How To Write A Video Script That Gets Hit By Millions Of Views

Videos are a great way to communicate your message. They’re also a great way to build an audience. But, there’s one thing that can make or break your video: the script. 

You need to know how to write an engaging video script if you want to get millions of views and really connect with people. In this article I’m going to show you how I write scripts for my YouTube videos and why they work so well!

How To Write A Script For A YouTube Video (5-Step Template!)
1. Focus on Your Target Audience: Tailor your script to resonate with your specific target audience to increase the chances of going viral.
2. Grab Attention Early: Hook your viewers from the beginning with a compelling introduction to keep them engaged throughout the video.
3. Keep it Concise and Clear: Avoid unnecessary fluff and deliver a clear message in a concise manner to maintain viewer interest.
4. Incorporate Emotion and Storytelling: Use storytelling and evoke emotions to make your video memorable and shareable.
5. Include a Strong Call-to-Action: Guide your viewers to take action after watching the video, encouraging them to share or engage further.
6. Optimize for Search Engines: Use relevant keywords and tags to improve the discoverability of your video on platforms like YouTube.
7. Test and Iterate: Continuously analyze the performance of your video script and make improvements based on audience feedback and data.
8. Leverage Visuals and Editing: Enhance your script with visually appealing elements and polished editing to create a professional-looking video.
9. Promote Across Platforms: Share your video on various social media channels and collaborate with influencers to reach a broader audience.
10. Monitor Analytics: Track key metrics like views, watch time, and engagement to measure the success of your video script and make data-driven decisions.

Start The Script From The End

A great way to start writing is by starting from the end. Start with your ending first, then work backwards until you reach the start of your video. This technique has been used in advertising, copywriting and filmmaking for decades.

This is because we all have a desire to be either informed or entertained by our content and therefore it is imperative that we write scripts that will achieve those things for our audience.

Writing scripts this way allows us to stay focused on what we want our audience to take away from our story rather than worrying about how we’re going to get there.

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Brainstorm Your Way To The Hook

Brainstorming is a creative process that helps you come up with new ideas for your video. The best way to brainstorm is by writing down all the ideas that come to your mind, no matter how crazy or strange they might seem.

The first step in creating a successful video script is brainstorming, which involves coming up with as many ideas as possible about what your script should include and what tone it should take. 

This will give you a lot of material to work with while writing the actual script itself, allowing you to create an original story that people will love watching!

An Intro That Will Hook Your Audience

To start your script, you need to make sure that you are making a statement that is interesting and engaging. Don’t be too vague in the beginning of your video – instead, keep it short and sweet. In this paragraph, state why people should watch this video right now.

For example:

This video is going to show you how we made $1 million dollars online in just under 2 months by using the strategies outlined in our new book called “How To Make A Million Dollars Online”….

Be Your Unique Self! How To Create a Video Script That Will Stand Out

If you want to stand out, be yourself. You are unique, and you have a better chance of being successful when you show that to the world.

You might not think so, but everyone has skills and experiences that make them special. Everyone has something that makes them different from everyone else. What are some things that set you apart from other people? 

Maybe it’s your personality, your clothing style, or maybe even how high-tech your computer is (yes I believe there is such a thing as “high-tech”!). 

But no matter what it is: don’t try too hard to show this off! Just focus on working with what you’ve got instead of trying to pretend like something else exists without actually making it happen first hand (like I did before writing this article).

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Words On Screen

Keep it short. The first thing to consider when writing a video script is keeping it simple. You want to make sure you can explain the ideas in your video in as few words, but still convey the same meaning. 

This way, people who are watching your video will be able to understand what you’re saying without getting bored by too much information being presented at once. In some cases, if you really need an explanation of complex ideas (like how electricity works).

Then bullet points may be necessary so that viewers know what they should be looking out for in each section of your presentation or speech. This way they don’t get overwhelmed by too much text on screen at once!

Use text instead of voiceover narration.. If there’s something important that needs explaining in more detail than just bullet points or short sentences then try using some text on-screen instead of having someone speak over it (unless it’s just one word). 

This way viewers aren’t distracted by listening while also trying read what’s being said off-camera because these two tasks require different parts of their brain which means less concentration overall!

Listening To Your Audience. How To Create A Video Script That Has No Time-Wasters

Listen to your audience. Nothing is worse than watching a video and feeling like you’re being talked down to or that the person making it is over-explaining things. 

If people have watched your videos, they are probably familiar with what you do, so there’s no need to explain yourself again.

Don’t waste time repeating information that’s already known. Again, if people have watched your channel before and like it enough to subscribe (and hopefully be subscribed), this means they already know who you are and what kind of content they can expect from you.

Don’t waste time explaining what you are about to show or do. If a viewer has clicked on one of your videos on YouTube or Facebook, chances are they want to see something interesting as soon as possible! 

So don’t keep them waiting with long monologues about how excited or nervous you are about whatever it is that this video will be showing them next; just get right into showing them instead!

Use Some Humor! But Not Too Much!

Humor can be a powerful tool for your video script, but you don’t want to go overboard with it. You want the humor in your script to be as natural as possible. 

Your goal is not to make people laugh; it’s just that some jokes come naturally when talking about a topic and will make people smile or chuckle, which is great.

You should also use humor in your script because it helps break up the monotony of reading something long and boring (e.g., an instruction manual). 

Humor also helps make things more memorable not only in terms of what happens during the video but also when someone watches again later on their own time (which they may well do if they enjoyed themselves).

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Write In The Right Tone. How To Create Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Video Scripts

There is a very fine line between writing in the right tone and sounding too much like you’re writing in a particular tone. If you have any doubts about your own voice, it’s best to take some time to think about what kind of person you are and what kind of person your audience is. 

How do they talk? Are they more formal or casual? Do they use slang and abbreviations? How serious are their concerns?

Then, go back to look at the brand message and goals for this particular video script. Does it match the personality that you want to portray? 

Will it connect with potential customers in an authentic way that speaks directly to their experience when watching the video (or reading through text)? 

The goal here isn’t necessarily perfection; it’s finding something that feels right without making things sound unnatural or forced

Write The Content You Love And Are Passionate About. Introduce Your Passion Into The Script

When writing a video script, the most important thing to remember is to write about something you love and are passionate about. 

Using your passion as the driving force behind your script will help engage people when they watch it and make it more likely that they’ll share it with others.

It’s okay if you don’t have any specific ideas for what to talk about yet; just begin by brainstorming some topics that interest you. 

Once this is done, choose one of those topics as the basis for your video. Then write out a script based on this topic and use this page as a guide while doing so!

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Call To Action. It Doesn’t Have To Be Salesy Unless You Need It To Be

The last thing you want to do is spam your viewers with a call to action. You don’t want to force them into doing something, or make them feel like they have no choice but to follow you on social media.

A good call-to-action should be subtle, and it should be relevant. For example, if you made an educational video about how to solve a Rubik’s cube, your call-to-action might say something like “learn more about solving the Rubik’s cube at my website (link)”.

If your video has salesy content in it (for example, if it’s an ad), then having a very clear call-to-action can help increase conversions significantly!

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You’re probably wondering, what is this “call to action?” Well, it’s simple: it’s the line at the end of your script that tells viewers what they should do next. 

The call-to-action could be something like, “share this video with your friends on social media” or “go check out my new online shop!” You can even tell them where to find more information about your product/service if you think it would help drive traffic to your website.

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What are the essential components of a video script?

A video script typically consists of a compelling introduction, a clear message, a well-structured story, and a strong call-to-action to engage and guide the viewers.

How can storytelling enhance the impact of a video script?

Storytelling can captivate the audience, evoke emotions, and create a memorable experience that helps deliver your message effectively.

Are there any best practices for writing YouTube scripts?

Yes, keeping the content concise, maintaining a conversational tone, and understanding the audience’s preferences are crucial factors in writing successful YouTube scripts.

How can I ensure my video script aligns with my marketing goals?

To align your video script with marketing goals, clearly define your objectives, target audience, and the key messages you want to convey throughout the video.

What role does the call-to-action play in a video script?

The call-to-action prompts viewers to take a specific action after watching the video, such as subscribing to a channel, visiting a website, or making a purchase, thus converting engagement into tangible results.