Things My Copywriter Friend Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him

The copywriter is a very private person who doesn’t like to share too much about himself. He’s not into the whole “soul searching” thing, and he’d rather work on his next blog post than bare his soul in front of a therapist. 

This is why this list might come as a bit of a surprise but I’m going to let you in on some secrets about my friend that even he doesn’t know! I think it’s time we all got over this whole “shy writer” nonsense, anyway…

Secret Copywriting Tips They Don’t Want You To Know
1. Copywriters have hidden quirks that fuel their creativity.
2. Behind-the-scenes insights can deepen your appreciation for their craft.
3. Embrace unconventional approaches to writing for unique results.
4. The journey to becoming a top copywriter involves closely guarded strategies.
5. Recognize the traits that set successful copywriters apart from others.
6. Learning from experienced copywriters can accelerate your growth.
7. Unveil the mystery surrounding the life and habits of a copywriter friend.

He’s A Music Fan

He has a large collection of vinyl records. He also has an extensive collection of CDs and MP3s. His iTunes library is so large that he can’t even access it all at once on his computer, so he’s got to organize it by year to get around it more easily.

His favorite record store is Amoeba Records in Los Angeles—he shops there whenever he visits L.A., which is often! They know him so well there that they’ve started putting things aside for him whenever he comes in (which means they have some pretty cool stuff).

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He’s A Dog Person

Not all of us are dog people, and that’s okay. But if you’re a dog person, then you know how awesome it is to have one in your life. You also know how much your furry friends mean to you and what an incredible bond exists between human and animal.

That’s why my copywriting friend wants everyone to know how much he loves his pets!

He has two dogs: a Labrador retriever named Ryan and a golden retriever named Biscuit. 

When we first met in real life, he told me about them immediately because he wanted me to understand that these weren’t just animals who happened into his life as accidental roommates or housemates; they were his family members who’ve been with him since before either of us was born (Ryan) or even knew who “we” would be yet (Biscuit).

My copywriting friend cares deeply about both of these dogs’ well-being because they’re very important in his life right now and have been for many years prior. 

He takes them for regular walks around the neighborhood where we live together so that everyone can get some fresh air together; he feeds them regularly so they don’t starve from hunger; he spends extra time playing games with them after work when other people might not want any more fun after working long hours during the day…you get the idea!

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He Has A Daily Routine

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with copywriting. Well, as a writer myself and a friend of mine who’s also a writer, I can tell you that writers are human beings too. We have our routines and preferences when it comes to working. For example, some writers like to write in coffee shops or libraries while others prefer their own home offices for maximum productivity.

 And no matter where you choose to do your writing (or how much caffeine you consume), if you want your writing life to be successful and enjoyable long-term you need structure!

So Here Are Six Things Every Writer Should Do

  • Create a daily routine that includes time for both physical exercise and mental stimulation (ideally an hour or two each day)
  • Set aside time each week at least once per quarter or semi-annually to evaluate the effectiveness of your current habits, routines, systems, etc., so that they can be adjusted as necessary

He Believes In His Work

No matter what anyone tells you, your copywriter believes in the importance of his work. He may not believe that every single piece of copy he’s ever written is perfect (I know I don’t), but he does think that it has value and provides value for others. 

He thinks that it will help an organization or person reach their goals and make a difference in the world. And who knows? Maybe he’s right!

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He Loves Burgers And Fries

You might think he doesn’t like burgers, but you would be wrong. He does love burgers. And fries, too.

There’s just one problem: he’s a meat lover who rarely eats vegetables to balance out all that meat-eating. He thinks it’s okay to eat fast food once in a while and that it’s fine for a restaurant to deep fry everything (they do not deep fry everything). 

He also believes that American food is delicious and can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it (he has never been outside of the United States). As far as he knows, everyone loves food!

His Favorite Cocktail Is An Old Fashioned

He’s fond of the Old Fashioned, a drink that dates back to the early 19th century and is still popular today.

“It’s simple,” he says, “and it’s classic.” He also admits to being an avid fan of bourbon. So if you’re looking for an easy cocktail recipe to make at home or order out at a bar, look no further: Old Fashioneds are perfect for both occasions.

He Plays Guitar (And He’s Pretty Good!)

This is a big one, and it’s something that you might have never expected from a copywriter. My friend plays the guitar. He’s not just good, he’s really good. He plays in a band! 

The band was formed by his ex-girlfriend and some friends who were also interested in playing music together. The two of them were together for almost four years before they broke up last March; now they’re still friends but don’t see each other often because they live in different cities (she lives closer to New York City).

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He Tends To Be A Night Owl More Than An Early Bird

It’s no secret that I’m a night owl, but I’m not the only one! My copywriter friend also loves staying up late and getting to work in the wee hours of the morning.

He’s more of a morning person than a night owl, though, which might surprise you.

If you’ve ever met him in person or talked on the phone with him before noon, then this probably won’t shock you at all. He’ll be wide awake and ready to go at 8 AM sharp!

He Respects The Creative Process

You may have heard the phrase “creative process.” It’s a favorite buzzword in the design world, and perhaps in yours too. The idea is that creativity isn’t an on/off switch; it doesn’t just happen, like magic. Instead, it’s a series of steps you go through to get to your finished product:

  • Inspiration
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Evaluation and iteration

When creating something new a website design or a marketing campaign or whatever else the first step is an inspiration. 

This can come from anything: a thought you had while walking home from work (Hey, I could put together a website that helps small businesses advertise online!), an article you read (There are so many small businesses out there! How do they find customers?), your sister asking for help with her resume (What if my website offered resume writing services? 

That could be lucrative!). Once these ideas enter your brain, they usually start bouncing around until one sticks out as more interesting than all the rest. That’s when you start looking into ways to make it a reality beyond just thinking about it over coffee during breakfast one morning.

There May Or May Not Be A Slight Klepto Disorder… Sorry, Everyone Who’s Been Stolen From

I’ve been a bit of a klepto recently, and it’s not just because of the holidays. No, I’m not stealing from anyone (though I would be very happy to get into the Rockefeller family vault).

No, what I’m doing is taking other people’s work and using it for my purposes. That’s right: I’m stealing from my friends! And that includes you!

It started when I was writing an article about image search results for cats on Pinterest (because everyone else does), and then I was inspired by something written by a friend who had already written on this topic. 

So instead of coming up with my take on the subject matter, or even trying to come up with something original or interesting I just copied theirs word-for-word. Sorry about that! But at least they’ll see this article and know how much they inspire me.

His First Job Was Delivering Pizzas In High School

Your pizza guy is a relatable person. He has a life, and that life started with delivering pies in high school. In our case, he received $5 an hour (which was probably more than your parents were making at the time). He liked the job because it allowed him to get out of his house and interact with people as well as learn how to manage his time (which is important). 

He liked interacting with customers because they were usually friendly, sometimes funny, and always appreciative of his work and even if they weren’t all three of those things for every delivery, it didn’t matter because he got paid anyway!

He also worked with some great people who were fun to hang around with. For example, there was one guy who had two jobs: delivering pizzas on weekends and waiting tables on the weekdays. 

On Friday nights when business was slow at the restaurant where he waited tables after hours until closing time when you’d think everyone would want their food fast so they could get home faster…but no! 

They just wanted their food slow so much longer than usual otherwise why else would anyone order something takeout instead? 

The guy didn’t mind working on Fridays because then he could go home early on Saturday morning without worrying about getting stuck there since nobody else wanted anything except sausage rolls or fish sticks both of which are delicious but not worth getting stuck behind the counter all day long over either one since we’re talking about $0-$2 here depending what kind.

He Won’t Tell You His Favorite Color Or You’ll Never Get It Out Of Him

This might come as a surprise, but you can’t get your copywriter friend to tell you his favorite color. Sure, he’ll tell you that he has a lot of favorite colors hundreds, even but when it comes down to picking one? He’ll tapdance around the question like a politician dodging an inquiry into their financial holdings.

It’s not because he doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore; it’s because he wants to protect his secrets. And he has plenty of personal secrets, like what brand of underwear he wears and how many times per week he sneaks out at night for some “me time” (which I find understandable). 

But the beauty is that even if I did know all these things about him personally (and trust me when I say there are more than enough), they wouldn’t matter in the slightest compared with knowing how much love and passion his writing holds inside each word…and sometimes even in every punctuation mark!

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On Weekends He Prefers To Sleep In And Make Coffee At Home Before Starting His Day

  • On weekends he prefers to sleep in and make coffee at home before starting his day.
  • He likes the smell of brewing coffee more than any other scent in the world.
  • He thinks this is a good thing because it makes him feel like a normal person who isn’t constantly busy, rushing around town and working long hours into the night when others are sleeping soundly in their beds.

The Copywriter Doesn’t Like Sharing Too Much About Himself

You’ve probably heard that the copywriter doesn’t like sharing, but you may not know why. The truth is, he doesn’t like sharing himself too much. He feels that you don’t need to know his favorite color or drink or food or movie because it’s not part of his job description.

The copywriter knows how annoying it is when someone takes an interest in what he likes, so he tries to avoid doing the same thing himself. He also tends to become irritated when others force him into situations where they have to share personal information about themselves (e.g., at parties).

The good news is that there are some things about the copywriter that you can know without being told:


So there you have it 43 things you may not know about the Copywriter. He’s a guy who loves his job, has a passion for language and creativity, and is always looking to learn more. 

Not bad for one person, right? The only thing we didn’t cover in this post was how much he dislikes talking about himself (which probably explains why it took so long). But don’t worry: if you want to get to know him better, just ask him yourself!

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