Where Does Podcasting Fit Into A Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you’re a marketer, the word “podcast” might not be on your radar yet. But it should be. In fact, the podcasting industry is growing so rapidly that Nielsen recently reported that 90% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast in their lives. 

This means that if you’ve been looking for a new way to reach customers and prospects and if you’re already using social media, email marketing, and content marketing you should consider adding podcasts to your digital marketing toolkit today. Here’s how:

How to Use Podcasts in Your Content Marketing Strategy 🎙️
Podcasting has emerged as a powerful tool in digital marketing.
Incorporating podcasts in a marketing strategy can boost brand visibility.
Podcasts offer a unique platform for engaging with a wider audience.
Delivering valuable content through podcasts can build brand authority.
Podcasts contribute to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Why Are People Listening To Podcasts?

Podcasts are more popular than ever.

Podcasts have been around for a while, but they’ve recently enjoyed a surge in popularity. In fact, according to Edison Research’s “The Infinite Dial 2019,” 44% of Americans 12+ have listened to a podcast in the past month a record high number since the last time they surveyed it (in 2016) when it was 39%. 

This figure is especially impressive considering that podcasts aren’t particularly new podcasting has existed since 2004 and has been growing steadily since then.

Podcasts are an easy way to stay informed and entertained while you’re on the go or doing something else (like driving).

It’s no secret that Americans love their smartphones: according to Pew Research Center data from 2018, 45% of U.S adults own one; among 18–29-year-olds who own phones at all, 95% use them for social media apps like Facebook or Instagram at least monthly

And 90% say they feel attached to their smartphones because “they can do anything I want” on them (including playing games).

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What Types Of Podcasts Can Businesses Produce?

You can make a podcast in many ways. Some people prefer to use their equipment and edit the show themselves, while others opt for more professional equipment and full editing services. There is no right or wrong way to create your podcast, but there are some things you should consider when deciding how to proceed. 

For instance, if you’re not tech-savvy or don’t want to invest a lot of time into learning how to use new technology, it may be best if you outsource this process by hiring an audio engineer who can take care of everything from recording sessions and editing audio files while providing insight into what features will help improve your content (and which ones are unnecessary). 

However, if you’re interested in learning how everything works on your terms or simply want more control over every aspect of the production then taking on these responsibilities yourself could be beneficial!

Are There Different Ways To Monetize A Podcast?

Monetizing your podcast is a complex topic, and the best way to monetize your podcast depends on the type of podcast you have. In general, there are three ways to make money from podcasts: advertising, sponsorships, and crowdfunding.

Advertising: The most common way to monetize a podcast is by selling ad space in an episode or series of episodes. Advertisers pay you based on how many views they receive from their ads running within your program. 

To get advertisers interested in advertising with you, you’ll need high listener numbers (for example 10K downloads per episode). 

This method can be very lucrative if done right but there are some downsides such as a lack of control over which ads run during your episodes (you can’t refuse certain products), limited control over where they appear during playback (they are randomly inserted into breaks), 

And sometimes having too many ads before/after each one so listeners skip over them or fast forward through them entirely! Sponsorships: 

Another option for podcasters looking for financial support is sponsorship deals with brands who want exposure through association with popular shows like Serial or Welcome To Night Vale. 

These types of agreements typically involve companies paying monthly fees upfront in exchange for marketing opportunities like mentions during episodes or promotional material included inside packaging materials like posters/shirts/etc… Crowdfunding campaigns: 

A final way that podcasters can earn money online without relying solely upon traditional advertising sources would be through crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon which allow users who enjoy listening to content produced by other folks online so much that they want access 

Even more than what they could receive elsewhere freely available via streaming services such as Spotify Pandora etc

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If We Partner With A Podcast, Which One Should We Choose?

We’ve covered a lot of ground thus far, and you may be wondering what to do next. How can you find the right podcast for your business?

We’ve answered the question many times before. This blog post is just one example of how we’ve answered it over time (here are some others). 

But here’s my short answer: Choose a podcast that is relevant to your target audience, relevant to your business goals and priorities, relevant to your industry or company’s mission and values, and that fits with the type of content that you already produce.

How Do Our Customers Find Us? Can You Help Us Define Our Buyers’ Journey In The Context Of Podcasting?

Now that we have some idea of what your customers are looking for, let’s talk about how they find you. Answering these questions will help you understand the buyer journey, but more importantly, it will help us pinpoint where podcasting fits into it your business.

How do our customers find us? Can you help us define our buyers’ journey in the context of podcasting?

Is There A Minimum Budget For Investing In Podcast Advertising?

The answer to that question is not simple. It depends on the kind of podcast you’re producing and how much money you have to spend. Generally speaking, podcasts tend to be relatively inexpensive to produce, so even if you’re on a tight budget, there are still ways for you to get started.

Here are some ballpark figures:

Most podcasts can be produced for as little as $100-$200 depending on how many people take part in the recording process and what equipment they need

The bare-bones minimum would probably be around $300-$400

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How Long Will It Take To See Results From Our Investment In Podcast Advertising?

When it comes to podcast advertising, the most important thing you can do is be patient. Podcasts are a long-term investment and will take time to see results. Additionally, keep in mind that it may take some experimentation before you find your sweet spot.

Finally, if you want to see an impact from podcast ads you must stay consistent and willing to learn new things. Don’t give up!

How Do We Measure The Success Of Our Podcast Marketing Efforts?

Before we dive into this, though, it’s important to note that measuring success in podcasting is different than other forms of digital marketing. In traditional digital marketing campaigns, you can use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to measure things like reach and impressions. 

This is because the content you’re putting out there is typically owned by you and your company it’s not being shared with anyone else outside of your audience.

However, when it comes to podcasting and other forms of audio content (like radio shows), things get a little more complicated: while the content itself may still be owned by your brand, many times people are going out of their way to share it with others on social media or through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

This makes determining true success much harder since there’s no way for us as marketers to know for sure if someone actually listened to our episode or just listened for a few minutes before moving on because they got bored or lost interest in what we were saying!

This means that when we’re evaluating success in podcasting/audio content marketing efforts from a business perspective (as opposed to an engagement perspective) we need something else besides raw download numbers: conversions! We’ll discuss how these play into our strategy later on but first, let’s talk about how exactly these two metrics work together so well.

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What Are Some Real Examples Of Companies Using Podcasts As Part Of Their Marketing Mix?

Airbnb-they has hosted podcast interviews with notable guests, including the founders of Instagram and Slack.

Warby Parker has a podcast called “The Rough Draft” where they discuss topics related to style and design.

Google has an entire podcaster network that includes both industry professionals and guest speakers who discuss various aspects of SEO, web development, design, and more. Their podcasts range from 10 minutes to an hour-long episode!

Microsoft hosts a series called “Next Level Podcast” where they interview other industry experts about their role in digital marketing strategy as well as share tips on creating your podcast series!

Uber has started hosting podcasts for drivers similar to what Lyft does for passengers!

Apple: Apple Music has podcasts available on their platform (and iTunes) if you want to access outside the app itself or want some entertainment while driving; 

However if you’re looking specifically for advertising opportunities within the app itself there are plenty available such as Apple’s HomePod ad campaign which featured celebrity voices like John Legend & Alicia Keys talking about their experiences with each product while driving home after work

What Tools Should I Use To Create My Own Branded Podcast Series?

You’ll need to choose a podcast host. This is the platform that will host and stream your podcast episodes. There are tons of options out there, but here are some of the top ones:

  • Libsyn
  • Anchor
  • Podbean

If you’re just getting started with a small-scale project, it may be easier to use one of these free options rather than setting up an account on SoundCloud or another paid service (although some paid services offer more advanced features). If you want to get into the nitty gritty details of audio editing, then finding a more robust solution like Pro Tools might be right for you.

How Do I Get Started With A Branded Podcast Series For My Company?

The first step in creating a brand podcast series is planning. You need to make sure you have the right team and plan everything out. Here are some things to consider:

  • Create a podcasting strategy that includes your goals, audience, and what kind of content will be on the show.
  • Define who your target audience is and how you’ll reach them through social media and other channels.
  • Make sure you create a budget for creating episodes, promoting them, and getting distribution for each episode.

Since most people listen with smartphones or tablets, you’ll want to make sure that people can find all of your episodes from one place to get more visibility for your brand as an expert in this area (and not just another company). 

It might mean moving away from requiring listeners to visit each episode’s page separately if it gets too complicated or confusing for users trying to find all past episodes right away!

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If you’ve read this far, you’re probably feeling pretty excited about the potential of podcasting as a marketing tool. It’s a great way to connect with new audiences and learn more about the people who listen to your podcasts. 

Podcasts have also been shown to increase brand loyalty, which helps drive sales for companies that produce them. With so many options out there for businesses looking to get started with podcasting, it can be hard to decide which one works best for your company. 

We hope this article has given you some insight into what types of podcasts exist today as well as how they can fit into your overall marketing strategy!

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Are podcasts effective in digital marketing?

Yes, podcasts have proven to be highly effective in digital marketing as they offer a unique platform to deliver engaging content, connect with audiences, and increase brand awareness.

How can podcasts contribute to a marketing strategy?

Podcasts contribute to a marketing strategy by providing a more personal and authentic way to communicate with the target audience, driving traffic to the website, and establishing thought leadership.

Do podcasts help in building brand authority?

Absolutely, podcasts are an excellent tool for building brand authority. Regularly sharing valuable insights and expertise through podcasts can position a brand as an industry leader and gain trust from the audience.

Can podcasts enhance customer engagement?

Yes, podcasts can significantly enhance customer engagement by delivering valuable content in an easily consumable format. They enable listeners to connect with a brand on a deeper level, fostering a sense of loyalty.

How do podcasts impact audience reach?

Podcasts can expand audience reach by reaching users through various podcast directories and platforms. They also allow for audience growth through sharing and word-of-mouth promotion.