Interviewing In A Restaurant Don’t Let The Noise Distract You

There’s a certain type of person who thrives in interviews, and it’s usually someone who is comfortable in any situation. But being around strangers, especially if you’re new to the workforce or applying for jobs outside your field, can be intimidating. 

If you’re at a restaurant with your interviewer (as is becoming increasingly common), there are some special things you should keep in mind. 

I’ve been on both sides of this scenario and have learned some important lessons about how to navigate this sort of interview so that it feels like an enjoyable meal with a friend instead of an uncomfortable job interview. Here are some tips for success:

Restaurant Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
1. Noise Management: When interviewing in a restaurant, be proactive in managing noise distractions. Choose a quieter area, consider off-peak hours, and communicate your preferences to the interviewee.
2. Clear Communication: Set expectations with the interviewee regarding potential noise challenges. Ensure both parties are prepared for interruptions and are open to rescheduling if needed.
3. Active Listening: Practice active listening to overcome noise barriers. Focus on understanding the interviewee’s responses, ask for clarification when necessary, and show genuine engagement.
4. Adaptability: Flexibility is key in such environments. Stay adaptable to unforeseen interruptions, remain patient, and maintain a professional demeanor throughout the interview.
5. Follow Up: After the interview, send a follow-up email acknowledging any noise-related challenges and reiterating your interest in the conversation. This showcases professionalism and courtesy.

Noise Is Everywhere

Noise is everywhere. It can be annoying, distracting and make it difficult to concentrate or hear what’s going on around you.

The good news is that you have a lot of experience with noise. You probably have been in restaurants before and know what it’s like to have someone talk over the noise of other voices in order to be heard. 

You’ve also probably been in noisy places such as a party or concert where everyone seems to be talking at once and it doesn’t matter who’s talking because no one can hear each other anyway!

So if you’re interviewing at a restaurant, don’t worry about being distracted by the background noise just get used to dealing with it throughout your life because this is just another example of how we deal with everyday distractions all day long!

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Don’t Talk Too Loud

When you’re in a restaurant, it’s important to speak at the right volume. It’s also important to be aware of the other patrons and their comfort levels.

Don’t talk too loudly. If you’re interviewing for a position that requires a lot of face time, such as an office job or retail position, your posture and volume level will have an impact on whether or not interviewers believe that you have good communication skills. 

It can be difficult to gauge how loud one is talking while speaking; if possible, tape yourself speaking during an interview so that you can listen back later and make sure your voice wasn’t too loud or soft.

Don’t talk too fast. Sometimes when we get nervous or excited about something we tend to speed up our speech patterns; this distracts from what we’re saying because it makes us sound incoherent (and potentially high on caffeine). 

You should aim for medium-paced speech that allows time between sentences so listeners have time to process what they’ve just heard before hearing more information.

Don’t talk too slow (unless they ask). It may seem counterintuitive but talking too slowly can actually make listeners tune out faster than talking quickly! 

When someone doesn’t perceive what is being said as relevant right away then there’s no reason for them to continue listening until they get bored with waiting until its finished.

Go To A Quiet Room Or Corner And Speak In a Normal Tone Of Voice

If you are speaking to someone in a restaurant, it is important that you speak in a normal tone of voice. 

The last thing you want to do is be too loud or too quiet. If the person sitting across from you asks for another dish because she needs more time, don’t raise your voice and interrupt her when she is talking. 

Likewise, if they ask for two more minutes so that they can finish their dessert, don’t whisper under your breath as if they are being annoying and need to hurry up!

All in all, remember what I said earlier: be polite! Using good manners while interviewing at restaurants and other public places.

It will go a long way toward making others feel comfortable around us as well as helping us get along with them better ourselves (and everyone knows how delicious food tastes after sharing some laughter with friends).

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Come Early And Prepare

You’re going to want to come early so that you can get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and prepare yourself for the interview. If possible, arrive a good 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time so that you can mentally prepare for it. 

You’ll want to bring a notepad and pen with you, of which you can use the latter to take notes during your meeting with the interviewer(s). 

You should also bring something that will allow you keep track of how much time has passed (e.g., clock or timer) so that when they ask how long it took from when they arrived until now, you’re covered! 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly you should make sure to have an idea about what kinds of questions could be asked during this interview before heading into it!

Stay Focused On The Task At Hand

If you’re interviewing in a restaurant, it can be tempting to let your mind wander and get distracted by all the other things that are going on around you. But try not to. Stay focused on what the interviewer is asking, and try to keep your answers relevant and concise. 

This way you can make sure they get a full picture of who you are as an employee and potential employee and they’ll appreciate knowing that more than having their time wasted with details about other people’s orders or an unexpected bagpipe player wandering through the room.

Don’t Worry About What The Interviewer Is Thinking

It’s easy for us to assume that others have preconceived notions about us based on our appearance or where we’re coming from (especially if we’ve just met them), but try not to get caught up in this kind of thinking during an interview! 

Your goal should be focusing on building rapport with whomever asks questions; after all, they want someone who can fill this position well not someone who will distract themselves by worrying what everyone else thinks!

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Use A Headset If You Have To

Using a headset is a good solution for a noisy environment. When you use a headset, your focus will be on the conversation rather than being distracted by noises around you. 

The quiet of the noise-cancelling microphone also allows you to concentrate on your interviewee’s answers and ask more substantive follow-up questions.

You should always avoid distractions while interviewing someone; they can make it difficult for an applicant or job candidate to think clearly and answer questions easily. 

If possible, try to find somewhere private where there are fewer people around so that no one else can hear what’s going on during the interview this will help take away any unnecessary distractions from both sides of the table!

Learn How To Concentrate In A Noisy Environment

If you find yourself interviewing in a restaurant, there are ways to make sure you stay on track.

The first thing is simply learning how to concentrate in a noisy environment. If you’re going to be doing this regularly, it’s useful for your brain (and your sanity) if you know how to focus on the task at hand and ignore other sounds around you. 

This can be done by tuning out all of the background noise and focusing solely on what is being said by whoever else is in earshot.

You can also try using earplugs or an app that helps block out ambient noise when needed (I recommend Think! Quiet). 

Another option is using headphones with music playing over them so that the interviewer doesn’t hear what they would hear if they had no entertainment playing through speakers or earbuds connected directly into their phones/tablets/etc., 

This may unintentionally cause them some distraction from what’s being discussed between both parties involved during any given meeting time period here today tomorrow ha ha haha haha haha haha haha _____ Ahem…

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Look For Quiet Cafes And Restaurants Instead Of Busy Ones

When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s important to be able to focus on the task at hand. And if there’s one thing that can easily distract you from your interview, it’s sound.

If you’re trying to find a quiet place for your interview, look for cafes and restaurants that are less crowded than others. If those aren’t available, consider going somewhere quieter.

But don’t forget that this might mean waiting longer than expected while they clean off the corner table or booth where they seat everyone else first! 

If even that doesn’t work out, try finding an area of a busy restaurant (like the corner) where there is less traffic during peak meal times then take advantage of their free wifi so your phone won’t ring mid-interview!

Choose Your Seat Wisely

When you’re interviewing in a restaurant, you want to make sure that your table is located in a way that gives you the maximum amount of control over the situation. 

If there are other people around, and if it’s not too busy, then choose a table near an empty one where all eyes will be drawn towards your interviewee when they arrive. 

The same goes for tables near windows: these can be distracting because of sunlight or traffic outside, so it’s best to avoid those. Choose instead tables near walls and doors these give the most privacy from other customers who may be trying to eavesdrop on your conversation!

If there are no tables available near any walls or doors (and this could happen if it were very busy), then choose one next to another party; 

This way there will still be some distance between both parties but enough proximity where they can still hear each other speak clearly without having to raise their voices unnecessarily loud levels due to noisy acoustics.

Caused by people talking loudly throughout restaurant premises which would otherwise distract everyone else around them as well

Wear Earplugs Or Earmuffs If It’s Necessary

If you’re in a noisy environment, there are several options. If you can’t wear earplugs or earmuffs, consider using a headset. There are two types that you can use to reduce the noise level:

Noise Cancelling Headset 

These headphones typically have microphones built in that cancel out background noise. They tend to be effective on airplanes and other places where there’s lots of background chatter. 

They aren’t as effective if there’s loud music playing nearby or if it is difficult for someone to hear what is being said over the phone due to background noise (e.g., traffic).

Noise Cancelling Microphone 

This option allows someone else talking into one end of your device so that it sounds like they’re standing right next to you when they speak even though they could be far away from where you are located at work or home site!

Avoid Eating, Smoking, Drinking, And Chewing Gum

Your interviewer will not appreciate you eating, smoking, drinking, or chewing gum during the interview. It’s very rude to do these things in front of others and even more so if they’re trying to have a conversation with you!

You should not eat or drink (other than water). If you did bring food with you on your lunch break (which is fine), keep it out of sight until the end of the interview. If necessary and possible, take it with you when leaving.

Do not smoke any type of cigarette at any time during this process – even outside if that’s permitted where you are right now…

For example, in an alleyway outside a restaurant where smoking may be permitted as long as it’s done away from other people who might be inside enjoying their meals without having some stranger standing next to them.

While they try eating something without being distracted by someone else nearby blowing tobacco smoke into their face which can make some people feel sick very quickly depending on how sensitive their respiratory system is able to handle such exposure levels and what kind of symptoms appear from such exposures.

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Wear Headphones While Talking Over The Phone

One of the best things you can do to prepare for a phone interview is to wear headphones. It may seem strange, but this simple action will help you stay focused on the conversation and not on all of the other sounds going on around you. 

If your chosen restaurant has loud music playing in the background, it’s even more important that you wear headphones. The noise can be distracting and will cause an interruption in your train of thought as well as make it harder to hear what is being said by your interviewer. 

Wearing headphones will also allow you to easily ignore any other conversations happening around you, which might otherwise draw your attention away from focusing on the interview itself.


From our experience, if you pay attention to the details about interviewing in a restaurant, you’re likely to have a successful interview and maybe even a new job! 

The key is not to get distracted by all the noise around you. Instead, focus on your posture, eye contact and body language. 

If you do those things right, it should be easy to block out the noise and stay focused on answering questions well.

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