Video Scripts For YouTube That getting Traction (My Experience)

When creating a YouTube video, you have to be careful about how you write the script. You want to make sure that it’s engaging, but also that it sounds natural and conversational. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best tips for writing scripts for YouTube videos so they can get traction on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Write The Best Scripts For Your YouTube Videos
1. Crafting an engaging video script is essential for gaining traction on YouTube.
2. Understanding the dos and don’ts of video script writing can improve results.
3. Utilizing storytelling techniques can captivate and retain the audience.
4. Including a strong call-to-action can encourage viewers to take desired actions.
5. Optimizing video scripts for search engines can boost discoverability.

Do Your Research

Researching your topic is a key part of writing a script for a video. Research helps you to understand the problem you are trying to solve for your audience. It also helps you understand what your audience wants to hear from you.

For example, if I was making a video about how to make money from home as an online business owner, my research would involve finding out what issues my customers face as they try to build their businesses. 

I might do this by reading forums where people talk about these issues.

Once I know what problems my customers face and what information they need in order to solve those problems.

Then I can start thinking about which stories will help them learn more about these issues and get the answers that they need most quickly and easily possible (i.e., with minimum fuss).

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Write A Catchy YouTube Video Title

Creating a catchy YouTube video title isn’t rocket science, but it’s important to cover all of your bases so that you can get your videos in front of people. Here are some tips:

Use a descriptive title. Don’t be afraid to use as many words as you want when naming your video. 

You can even add multiple keywords if you think they’ll help people find the content they’re looking for. If someone doesn’t know what they’re looking for, it’s best to give them all the information possible so they don’t have an excuse not to watch!

Create a question that gets people hooked on watching something new! People love answering questions and solving problems, so asking something like “How To Lose Weight Fast In 30 Days” could be just what people need right now! 

Just make sure there’s enough detail provided within each answer so that everyone else understands what exactly needs doing too (i.e., diet plans must still follow strict guidelines).

Create A Hook At The Beginning Of Your Video

In the first few seconds of your video, you need to grab a viewer’s attention and make them feel like they have to watch the whole thing. You can do this with a hook.

A hook is an attention-grabbing statement or question that makes people want to watch more.

Hooks can be startling statistics, provocative statements, shocking facts or anything else that piques curiosity in the viewer and makes them wonder what’s going on.

One example of a great hook for your video is: “Why does this dog snore so loudly?” If you’re going for humor (which is often best), then try something like: “I have big news about my marriage but I can’t tell you here.”

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Use Humor In Your Script for YouTube Videos


Humor is a great way to engage your viewers and make a point. If you are creating a video script for YouTube, think about how you can use humor to make your point in an interesting and memorable way. 

For example, if you are selling a product that helps with weight loss, using humor to highlight the benefits of your product might be something like: “This product will put the pounds back on when you stop using it” or “This product comes with free pizza delivery!”

Create Quality Content For Your Video

Your video should not just be a compilation of random facts or information but rather a well thought out piece of work that helps your audience improve their lives in some way.

Avoid creating videos based on what people want to hear and focus more on creating videos based on what people need to hear.

Once the idea is approved, the next step is to develop an outline which will guide you through the writing process.

It’s important that you understand what type of writing style works best for you because this will enable you create quality content while keeping readers engaged throughout all stages of production (e.g., scripting, filming).

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Put Your Main Point In The First 30 Seconds

You’ve probably heard that the average attention span of a human is 30 seconds. This means that if you don’t grab your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds, they’ll be gone.

Don’t be afraid to use a hook or question in order to get the audience’s attention early on. It can be as simple as saying something like “I’m going to teach you how…” or “I’ll show you how.”

You should also make sure that your first 30 seconds are interesting and relevant! When people are watching videos online (especially on YouTube).

They want information fast and they want it concisely explained. Use statistics or other facts about your topic at hand in order for viewers who have never heard about what you’re talking about before know why it’s worth watching further into your video script

Outline The Benefits Of Clicking On Your Video

When you create your video, it’s important to think about how the viewer will interact with it. The more actions they can take from within the video, the more successful it will be.

Make sure that your video is easy for a viewer to click on. Include clear call-to-action buttons at the beginning and end of your videos so viewers understand what action you want them to take after viewing your content. 

If a viewer likes what they see, make it easy for them to subscribe to your channel or share their favorite parts of the video with others, and don’t forget about comments! 

Your viewers may have questions or thoughts that they’d like answered in real time. That’s why asking viewers some questions throughout the recording process is key (we’ll get into this later).

Get To The Point Throughout The Video Script

One of the most important things you can do when writing your video script is to get to the point quickly. You don’t want to waste time explaining what your video will be about, or how it works. Simply come right out and say what you need to say, in as few words as possible.

“I’m going to show you how I make $10,000 a month online” is better than “I’ve been working on a business over the past year and I’m going to share my results with all of you today.”

This goes for scripts for any kind of content creation – videos, podcasts etc., but it’s especially true for YouTube videos where people are looking for specific information but aren’t willing (or have time) to read through long paragraphs before getting started on something interesting like watching actual content!

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Use Visual Imagery To Tell Stories In Your Videos

When you’re writing your script, you can use visual imagery to help tell your story.

Look at the script of any movie or TV show and see how many times they use images. For example, in this scene from Friends where Joey finds out Monica and Chandler are engaged:

  • “You’re engaged? I just saw you yesterday! What happened?”
  • “It was fast.”
  • “I know what it’s like when things happen fast,” he says wistfully “I guess that’s why we should all be in love with each other.”

Use Real-Life Examples And Anecdotes When Writing Your Scripts For YouTube Videos

A good script for a YouTube video will be more than just a list of instructions. It should also include real-life examples and anecdotes that help to make your point, hold the viewer’s interest, and keep them on topic. 

This is what will make the difference between an interesting video and one that falls flat.

Anecdotes provide a bridge between abstract ideas and concrete examples in your lesson plan. 

For example, you could use an anecdote about how you started college with a certain major but soon realized that it wasn’t right for you; this helps explain why you decided to change career paths later in life.

And how others may come to similar conclusions after trying out different things or learning more about themselves as they go through life experiences together as they get older (both literally & figuratively).

Choose A Relaxing Filming Location When Writing Scripts For YouTube Videos

The place you choose to film your YouTube video can have a huge impact on the quality of the finished product. 

Choose a location that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, but also ensures that there are no distractions or interruptions. If possible, it’s best to film in one spot for each script so that viewers can get used to seeing your face in one particular area of a room.

Another great tip is to make sure that there is plenty of light in whatever room you’re filming in so that your video doesn’t look dark and gloomy.

Don’t Overly Edit/Script YouTube Videos When Writing Scripts For YouTube Videos

When writing a script for a YouTube video, don’t overdo it. If you do, the video will feel like an infomercial and people will not want to watch it.

You also don’t want your script to be too short or too long. You don’t want people thinking you’re copying content from another source or that you are being lazy with your content creation. 

In other words, make sure you have enough information to share with viewers but not so much that they get bored halfway through!

The best practices for writing scripts for YouTube videos are to keep things simple and concise without overdoing graphics/animations (or transitioning between scenes).

Keep It Short When Writing Scripts For YouTube Videos

When you’re writing scripts for YouTube videos, keep it short and sweet. You want to make sure that the script is concise and to the point. If your video is too long, people will lose interest quickly.

Avoid filler words like “um,” “like,” and “cha.” These words don’t convey anything specific about what you’re talking about and are just fluff that can be cut out of your script without affecting its meaning or effectiveness.

Avoid long sentences with many clauses; this makes it difficult for viewers to follow along with what you’re saying. They may get lost in one of those clauses or simply stop paying attention altogether if they can’t understand a sentence from start to finish after reading it once or twice!

Be Authentic When Writing Scripts For YouTube Videos

When writing scripts for videos, be yourself. Be honest. Be relatable. Don’t try to make your script sound like something it’s not, because people will see through it and feel duped by you when they watch the video. 

Instead of trying to be someone else or some sort of character in this video, just be open about who you are and what it is that inspires you about the topic at hand.

Be transparent with your viewers by being authentic (or genuine). Don’t give them any reason to doubt whether or not you’re telling the truth and if there’s anything that makes them question whether or not they can trust what you’re saying.

Then stop talking! People won’t listen if they don’t believe their listening either way…so do everyone a favor: be real!

Be Concise When You’re Shooting Your Video And Writing Your Script

  • Be concise.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it focused on one idea or purpose at a time (that’s the “P” in the SPF formula).
  • Make sure your video is engaging, which means keeping your viewers interested in what you have to say and how you say it (the “F” of SPF).
  • Make sure your script sounds natural, like something that would be said in everyday conversation instead of something scripted or rehearsed (the “S” in SPF). 

Your videos should sound like they were actually filmed by someone talking naturally with their friends – not someone who read off a teleprompter or script word-for-word with no emotion whatsoever

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Keep It Simple When Writing Scripts For Youtube Videos – We Say That A Lot.

You can’t overcomplicate a script. It’s tempting to try and be clever, but you don’t want your audience to spend too much time trying to understand what you’re saying. 

On the other hand, you also don’t want them to feel like they’re reading something that’s too vague or not specific enough for them to understand what you mean.

So what does this mean? It means keep it simple! Don’t try to say too much in a short amount of time – keep your videos short (1-2 minutes long) so that people will watch them all the way through without getting bored by boring content.


Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand why it’s important to have a script when you’re filming YouTube videos and how to write one. A well-written script will help ensure that your video stays on track while also keeping viewers engaged throughout the entire video.

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How can I make my video script more engaging?

To make your video script more engaging, focus on storytelling, use a conversational tone, and include visual elements to keep viewers interested.

What’s the ideal length for a video script?

The ideal length of a video script varies depending on the content and platform. Generally, aim for a script that can be delivered within 2 to 4 minutes.

How do I structure a video script effectively?

An effective video script typically consists of an attention-grabbing introduction, a clear message or story, and a strong call-to-action at the end.

Should I memorize my video script or use a teleprompter?

It’s best to avoid memorizing the script word-for-word, as it may come across as unnatural. Using a teleprompter can help you stay on track while maintaining authenticity.

How can I optimize my video script for search engines?

To optimize your video script for search engines, include relevant keywords in the title, description, and throughout the script while ensuring it remains engaging and valuable to viewers.