How To Find The Best Magazine Markets

The magazine industry is booming, thanks to the internet and social media. There are more publications than ever before, and if you want your words to be in print, there’s no better time to get started. 

To make sure your work gets noticed by editors and readers alike though, you need to know which magazines are the best fit for your content. So how do you find these markets? The easiest way is by using an online directory like Writer’s Market.

You have a lot of options when it comes to writing for magazines. You can write a regular column or freelance article for one publication from home; or take on multiple projects at once with a contract writer position at an advertising agency or PR firm.

Even create an entire magazine from scratch (which we recommend against!). Regardless of what kind of work you’re interested in doing though, there are some key steps that every aspiring author needs to follow when trying to land their first gig:

  • Find the best magazines that accept unsolicited submissions
  • Write something catchy enough that they will read it

Make sure you’ve got a compelling reason why someone should hire you over all other writers out there vying for the same spot on their masthead

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to find these markets so that your pen never stops moving! And then we’ll tell everyone about our new course where we teach people how easy it is to find them in real life (LOL).

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1. Research online directories and websites specialized in listing magazine markets to find potential opportunities for your writing.
2. Consider pitching your travel articles to travel-focused publications, lifestyle magazines, and adventure-oriented journals to increase your chances of publication.
3. For nonfiction and fiction submissions, explore various paying writing markets that accept both types of content and ensure your work aligns with their specific guidelines.
4. Take advantage of dedicated lists of active publications that pay for short stories, making it easier to find suitable markets for your creative writing.
5. Always review the submission guidelines of each magazine you’re interested in to meet their requirements and increase the likelihood of acceptance.

Go To The Library

The library is a great resource for finding magazine markets. If you don’t already have a library card, get one! Most libraries have access to online databases that allow users to search by keywords. Use the databases to see what magazines publish short stories or articles in your genre, then check out those publications’ guidelines for submitting work. 

The librarians at your local branch will also be able to help you locate books and other resources on writing and publishing and sometimes even specific ones about the topic of your magazine!

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Ask Your Favorite Author

If you’re looking to do a magazine interview, then the easiest way to find potential markets is by asking your favorite author. Many authors have websites where they have contact information and can be reached directly. 

If you don’t know any authors personally, then check out the websites of your favorite books or series and see if any of them list an email address or contact name on their site. With many websites changing owners, there may be an old address that still works so it’s worth checking those out too!

Go To A Bookstore And Find Magazines Similar To Yours

When you’re looking for magazines that market to your audience, it’s important to start with the most obvious places. Go to a bookstore and find magazines similar to yours. 

Check out the magazine section; look for magazines that have a similar feel to yours, with a similar audience and tone, as well as style and design aesthetic. You can also search online by typing in keywords related to your magazine’s content into Google search or other search engines.

When choosing which magazines might be good markets for you, keep in mind what kind of relationship you want with those publications do you want them as advertisers only or do you also want their readership? If so, go for it!

Check Out Magazines That Have Already Published Your Work

This is a simple step but one that many writers leave out when trying to find a market for their work. If you’ve been working on a piece for a while and aren’t sure where to submit it, look up some of the magazines that have published stories or poems similar in style and content. You can start with our list of market lists: [link]. 

And if you still don’t know where to begin? Start with your favorite magazine! Find out if they publish fiction, poetry, or essays. Then search through their archives until you see something similar to what you have written.

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Contact Other Writers In Your Genre

There are many writers out there who will be more than happy to help you find the best markets for your work. And that’s great because you don’t have time to waste trying to figure everything out on your own!

One way to do this is by asking other writers in your genre where they’ve published or if they have any tips for finding markets. Another way is by contacting editors at magazines and asking if they’re looking for new writers and what kind of things they’re seeking submissions from.

Find ‘best Of’ Lists In Your Genre

To find the best markets, you need to know what they are. It’s not enough to simply find a magazine that publishes in your genre or accepts submissions from writers like yourself; instead, you should look for the magazines that have been consistently successful at publishing good work and finding great new authors. 

The best way to do this is by looking at ‘best-of lists compiled by magazine editors themselves or other members of the writing community that highlight the highest quality magazines currently on offer.

It may seem obvious but it bears repeating: one of the most important things when choosing a market is making sure it matches your own goals and standards as a writer! And while most writers want their work published somewhere reputable and where they will get paid as much as possible, there are other considerations too: 

Do they accept simultaneous submissions? Are they willing to give feedback? How often do they publish issues? These are all questions worth asking before submitting work so make sure you get answers before sending off any manuscripts!

Look At The Magazines That Have Published Your Favorite Authors

Next, look at the magazines that have published your favorite authors.

If you’re a fan of Dan Brown, then you probably know which magazine he writes for. The same goes for Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who publishes her novels in The Sunday Times Magazine (a British publication).

Similarly, if you’re interested in learning more about food and drink culture around the world then there are many publications out there that will suit your taste. For example, GQ has sections dedicated to travel and cocktail recipes.

Esquire offers tips on how to cook dinner at home; Wine Spectator reviews some of the best wines on its pages each month; Condé Nast Traveler tells readers about unique places they can visit while abroad, and Food & Wine covers everything from international dining trends to recipes from top chefs around the world.

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Check Out The Websites Of These Magazines And Journals

Check out the websites of these magazines:

The New Yorker. This magazine is known for its witty, high-quality cartoons and long-form journalism pieces. To find out more about submitting to The New Yorker, go to their website and click on “Submissions.” You’ll see that they accept queries by email only. 

If you don’t have an email address, you can send your query via snail mail (yes!). You can read more about how to submit it here.

National Geographic Magazine. National Geographic covers everything from science and technology to adventure travel and cultures around the world and it has a very different feel than most mainstream magazines like Time or People! 

The magazine has a distinct style because of its photography it’s often lushly illustrated by artists who specialize in painting nature scenes with oils or watercolors rather than just snapping photos with digital cameras as everyone else does nowadays! 

Look At Magazine Listings And Directory Sites

To find out where to submit your writing, look at magazine listings and directory sites.

Browse the websites of magazines and journals that publish similar content to what you write. These sites will often have information on their submission guidelines, which are usually listed in the “submissions” or “about us” sections of their websites. 

Many of these will also assign editors’ names and contact information, so you can reach out directly with any questions about the market or submitting your work there.

Look for markets through social media groups like Facebook groups or subreddits. Most communities online have discussions about literary magazines, so ask around!

Find Markets Through Social Media Groups, Like Facebook Groups Or Subreddits

Social media is also a great way to find markets. If you have a specific genre, there are probably groups on Facebook or Reddit where people who write in that genre can share information and help each other out. 

To find these groups, search for ” community” or “writers’ community” with your genre in the spaces where I’ve put  You’ll see results like these:

  • The Writers’ Group – 49k members
  • People of Color Writers Guild – 6k members
  • Writers Who Speak Out (including LGBTQIA+ issues) – 1k members

The first two groups have been around since 2011 and 2012 respectively; they’re active and well-moderated. 

The third group was started three years ago, but has only been active for six months it might not be as stable as the other two yet. 

For example, if you’re looking for markets that pay their contributors on time every month (which will protect you financially), then this metric would put The Writers’ Group at an advantage over POCWG!

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Set Up Alerts From Online Market Listings

Searching for markets is a great way to see what publications are out there and what they’re looking for. You can search by title, genre, or category to find the perfect place for your story. But once you’ve found it, how do you know if it’s the right market? That’s where alerts come in handy!

Set up alerts from online market listings so that as soon as new submissions open up, or when a magazine announces its next theme or contest theme (which usually happens around the same time) you’ll be notified immediately! 

This makes sure that no matter where in the world your favorite magazine is based, it’ll still be easy to keep track of them and submit stories ease.

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In conclusion, the key to finding a great magazine market is knowing your audience. You must keep in mind that magazines are very different from each other and it’s important to pick one that fits your target audience. Make sure you do thorough research on each magazine before submitting anything!

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What types of magazines can I submit my travel articles to?

You can submit travel articles to various types of magazines, including travel-focused publications, lifestyle magazines, and adventure-oriented journals.

How can I find paying writing markets for both nonfiction and fiction submissions?

You can explore online resources and directories that list paying writing markets for both nonfiction and fiction, such as dedicated websites and publications that focus on writer opportunities.

Are there any specific guidelines or requirements for submitting short stories to magazines?

Yes, each magazine may have its own guidelines and requirements for submitting short stories. Make sure to carefully read and follow the submission guidelines provided by the magazine you’re interested in.

What are some popular topics that magazines are looking for in travel articles?

Magazines often seek travel articles on unique destinations, cultural experiences, adventure travel, budget travel tips, and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

How do I know if a magazine pays for short story submissions?

You can check the submission guidelines or publication details of the magazine to see if they offer payment for short story contributions. Additionally, writer’s websites and directories often specify payment information for each market.