How To Land Your Dream Job As A Car Salesperson

Welcome to the land of car salespeople, where commission ranges from 25% to 70%, depending on the day of the week, who your manager is, and whether you’re a man or a woman. 

The good news? If you can sell yourself and your product well enough, there’s plenty of money to be made in this industry. The bad news? It takes a certain kind of person to deal with all the BS that comes with this job.

Get A Sales Job

To land your dream job as a car salesperson, you need to find a sales job.

What are some good ways to find a sales job?

Check out the websites of local dealerships in your area and look for open positions that match your experience. Many dealerships require their salespeople to have at least two years’ worth of previous experience in another field before applying for open positions at the dealership. 

If this is not stated on the website, call or visit each dealership individually and ask them directly about what kinds of requirements they have when it comes to hiring new employees.

This way you can get all the information upfront instead of having it sprung on you later down the line when it might be too late!

Visit local libraries, grocery stores, and malls where car salespeople tend to congregate during their breaks and introduce yourself! It’s always better if you approach someone with a smile rather than an attitude.

Because no one likes being approached by someone who wants something from them (unless he or she happens to be independently wealthy). 

A friendly face will go much further than a stern one any day!

What should I look for in an employer when looking for my first job?

Stay Humble

Stay humble. It’s okay to be confident in your abilities and proud of your achievements, but humility will help you maintain good relationships with both customers and coworkers. 

Let other people speak more than you do in interviews, and don’t brag about how quickly you can sell a car or how great the deals are that you get.

Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. A recruiter is going to ask why you think the position fits what it says on the job description (and they may even analyze whether this seems like an appropriate match). 

Make sure they know what skills are required for success before interviewing so that they can recommend a company/position/brand where this is possible!

Admit Mistakes When You Make Them

You’ve made a mistake. It might be minor, or it could be major. Either way, you need to own up to it. Don’t make excuses or blame others for your mistakes just own them and move on.

The best example of this is when you’re called into your manager’s office and they tell you that they are disappointed in your performance over the past few weeks because of some mistakes you’ve made recently. Rather than trying to justify yourself by saying things like: 

“It was just a bad day,” or, “I thought he would have given me another chance,” simply admit that your performance wasn’t up to par and tell them what steps you plan on taking to improve going forward. 

This shows initiative and maturity on your part as well as willingness to improve yourself professionally something any good employer will appreciate!

Be Honest About How Much Money You Need To Make

You’ll want to be honest about how much money you need to make. If you’re not, the dealership might hire someone who has a higher income requirement. 

This isn’t because they want to pay people more than what they deserve; it’s because they want to get the best value for their business by minimizing turnover and finding long-term employees.

Once you’ve figured out your ideal number, think about what it will take for that amount of money to seem reasonable, and then keep that in mind when applying for jobs or negotiating salary offers (more on this later). 

It may sound harsh, but if the only reason someone would leave their current job is that their salary was too low, then maybe they should consider whether or not their current employer values them enough as an employee to give them a raise!

Be Honest About How Much Money You Want To Make

It’s important to understand that other people will be making a lot more than you. The average annual salary of a car salesperson is $48,490 per year. If you want to make more than this, you need to be honest about it. 

Maybe your goal is to pay off your student loans in one year or maybe it’s enough money for a down payment on a home. Either way, be realistic about how much money you need and why you deserve it!

Be Upfront About The Fact That You Want To Move Up

Being upfront about your goals is important because it shows the company that you have ambitions. Just as importantly, it lets them know that you’re willing to work hard to get there.

It also helps them understand what weaknesses you are working on improving and what strengths they can leverage in their organization.

Finally, if a job candidate has thought through their career path and has a plan for success (for example, “I want to be an assistant manager within two years).

Then they will likely be a more valuable employee than someone who doesn’t have any direction or purpose in mind for their career path at all!

Talk About Why You Chose This Job, And Why You Want To Stay In It

You should also be prepared to talk about the skills you learned in your previous job, and why they make you an ideal candidate for this position. 

If you’re looking to switch careers and move into a field where your current experience is not as relevant, focus on how your transferable skills are relevant.

For example: “I worked at XYZ Company for four years as an administrative assistant before coming to work here at ABC Company. 

My previous role involved working closely with my manager and team members, which allowed me to develop excellent organizational skills and learn how to prioritize tasks effectively while still maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor even under stressful circumstances.”

Be Nice

To land your dream job, you’ll need to be a good listener. This means being polite and courteous. You will also need to be a good conversationalist; this means that you should be able to listen well, ask questions and give thoughtful responses. 

A good team player can often be found in the sales department; this person will have an easy time working with others because they can communicate effectively, solve problems quickly and lead by example. 

Finally, being a good communicator is key when selling cars because it shows potential clients that you’re a trustworthy and reliable person who has their best interests at heart.

Say Thank You A Lot

Thank you. It’s the simplest, most basic thing we can do for one another and it’s also the easiest way to make someone feel important, valued, and appreciated in their role.

Thank the person who hired you: A simple thank-you note sent by email or snail mail is a great way to let your new boss know that you recognize how much he or she has done for you by giving you this opportunity!

Thank the person who trained you: Your training manager might not always be there when an issue comes up in your day-to-day job responsibilities. 

But if they are available, please make sure to reach out and ask them any questions or concerns that may arise during training so that they have an opportunity to provide guidance and support as needed. 

It will go a long way toward building rapport between both of your teams and it could help get everyone through those initial growing pains!

Thank everyone else who played a role in getting here (including other staff members): 

Be sure not to forget about everyone else who helped make this happen from HR personnel who processed paperwork to payroll specialists who calculated taxes owed after each paycheck was issued (or paid online).

Listen More Than Talk

If you want to land your dream job as a car salesperson, it’s important to listen more than you talk. That doesn’t mean you should never interrupt or ask questions just don’t do it too much.

If you’re interviewing for a car sales position in person or over the phone, try to make eye contact with the interviewer and nod occasionally as they speak. This lets them know that you’re listening and interested in what they have to say. 

If there are any times when the conversation is more active (e.g., when discussing your experience), then take notes on what was just said so that later on when you get home, it will be easier for you to remember exactly what happened during the interview itself!

Best of all? Just be polite! Being kind makes everyone feel good about themselves and hopefully will make others want even more opportunities such as these down here 😉

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Asking follow-up questions is a great way to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the customer, as well as to determine whether or not you’re in the right place. 

You can ask any number of follow-up questions after hearing about a customer’s situation, goals, and concerns. For example:

  • “What are some other cars you’ve looked at?” (to determine if there are specific features that they haven’t found on other models)
  • “What would have made this car more attractive for you?” (to understand what they liked most about their previous vehicle)
  • “How far do you drive each day?” (to determine if this vehicle will be able to meet their needs)


We hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new about landing your dream job as a car salesperson. 

We know that the job market is competitive, but with our tips, you can stand out from the crowd and get hired. If you’re interested in working at a dealership near Atlanta, look no further than our website or give us a call!