How To Answer Additional 23 Upwork’s Proposal Questions

Hey, I am here to help you get ready for the Upwork job application. This blog contains my notes and answers for all the additional questions that Upwork asks. There are numerous things you can do to prepare for this tough job interview. That’s why I have prepared a list of the top 23 UpWork questions and multiple answers from general to specific industries.

How to Write A Proposal that Wins More Interviews
Use Upwork proposal questions to highlight your skills and experience.
Tailor your proposal to the client’s specific needs and show enthusiasm for the project.
Keep your proposal concise and error-free.
Follow up with the client if you haven’t heard back after a reasonable amount of time.
Check out additional resources for more tips on crafting a winning Upwork proposal.

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Table of Contents

Question 1: What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

Ans: I have previously worked in a software company as a QA. We were developing an application for calculating taxes.

The past project was similar to this one because we also were testing web applications.

The difference was that the client’s web application had some specific features, so the QA had to be very attentive and responsible person.

Ans: I worked on a project where we needed to extract data from a large format document into an Excel spreadsheet. The process was slow and cumbersome, so I did some research to see if there was a better way. I found a technique that extracted the data from the document into a file which could then be imported into the spreadsheet. This made the whole process much faster and more efficient.

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Question 2: Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully?

Ans: Yes, I have some suggestions:

1. If you would like this project to be successful, please try to create a really cool design for your website.

2. Write clear instructions for people who will take part in the project and don’t forget about screenshots.

3. Also don’t forget about testing the website itself (try different browsers).

Ans: In order to succeed in the project, a fair and transparent process for determining the success of each job is needed. It will be great if we have an agreed set of key performance indicators that all parties are aware of from the start. I suggest using a tool such as Trello or Jira to manage tasks since it allows for easy communication, time tracking, and progress monitoring.

Question 3: Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?

Ans: I would say that the most time-consuming part of this project would be gathering user feedback and being able to make changes quickly.

Ans: I have a lot of experience with back-end programming, and I consider myself to be pretty quick with it. However, I’ve never done much front-end work, and that’s something that I’d like to get more experience in.

Ans: I believe that most time will take the part of creating a standard framework for an e-commerce website.

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Question 4:  Have you taken any oDesk/Upwork tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job? 

Ans: I have taken some tests and done well on them that are relevant to this job.

These are the results of my tests:

Upwork Readiness Test: 9.3/10

English Spelling Test US: 97%

Basic English Grammar Test: 96%

English Basic Skills Test: 96%

Ans: Yes, I have a number of certifications and tests that are relevant to this position. These include:

– CSM Certification in Software Testing

– Certified Scrum Product Owner

– Certified Scrum Master

– Agile Certified Practitioner

– Six Sigma Green Belt certification

Ans: Yes, I have worked on a few projects for clients on the platform. I have a couple of my tests scores above 90%. The two most relevant are the Upwork Readiness test (score 98%) and English Spelling Test US Version (score 95%). I am familiar with the platform, guidelines, and best practices.

I also understand that this job requires good time management skills and the ability to deliver results in a timely manner. I believe my previous experience as a Project Manager at my previous company would be beneficial here as well.

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Question 5:  How much time do you think it will take to accomplish the task for google results?

Ans: SEO is a process, like any other process, it takes time. I understand that you want to see results fast and you probably want to see them in the next couple of weeks. But if you are looking for serious SEO, then it is going to take time. When you start working with me on your website, I will give you an estimate of how much time I think it will take to accomplish the task, but I don’t give any false promises and I don’t make any false commitments.

Question 6:  What part of this project most appeals to you?

Ans: I am an avid reader, and I love learning from the content of many different industries. I believe that the most interesting part of this project is the opportunity to work with a wide variety of topics, and in doing so, learn more about each topic while editing.

Ans: I’m excited about the opportunity to work with a company that is growing so quickly, and helping to tell that story through the media. I love the idea of being a part of something from the ground up, rather than starting in an established position.

Ans: It’s also really important to me that I’m making a difference with the content that I write. To know that people are using my articles to make their lives better or to make better decisions is an amazing feeling.

Ans: The part that most appeals to me is the chance to use my web development skills to help others. I’m always immensely interested in the things we can do with technology, and I love that it can be used to make the world a better place.

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Question 7: Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project?

Ans:  I think I am a good fit for this particular project because I have the relevant background and experience necessary to do the job.

My background is in computer science and engineering, so I know how to program. I know several different programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript.

In addition, I understand Unix/Linux systems as well as Windows and Macintosh computers.

Ans: I am a good fit because I have experience with e-commerce and social media. I have worked in the past as a freelance writer, and I have a blog.

Ans: I am a full-stack web developer living in New York City. I am interested in this position because it is a good match with my past experience building web applications from the ground up. I have been developing for 5 years and have a strong command over frontend/backend technologies.

Ans: I have a strong professional background as a developer, I have more than seven years of experience working on different projects, and  I have great knowledge of javascript, HTML and CSS.

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Question 8: Do you have any questions about the job description?

Ans: I just have a few questions to clarify the scope of this project.

1. How close are we to the front-end completion?

2. What back-end technologies is it currently using, and what are you planning on migrating to?

3. How will we collaborate? Are there any plans to use a tool like Trello or Jira?

Ans: I don’t have any questions about the job description.

I’m wondering what’s the next step in this process?

Ans: Not yet. Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this job! I think my experience and enthusiasm will make me an excellent fit.

Question 9: Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?

Ans: I’m a great storyteller and can create engaging content with a unique voice. Also, I’m incredibly knowledgeable about SEO and how to create search-optimized content.

Ans: Honestly, I would say I am pretty strong at all of them. I know React and Redux very well, and would be able to create a simple application with them. I also know how to use Bootstrap and Material UI for styling, API calls, how to write tests for components and reducers.

Ans: I am strong in the work with material design, creating a professional and clean-looking user interface that is adapted to different screen sizes.

• I have experience in creating web services, REST API for mobile devices.

• I am good at working with databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

• For the client-side I prefer to use JavaScript, Jquery, and Ajax requests.

• For the server-side I prefer PHP (CodeIgniter framework), Java(Spring framework).

Ans: I have an eye for detail, I work well under time constraints, and I am able to work with a team.

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Question 10: What SEO jobs have you done in the past?

Ans: I have done a lot of SEO jobs. For example, I have been working as a SEO manager in “Amedia” company for 3 years.

Ans: I have worked as an SEO Specialist for three different companies. In my role, I’ve been responsible for optimizing websites, researching keywords, and creating SEO-friendly content.

Ans: I’ll give you an example of one I did in the past:

I specialize in helping businesses rank their websites on Google, but I also offer other services like PPC (e.g. Facebook Ads), content creation, social media marketing, and more.

However, if you’re looking for SEO primarily, then I’d be happy to take a look at your website and I can share with you what I would do to improve your rankings. If it sounds like something you’re interested in then I can definitely help you out!

Question 11: How much time will you need to work on this project to see results and how will you spend your time working on this project?

Ans: I have to say that, it depends on the budget of the project and the timeline of the project but, I will work at least 40 hours per week on this project and I will spend my time working on this project by following these steps:

1. First of all, I will put together a list of potential clients.

2. Then I will contact them with a simple email message.

3. If they are interested to buy our products, then I will arrange for a call or for a meeting with them to discuss this in detail.

4. Once we have agreed on something, then I will start to follow up with them until they make their decision to buy from us or not.

5. Depending on their requirements, I may need to negotiate with them as well so that we can reach an agreement that both parties are happy and satisfied with.

Ans: I will need a minimum of 5 hours per week to work on this project. I have the background knowledge and experience to get this project started right away. My first priority will be to learn the details of your business and your goals for this project. Then I will develop a detailed plan for moving forward with your business.

Question 12: Have you done high-quality back-linking before? if so what sites do you use?

Ans: Yes, I have done high-quality back-linking before. I use to do guest blogging and link building on the following reputable sites:







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Question 13: Why should I choose you over the other 100 that have applied for this Job?

Ans: I am a computer science student with a passion for writing and graphic design. I have an excellent background in both, as well as extensive experience using the Adobe Creative Suite. I believe my skills and creativity would be valuable assets to your team.

Ans: I have experience with many different aspects of data entry and my typing speed is very fast. I have worked in a call center for 2 years so I am familiar with the responsibilities that are required by that type of job. I would also like to add that I am also a creative writer. I have been writing poetry since I was 16 years old, and have recently published 3 books.

Ans: I consider myself to be a motivated, organized and results-driven individual. I possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and time management skills, which have proven to be essential in my previous roles.

I am capable of working under pressure and meeting deadlines. I enjoy working in a team environment, but can also work independently when required. I am committed to providing high-quality work for my clients by using the most efficient techniques possible.

Ans: I have extensive experience in building custom WordPress websites and coding responsive websites. I’m also an excellent communicator with a strong work ethic who’s able to deliver projects on time.

Ans: I have the experience and knowledge to complete your job smoothly and professionally.

I am always working toward 100% satisfaction. Having been in your situation, I know how important it is to have a great person working with you.

I am available every day of the week and will work with you to make sure we reach your goals and visions.

Question 14: What challenging part of this job are you most experienced in?

Ans: The challenging part of the job is to do background research and to find the best possible solution. I am most experienced in 

1. Cybersecurity

3. Machine Learning

Ans: I’m highly experienced in the technical part of web development. I can make a website from scratch, plan it and implement it.

Ans: I would have to say time/project management. I was the primary person in charge of overseeing our entire department and making sure that each project was getting done on schedule. This required a lot of prioritization and multitasking, but it really allowed me to hone my time management skills.

Ans: The challenging part of this job that I am most experienced in is the need for diversity and inclusion. I have spent a lot of time and energy in my career to understanding how to create an inclusive, diverse workplace and have implemented many best practices in my previous roles.

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Question 15: Who have you worked with that has yielded quick results? What was the cost to the client to receive positive results?

Ans: I have worked with several clients who have yielded quick results.

The one that stands out the most was a client who was running a small business. We had to handle their social media, web content, and SEO.

We managed to get them on the first page of Google for the keywords that they wanted to rank for.

This was a great success because we started seeing an increase in sales and traffic from day one until this day. The client was so happy with the results that he has referred us to 2 other business owners who are also seeing positive results as well.

Ans: I have worked with several clients that have employed me for various reasons. These include:

1) I have worked with one client to write a book. This took about 6 months, but once the book was for sale, more than 5 orders were placed in the following weeks.

3) I have worked with another client to build a website from scratch. He designed the look and feel and managed most of the content, but had no idea how to build it. I built it for him in WordPress within 3 weeks and it has seen nearly 10k users in its first 6 months of existence.

4) I helped another client refine her resume and cover letter so she could get a promotion within her company. She did get that promotion within a month.

5. Tell me how you would go about increasing my rankings for my website?

Ans:  I would go about increasing my rankings for my website is by doing keyword research and creating a list of keywords that people are searching for on the first page of Google. Then I would create a blog post for each keyword and link back to that post from every other post on the site.

I would also make sure that all of my content contains the keywords and phrases which have been targeted in our SEO strategy so that Google will know what my website is about when it comes time to rank it in their search engines.

I have been doing SEO for over five years now and I am very familiar with how Google works, so I would not be worried about any penalties being incurred during this process if done properly.

Question 17: Why did you apply for this particular job?

Ans: I was looking for a job that is challenging, interesting, and allows me to use the skills I gained while studying. This position seems to be a perfect match for my experience and interests.

Ans: I applied for this job because it’s a great opportunity to work with one of the best companies in the world. I’ve been on Upwork for over 3 years and I have worked with a lot of amazing clients. I am looking for an opportunity to learn more, grow my skills, and expand my professional network.

I think that together we can do something great!

Ans: I have worked in web development for 5+ years, and I have been doing freelance work on UpWork since the start of my career. Currently, I am looking to transition into full-time, remote work because I want to be able to spend more time with family and do some traveling.

Question 18: Have you read the job description fully and understand it and feel you are an ideal candidate for the job?

Ans:  I have read and understood the job posting, it seems to be a great fit for my qualifications. My experience shows that I have the right skills and know-how to handle this project well.

Ans: yes, I have read the job description fully and understand it, and feel I am an ideal candidate for the job

Ans: Yes, I have read the job description and understand it. I feel I am an ideal candidate for the job.

I am a fast learner and a hard worker. My writing skills are excellent and I know how to write engaging content that speaks to the readers.

I can work efficiently even under pressure and tight deadlines.

I can deliver quality work in a timely manner.

Thank you!

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Question 19:  What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

Ans: I can bring my extensive industry experience to the table and provide a fresh perspective. I am passionate about this field and have been working in it for over 15 years.

Ans: The best response to this question is one that explains how you will uniquely bring value to their company. You need to know exactly what their needs are and how you can fulfill them better than anyone else.

For example: “While my past experience has been working with companies in the fashion industry, I am quick on my feet and adaptable. I understand that a good designer needs to be able to work with all kinds of clients successfully. I am also very dedicated and hard-working, so if there are particular skills or knowledge that are specific to your company, I will learn them very quickly.

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Question 20: What is important for you in a company you work for?

Ans: It is important for me to work in a team environment and to have a good working relationship with my supervisor. I also want to be able to advance with the company, so I look for companies that give me the opportunity to advance in my career.

Ans: I’m looking for a company where I can grow and develop, maybe learn something new and useful. I am ready to work hard, but the most important thing is that I feel comfortable in the team and at my workplace.

Ans: I am looking for a decent salary and a chance to work on interesting projects.

I want to be able to grow and develop my skills, so I prefer working at a company where I can have an opportunity to learn from people who are smarter than me.

Question 21: Can you read and understand English to a reasonable standard? 

Ans: Yes, I can.

In fact, I write and speak English fluently as it is one of my official languages.

I’m also a native English speaker.

Ans: Yes, I can read and understand English to a reasonable standard. In fact, it is the only language I speak!

Question 22: How would you market a new product with a $0 Budget a year?.

Ans: How would you market a new product with a $0 Budget a year?

I would do some market research to gather information about the target market. I would then make a list of reasons why people should buy the product and address these points in the marketing campaign. It is possible to run an effective marketing campaign on a low budget by being creative and building on the strengths of your product.

Ans: There are many ways to market a new product without any budget. You can use your own social media accounts to spread the word about it, talk to family and friends 

Ans: As a marketer, I have a lot of ideas to market a new product with $0 Budget.

>First, I would do SEO for that product website and I would make sure that it has all the required details of the product.

>Secondly, I will make sure that I get quality content for this product on different websites like Medium and Quora etc.

>Thirdly, I will use Google Adwords to get more traffic on my website.

>Fourthly, I will optimize my website so that it gets more traffic from the search engines.

>Fifthly, I will promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. and share content about this product with my friends and family members.

>Sixthly, I would make an engaging animated video about this product and post it on YouTube so it can be seen by everyone who visits YouTube daily. 

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Question 23: Tell me about a brand that you like its marketing approach? and why do you like it?

Ans: I really like the marketing approach of Starbucks. They created a culture around their brand and have a great understanding of their target audience. They are exclusive with their products (a bit expensive) but they know how to attract attention. Marketing is all about communication and they know how to communicate with their customers. Their customers feel special and they actually are treated specially at Starbucks (e.g. they write your name on the cup). You can’t find this in any other coffee shop, right?

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into working with Upwork and what to expect from the site. While there are other sites that offer remote design work, Upwork is arguably one of the more popular ones for freelancers and clients alike.

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What should be included in an Upwork proposal?

An Upwork proposal should include a brief introduction, a summary of your relevant skills and experience, an explanation of how you can add value to the client’s project, and a clear call to action.

How long should an Upwork proposal be?

While there is no set length for an Upwork proposal, it’s generally best to keep it concise and focused on the client’s needs. Aim for one to two paragraphs, or no more than 250 words.

Should I customize my Upwork proposal for each job I apply for?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to customize your Upwork proposal for each job you apply for. This shows the client that you’ve taken the time to understand their specific needs and are truly invested in the project.

How can I make my Upwork proposal stand out?

To make your Upwork proposal stand out, be sure to highlight your unique skills and experience, provide concrete examples of your past work, and show enthusiasm for the project. It’s also important to proofread your proposal carefully and ensure that it’s error-free.

Is it okay to follow up on an Upwork proposal?

Yes, it’s okay to follow up on an Upwork proposal if you haven’t heard back from the client after a reasonable amount of time. A friendly reminder can show the client that you’re still interested in the project and eager to work with them.

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