Ways To Write A Video Script That Gets Your Customer Buy From You

We all want to land a big business deal. But what happens when you don’t have a script to get your point across? In this post, we’ll cover 28 different ways you can write a winning video script that will get your customer to buy from you.

How to write the perfect sales video script – YouTube
1. Crafting compelling video scripts can boost conversions.
2. Engage your audience with relatable and friendly content.
3. Utilize storytelling techniques to captivate viewers.
4. Address your audience’s pain points in the script.
5. Keep your video script relevant and focused on the goal.

Focus On The Problem (Not The Solution)

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating: your script should focus on the problem, not the solution.

Why? Because if you show prospects how they feel when they have a problem and how much time and money they waste because of it, they’ll naturally want to find a solution.

It sounds simple enough but in practice, many video scripts make one huge mistake: they spend so much time describing their product or service that by the end of the script viewers don’t even remember why they were watching it in the first place.

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Use Trigger Words

Writing a script is an art, and the key to becoming a successful screenwriter is to develop your own style. But there are still some tried-and-true techniques that can help you write the best possible video scripts.

One of those techniques is using trigger words in your script. Trigger words are powerful because they cause people to take action or feel a certain way whether it’s wanting to buy something or learning more about what you’re selling, trigger words will make people want it! 

For example: “I just need one more pair of shoes.” This statement will likely make viewers want more shoes so they can get their own “one more pair”. You see how easy this is?

Use Psychology To Create Your Story

The best way to create a video script that gets closed is to use psychology. Write your story with the power of storytelling, emotion, association, contrast, and repetition.

Use the power of curiosity by keeping the viewer wanting more. Keep them wanting to know what happens next or why something happened in the first place.

Use authority by being confident and not needing approval from anyone else around you or outside of your video script writing process altogether

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Elaborate On How That Problem Affects Your Consumer

This is a great way to keep your video script interesting, as well as to make it more personal. By using the word “you” and other variations of the word “your”, you are able to create a sense of familiarity with your audience. 

You should also be sure that you speak directly at them when possible, rather than over their heads or around them in generalizations.

In addition to using these words in sentences starting with “your” and ending with an object (such as “your problem”), there are many other ways that this can be accomplished:

Use FACTS And STATISTICS To Prove Your Point

Facts, statistics and testimonials are the best ways to prove your point. Case studies and examples can also be useful.

If you’re trying to sell something, like an online course or a product on Amazon, include detailed information about the benefits of what your audience will learn if they buy it. For example:

A comprehensive video script that teaches entrepreneurs how to start an online business from scratch in 5 days or less could be a great asset for newbies looking for guidance as well as more experienced entrepreneurs who could benefit from learning some new techniques and strategies.

Use Testimonials To Prove Your Point

If you’re showcasing a product or service, it’s important to show off the results of your efforts. If a customer were to write a testimonial saying that they saw an immediate improvement in their hair after using your shampoo.

This could help convince other people (who might not be sure about purchasing) that your product is worth buying.

In addition to demonstrating the value of your product or service, testimonials can also be used as proof of any claims you make in your video script. For example: “Our products have been proven effective by several doctors and dentists.”

Don’t Waste Time Explaining Why They Need What You’re Selling

  • Focus on the problem.
  • Use trigger words in the script to illustrate how the problem affects people, like “flabby” and “puffy” for a weight loss product, or “muffin top” for a fitness product.
  • Use psychology to create your story: create an emotional connection between your consumer and the issue at hand so that they are more open to buying what you are selling. 
  • You can do this by using FACTS & STATISTICS – adding these types of details helps build credibility with consumers who need proof before making a purchase decision. 
  • Once you have built trust with your audience, then explain exactly how that problem affects their lives.
  • Elaborate on how this affects them personally by using testimonials from real customers who have been in their shoes (you should include these testimonials throughout). 
  • This will help close because it shows them what they can expect if they buy from you!

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Don’t Waste Time Explaining How It Works

You don’t need to explain the product in detail. The video should focus on the problem the viewer is trying to solve and how your product solves it. 

The viewer should be able to understand how your product works without being told, and see for themselves how it works in action, rather than reading about it or hearing a salesman explain it.

When writing a script for a sales video, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be entertaining! Your goal is to get people’s attention so they watch all the way through. If you can make them laugh or cry along with you, even better! If that sounds too difficult for now, just make sure you’re consistent with your tone (i.e., no puns).
  • Show how great your company is by talking about its history or its mission statement if applicable but don’t dwell on this too much because it won’t help sell anything.

Tell “Your” Story

You know what your product is, but do you know how it came to be? How did it become a part of your life? Why do you love doing what you do? These are the questions that will give context to your video script.

Your audience wants to know why they should buy from you and how their lives will be better with or without your product or service. In other words: tell “your” story.

The first step in writing a video script for your business is figuring out who exactly is going to be watching it: whether that’s the CEO at an investor meeting, potential clients at a trade show booth, or just someone scrolling through his/her Facebook feed with some time on their hands.*

Make It Personal To The Viewer

People are more likely to engage with you if they feel like you’re talking directly to them. This can be accomplished through a variety of ways, but one simple way is to include their name in the script itself.

Include your prospect’s name right away when introducing yourself and explaining why you’re contacting them.

Include their name in the subject line of your email, too! If you have any type of automation set up (like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign), this is an easy win that will help people notice and open your emails faster.

Be More Concerned With The Outcome

Now, you might be thinking: “I have to put into words exactly what I’m going to say in the video and make sure that everything is perfect.” And then you open up Word or Google Docs, and start writing. 

But that’s the wrong approach! You should be more concerned with the outcome of your script (will it convert?) than the process (will I write a perfect script?) or details (what if I use this word instead of that word?).

Don’t worry about what other people will say if your video isn’t perfect. It doesn’t matter. You’re not going to get on camera and recite Shakespeare; you’re just recording yourself talking about your product or service over some background music. 

And if someone does happen upon one of these videos online later on down the road when it’s been viewed by tens of thousands of people…well, then they’ll probably think: “Wow! 

That person really knows how to talk!” In other words: no one is going to judge how well written your script is they’re just going to watch it!

Engaging your audience like a friend can make your videos more relatable and effective. Discover the art of scripting with a friendly tone in our guide on how to write a video script as if you’re talking to a friend and connect with your viewers on a personal level.

Give Them Something For Free

If you want to get your video script into the hands of a prospect, give them something for free.

Give them an ebook that they can read on their phone or tablet while they’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Offer a consultation with you about how to improve their marketing efforts, and make sure it includes some tips and strategies that aren’t available in any other way. 

Or offer a free trial of one of your products, so they can see how it works before committing and who knows? They might just become one of your loyal customers!

A free gift is another great option for getting people interested in what you have to offer. Be creative when thinking about what type of gift would appeal most specifically to this audience: 

Maybe it’s a guidebook for new parents (for example) or an inspirational book on overcoming adversity (also good). Whatever it is, make sure it has value otherwise there won’t be much incentive for prospecting clients/customers who may not have heard about you yet!

Make Sure The Video Is Shot In HD Or At Least 720p

A lot of people don’t realize this, but video quality matters. If you’re shooting a commercial for an ad agency, they’re going to want your footage to look as good as possible. 

This means that you’ll need some fancy equipment and a professional videographer with experience shooting high-quality footage. 

If your budget is limited, consider renting equipment from big companies like Canon or Sony instead of buying it yourself they have pretty hefty rental fees but will also guarantee their gear works well together so everything looks great when you shoot with it.

Make sure the video is shot in a professional studio (or outdoors). Shooting inside helps prevent unwanted noise which can happen when someone sneezes! and allows you more control over the lighting if necessary (no shadows!). 

But if weather permits, try filming outdoors for added depth and beauty; remember: light can create shadows too! 

Also keep in mind that natural sunlight is more flattering than artificial light because humans are most comfortable looking at things lit by other humans rather than manmade sources like bulbs or lamps.’

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There you have 28 tips for writing a video script that gets closed. Remember, every one of these points is based on proven psychology, so you can trust that they work. 

Also, remember that the more concise your message is and the less time you waste explaining things like why they need what you’re selling or how it works (which they probably already know).

The better chance you’ll have at closing sales! Now get out there and start scripting some videos!

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Can I use video scripts for social media marketing?

Yes, video scripts are highly effective for social media marketing. They help you plan and structure your video content to deliver a clear and engaging message that resonates with your audience.

How do I make my video script more engaging?

To make your video script more engaging, consider using storytelling techniques, incorporating humor, and keeping the content relevant to your target audience’s interests and pain points.

Are there any video script templates available for beginners?

Absolutely! Many online resources offer video script templates suitable for beginners. These templates provide a starting point and guidance for crafting compelling video scripts.

How long should my video script be?

The ideal length of a video script depends on your content’s purpose and platform. Generally, shorter scripts are recommended for social media and promotional videos, while longer scripts work well for educational or explanatory content.

Can I repurpose video scripts for other marketing materials?

Yes, you can repurpose video scripts for other marketing materials like blog posts, infographics, or podcasts. Adapting the script ensures consistent messaging across different channels.