13 Reasons You Should Switch Lead Generation Services

If you’re in B2B sales, your lead generation service is one of the most important partners you have. Updating your lead list every day will help keep you organized, maximize your time, and boost your productivity. If you don’t have a good lead generation service, it’s time to consider switching. 

In this article, I’m going to break down 13 reasons why it’s worth it to switch lead generation services.

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Takeaways from “13 Reasons You Should Switch Lead Generation Services”
1. Enhanced Efficiency: Switching lead generation services can result in improved efficiency through advanced tools and techniques.
2. Better Targeting: New services may offer more accurate lead targeting, ensuring you connect with the right audience.
3. Diversified Strategies: Changing services allows you to explore different lead generation strategies and find what works best for your business.
4. Quality Leads: The switch can lead to higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers.
5. Updated Technology: New services often come with updated technology that can give you a competitive edge in lead generation.

1. You Have To Pay For Leads That Are Not Good

As a business owner, you should never have to pay for leads that are not good. The wrong lead generation service will charge you for every lead that comes your way, even if it is useless to you. This means that you could be spending hundreds of dollars on leads per month when your company might only end up closing two or three deals from those leads.

A good lead generation service realizes how important it is for its clients to receive high-quality leads and will make sure they put a screening process in place so you only get the best customers. They will put a cap on the number of leads they give out each month, so you do not get overwhelmed with too many options, and they will allow you to refuse any leads that are not qualified.

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2. Quality Of Leads

When it comes to lead generation, the quality of leads is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider. Often, you’ll find that lead generation company send over leads that are not a match for your company.

The reasons why vary from company to company, but this is crucial. If you’re a business in San Francisco and the leads you receive are in Philadelphia, then something is wrong! Either your filters need to be updated or the service you’re using isn’t delivering on its promises. 

Not only does this hurt your bottom line (since these are not sales), but it also wastes time since someone has to go through each lead individually and ensure they don’t fit with your business model before discarding them.

You might not have noticed it, but making sure that every single lead sent over matches your profile is actually quite hard work! Your team should be focused on their tasks at hand; they shouldn’t have to spend their day sorting through unwanted phone numbers just because they were promised industry-leading lead generation services by another company that didn’t deliver results as promised.

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3. Lack Of Back Office Support

I’ve been a client of a lead generation service for the past 12 months (I’m sure there’s more than one out there), and I can say without hesitation that the quality of their work is impressive. If you’re thinking about switching to another service, consider the following reason why you should make this switch: The technology used by my current company has become outdated.

The owner of my company was making it very difficult for us to use the best practices in lead generation. My current company has an outdated CRM system that doesn’t allow tracking and reporting on my leads. This is incredibly important since we’re looking at this as a monthly subscription service and need to be able to have clear visibility into our leads after they’ve been put in front of clients.

My current system has poor appointment scheduling and booking tools, which makes it extremely difficult to maintain consistent appointments with clients because they keep getting canceled or rescheduled within minutes of being scheduled through our website.

My current system doesn’t have enough visibility into my key metrics, which means that I don’t know how profitable the clients I bring on are, nor do I know if new opportunities will require additional resources from me or not.

4. No Warranty

A warranty is like a contract or agreement. It states that the lead gen company will do their part to bring you some value. If they don’t, they’ll make it right by either reworking the leads or giving your money back.

A warranty is especially important if the lead generation service you’re working with is providing you with leads on a per-lead basis. You should know in advance what happens if one of those leads is bad, incomplete, or otherwise not useful for your business.

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5. They Don’t Follow Up With Good Leads In A Timely Fashion

Last but not least, leads are only as good as your ability to follow up with them. A great lead generation service will act fast to get back to you on leads that look promising. If it takes days or weeks for you to hear anything, chances are high that those potential customers have already gone elsewhere. 

Many businesses make the mistake of letting too much time pass before following up and they can’t afford to lose a single client if they want their business to grow and thrive.

6. How They Treat Your Clients

If your clients are being treated unprofessionally, you need to switch lead generation services. Your lead generation provider is an extension of your business, your digital sales team. They should be treating your clients with respect and professionalism at all times because they are your client’s first contact with the company. They should treat each and every one of them like they are your own employees, no matter their circumstances or their situation.

7. It’s Hard To Track The Results You Get From Them

In a perfect world, you’d have all of your leads delivered to you in a fancy call tracking system that connects individual lead phone numbers to their names, addresses, and sources. That would make it easy to measure the results of your lead generation services because you could easily see how many of those calls turn into appointments and then sales.

But unfortunately for us salespeople (and for our customers), we don’t live in a perfect world. You might not have the budget for a call tracking system or your leads may not be tracked with one. But either way, there are still ways to track what results in you are getting from your lead providers.

8. The Offers They Offer Don’t Get Good Response Rates

The offers that your service provider provides need to be effective in order to provide quality leads for your salespeople. If you are seeing low conversion rates, it could indicate a problem with the services you are using.

Your lead generation service should be able to test new offers and report back on how they perform. They should also have the tools and resources to create new offers as needed in order to keep conversions high and consistent.

9. Missed/Late Appointments

Pro Tip: Did you know over half of your customers are going to come through word-of-mouth referrals? This means it’s more important than ever to make those first appointments a positive experience.

Here’s how it works: the lead generation service gets the customer in front of you, and then the lead is added to your CRM system as a tool for keeping track of prospects and past clients. Once you have all this information, you can reference where they came from and offer them discounts or promotions based on their source.

Many leads will remember coming from a referral source, so be sure to ask when scheduling their appointment if they were referred by anyone. That way you can give credit where it’s due, and even follow up with that person to show appreciation! These two steps will ensure good business relationships moving forward both between yourself and your previous client as well as whoever provided the referral in question

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10. Cold/Disinterested Callers/Reps

You likely know this already, but you’re only as good as the people who help sell your product. If a lead is very enthusiastic about your product, only to be ground down by an indifferent rep, it’s unlikely that they’re going to buy from you.

It’s important for everyone who interacts with your leads to be trained in customer service. They should know what questions to ask and how to build rapport with leads so that they feel valued and understood. It doesn’t take much, just a little proactivity on the part of the rep can go a long way in making someone feel like their opinion matters.

11. Call Statistics Aren’t What They Tell You They Are (And You Don’t Know Because They Don’t Share The Data)

It is common for lead generators to not be honest with companies about the performance of their campaigns.  If you ask them how your campaign is doing, they will likely tell you that it is going great and spend most of the conversation telling you stories of other clients who are getting great results.  

But in reality, sometimes these services put out so many ads and marketing materials that a small number actually convert into sales or appointments. You can’t tell if the leads are good if they won’t share the information with you.

12. You Can’t Reach The Person You Had The Initial Agreements With When You Need To Speak To Them

This is a problem that we hear from a lot of businesses. There is no point in spending weeks or months building up a relationship with someone, only for the relationship to go nowhere when you finally need them. Whether it’s because they are too busy, or have been moved on to another project, this can be very frustrating.

What’s even more frustrating is when you do speak to them and they don’t have any answers for you. They set these meetings up and now they are failing to deliver on their promises. One of our unique selling points at Lead Forensics is that we put the customer first and ensure you not only have all the information you need but also understand it.

13. They Cannot Create New Campaigns

They cannot create new campaigns or copy existing ones that work well for other businesses in your industry or region, which is critical for maximizing ROI. A good lead generation service should be able to create new campaigns and also copy existing successful ones. As you know, a campaign’s success ultimately depends on how well it is optimized.

A campaign that works for one business might not work for another because the target audiences are different from each other. This is especially true when considering local SEO, as businesses with similar products but different locations can present vastly different search traffic profiles. 

Therefore, to ensure ROI and make the most of your advertising budget, a marketing agency needs to be able to take an individualized approach by creating unique advertising campaigns based on your specific business needs, industry competition level, and location-based advertising opportunities (or lack thereof).

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Final Thoughts

Every organization, no matter its size or niche, needs to be qualified leads to succeed. But getting these leads is difficult if you aren’t using the right tools or tactics. Lead generation services can help you capture the attention of your target market but only if it’s the right fit for your business.

If you’re still unsure whether switching lead generation services is right for your business model, consider talking with a specialist to learn more about what this type of service can do for your company’s growth and efficiency.

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People Also Ask

Can I Cancel My Lead Generation Service?

You can absolutely cancel your lead generation service anytime. It’s always better to do it a month in advance, but some services will waive cancellation fees once you’ve been with them for more than 3 years. You can even switch companies and keep your old phone number if you have their permission (just like when switching cell phone providers).

What Is The Best Lead Generation Service?

The best lead generation services are usually the ones you don’t know about because they aren’t marketed well. They use different types of methods like SEO or PPC advertising to get people to call them instead of just relying on word of mouth. It takes patience but it pays off in the long run.

Which Company Is Best For Lead Generation?

There isn’t really any “best” company when it comes to this type of thing. Some companies may be better at certain tasks than others, but no one does everything perfectly so try not just looking at one company and deciding whether or not they’re worth using based on that alone! Make sure you compare them all before making up your mind.

Why Should I Switch Lead Generation Services?

If your current lead generation services aren’t working for you, it might be time to switch. You need to understand that the reason your current leads aren’t working is that they’re not being generated in the right way. It’s not because there’s something wrong with you or your business. 

There are just too many factors at play here that can be tweaked and adjusted to get better results from your lead generation campaigns. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know how to get the best results for our clients and that’s why we’ve decided to take on more clients ourselves and offer them this service directly!

What Is An Ideal Lead Generation Service?

Lead generation services help businesses find and connect with potential customers by providing them with contact information. Some lead generation services also offer additional features like email marketing software or tracking reports so that businesses can measure their success at generating leads and improving their sales process overall.

How Do Switch Lead Generation Services Work?

Switch lead generation services work by using your existing website traffic and re-directing that traffic to another website your target site. This switch happens when users click on an ad or link on your site that takes them off-site and over to another page where they can request more information about your product or service.

The lead gen service then has someone contact the user and ask if they’d like more information about your offering (or at least take a survey). If the user says yes, then all sorts of fun stuff happen! They might get a free trial for 30 days, or maybe even be able to sign up for something right away. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple if you think about it: All those people who clicked on those ads were already interested in what was being offered on your site.

Why Should I Use A Switch?

We know that every company has its own unique needs when it comes to generating leads, which is why we offer a wide range of services designed specifically for your business model and goals. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that we’re providing exactly what you need at each stage of the process whether that means helping you create an effective marketing strategy or creating highly-targeted ads that convert more sales than ever before!

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