Guide: How To Become A Successful Email Marketer and Crush It

You’ve heard about email marketing, but do you know how to make the most of it? What is the best way to write your emails and get people interested in your products? In this guide, we will explore these questions and more.

We will cover everything from what an email marketing strategy looks like, to how you can use automation tools as part of your strategy. We also cover some useful techniques for making sure that your emails are read every time!

If you want a good understanding of how to use email marketing effectively at any level (from small business owner or entrepreneur all the way up to large corporation), then this guide will give you everything that you need!

How To Build an Email List from Scratch – YouTube
1. Understand the importance of customer preferences in email campaigns.
2. Utilize a 23-step checklist to enhance your marketing strategies.
3. Master the art of asking market-oriented questions for better insights.
4. Explore the power of bingo cards for creative marketing research.
5. Learn to conduct effective market research without breaking the bank.
6. Gain insights from zombie movies to improve your marketing research.
7. Make informed decisions using data from marketing research.
8. Utilize Reddit as a tool for conducting market research.
9. Develop skills to conduct market sizing studies economically.
10. Overcome challenges in marketing research for more accurate insights.
11. Discover various types of marketing research and their benefits.
12. Apply lessons from zombie movies to enhance marketing research.
13. Conduct effective interviews over the phone for valuable insights.
14. Boost productivity using practical strategies.

Write Subject Lines That Will Get Attention And Open

People are bombarded with emails every day. It’s a fact that most people don’t even open their inboxes anymore, especially if they have a lot of messages in them (I know I don’t).

If you want to get your emails opened and read, you’re going to have to stand out from the crowd. You need a subject line that will draw attention and entice them to open up your message.

But how do you write subject lines that actually work? Here are some tips:

Don’t use spammy words in your subject line. Although it may seem like an obvious point, there are still many marketers out there who think that “SEXY” or “LETS PARTY” will get their readers’ attention!

This is not true at all; no one wants these kinds of emails in their inboxes…unless they’re looking for porn subscriptions or invitations from frat boys who think it’s funny not giving out any dates or venues where the party will take place until after everyone has arrived at the said location 

So that everyone can waste hours looking for the said party without ever finding it before deciding enough was enough because we’ve all been stood up again thanks for nothing bros but anyway let’s talk about why this isn’t necessarily good marketing strategy because maybe the reason nobody opens my emails anymore could possibly be because I’m sending stuff like this which nobody cares about except maybe pornographers maybe? 

And even then probably not because if someone is paying money just so they can watch strangers have sex on film I doubt they’re also interested in reading boring old advertising emails from companies trying desperately hard not even succeeding at making themselves seem interesting enough

Understanding your customers is crucial for success in email marketing. Learn how to gain insights into customer preferences with our guide on getting a clear picture of customer preferences, helping you tailor your campaigns effectively.

Make Sure Your Email Represents Your Brand

Choose a consistent email design that matches your brand’s identity. You want to make sure that the email you’re sending reflects who you are as a company, and how you want to come across. 

An easy way to make this happen is by choosing a design that represents your brand identity. For example, if you are a company with an artistic style and use lots of bright colors, it would be best for you not to go with an all-black template or one with only white text. If you’re going for something simple and clean, then go for something simple and clean! 

There are many designs out there on websites like Canva or PicMonkey that can help get the job done quickly without having any professional skills in design (or hiring someone). You also don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on custom templates; there are plenty available online at no cost!

Don’t Use Too Much Color Or Text Instead, Opt For Simplicity!

Using too much text will decrease the chances of people reading what they’ve already read before (and people tend not to read emails very thoroughly), so try keeping it short but sweet instead of long-winded paragraphs full of information they may not care about anyways. 

Also, remember that while some people prefer reading black text against white backgrounds others prefer dark grey against light grey backgrounds so keep these things in mind when designing something which works well across multiple platforms including mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops/tablets etcetera – this way everyone gets something nice looking regardless their preferences! 

Finally, remember also to keep things simple: don’t try using big words where small ones suffice because this only confuses readers who don’t know what those big words mean anyways – trust me I’ve tried doing this myself before my professor told me off about

Elevate your email marketing game by following a comprehensive checklist for success. Explore our guide to improve your marketing with a 23-step checklist, covering essential strategies and tactics to enhance your campaigns.

Go For A Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-friendly design is no longer an option. It’s a must! In 2018, the number of mobile subscribers increased by 8% and continues to grow as more people use their smartphones for just about everything. In fact, nearly 70% of email opens happen on mobile devices.

That means if you’re not paying attention to how your emails look on all screens, you could be missing out on some serious traffic opportunities and losing money in the process.

If you’re designing your own template or have decided on a pre-made one from a company like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, then there are some guidelines for making sure it works well across all screen sizes:

  • Use short paragraphs with plenty of white space between them (they’re easier to read).
  • Keep elements large enough so they’re easy to tap (this includes buttons).
  • Make It Easy To Click Through To A Landing Page
  • A landing page is a website that is specifically designed to capture emails from people who have clicked on one of your email marketing campaigns. 

A good landing page will:

  • Give visitors a clear reason why they should give you their email address
  • Make it easy for them to sign up by putting fields on the page or providing buttons that say “Sign Up” or “Join Now”
  • Be mobile-friendly (not all of your subscribers will access your content through their desktop computers!)
  • Maintain a Single Message Throughout The Email

So, you know how to write a compelling email that gets your subscribers’ attention. But what do you say in the body of an email that will keep their attention?

Make Sure Your Message Is Clear And Concise

The most important part of any email is the message and this is where most marketers fall short. They send out long-winded emails with no clear call to action (CTA). And even if they do have a CTA, people aren’t going to immediately read it just because it’s there they need some kind of incentive or reason to take action now. 

You want readers to click through as soon as possible so they can see whatever offer or piece of content they’ve been promised at the end of your copy, but if all they see is walls upon walls of text with no direction whatsoever then it’s easy for them to get bored and give up before getting there.

  • Keep things short! Shorter emails are more likely than longer ones to have higher open rates
  • Remember that Not Everyone Reads Bottom to Top
  • One of the most important things to remember is that not everyone reads from top to bottom.
  • Some people start at the top and read down, giving them a chance to see what is most important first. Others start at the bottom and read up, giving them a chance to see what is most important last.
  • The goal of your email should be to make it so that both groups of people see their most desired information as soon as they open your email.
  • Split Test and Measure Everything. Split testing is the most important thing you can do for your email marketing. The reason why split testing is so important is that you need to know what campaigns are working, which ones are not, and how to improve them.

If you keep running the same campaign over and over again without measuring results, then you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

When I started out with email marketing back in 2015, I didn’t have any experience with split testing or all these fancy tools like Facebook Ads Manager or Google Analytics (which we will talk about later). But even then, I knew that I needed to measure my success rate if I wanted to grow my business and make more money from my emails.

Crafting effective email campaigns starts with asking the right questions. Discover the art of asking market-oriented questions in our guide, designed to help you gather valuable insights and engage your audience better.

Track Clicks To See When Is The Best Time To Send Emails

If you’re unsure of when your subscribers are most likely to click on an email, A/B tests the timing. By testing different times and days of the week, you can see which works best for your audience. 

For example, if you send a weekly newsletter on Tuesdays at 3 pm EST (2 pm PST), but want to try sending it on Fridays instead at 10 am EST (9 am PST), A/B test by sending both emails at random times in each time zone. You’ll then be able to determine what time works best for clicks based on open rates and click-through rates.

Have A Purpose Behind Every Email Campaign

Have A Purpose

You should have a goal with each email you send out. Do not just send one email and then move on to the next one without checking back to see if it was successful or not. Your purpose can be anything from making sales, building your list, increasing engagement or traffic to your website, etc…

Don’t Send Too Many Emails

If you are sending more than 3-5 emails per month then I recommend stopping right now! 

You need to give people time for their inboxes to recover from all of those messages before sending another one out there again because chances are that they won’t even read it since they’re already overloaded by other marketing messages from other companies as well as friends/family members who haven’t stopped sending them emails since college days (or maybe even elementary school?).

Don’t send emails just “for the sake” of sending an email campaign every week without any purpose behind them at all… this will make me unsubscribe faster than anything else!

Clean Up Your Email List Often

You should only be sent to people who want to receive your emails, so don’t be afraid to remove the folks who don’t open or click through from time to time. 

You also need to make sure that you are removing people with invalid email addresses; if they don’t have a valid email address for you, there is no way for them to communicate with you or opt in again (assuming they actually ever subscribed in the first place).

  • Make Your Emails Easy to Read and Sneak in Keywords
  • To keep your emails short and sweet, you should:
  • Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs.
  • Keep sentences short, but not too short.

Make the font large enough to be readable when viewed on mobile phones. There’s nothing worse than an email that takes 10 minutes to read because it was formatted for a desktop computer screen!

Try to avoid having more than one block of text per line, as this makes it hard for people who are reading on their phones (or even squinting at their desktops).

Add plenty of white space between sections so your readers can see where one section ends and another begins without having to hunt around for indents or line breaks. This also helps you keep things organized so you don’t have one paragraph after another talking about related topics without any way they’re connected together visually or logically by using this technique wisely!

Uncover a creative approach to conducting market research with bingo cards. Our guide on utilizing bingo cards for marketing research will show you how this innovative tool can help you gather insights and refine your strategies.

Create Funnels For Your Current Leads And Customers

Funnels are a great way to get more customers. They help you segment your customers and target your marketing so that you’re talking to people who are most likely to buy from you.

Funnels can also be used to build an email list, which is one of the most important things an email marketer should have in their arsenal. Your website isn’t going anywhere—it will always be there; but if your email list disappears, then so does all of the work that was put into building it up over time.

If you don’t know how to create funnels for your current leads and customers, here are some tips: start with customer data and look for patterns (this should be easy because most people use CRM systems like Salesforce). 

Once you find those patterns, use them to create funnels (you can do this manually or through a tool like AgileCRM). 

If anyone on your team has questions about creating these funnels, ask them about what type of questions they could ask during sales calls with potential new clients so that everyone knows exactly how many potential new clients there were at any given time during their sales process–this will help ensure that everyone understands what they need​

Use Video When Possible (Especially For Affiliate Links)

It’s a fact that people like to watch videos. And they also like to share them with their friends which is why creating videos can be such a powerful tool for email marketers.

Most email marketers will tell you they’re using video in their marketing efforts, but what they mean is that they have an embedded video on their website or social media page. 

These are fine places for your customers to get exposed to your brand and what it has to offer, but if you want them to click through and buy from you, then use video as often as possible!

The same goes for affiliate links: if someone wants more information about something in one of your emails (say, an interesting new product), turn the link into a short YouTube video instead of just sending them over to Amazon or some other site where they might not even find what they were looking for!

Keep The Same Format Consistent On Each One Of Your Emails You Send Out

We’d like to talk about consistency. You see, it is absolutely essential when sending out emails that you keep the same format consistent on each one of your emails you send out.

This means using one voice and one style of writing in all your emails so the person reading them doesn’t have to switch gears mentally every time they get another email from you.

It also means using the same format for links, video embeds (YouTube or Vimeo), and images (use square ones). You can be creative within those confines, but don’t be too creative!

Conducting market research doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn how to gather valuable insights on a budget with our guide on free market research methods, enabling you to make informed decisions and refine your email marketing campaigns.

Encourage Sharing On Social Media With Social Sharing Buttons

In order to build a relationship with your subscribers, you need to know what they like and what they’re interested in. To do this, test different subject lines and see which one gets the best open rates. You can also A/B test different offers or sign-up forms on your thank-you page.

A/B testing is when you send two versions of an email out to see which one performs better. You might have noticed that some emails come with a green button that says “Yes!” or “No!” and others don’t have either option; this is because they’ve been split testing! 

The more information you have on your audience, the easier it is to build a relationship with them. The more specific you are about who you’re sending something out to (for example men vs women), the more likely people will respond because they’re getting targeted content created just for them! 

If someone looks at an ad for baseball bats but does not buy one right away don’t be afraid about asking for help from friends/family members who may work at sporting goods stores so they can point out other similar products available online instead.”

Be Polite, But Keep Them Short And Sweet

The Optimal Length for an Email is 50-125 Words Per Section You Are Talking About. This Turns out to Be 3-4 Sentences Long. It is one of the best-kept secrets when getting readers to click through your emails.

Be Polite, But Keep Them Short And Sweet

The Optimal Length for an Email is 50-125 Words Per Section You Are Talking About. This Turns out to Be 3-4 Sentences Long. It is one of the best-kept secrets when getting readers to click through your emails.


If you are talking about how to create a custom landing page, it should be 3 sentences long with a link at the end that takes readers straight to Google Analytics where they can get started in 5 minutes!

If you are talking about why Facebook Ads are great for business owners, it should be 4 sentences with a link at the end that takes readers straight to Facebook Ads Manager where they can get started in 10 seconds!


The conclusion of your email is the last chance for you to impress your audience and leave them with something to think about. You don’t want to throw in a new idea or argument in the conclusion, because that would make your email feel disjointed and confusing. 

Instead, summarize what they need to know and leave them with something that makes sense of everything else they read.

If you do this well, then when someone reads through your emails one day and sees your name at the top of an article or sees it somewhere else they’ll say “Oh yeah! That person knows what they’re talking about!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Give Some Tips On How To Get Started With Email Marketing?

The best way to start with email marketing is to create an autoresponder. It’s a tool that allows you to send out automated messages in response to subscribers who take certain actions, such as clicking on links in your emails or filling out forms on your website. 

Think of it like the auto-reply feature when you sign up for something online; however, instead of just sending automatic messages back and forth between the sender and recipient(s), an autoresponder allows you to set up multiple steps where people can opt-in and receive specific information based on their preferences 

Before eventually being added onto the regular newsletter drip schedule or have their data deleted if they don’t engage with any more emails from that point forward.

What Are Some Tips For Growing My List?

There are several ways for growing your list: write blog posts about topics relevant within your industry that include links back into your site where readers can subscribe (this will require adding code snippets); give away something valuable such as guides, eBooks & courses. 

Create content marketing campaigns (which we’ll talk more about later) focused on building trust while asking readers questions related to their needs so they’re compelled by what they see/read which will ultimately lead them towards signing up. 

Run contests through social media channels including Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads – these types of ads usually target users based upon interests/behaviors so if someone likes sports then those are two options available right there!

How To Write Emails To Subscribers?

The key here is to provide value. If your email is only pushing a product or service, then chances are it won’t get opened. Always keep your readers in mind and ask yourself: What will they find interesting? Would they appreciate this information? If not, don’t send it out! Asking yourself these questions every time before sending an email will help you develop good habits over time.

How Do I Write Effective Subject Lines For My Emails?

It’s important that your subject line includes keywords that relate directly to what you’re sending out. For example, if you’re promoting a free ebook about how to grow tomatoes in containers (for example), then include words like “tomatoes” and “containers” in the subject line so that people know what they’re getting when they open up their inboxes! Otherwise, there’s no point at all…

What’s The Best Email Marketing Platform To Start With?

The tools you use don’t really matter. They’re just a means to an end: a way to organize your thoughts and communicate effectively. Just choose the one that works for you, and stick with it until it stops working for you (or becomes obsolete).

How Can I Improve My Email Open Rate?

The most important thing is to make sure that every email has value before sending it out into the world. This means tailoring each message according to its recipient so they get something out of opening it—information that helps them solve some big problem or accomplish something meaningful, like buying a product or service from your company.

How Do I Write A Good Subject Line?

A good subject line will grab people’s attention, entice them into clicking on the message itself, and ensure they actually read what you wrote once they’ve opened up their inboxes again (which sometimes happens hours later).

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