How To Write Product Reviews You Can Sell & Make Money On

Have you ever read a product review and thought to yourself, “Why are they writing about this?” You know what I mean right? It could be because the review itself is boring or it might be because they didn’t explain how the product made their life easier. 

Product reviews are a great way to get some extra income on the side and we are going to show you several ways that you can do just that!

How to Get Paid To Review Products – YouTube
1. Writing product reviews can be a profitable endeavor.
2. Focus on delivering honest and informative content.
3. Stand out by using a unique writing style.
4. Monetize your reviews by joining relevant platforms.
5. Engage with your audience to build credibility.
6. Choose products that align with your interests.
7. Optimize reviews for search engines to reach more people.
8. Network with brands and businesses for opportunities.
9. Consistency is key to growing your review-writing business.
10. Embrace feedback to improve your writing and offerings.

Read The Product Description & Write Your Review First

The first thing you’ll want to do is read the product description. This will give you an idea of what the manufacturer wants people to know about their product, and it will help guide your writing process.

Next, write your review. Write before starting using the product so that you can get a good idea of what aspects are most important for other readers. 

Always be honest and sincere when writing reviews because this will help build trust with your readership base (and also make them feel like they can relate).

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Tell Your Readers How You Feel About The Product

You must let people know how much value they’re getting out of something before they buy it or use it themselves – because if someone doesn’t think they’ll get much use from something then why would they bother spending money on it? 

This is especially true when talking about products like weight loss supplements or workout programs where results aren’t guaranteed; however, there’s still potential benefit even if nothing happens at all! 

As long as there’s some benefit then there shouldn’t be any worries about making claims like “This pill has changed my life!” 

Because even if someone doesn’t lose weight with these pills, at least now she knows whether or not those changes were worth pursuing further down this path.”

Always Be Honest And Sincere

You’re going to be writing a review, so you must be 100% genuine in what you write. It should come as no surprise that being disingenuous will damage your credibility and trust with your readers. 

The last thing you want is for them to think they can trust you but then be let down by the fact that you were just trying to sell them something else (or worse, just trying to get clicks).

Be honest with yourself too: make sure that whatever product or service it is, it truly meets the criteria of what makes a good product/service and not just one where if you say nice things about it then people will buy from the company itself!

Be honest about what your readers expect from this review: if they want information on price points and availability, then give it; otherwise, stick with conveying how well-made or easy-to-use something might be. 

You are telling people whether or not they should purchase this item based on personal experience; therefore make sure everything IS personal experience instead of simply rewriting promotional copy from another source!

Incorporate Product Information Into Your Review

To write a product review that can sell, you need to include all of the vital information about the product in your review. This means including things like:

  • Product features and specifications.
  • Product dimensions, weight, and material.
  • Color options (if applicable).
  • Packaging type, size, and weight (if applicable).

Warranty details, including how long it lasts (if applicable). If there are any customer service phone numbers or emails you should include them as well so people know where they can contact if they have any questions or issues regarding their purchase.

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Take Pictures Of The Packaging & Product In Use

Taking pictures of the product packaging and in use is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your product. 

Think about it: when you see a photo of someone using a new product, you’re not only seeing how they use it, but also getting a sense of if it’s right for you as well.

The photos must be clear and show the product clearly! You don’t want to confuse your reader with blurry images or unclear shots that make it hard to see what they’re looking at. 

Take some time to think about lighting and framing so that each image looks professional without being cluttered or confusing.

Consider A Video Review

Video reviews are more engaging and easier to share. Consider a video review if you want to explain your experience with the product, or even just show off how well it works. They’re also more likely to be watched, read, and shared than simple text reviews.

A lot of people these days are watching YouTube videos on their phones while waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on the train heading home from work so use this opportunity! 

When they see that little thumbnail slide across their screen while they wait for their turn in line (or when they look down at their feed), they might just click through to see what all that buzz is about.

Insert Photos Into Your Review – Amazon Requires A Minimum Of 1 Photo

To have the best shot at making money, you need to make sure that your Amazon product review contains photos. This will help boost sales by giving customers an easy way to see what they’re getting before purchasing.

Amazon requires a minimum of 1 photo in your review and there are a lot of ways to do this! You can include:

A photo of the product alone. If you have no other products or people in the photo then it should be fine as long as it shows off what you’re selling. For example:

A photo of the product being used by a real person. I’ve seen some reviews where they show how someone is using their product or maybe even using it in conjunction with another item such as a blender for smoothies (and yes smoothie makers can be sold on Amazon). 

This gives readers an idea not only about what uses might exist but also reassures them that other people are buying and using these items too! 

It’s important because when customers buy something from us we want them to know our products work great so showing them pictures helps achieve this goal!

A photo taken from an actual location outside somewhere really cool like Paris or San Francisco makes me want my morning coffee more than any other type of picture could ever do!!

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Ask A Friend Or Partner To Look At Your Review

When you’re done, ask a friend or partner to look at your review. Offer them some incentive for doing so, like dinner and a movie. 

This will help you get honest feedback without being biased (or even worse, dismissive) about their opinions. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your review answers all the questions readers might have about the product.

Do this before posting anything online, because once it’s out there in cyberspace, there’s no taking it back!

Always Include Your Affiliate Link In The Review

Always include your affiliate link in the review, not just at the end. This is important because it means that you’re going to be able to make money from the product you are reviewing, regardless of whether people click on your links or not.

And this way, they won’t have any excuse not to buy. No one wants their money spent on a product that doesn’t work as advertised!

So remember: Always include your affiliate link in your review!

Create A Product Comparison Table If It Is Appropriate To Do So

If you are writing a review for a product that has many similar competitors, it can be helpful to include a table with the product name, price, and link to the product. This way, readers can quickly compare your thoughts on these products and then decide which one they want to buy.

To create this table:

Use a color that contrasts well with the background of your comparison chart (you can use our free tool below).

Include headers for Product Name, Price, and Link to Product.

That’s it! You have now created an easy-to-follow comparison table in just three steps.

Always Include Pros And Cons In The Final Paragraph Of Your Review With A Call To Action

As you wrap up your review, always include pros and cons in the final paragraph. This will help you make a sale and get people interested in purchasing that product. 

A call to action should be used at the end of each review to direct readers to the product page, where they can buy it for themselves!

Always keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish with your reviews. Do you want people to buy the products? If so, make sure that’s clear as well as your offer (i.e., “Click here!”). 

Be sure that any offers are clearly stated and easy for customers/readers to understand before making them part of your business strategy or marketing plan for any given article or blog post about product reviews!

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Modify Generic Product Reviews For Specific Products You Have Received (See The Videos Describing How To Do This)

Once you have a template in place, you can modify it for specific products that you have received and used yourself. Use your examples, but be sure, to tell the truth! You can also use this opportunity to include an invitation for people to buy or try out the product themselves. 

This can help drive traffic back to your website or blog where they can learn more about the product and potentially purchase it right away.

Use Real Examples From Your Personal Experience With The Product – Be Honest And Use Specifics From Your Own Experience In Your Review

With your first product, you’ll want to use real examples from your personal experience with the product. Be honest and use specifics from your own experience in your review.

Use these examples to sell the benefits of using this product to others who might be on the fence about trying it out for themselves.

For example, I used X Brand of Camera Lens (or whatever) and found that it made my photos look sharper and more vibrant than before. 

It also allowed me to capture more detail in my shots without having to zoom in too much or use a flash which would cause glare on my subjects’ faces during nighttime photography sessions. It really helped make some great memories that we will cherish forever!

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We hope that you enjoyed learning how to create a product review and make money from it. Remember, the key is always to be honest when writing reviews and never exaggerate or overstate anything. 

Also, don’t forget that if there are any negative aspects of the product then make sure they are included in your review so consumers know exactly what they are getting before making a purchase decision.

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Can I really make money by writing reviews?

Yes, you can! Many companies and platforms offer compensation for well-written and informative reviews.

How do I get started as a review writer?

To get started, consider signing up with review websites or reaching out to companies that value customer feedback.

What type of products or services can I review?

You can review a wide range of products and services, from electronics and books to restaurants and travel experiences.

Are there any specific guidelines for writing reviews?

Yes, each platform or company may have its own guidelines for writing reviews. Be honest, detailed, and follow the given instructions.

How much can I earn from writing reviews?

Earnings from writing reviews can vary. Some may pay per review, while others may offer incentives or rewards based on the quality and popularity of your reviews.