How To Land Your Dream Job As Medical Office Assistant

Landing the job of your dreams can be a daunting task. You need to stand out from the crowd, and that means improving yourself in every way possible. 

As a medical assistant, you will have tons of opportunities to improve your skills and learn new ones. However, there are certain steps you should take to make sure that you land that dream job!

Learn About The Job

There are several ways to learn about the job.

Read the job posting. The ad should tell you what they’re looking for in an applicant, such as education level and previous experience. 

You can also look at the company’s website or social media page to see if there’s anything else that would be helpful to know before interviewing with them.

Talk with people who work there already if possible, and meet some of these individuals in person or on video chat so you can get a sense of their personalities and how they work together as a team (or not). 

Ask them questions like: What is it like working here? How was your training process? Do you find yourself using the skills that were taught during training regularly? Why or why not?

Learn About The Company

Learn about the company. Before you can apply for a job, it’s important to thoroughly research the company and learn about its mission, values, products and services, competitors, and customers. 

You should also familiarize yourself with the company’s employees (both past and present) as well as its management team. 

The more information you have on hand when applying for a position at a particular business or organization and especially one that’s hiring new team members the better equipped you’ll be to communicate why you’d be an asset in helping them achieve their objectives.

Become A Professional

The best way to land your dream job as a medical office assistant is to become a professional. Here are some tips for doing just that:

Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that look professional and aren’t too revealing, such as pants or skirts without holes in them, shirts without offensive slogans or words, and shoes that don’t require socks (your feet should never be cold). 

Also, avoid wearing jewelry (except earrings) or makeup outside of an interview setting unless it’s specifically mentioned in the job description.

Be polite at all times, even when answering phones! It’s perfectly acceptable to tell a rude caller where they can stick their request because you don’t work there anymore (and then hang up). But if someone wants to leave a message? 

Take it down politely and listen carefully so you know how they want their message delivered: via email attachment or text message? In-person? On voicemail? Write down whatever instructions they give before hanging up so you can deliver the result correctly later on!

Be punctual for meetings; arrive early if possible so you have time for any last-minute preparations needed beforehand (such as bringing snacks/drinks/meeting agenda). Never leave anyone waiting for information due because “you got stuck in traffic.” 

If someone else does this to you though… hold off judgment until after having heard both sides’ side of things first! Then decide whether there’s any merit behind their reasoning before making a definitive decision about which person was wrong here…

Organize Your Documents

Depending on the company, you may need to organize your documents in a specific way. The best way to make sure you’re doing it right is to look at their guidelines carefully and follow them precisely. That being said, here are some general tips:

Organize according to your needs. If you need easy access at a moment’s notice, put the most important documents in front of you where they’ll be visible from across the room. 

If there are any charts or graphs that are hard for others (but not yourself!) to read, bring those out as well so people don’t have to squint too hard when reviewing them with their managers or colleagues.

Get In With The Right People

You know the right people, and you’re in the right place at the right time. But what if you don’t have any information to give them? What if they can’t see past your resume?

In this case, you must make sure that every time someone sees your name or hears about your accomplishments from a friend of a friend’s mom who knows someone who works at CVS, they get a consistent message about what kind of employee and person you are. 

(And for goodness’ sake don’t get mad if the conversation turns back around to how great their kids did on their peewee soccer team.)

Let Them Hear Your Voice

Now that you’ve learned how to write and speak like a medical assistant, it’s time to learn the skills that will help you land your dream job.

First, let them hear your voice. Have you ever heard someone say they were intimidated by their boss? This is because they were afraid of speaking up in meetings or not knowing how to communicate effectively with other employees. 

When interviewing for a position as a medical admin assistant, you must understand this very important skill set: being able to speak confidently and clearly when in front of other people so that everyone understands what is being said. 

Next time someone asks for something from anyone else on the team, try saying “let me do this” instead of asking permission from others before doing it yourself (this will show off both teamwork and problem-solving skills). 

If there’s an issue at work then don’t be afraid to bring it up – even if no one else does! 

You’ll have just as much credibility as anyone else once people see how much initiative you take toward solving problems within an office environment where everyone relies on each other every day…

Make Yourself Noticed Online

Because you’re a medical office assistant, you need to make yourself known. Your goal is to get noticed by hiring managers, so you can’t sit at home and wait for the job offers to come rolling in. 

If you want help with your job search, there are plenty of resources available online but how do prospective employers find them? By searching social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn!

If your resume isn’t enough to grab their attention, they’ll probably look at what kind of person they’d be working with by checking out what they find online. 

That’s why the best way to stand out from the competition is by making yourself visible on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

It’s also important that these profiles show off some aspects of who you are as an individual; this helps create personal connections between people who might never have met otherwise (like potential employers). For example:

Showing off your personality through photos or videos from fun activities such as hiking or playing sports gives potential employers insight into how much fun it might be working alongside someone like this person every day!

Showing off professionalism by only posting professional language/photos/videos shows them that while they may be looking forward to having fun sometimes too.

This person cares about doing their job well regardless if there aren’t any immediate rewards involved (such as promotions).

Get Familiar With The Other Staff

Getting to know the other staff is one of the best ways to show that you care about the office and are willing to go above and beyond.

Here are some ideas for getting close with your coworkers:

  • Make small talk in the break room about things like sports, kids, and pets.
  • Quiz them on their favorite new movies or books.

Do Not Rely On Social Media

Social media is not a substitute for real-world networking. You still need to get out there, meet people and build relationships. Social media can be used to supplement your networking efforts. 

You can use it to connect with former classmates or colleagues of the hiring managers who have already been hired at the office where you want to work. This will help you get your foot in the door early on in your career as an MBA

And if nothing else works out? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways you can land a job as an MBOA that don’t require outside resources at all just lots of hard work and dedication!

Be Friendly To Everyone And Work Hard

Your job as a medical office assistant is to make the lives of your co-workers and patients easier. That’s why you should always be friendly towards everyone, including your clients and their families. 

It’s also important to be willing to help others without being asked because this shows that you’re committed to the team and willing to go above and beyond what’s expected of you. 

If one of your colleagues is busy with something else, offer to take on an additional task or responsibility for them so they can focus on their main task. 

In addition, make sure that any new tasks or responsibilities given to you are within your skill level so that they don’t overwhelm or frustrate you in any way!

Give It Your Best Shot

You’re going to be competing against a lot of other people for the job, so you want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to land it. Here are some things that will help you stand out from the rest:

Be prepared. Read up on common medical questions and terminology, so that when they ask you about a specific procedure or disease state, you can offer an intelligent response. 

Be sure to research their company as well you don’t want them thinking that an applicant who doesn’t know anything about what they do isn’t worth hiring!

Be professional. Dress nicely (business casual or formal), and keep your attitude upbeat during the interview process even if something goes wrong like a car accident on the way over there.

It’ll make all those extra traffic delays worthwhile once they see how calm & collected under pressure we are 😉 

I always just think about how great it feels when someone else does something nice for me 🙂 It helps calm nerves down too! 

And remember never lie during interviews either; employers always figure out when applicants are lying because they know exactly what questions need to be answered from their own experience working in these fields before becoming managers themselves.”

Improve Your Skills

Improve your skills. The more you learn, the more valuable you’ll be to an employer and the more confidence you’ll have when applying for jobs. 

Take classes at community college or trade school; read books about relevant topics, and practice what you’ve learned by teaching it to others (or even just explaining it out loud). It doesn’t matter if you’re already a halfway-decent communicator: 

If any skills could improve how smoothly you can communicate with patients and colleagues alike, make them part of your professional development plan!

Improve your resume. You need this document to apply for jobs as a medical office assistant.

So it’s essential that it looks good enough on paper to convince hiring managers that they should bring in an interviewee who has no experience working in medical offices but is hoping they will hire him anyway because he is such a hard worker! 

For example: “Here’s my resume! I know I don’t have any experience doing this job yet but trust me when I say that once I start working here everything will go smoothly because I’m very responsible for keeping things clean around here so there won’t be any accidents.

Like last week when someone left their lunch tray unattended overnight until the morning shift came around then we realized how much extra work had come from making sure everything got cleaned up properly.

Before leaving work ourselves without getting anything accomplished during our shift other than some paperwork which doesn’t count because no one sees how hard those nurses work every day without getting paid less than minimum wage…”


You have to know that this job is not easy, but if you want it, there is no way around hard work. If you want to be a medical office assistant, then go for it! 

But to get hired and stay hired at any job, you need to know how things work in the office environment. And there’s nothing wrong with taking the time out of your day or night to learn about those things–it will only help you along the way!