Freelance Email Marketing: 12 Hacks To Grow Your Business

Welcome to the first installment of our new series on freelancing! In this article, I’m going to share with you 12 hacks that have helped me grow my business. I’ll be covering topics like finding clients, landing opportunities through networking and outreach strategies, managing time effectively as a freelancer, and more.

This article is meant for beginners who are just starting in the world of freelance marketing but even if you’re not new to freelancing (or email marketing), it’s always good to review the basics.

Become a Pro Email Marketer (5 Steps) – YouTube
1. Implement personalized email content.
2. Use segmentation to target specific audiences.
3. Craft compelling subject lines for higher open rates.
4. Optimize call-to-action buttons for better click-through rates.
5. Leverage automated email sequences for efficiency.
6. Incorporate user-generated content for authenticity.
7. A/B test various elements to refine email effectiveness.
8. Focus on mobile responsiveness for wider reach.
9. Build a strong email list through ethical means.
10. Provide valuable content to establish trust and authority.
11. Use storytelling techniques to engage and connect.
12. Analyze data to continuously improve email campaigns.

1. A/B Test Your Subject Lines

The subject line is often the first thing a recipient sees in their inbox. It’s your chance to make an impression, so you must make this impression count. The best way to do this is by A/B testing your subject lines and seeing which works better for you.

To test your subject lines, send out two different messages with each of them as the subject line and see which one gets more clicks or opens. To find out more about how to conduct an A/B test.

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2. Segment Your Emails

You need to have a buyer persona in mind for your email marketing campaign, so you can better decide how to segment your emails.

Segmenting by personas allows you to send highly relevant emails based on the type of person who’s receiving them.

You can segment by demographics (age, gender, and location), behavior (what pages they visit on your website), or engagement (what actions they take on those pages). You can also track open rates and click-through rates in the order of importance for each segmentation strategy that works best for your business.

You should also use this information when communicating with clients offline it will help them get a better understanding of what types of communication are most likely going to resonate with their target audience.

3. Offer Freebies

Offer freebies. If you can, give away something of value to your potential customers. This could be a free trial or sample, discounts, coupons, and more. You can also offer an ebook if you’ve written one already; or create webinars and YouTube videos that are valuable enough to convince people to register.

Give them something they’ll enjoy in exchange for their contact information so that you can market yourself to them later on.

Here are some ideas:

A consultation with an expert in the field where they have the expertise (for example, if you’re selling books about financial planning then maybe offer a consultation with someone who has written several bestselling books)

Free shipping on orders over $10

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4. Personalize Emails

Personalization is one of the most powerful elements of email marketing. It immediately makes the recipient feel special and gets them excited to read your message.

Here are some ways you can personalize emails:

Use their first name in the subject line or headline (e.g., “Hello, Name!” or “Hi, Name”)

Use their name in the body of your email (e.g., “Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! We hope you’re enjoying it.”)

Include information about where they live if that’s relevant to your business (e.g., “Today only, we’re offering 10% off all products if you live in New York City.”)  Alternatively, include information about what they like if that’s relevant to your business (e.g., “We just released a new product based on one of our top-rated items from last year check it out!”).

5. Be Human Behind The Keyboard And A Machine For Automation

You’re a human behind the keyboard, not a machine.

There’s no better way to lose a client than to send an automated response to them. Instead, be thoughtful in your responses and treat each one as an opportunity to build a relationship.

Automate what you can so that you can focus on other things like relationship building and developing new products for your clients. But automate wisely: don’t set up rules for every single email just use automation for repetitive tasks such as scheduling meetings or sending out newsletters with updates from their account or website changes they made recently (if any).

6. Convert To A Simple Text Email

If you’re not already using text-only emails, now is the time to make the switch. If your emails are hard to read, people won’t want to read them. And if they don’t want to read them, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your content is – they won’t even see it!

If you can’t get away from using images in your emails (and I know that some clients just won’t let you), then make sure that the image sizes are optimized so that they’re not taking up too much space on mobile devices or breaking layouts.

If you don’t have an email signature yet and haven’t been tracking opens and clicks with Google Analytics, then get started with both ASAP! Having more information about what people are doing with your messages will help shape future campaigns and give insights into what works best for different types of audiences.

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7. Small, Focused Newsletters

A focused newsletter is a great way to get subscribers excited about your brand and help them achieve their goals.

Follow these tips for writing effective emails:

Focus on one topic and one call-to-action per newsletter

Writing short and sweet using bullet points and short paragraphs helps people scan the email, so don’t make them read for too long!

Use short sentences (no more than 15 words) when possible, especially if you’re sending out newsletters that are high in volume or frequency. This makes it easier for readers who aren’t in the mood to read a lot of text at once; plus shorter sentences typically mean higher reader retention rates because there’s less cognitive load involved in reading them.

Write clear subject lines that indicate what will be contained within each email so people can decide whether they want to open your emails before they arrive in their inboxes. 

You could also include this information as part of your call-to-action button so subscribers know exactly what they’ll be getting before they click on it this will help reduce unsubscribes due to confusion about what was included inside the message itself!

8. Get Help From Tools, Apps, And Plugins

There are plenty of tools, apps, and plugins available that can help you grow your business.

Use plugins to design beautiful emails and automatically place them into your email marketing platform.

Use tools to do A/B testing, so you can see which subject lines or calls-to-action work best with your audience. There are various free tools available like Optimizely and Split Test Monkey that allow you to run quick tests on your campaigns and see which ones perform better than others to improve conversions.

If you want an easier way to schedule out content then give Boomerang a try! It makes it easy for you to schedule emails as well as reschedule them if something comes up later on in the day (or even week).

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9. Optimize All Outgoing Emails For Mobile Devices

Make sure your emails are optimized for the device that your recipients will be reading them on. A good way to do this is by using a responsive email template, which will automatically adjust to fit the size of your recipient’s screen. This can make all the difference when someone is reading an email on their phone or tablet, as it makes it easier for them to navigate and respond to you.

You can test how well your emails look on different devices like iPhones, iPods, Androids, and more by using Emailonacid ( It allows you to test how great your message looks across multiple mobile platforms before sending out an email blast!

10. Track Results And Optimize

You’re getting the hang of email marketing, and you’re ready to start tracking key metrics that will tell you if your strategy is working or not. You can use email marketing software like MailChimp or Aweber to see how many subscribers you have and whether they open your emails. But there are other things to track too:

Click-through rates: What percentage of people who receive your newsletter click on the links within it?

Open rates: This tells you how many times people a particular piece of content is in their email inbox.

You can also track conversion rates the percentage of people who visit a landing page after clicking on an email link and optimize based on those numbers.

11. Ditch The Newsletters And Get People To Open You Directly From The Inbox 

To grow your business and make sure your customers are engaged with you, it’s important to send out newsletters. This is where you can tell them about what’s been happening in the company, let them know about any new products or services that have been launched, give discounts, or even just share something funny.

The only problem is that most people don’t open newsletters anymore. Email marketing software has made it so easy for anyone with a computer to do their email marketing campaigns whether they are freelancers like us or big brands like MailChimp but the truth is that most of us aren’t professional marketers!

That’s why if you want more people opening your emails instead of deleting them straight away (especially if they’re not professional marketers) then there are some things you need to do first:

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12. Keep It Short And Sweet! No One Likes Long-Winded Emails!

So you’ve got a great idea for an email campaign, but now you need to make it work in practice. Here are some hacks to get you started:

Keep it short and sweet! No one likes long-winded emails! Make sure your subject line has a compelling call-to-action and is brief enough that people will want to open it up. Remember, the goal is to get people’s attention so they’ll click through and read your content not make them do all the work themselves by trying to figure out what you’re saying before they even start reading!

Use bullets or numbered lists so readers know exactly what they’re going into when they open up your message (if they haven’t already been told). This makes it easy on their eyes while also letting them know where they should be focused at all times (especially with mobile devices).

Generate leads, automate tasks and make more money!

If you’re selling a product or service online, email marketing is an incredibly powerful way to generate leads, automate tasks and make more money.

Email marketing can help you increase sales and increase your revenue by helping you build trust with your audience. In this article, we’ll look at 12 different hacks that will help you grow your business using freelance email marketing.

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People Also Ask

How Do I Start A Freelance Email Marketing Business?

We’ll go into more detail later, but the best way to start your own freelance email marketing business is by offering some free services to other businesses. You can do this in two ways: 

1) Offer to help them create their first newsletter campaign and 

2) Offer to give them advice on how to improve their current campaigns. When you have helped enough clients and gained experience, then it’s time for step two…

What Is The Best Email Marketing Software?

There are many great options on the market today. When choosing an email marketing provider, there are several things that you should look out for before signing up with any particular one:

1) Does this software integrate with other platforms such as social media management tools like Twitter Ads or Facebook Ads Manager (formerly known as Power Editor)?

2) Is there a mobile app available so that I can access my accounts while traveling without having access to a WiFi connection?

3) What kind of integrations does this provider offer so that I can seamlessly import leads from other sources (like HubSpot)?

4) How does their pricing tier system work compared against others in its category such as Infusionsoft vs MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign vs Aweber – see chart here.

What Are Some Examples Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of digital advertising that allows you to build a list of subscribers and send them emails, or newsletters, regularly. You can use it to promote your services/products or send out useful information to help your readers reach their goals.

What Are The Best Email Marketing Tools?

The best tool for starting is Aweber because it’s free up until 2000 subscribers which are great for growing your business fast! If you need more than this then MailChimp is always an option but with higher costs and more features than most freelancers need right now so start small and add these new skills as they become necessary in your business growth plan!

What’s the best email marketing tool? There are a lot of options out there, which can make it hard to choose one. The truth is that there is no “best” email marketing service for everyone it all depends on what you need and what your goals are.

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