The Unexpected Adventure Of Being A Freelance Writer

I was never really sure what to do with my life. I enjoyed writing, but I didn’t want to teach English or become an editor for a big publication. 

My friend told me about freelancing as a possible career path, so we started looking into it together. 

We found out that there are lots of benefits like making your own schedule and being able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection but also some downsides (like dealing with difficult clients). Here are 16 unexpected things that might happen when you start freelance writing:

How to Make Money Freelance Writing (For Beginners)
Embrace the unpredictability and excitement of the freelance writing journey.
Cultivate a supportive community to navigate the challenges of freelancing.
Stay persistent and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the freelance market.
Emphasize creativity and originality to stand out as a freelance writer.
Find a balance between work and personal life to maintain well-being.

1. You Will Have To Network

It’s true. Networking is important for freelance writers, and you should do it. But also for your entire life.

It isn’t just about putting yourself out there and meeting new people although that does help! It’s about being open to learning from others, keeping an ear to the ground for opportunities where you can contribute your skills (and vice versa), and respecting other people as individuals who have something to offer (whether they’re potential clients or friends).

There are also many Facebook groups dedicated specifically to freelancers; look up “freelance” in the search bar at the top of any group page on Facebook, then click “Groups” in the left sidebar menu under “More.”

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2. You Will Learn How To Say “No”

This was something I never really had to do in my previous job, so it took a while for me to figure out how to do this without feeling guilty or wasting a lot of time. Now I love the freedom of being able to say no when I need or want to. However, there are times when you have so much on your plate that saying no to even one thing can be difficult!

There are many ways that freelancing can change your relationships with others. Some people may be turned off by the fact that you are now working for yourself and might feel like they can’t trust you as much as they used to because they think you’ll leave them anytime soon. 

Others may feel resentful because they wish they could jump ship too but don’t want their lives torn apart by starting over again somewhere new where they don’t know anyone yet again (this was true for me). 

It’s important not only not to let these things get under your skin but also to remember who these people were before all this happened they’re still good friends who care about each other even though circumstances have changed slightly now since we aren’t all working together anymore!

3. You Will Be Your Only Recruiter

In addition to the freedom that comes with being self-employed, freelance writing allows you to be your recruiter. If you have zero experience in marketing, this can be daunting and frustrating.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by this aspect of freelancing, start small: make a list of things that interest you and try to connect them in some way with what else is out there. You never know when something will come up that will be perfect for your skillset; all it takes is being aware of what’s happening around you!

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4. Your Daily Schedule Will Be Flexible But Unpredictable

Freelance writers are not the only ones who have to be flexible. You will also have to be ready at all times. This means that you should know what your schedule is like, and be willing to change it on a whim.

For example, your client might ask you to complete a task on the weekend and they’ll pay top dollar for it! 

Or maybe they want this article done by 8 pm tonight so they can use it as part of their website’s content (which was previously created by another writer). If you’re not flexible enough in these situations, then being an online writer isn’t for you!

5. You Can Work From Anywhere Even In Your Hammock On The Beach

As a writer and traveler, I’ve discovered something to be true: there’s no one right way to work. Sure, you can sit at home in your pajamas with a laptop on your lap as you sip coffee and watch Netflix all day. 

Or maybe you prefer the hustle and bustle of an open space where everyone is working hard together towards their own goals. No matter what kind of writing lifestyle suits you best, it’s important that we remember the importance of having flexibility in our schedules so we can make time for everything else going on in our lives.

So here are some ideas for places where writers can work from:

6. You Will Have To Adapt To Different Writing Styles And Tones

As a freelance writer, you will need to adapt to the various writing styles and tones of various audiences. You may be asked to write a blog post for an audience of finance enthusiasts, or an article on how to grow tomatoes for your local gardening club’s newsletter. 

You might also find yourself writing a technical manual or marketing brochure for someone in a specific industry. You’ll have to come up with different ways of expressing things when working for such diverse groups.

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7. You Will Develop Expertise In Topics That Interest And Inspire You

As a freelance writer, you will develop expertise in topics that interest and inspire you. You can write about things that matter to your audience and help people solve problems that they face every day.

For example, I love writing about technology because it helps me understand the world better – but also because it’s fun!

8. You Will Have To Interact With Other People All The Time

As a freelancer, you will be interacting with people all the time. You will have to deal with clients and editors. You will have to work with other freelancers. And you’ll often be dealing with human beings who are not always nice or easy to work with (especially if you’re in customer service).

Sometimes working through these situations can make your day feel harder than it needs to be but it’s also one of the things that makes life as a freelancer so rewarding!

9. You Can Work A Full-Time Job While Freelancing Part-Time

You can work a full-time job while freelancing part-time. You can work a full-time job while freelancing full-time. You can even work a full-time job while freelancing part-time and full-time!

10. Your Paycheck Could Vary A Lot From One Week To Another

The only problem with freelance writing as a career is that you never really know what your paycheck will be from one week to the next. The amount of money you earn depends on many factors, including:

The type of project you’re working on (e.g., an article for a magazine vs. an e-book)

The client (e.g., major publishing house vs. small business blog)

Your quality of work and how much effort you put into it

How many hours per week do you spend working on the project(s)

The industry in which you are working (e.g., news media vs. travel writing)

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11. Writing About Boring Topics Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

It’s the classic struggle between a good paycheck and doing something you love. And while it can be tempting to take on any writing gig that comes your way, it’s important to remember that your time is valuable.

The difficulty of writing about boring topics doesn’t just come from having less inspiration or motivation; it’s also about staying focused for long periods on a topic that doesn’t motivate you at all.

For example: if you are approached by an editor who wants to know if you have any interest in writing about kitchen appliances like microwaves and blenders, would it feel worth it? Probably not! But what if the editor is willing to pay $300 for 1000 words? 

The monetary benefit may seem appealing enough (and there are many articles online that suggest freelancers should consider taking up these types of gigs), but when faced with this prospect myself I felt like I had no choice but to decline the offer because I simply wasn’t inspired by such mundane topics.

12. Working With Clients Can Be Stressful At Times (Unless They Are Cool, Which Many Are)

You may find that working with clients is not as easy and fun as it may seem. Some will be great and make your life easier, but others might be difficult to work with.

You may have clients who don’t respond to emails or take a long time to do so. (I had one client who took five days to respond after I emailed him, which was not helpful.)

Clients may also ignore your ideas, or even criticize them and this can be hard on your ego as a writer who prides himself on his creativity.

Clients may treat you unprofessionally at times (e.g., by never replying to an email or being disrespectful).

13. You Don’t Need To Be An English Grammar Expert (Because There Are Tools For That)

You don’t need to be an English grammar expert! These days, there are a lot of resources available for you to use. You can use tools like Grammarly and Ginger (which are both free) or you can upgrade and get the paid version of Hemingway.

You have options!

14. Writing Getting Started Is Sometimes The Most Difficult Part (But We Have Tips For That Too)

Writing Getting Started Is Sometimes The Most Difficult Part (But We Have Tips For That Too)

There are a few different ways to start writing, but there is one thing that all writers have in common: they began by writing. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done! Here are some tips for getting started as a freelance writer:

Write about what you know if you are an expert on something, it makes sense that other people would want to read your thoughts on the subject. If nothing else, this will allow them to see how much knowledge and insight you have into their interests. This also gives them an excuse to contact you if they need assistance with their project or question.

Write about what you are passionate about – Writing about something that excites or interests you will help keep up morale during those difficult moments when things feel overwhelming or stressful. There will be times when all seems lost in a project, but if writing keeps up motivation levels then there should always be hope for finishing strong at some point down the line!

15. Clients May Occasional Ask For Something Revenue Tied Or Require No Payment Upfront

You might occasionally get a client who wants to tie the payment of your work to the revenue it generates, or ask for no upfront payment at all. 

If you’re not comfortable with these types of arrangements, don’t be afraid to negotiate. You may be able to negotiate a higher rate or request an up-front deposit if they are willing to pay you in cash or check rather than through PayPal/bank transfer.

If they insist on doing so without paying anything upfront (which is common), then just consider this an opportunity to build up some writing samples that could help land gigs at other companies down the road!

16. Working With A Team Is Both Amazing And Exciting And Sometimes Exasperating Too

Working with a team is both amazing and exciting. It’s also sometimes exasperating. And that’s okay! The key thing to remember is that there are always going to be differences of opinion, so try not to let it get you down or make you feel like the only things keeping your business from reaching its full potential are the people around you.

I think one thing I’ve learned working with other writers is that sometimes we forget how much of what we do is subjective we can look at something and say “That doesn’t work for me!” without realizing that maybe if everyone else were looking at the same thing they would come up with different opinions about its effectiveness or quality. 

It helps me stay focused on my tasks when I remember this; if someone else thinks something works well enough for them but not for me, then so be it! Another person will also see things differently than both of us (or all three).

So try not to take criticism personally unless someone says something truly mean-spirited about your work (then just don’t accept future assignments from them). And if someone does make an overly negative comment about your writing style, just keep in mind that everyone has their style and yours may not be theirs but yours still has value!

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The world is changing. There are more opportunities for freelance writers than ever before, and it’s a great time to be in this field.

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What skills are essential for a successful freelance writing career?

Strong writing abilities, time management, communication skills, and the ability to market yourself effectively are crucial for freelance writers.