How To Land Your Dream Job As Custodian

If you’re looking for a job that pays a decent wage and offers benefits, working as a custodian might be the right choice. This role is an excellent way to help keep your community clean and safe, while also allowing you opportunities for advancement down the line. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the qualifications you need in order to become one of these hard-working professionals. 

We’ll also explore how much they can earn on average per year, what kind of education is needed to become a custodian (or janitor), and how much experience you’ll need under your belt before applying for this position.

How to Land Your Dream Job [Step-By-Step Tactics] – YouTube
Research the specific requirements and skills needed for a custodian position.
Highlight your relevant experience in cleaning and maintenance tasks.
Emphasize your attention to detail and ability to follow safety protocols.
Showcase your reliability, punctuality, and strong work ethic.
Demonstrate your ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Consider obtaining relevant certifications or training to enhance your qualifications.
Tailor your resume and cover letter to showcase your custodial skills and experience.
Prepare for interview questions about cleaning techniques, safety procedures, and teamwork.
Be prepared to provide references who can vouch for your reliability and work ethic.
Stay positive and persistent in your job search, as custodian positions can be in demand.

Update Your Resume

You’ve spent hours (maybe even days) perfecting your resume. You’re ready to send it off to employers, but before you do that, make sure that it’s up to par. A well-written resume will help you land your dream job as custodian, so take a look at these tips:

Make sure your resume is current and accurate. If you’ve been out of college for more than five years, consider updating the information on your resume so that it doesn’t look outdated or irrelevant.

Make sure it’s easy to read. Use simple language and remember to keep sentences short and concise; this will make it easier for employers and anyone else who reads the document to understand what kind of employee they would be getting if they hired you as a custodian! 

You can also use bullet points instead of paragraphs whenever possible; this makes reading easier for busy people like us all around here at APS!

Update any contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses immediately after sending out an application package (which includes a cover letter).

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Send A Thank You Note After An Interview

When you meet with a potential employer or an agent, even in the most informal setting in the hallway of their building, at an office happy hour send them a thank you note. 

This will show them that you appreciate their time and give them one more reason to remember you when hiring decisions are made. If possible, send it within 24 hours of your interview or meeting.

If you don’t have access to paper and pen (or if it would be inappropriate for some reason), try sending an email instead.

Network, Even If You Aren’t Looking For A New Job

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, it’s worthwhile to network with people in your current line of work. Talk about the things that interest you, ask questions about their jobs and try to build relationships with the people around you. 

Your employer will be impressed by your drive and determination to succeed and may even offer you an internal promotion or raise. If this doesn’t happen, don’t worry! Just keep networking.

If you’re at all interested in working in a different industry than yours, try networking outside of your professional circle as well. 

It’s important to meet new people who can give advice on how best to pursue these goals whether that means talking about classes they took or internships they held during college years (or any other time).

Show Passion And Enthusiasm

Whether you’re interviewing for a custodial position, or already working as one, this is the most important tip to keep in mind: be enthusiastic about it.

Passionate enthusiasm is infectious and helps employers see that you’ll be a good fit for their company culture. Show your passion and enthusiasm by being excited about the job itself and not just what it pays. 

Show how much of an asset you can be by showing how much you know about the company’s products/services, industry and location; if they offer benefits like free meals or health insurance coverage then express interest in these too!

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Ask Questions

You should ask questions about the job and the company. While you are going through the interview process, it may be tempting to think that you have a lot riding on this one opportunity. But remember you do not need to accept an offer just because it’s presented to you. 

You can also use your time in interviews to gather information about companies that could potentially be good fits for you (as well as deciding whether or not this particular employer is a good place for your career).

Here are some things to consider when asking questions:

What does my potential role entail? Are there any additional responsibilities? If so, how will those affect my day-to-day work schedule? How would these roles change if we were working together longer term?

What position(s) will I be working under supervision of during training period/internship programs? 

Will they be available at all times or only during certain hours of operation (i.e., weekend shifts only)? Can they give me advice anytime I need it while they’re working with us full time?

Who holds leadership positions within this organization and what kind of background do those people have.

Academic degrees earned along with certifications received from professional organizations like APCA (Association Proven Custodial & Maintenance Association International) Certification Program or AAPCO (Association American Professional Cleaning Organization) Certification Programs

Regularly Ask How You’re Doing

Asking for feedback is a common recommendation in books and articles about getting promoted, but it applies to job hunting too. We all want feedback and we rarely get it. 

Asking regularly will help you get more information about what your boss thinks of your work and that can be invaluable in helping you decide whether to stay or move on to another position, especially if they seem dissatisfied with your performance.

Take Initiative In Your Current Job

You should also be proactive in your current job. You want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to get noticed. Ask for feedback from your manager and other team members, as this will help improve your performance.

When it comes time for a raise or promotion, take initiative by asking for it! This means taking the time to prepare a presentation about why you deserve the raise or promotion and then presenting it to your manager.

Have A Professional Wardrobe Ready To Go

Going to work in a uniform is a huge advantage when it comes to job hunting. The best thing you can do before beginning your search is to stock up on the right clothes and shoes. 

As long as they are clean and ironed, there’s no reason not to buy clothes that fit well and make you feel confident, so buy them with meaning. Imagine yourself already at your dream job: 

How would you dress? What would you wear? Be specific about this vision so that when you go shopping for workwear, it will be easy for anyone looking at your wardrobe to see how serious you are about getting hired right away.

Don’t forget accessories! You may want some new shoes or jewelry but be careful not overdo it because they might distract from what people remember most about applying for custodial positions: how cleanly dressed applicants were during interviews!

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Dress Appropriately To An Interview Or Meeting

The first thing you’ll notice about an interviewee is how they dress. While there are no strict rules on what to wear, dressing professionally and appropriately is a good idea. 

If you’re interviewing for custodian jobs at an office building or school, your clothing should reflect that environment, for example, avoid jeans and t-shirts unless you’re applying for a cleaning service job that requires them. 

The same goes for interviews at museums or cultural institutions: if the interview is in the morning, it’s probably best not to show up in a suit jacket. 

Try asking friends who work at similar companies or businesses what sort of attire would be appropriate if you have any doubts about what type of clothing would be seen as appropriate there (as well as what kind of work clothes will be expected from employees).

Find A Good Friend To Help You Prepare For Interviews

It’s important to find a friend who has interviewing experience. Your friend will be able to help you prepare for interviews and give you critical feedback about what you need to improve on. 

They should know how to interview well and have experience with the type of job that you are applying for.

Here are some tips for finding the right friend:

Ask around at work or in your community to see if anyone knows anyone who can act as your mock interviewer.

You could also ask friends who have previously been through similar experiences, such as applying for college or graduate school programs, or getting hired by companies like Goldman Sachs or McKinsey Consulting Group (i.e., working in finance/consulting). 

These types of jobs involve intense interviewing processes where many candidates are competing against each other and having someone who’s already navigated these waters can help level the playing field!

Keep Your Work Life And Personal Life Separate On Social Media Accounts

You might think that sharing pictures of your off-duty life on social media is just a way to show your friends what you’re up to, but it could also be a turnoff for potential employers. 

You don’t want them getting the impression that you’re too busy partying to keep your workplace clean or that you’re distracted by personal problems.

Instead, create an email account exclusively for job applications and interviews. Then make sure all communication with hiring managers is handled through this address no exceptions! This will help ensure that all discussions remain professional at all times.

In addition to keeping things professional online, be sure to exercise caution when posting photos or information about yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etcetera. 

Even if they only show the most positive aspects of your life (which they probably won’t), others may use these accounts against you if their opinion of you isn’t favorable enough for their liking.

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Pay Attention To The Details Of Your Appearance During Interviews

For example, if the interviewer is older than you and your generation is known for its casual dress style, then it’s probably best not to wear jeans or a T-shirt to an interview.

Your attire should be appropriate for the season and weather where you are interviewing.

If the company has a dress code that includes suits and ties (or whatever), follow their lead when choosing what to wear on interview day. 

In most cases this means wearing formal business attire like slacks or a skirt/dress with heels and perhaps even accessories like scarves or jewelry as needed to achieve an appropriate level of formality for the occasion (i.e., no flip flops).

Be Aware That Everyone You Meet At The Company Matters, Not Just The People Interviewing You

The people who interview you are not the only ones who can help you land your dream job. 

Everyone matters, from the security guard to the janitorial staff. When you’re at a company or organization that interests you, it’s important to make a good impression on everyone there not just those interviewing you.

It’s easy to become wrapped up in an interview process and forget about how others perceive us at work. 

But this is exactly why we need to be aware of how we’re coming across in all situations with colleagues, supervisors and other employees at our prospective employers’ facilities.

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Being Successful In The Job Market Requires Attention To All Of These Details, Even If They Aren’t Necessarily Fun To Pay Attention To

As you embark on your quest to land a job as a custodian, there are some details that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

The job market is competitive and it’s easy for the best candidates to get lost in the shuffle if they aren’t careful. You need to stand out from the crowd by paying attention to these details:

Prepare for an interview by doing research about the company and asking questions about what their needs are (such as statistics about how much waste is produced at their facilities).

So that you can demonstrate that you’re well-informed about what they do, who their clients are, and other industry information such as recent developments in recycling technology or new regulations concerning employee safety equipment such as gloves and masks.

Be aware of social media networks like Twitter or Facebook where employees might post information about upcoming events at work which could give valuable insights into what kind of things will be happening there soon enough without anyone ever having told me directly! 

I didn’t even know this until someone showed me one day after work while waiting outside smoking cigarettes together before going home together too.”


The job search can be a long, arduous process, but with these tips and tricks for landing your dream job as a custodian, you’ll find that things are much easier. 

And if you follow them closely, even if it takes a while before you get hired at the company of your dreams which it probably will! you can rest assured knowing that the hard work will pay off in the end.

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What are the key steps to landing a dream job?

To land your dream job, you can follow these key steps:

  • Research and identify your career goals and aspirations.
  • Gain the necessary skills and qualifications through education or training.
  • Polish your resume and tailor it to the job you’re applying for.
  • Network and build professional connections in your desired industry.
  • Prepare for interviews by practicing common interview questions and showcasing your relevant experience.
  • Stay persistent and proactive in your job search.

How important is networking in landing a dream job?

Networking is crucial in landing a dream job as it allows you to expand your professional connections, gain insights about job opportunities, and receive referrals or recommendations. Building a strong network can increase your visibility in the industry and open doors to hidden job opportunities.

Should I tailor my resume for each job application?

Yes, it is highly recommended to tailor your resume for each job application. Customizing your resume allows you to highlight the most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the requirements of the specific job. It shows employers that you have taken the time to understand their needs and are genuinely interested in the position.

How can I stand out during a job interview?

To stand out during a job interview:

  • Research the company and prepare thoughtful questions to demonstrate your interest.
  • Showcase your unique skills, accomplishments, and experiences that make you a strong fit for the role.
  • Practice good communication and active listening skills.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm, professionalism, and a positive attitude.
  • Follow up with a thank-you note expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to interview.

How do I handle rejection in my job search?

Handling rejection is a common part of the job search process. It’s important to remember that rejection doesn’t define your worth or abilities. Instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Reflect on the feedback provided (if any), continue to improve your skills and interview techniques, and remain persistent and resilient in your job search efforts.