some tips for making money from your reviews:

How to Get Paid To Review Products
1. Lucrative Opportunity: Product review writing offers a pathway to make a living by sharing valuable insights about various products and services.
2. Diverse Product Categories: Reviewers have the freedom to explore diverse product categories, from tech gadgets to beauty products, catering to their interests.
3. Informative & Unbiased: Crafting informative and unbiased reviews is crucial to gain the trust of readers and potential clients, increasing earning potential.
4. Starting as a Reviewer: To begin as a product reviewer, building a solid portfolio and reaching out to relevant companies or platforms can lead to paid opportunities.
5. Continuous Growth: As skills and reputation grow, product review writers have the potential to turn this passion into a fulfilling and sustainable source of income.

1. Know What The People Want

The first thing you need to know is to know who your audience is.

Know what they want to know about, and what they don’t want to know about.

This will help you narrow down the writing topics that are likely to be good for you and your audience.

Knowing this will also give you an idea of how much detail or how little detail or how much research or how little research is needed for each topic so that it gives them just enough information without overwhelming them with too much data

Building a successful career as a product review writer requires a solid foundation. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to get started as a product review writer to kickstart your journey in the world of product reviews.

2. Read, Research, And Research Some More

The second step in creating a product review is to read, research and research some more.

Read the product reviews. You’ll want to be familiar with what people are saying about the product and see if you can learn any new things about it that will help you write an original piece. 

If there are many different reviews available on your topic, try reading them all before writing your own so that you can get a feel for how other people are approaching the material and make sure that it’s not already been covered elsewhere (or at least give credit where credit’s due).

Researching the product itself means looking into its history, development process, manufacturing process and anything else related to why someone would buy this thing in particular.

Instead of something else like it or with similar features but at a lower price point (or vice versa). 

If possible try getting hands-on experience using one yourself so that you can talk about what was good or bad about using it firsthand rather than relying solely on third-party sources like online reviews sites or forums.

Though these should still be referenced heavily when applicable because they’re often more up-to-date than official company websites which may not have been updated since development ended years ago!

3. Writing Quality Reviews Takes Time So Plan Accordingly

You’re probably thinking, “Wow! Writing quality reviews takes a lot of time!”

Well, you should know that it does. So what do you do?

You need to plan and be consistent with your reviews. Yes, we all have busy lives but if you want to make money from writing high-quality product reviews.

Then you need to use your time wisely by creating a schedule or routine for yourself which will give you enough time each week or month to write at least one review per day.

If there are days where things just don’t go as planned or if an emergency comes up (which happens often), then try not to stress out too much because there is always another day when we can get back on track and start writing again!

Product review writing is a thriving business with immense potential. Discover why it’s on the rise in our article on Product Review Writing: A Business on the Rise and explore the opportunities it holds.

4. Get Your Adjectives In Gear

The next step is to describe the product. This is where you get to use adjectives like “breezy” or “cool.” 

Write about how great a product is, and then make sure to include a few adjectives that are specific to the type of product you’re reviewing. Use words like “massive” for TVs, “tiny” for jewelry, and “fuzzy” for pillows.

Next up: your experience with the company selling it. Did they provide great customer service? Did they answer all your questions promptly? If so, use some positive words like “efficient” or “exemplary.”

Finally, and this should be easy since we’ve already done all the hard work—use more adjectives! Talk about how much money you saved by buying something online rather than going into a store (that one’s easy). 

Or maybe mention how nice it was not having any salespeople hounding me while I shopped around (now we’re getting somewhere).

5. Don’t Forget The Details

You need to know everything about the product. For example, if you’re reviewing a new or upcoming music album, then it would be helpful to know every song that is featured on that album. 

If your review was going to talk about how good or bad a certain song was, then it would be wise to listen to that song multiple times to get a feel for what makes it so good or so bad.

You should include details about what makes the product unique within its industry, as well as anything else special about the product itself. 

You may also want to mention any similar products that are available from other companies and compare them with each other – this will help guide potential customers into deciding which one might suit their needs better than others would do so instead!

We hope these tips have given some insight into how reviews work when written by someone who knows what they’re doing – now go out there and create some kick-ass content!”

6. Let Them Know You Are An Expert In The Field

The most important thing in the world is to be seen as an expert in your field. People don’t even care about what you know, or if you’re talented they care about whether or not they can trust you. If you want people to believe that your product is worth their money, then they need to know that:

You have credentials and experience in this field. This is a big one! If someone sees on their screen “I am an expert in self-defense training.”

They might not take the time to read anything else because they think it would be silly for someone who doesn’t have any credentials or experience teaching self-defense classes.

You use testimonials from clients who have already used your service/product and loved it (and hopefully include photos). Testimonials are like free advertising because other customers will see them and think “Hey, maybe I should try out [your product] too!”

Your name sounds professional this means no cutesy names like “Happy Bunny” or “Honey Bear.” 

It’s okay if your real name isn’t professional sounding (like mine isn’t), but make sure all other business details are spelled correctly and aren’t misleading anyone into thinking something else entirely

Crafting compelling product reviews involves more than just writing; it requires a deep understanding of the process. Explore The Complete Guide to Product Review Writing to master the art of creating impactful and influential reviews.

7. Use Comparisons With Other Products

You should also use comparisons to help readers make a decision. For example, if you’re reviewing a digital camera and you’ve already discussed the pros and cons of its various features, you must mention at least one or two other products in the same category (like Nikon or Canon).

So readers can understand how this product stacks up against its competitors. The ability to compare products is a powerful journalistic tool that will allow you to understand why one product is better than another.

You should also use comparisons when explaining your point of view on a particular topic or issue. For example, if someone asks how they should use their new smartphone camera which apps are best for taking pictures? Which filters work best? 

What’s the difference between using the front-facing camera versus using an external lens?

You could break down each question into separate paragraphs, then compare different types of photos taken with different apps at different times under different lighting conditions before providing some answers about what works best for your needs.

8. Give Them Pros And Cons

You should give them the good and the bad. Explain the pros and cons. Give examples, like how your product has a great warranty and it’s made from recycled materials, but it also costs twice as much as its competitors. 

How about that other product? It might not have a warranty or be made of recycled materials, but it is half the price of yours.

Pros: (1) Inexpensive (2) Wide selection of colors Cons: (1) Some people don’t like using products with fake fur because they feel guilty about it (2) They’re not vegan

9. Write A Killer Conclusion That Sums It Up In A Nutshell

Your conclusion should be short and to the point. You are probably exhausted after writing your review and you have probably read a lot of reviews by now. 

You should summarize the main points of your review in one or two sentences so that readers can understand what they can expect from the product.

Summarize what you liked about the product, and why it compares well with other similar products on the market.

How it compares to other products in its category and how it compares to competing products. What would you change about this product? If there is something about it that does not work for you, describe that as well!

10. Be Yourself And Be Honest About Your Product Review Writing Efforts From The Start

When you’re just starting, you mustn’t pretend to be someone or something that you’re not. Your goal is to make a living writing product reviews and eventually sell your products in your niche. 

So don’t try to write like some big-name blogger who gets paid thousands of dollars each month for their content. You need to write naturally and be yourself!

Also, don’t bother trying those large affiliate programs unless you want rejection after rejection! 

They aren’t looking for small-time bloggers like ourselves so we should stay away from them until we get our brand established firstly by writing awesome content consistently over time (which also builds up our brand).

Earning money as a product reviewer can be easier than you think. Learn the tips and tricks in our guide on how to make money as a product reviewer and turn your passion for writing reviews into a lucrative income stream.

11. Don’t Bother Trying To Write For Those Big Affiliate Programs Unless You Want Rejection After Rejection!

Don’t bother trying to write for those big affiliate programs unless you want rejection after rejection! Don’t waste your time with those big affiliate programs unless you want rejection after rejection!

12. Only Write About Products You Have Used And What You Think Of Them!

You cannot write a product review if you cannot attest to the quality of the product. If you have never used it.

Then there is no way for you to honestly write about it. To make an honest and genuine review that will be appreciated by customers, you must have first-hand experience with the product.

If you are passionate about your topic and believe in your writing, then it will shine through in your work. Only write about products that speak to who you are, because this will reflect on your writing style as well as show off what makes YOU special!

Writing product reviews that sell requires finesse and persuasion. Discover effective techniques in our article on how to write product reviews you can sell & make money on to captivate your readers and boost your review’s impact.


The next time you run into a product review, don’t just read it. Write one yourself! It’s easy and fun. Plus you can make money off of it by sharing your opinions with others who want to know more about what they’re buying before they buy it.

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How can I start getting paid to write reviews?

To begin getting paid for writing reviews, you can start by reaching out to companies, websites, or platforms that accept freelance review writers. Build a portfolio showcasing your writing skills and previous review work to increase your chances of landing paid opportunities.

What types of products can I review to make money?

You can review a wide range of products to make money, including tech gadgets, beauty products, books, household items, and more. Focus on areas that interest you and match your expertise to craft insightful and compelling reviews.

Are there any specific writing styles for product reviews?

While writing styles may vary, effective product reviews should be informative, engaging, and unbiased. It’s essential to provide relevant details, pros and cons, and your personal experiences to help readers make informed decisions.

How much can I earn from writing reviews?

Earnings from writing reviews can vary based on factors like the platform, your experience, the quality of your reviews, and the demand for your niche. Some writers earn a modest side income, while others may turn it into a full-time profession.

Can I write reviews for multiple websites?

Yes, you can write reviews for multiple websites or platforms simultaneously. However, ensure that you manage your time efficiently and maintain the quality of your reviews across all platforms.