Top 12 Writing Apps For Playing With Your Imagination

You can’t be a great writer if your imagination is stuck in first gear. You need apps that will help you expand it, even when you’re just playing around. That’s where these writing tools come into play. 

they’ll help you dream up new worlds and characters, fine-tune your prose, and more without having to invest in pricey software or shell out more money than you’d like for a glorified word processor.

The BEST Apps For Writers [2020] – YouTube
1. Utilize writing apps to spark creativity and imaginative thinking.
2. Experiment with apps that offer prompts and creative challenges.
3. Explore apps that encourage unconventional storytelling methods.
4. Look for tools that facilitate mind-mapping and idea generation.
5. Consider using interactive apps that engage multiple senses.
6. Embrace apps that simulate different writing environments.
7. Seek apps with features like character development and world-building.
8. Combine writing apps with mindfulness exercises for enhanced creativity.
9. Experiment with apps that encourage collaborative storytelling.
10. Use apps that offer visual aids for inspiration and ideation.
11. Prioritize apps that help you break out of creative ruts.
12. Remember, the key is to have fun and explore new avenues of imagination.

Write Or Die 

Write or Die is a desktop app for writers. It helps you to stay focused by offering some very useful features. You can set a timer and a word counter, which will help you make sure that you are writing consistently every day. In addition, it has a distraction blocker that will keep you from getting distracted while working on your writing project. 

The app also gives users the option to either write in silence, listen to the music of their choice, or a combination of both!

If you are looking for an app that will help motivate you and keep track of the time spent on your projects, this free tool might be the one for you!

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Scrivener is the best writing app for macOS. It’s a great tool for organizing your novel, but it also has many other features that will help you write your book.

Scrivener is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software is free to download and use, but there are some paid premium features such as custom CSS themes, advanced output options, or additional file formats that come in handy if you’re working with multimedia content such as images or audio recordings.

You can organize your novel into chapters so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for later on down the road when it comes time to edit or revise your work.

Omm Writer

Omm Writer is a great app for writing and publishing your work. It’s one of the best apps for doing so. You can write a novel, short story, or poem with Omm Writer. It’s also great for collaborating with other writers on your project as well.

Omm Writer has many features that will help you get in the right frame of mind to create amazing works of fiction:

  • Customizable themes and fonts (so you can choose how you want to look when writing)
  • Night mode (so you don’t strain your eyes while working)

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yWriter5 is a powerful word processor that helps you write. It can be used as a regular word processor, but it’s also meant to help writers organize their writing so they can focus on the actual writing itself.

The app has several features that make it easy to keep track of what you’ve written and where in your story you want to go next:

Places: This feature allows you to break up each scene in your novel into its chapter or section. Each place has an icon that represents where it belongs in the story (such as “Inner City” or “On Foot”). 

You can then easily move between places while writing, so if one chapter ends with one character walking into another room, simply click on the place name of this new room and continue typing there!

Outline View: This mode allows users who prefer outlining over just free-form writing an easier way of doing so by allowing them either type out their ideas directly or import existing documents like Excel spreadsheets or Word files. The outline view also provides outlines based on things like character arcs or plot points!

Liquid Story Binder XE

Liquid Story Binder XE is a powerful writing app suitable for novelists, screenwriters, short story writers, and playwrights alike. The app provides all the basic tools you’ll need to plan out your stories: 

It allows you to organize your scenes by chapter or act; it has an outline mode that allows you to create hierarchies of scenes, and it gives you timelines so that you can keep track of how long each scene should last in minutes or seconds.

But Liquid Story Binder XE goes beyond these features: it also includes a word counter so that writers can keep track of their word count while they write; an automatic synopsis generator that generates synopses based on what characters are doing in each scene; and even built-in translation tools (so if English isn’t your first language this could come in handy). 

This app is great for any writer who needs help organizing their work into something legible but still wants control over the final product–which means almost anyone!

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Dark Room

Dark Room is a minimalist text editor that is lightweight and fast. It also offers a distraction-free writing environment, which will help you focus on your words instead of the app’s interface.

Dark Room is designed for distraction-free writing. It’s free to use, has no ads or in-app purchases, and doesn’t have any social features built into it (although there are plenty of other apps out there if you want those).

The only real downside to Dark Room is that you can’t change the font or background color but if those don’t concern you, Dark Room might be just what you’re looking for!

Rough Draft

Rough Draft is a simple and easy-to-use writing app for writers of all levels. If you are just getting started, Rough Draft is a great place to start. It offers a few basic features such as synonyms, character names, and word count. 

You can also export your writing in several different formats including Word, Scrivener, Final Draft, and Fountain (a format used by screenwriters). The interface is clean and intuitive with an easy-to-read font that makes it perfect for long projects or short bursts of inspiration.


Storybook is a free, open-source tool for writers. It’s a writing app that’s available on macOS, Windows, and Linux computers as well as Android tablets (with an iOS version coming soon). 

Storybook has been described as “the best writing software” by John Meehan at The Next Web, he writes: “if you need to write something that reads like it was written by James Joyce himself or even just something mundane StoryBook could be the right choice for you.”

Storybook can help with your creative process by providing a platform where all of your ideas are laid out for all to see in one place. 

You can organize your content into sections and then add tags so readers know what each piece is about in addition to being able to easily search through everything if they want less structure when reading through work-in-progress drafts or older pieces from past projects.

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Plume Creator

Plume Creator is a free app that has all the features you could ever want from a writing app. It supports markdown, so you can write in any flavor of text formatting that you prefer. You can also export to PDF, which can be useful when you’re working on something important and need it to look professional.

The best part about Plume Creator is that it supports multiple windows for all your writing needs. Whether you’re working on one long piece or many smaller ones, this feature makes it easy to keep track of everything without losing sight of what’s going on in each window.

A final highlight is the ability to sync with Evernote and other document storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This means if your work becomes too large for Plume Creator’s local storage (which isn’t much), then switching over will be painless!


Storyist is a professional writing tool for novelists and screenwriters. It’s the most feature-rich writing software on the market, with an interface designed to help you create characters, and settings; flesh out plot lines and subplots; plan book outlines; and more.

You can write in your native language or get creative with one of their preloaded languages (including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).

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Aeon Timeline

Aeon Timeline is a free app that helps you create a timeline of your story. You can add events, characters, places, and other elements to your timeline. The app comes with a built-in library of images and icons.

The app has a few different modes: Timeliner mode lets you add events on the fly; Historical mode allows for historical data entry, and Storyboard mode lets you enter notes or ideas for future use in any part of the project.

Aeon Timeline also includes multiple templates for working on different types of timelines, including family trees, project plans, and event organization.


Manuskript is a distraction-free writing environment. It’s designed for authors who want to focus on the creative process, without unnecessary distractions or features that get in the way.

Manuskript comes with an extensive built-in dictionary and thesaurus, making it easy to look up words while you write. You can use Manuskript with the most popular word processors like Word or Scrivener (for Mac).

Writers Cafe 2.44

Writers Cafe is a free writing app for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s also available for Android devices.

Writers Café features an in-app support team that can help you with any issues you might be having with your writing software. In addition to offering help from their support team, Writers Café has built-in tutorials for those who are new to the world of writing apps or simply want some extra guidance on how to use this particular one.

Montage By Mariner Software

Maybe you’re just looking for a new way to write. Or maybe you’ve been writing for years, and feel like it’s time to explore more options. Either way, Montage is the perfect app for novel writers of all levels. The free version comes packed with features including:

  • novel editing
  • novel publishing
  • novel formatting

And that’s only the beginning! You can also purchase an upgrade through the app store that allows you access to these additional features:

Novel Writing Software


You can also write with a partner or team. WriterDuet is a cloud-based writing app that allows you to write in real-time and collaborate on one document at the same time, making it ideal for partners who want to collaborate on their novel ideas. 

You can also use WriterDuet with clients, allowing them to see your progress while they’re away from their computers (and ruining surprise endings). With this app, everyone wins!

Visual Novel Maker (Windows)

Visual Novel Maker is a free tool that lets you create your visual novel. You can choose from different backgrounds, characters, and music. You can also add voice acting to your story if you so choose. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require coding knowledge at all.

With Visual Novel Maker it’s easy to turn any idea into a story! Whether it’s about cats or space aliens or both! this app will help you bring your dreams to life by making them come alive in an interactive way (without having to write any code).

Ywriter5 (Windows)

yWriter5 is a powerful tool for writers. It’s a full-featured writing app that is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Built on the foundation of yWriter4 and its popular outlining tool.

Story Planner, yWriter5 includes a full-featured word processor with an intuitive interface that helps you focus on your writing by providing an array of features such as formatting options (including Markdown syntax), and stylesheet support for HTML export and print previewing.

The program also supports several different character encoding formats (Unicode UTF-8) so that you can use any language while creating your documents in this application.

Liquid Story Binder Xe (Windows)

Liquid Story Binder XE is free, open-source writing software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s designed to help you write novels, screenplays, comics, and songs. You can import your existing text files or start from scratch with its built-in word processor.

Liquid Story Binder XE has a built-in word processor that supports themes and styles, as well as italics and bold formatting options. If you need to add images while writing your story or novel, Liquid Story Binder XE also comes with an image editor so you can create your illustrations right inside the app! 

The spreadsheet feature allows you to organize chapters into chapters by date written or the number of words/pages written in each chapter (or column). Finally, there is also a database option which allows multiple authors to collaborate on a project together via Dropbox sync functionality.”

Microsoft Word (Windows, macOS) and LibreOffice Writer (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android)

If you want to write with a word processor, Microsoft Word is a very solid choice. It’s available on Windows, macOS and Linux systems, and Android devices. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice Writer (based on Open Source code from Apache OpenOffice) is also a good option it’s available for all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS), plus Android devices.


The adage “write what you know” is not just for fiction. It can apply to any type of writing, whether it’s an essay on your favorite topic or a novel about dragons. 

If you want to write about something other than yourself or if you’re working on a collaborative project with others these apps will help bring your ideas into reality. They might also inspire some new ones along the way!

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