What Should A Digital Marketing Proposal Include

Your job as a digital marketing professional is to provide clients with solutions that improve their business. But how do you get paid for your services? When you’re writing a proposal for a client, it should include details about what you’re going to do and how much it will cost. It also needs to be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

What Your Digital Marketing Proposal Should Include
1. Include a detailed overview of the client’s business.
2. Conduct a thorough target audience analysis.
3. Propose well-defined and effective marketing strategies.
4. Outline a clear timeline for project implementation.
5. Specify the budget and resource allocation.
6. Set measurable goals and key performance indicators.
7. Highlight the unique selling proposition (USP).
8. Emphasize the benefits of your proposed approach.
9. Use visual aids like charts and graphs for clarity.
10. Proofread and edit the proposal for professionalism.

Provide A Template For Your Proposal

If you’re a digital marketing agency, you should provide a template for your proposal. This will help the client understand what information to fill out and ensure that they have all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

Provide a table of contents so they know where to look for specific details. Make sure you include sections with titles like: “Your team’s qualifications,” “KPIs and metrics we’ll track,” and “Budget, timelines, and assumptions.”

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Executive Summary

As a digital marketing firm, you should include an executive summary with your proposal. An executive summary is a short (usually one to two pages) overview of the project’s goals and findings. It helps convince potential customers that you’re the right company for them, so let’s take a look at why it’s so important and how to get it right!

What Is an Executive Summary?

An executive summary is like an abstract in academic papers: it gives readers an idea of what they’re about to read without giving away everything there is to know about the topic. In other words, it helps buyers decide whether or not they want to keep reading on their own time by summarizing all of the most important information in one place.

Problem Statement

The problem statement is the part of your proposal where you describe what’s going on for your client. This can be something as simple as “We want to increase traffic to our website,” or it can be more complex if there are multiple problems that need solving.

A great thing about this section is it gives you a chance to show off your problem-solving skills and how well you understand what needs to be done for your client. If they have no idea what they want, don’t worry! That’s why this section is so important by giving them an example of what needs doing, they’ll know exactly what their goals are and why they’re necessary.

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Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is the crux of your proposal. In this section, you’ll describe how you plan to solve the client’s problem, whether it’s by driving more traffic to their website or increasing conversion rates on their landing pages. 

You should also explain your process for achieving these goals: what tools and tactics will you use? What are the deliverables? Make sure all of this is supported by research to back up your claims and make them credible.

Now that we know how many followers we want our account to have at the end of this campaign, let’s work backward from there to determine what we need now (i.e., for us not only to be able to reach that goal but exceed it).

Benefits Of Your Solution

A proposal is not just a sales pitch, it’s also an opportunity to get your foot in the door. You want to make sure that your client knows that they will benefit from hiring you, so be sure to include a section where you talk about this.

Describe the benefits of your solution:

  • How it will help the client (example: increase revenue by 15%, decrease costs by 5%)
  • How it will help their customers (example: increase customer retention by 20%, increase sales conversion rate by 10%)
  • How it will help their employees (example: improve morale)
  • How it will help their business (example: streamline operations and make them more efficient)
  • How it will help them reach their goals

Customer Profile

A customer profile is a description of the person or company you’re doing business with. The idea is to be as thorough as possible without being too wordy and boring. You want to paint a picture that helps you and your prospective customer understand each other, so it’s also important to include things like:

  • Why the customer needs your product
  • What problem the customer is trying to solve (or what pain point they’re trying to relieve)
  • How they will use the product

Their goals for using it (for example, whether they want more sales leads or more conversions)

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Your Team’s Qualifications

Your team’s qualifications are a key part of the proposal. This is where you can show off your team’s experience and education, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a chance for your agency to showcase its goals and aspirations for the project. 

Ideally, this section should be concise yet thorough so that it doesn’t take up too much time in the proposal document but gives an accurate picture of what you will bring to the table. Below are some examples of questions that might be asked when outlining qualifications:

  • What is each member’s relevant work experience?
  • What education or training do they have in digital marketing?
  • What personal strengths make them well-suited for this job?
  • What areas of weakness (if any) could cause problems during implementation?

How long has each member been with your company or firm, and how many years total does he/she have under his/her belt? 6). What industry certifications do they hold or have studied for but not yet completed (i.e., CPA)? 7). Are there any special circumstances surrounding any employee at this time (i.,e., military deployment)? 8). 

How accessible is each team member both physically (location), emotionally (availability), culturally(communication style), intellectually (intelligence level), socially(personality type), spiritually(religious beliefs), physically(health status), mentally( short term memory loss vs long term memory loss vs Alzheimer’s disease vs Parkinson’s disease, etc.), 

Morally/ethically speaking 9. In addition to having a great personality does anyone on your team have an especially good attitude when working hard toward achieving specific goals 10.) Lastly how motivated are they by money alone versus other motivators such as recognition from peers or family members along with doing something worthwhile in society

KPIs And Metrics You’ll Track

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the measurements of your business goals. If you want to increase sales by 15% in 12 months, that’s a KPI. If you want to drive more traffic to your website (and therefore convert more visitors into customers), then that is also a KPI. 

You should include KPIs and metrics that show how much progress has been made towards these goals in previous campaigns or projects so the client can see what kind of results they can expect from working with you.


  • Sales conversions: $5 million / year (20% increase)
  • Website traffic conversion rate: 15%

Your Budget, Timelines, And Assumptions

You should include the following in your proposal

Your budget, timelines, and assumptions. You want to make sure you can meet the deadlines, so make sure you have enough money to complete the project. Make sure you have enough time to complete the project. And don’t forget about the resources you need and the right people for each task!

Your information architecture or wireframes (if applicable). This is where we’ll get into more detail about how all of this stuff will be organized on our website once it’s live.

Any relevant analytics data that supports a change in strategy or direction.

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Trials, Tests, And Modifications To The Plan

You should also include a timeline for how you’ll be testing and modifying the plan. This includes:

  • When you’ll start testing.
  • How long your tests will run?
  • Who will be involved in each test, and what role do they play in the test?
  • How many variations of a test do you intend to run (if any)?

You should also include a timeline for reporting on the results of these tests, as well as making any changes to your original proposal based on those results.

Legal Details, Pricing, And Payment Terms

You need to make sure that you have all the legal details down pat. That includes what contractors you’ll ask the client to sign, how long the contract will last, and whether it can be terminated without notice (or if not, what needs to happen). 

You also want to include a schedule of payments, plus any cancellation fees in case they decide they don’t want your services anymore.

Pricing structure: Do they pay per month or do they pay based on results? How much are those results worth? 

For example, if you’re a digital marketing agency that charges by the hour or day then each task will have its price tag attached-from $50 for setting up an email campaign through MailChimp up to $10k+ for creating an online store from scratch and building out an e-commerce site with integrated shipping options etc.

On the other side of things are project scoped-based pricing structures where companies pay upfront for deliverables like reports or ebook creation which would usually be priced at around $100-$1000 depending on the complexity

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We hope this article will help you create a digital marketing proposal that will impress any potential client. If you need additional help, feel free to contact us. We’re always available for consultation and we can give you tips on how to improve your proposals or even write them from scratch!

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What are the key components of a digital marketing proposal?

A digital marketing proposal typically includes a detailed overview of the client’s business, target audience analysis, proposed strategies, timeline, budget, and measurable goals.

How do I structure a digital marketing proposal for better readability?

To enhance readability, break down the proposal into sections, use headings and subheadings, include visuals like charts or graphs, and use a clear and concise writing style.

What should be emphasized in the executive summary of a digital marketing proposal?

The executive summary should highlight the client’s main pain points, the proposed marketing strategies, and the expected outcomes to provide a concise overview of the entire proposal.

How can I make my digital marketing proposal stand out from competitors?

To stand out, tailor the proposal to the specific needs of the client, showcase your expertise and previous successful projects, and provide a unique approach to solving the client’s challenges.

How important is data and analytics in a digital marketing proposal?

Data and analytics are crucial as they demonstrate the effectiveness of your proposed strategies, allow for data-driven decision-making, and show your commitment to measuring and optimizing campaign performance.