Top Magazine Writers Reveal Their Secret To Success

When you hear about magazine writers, what comes to mind? Is it an image of a person in a fancy office, typing away on their laptop as they sip coffee by the window? 

Or maybe you think of someone hunched over their desk surrounded by piles of paper and empty coffee cups. The truth is that both these images are entirely accurate and neither is especially representative of the reality of being a successful magazine writer. 

The thing is, most people think that being a journalist is glamorous or sexy when in reality it’s just like any other job: sometimes tedious but also rewarding and exciting when you finally get something right or get published.

What Successful Authors Have That Others Do Not – YouTube
1. Embrace Creativity: Successful magazine writers tap into their creative instincts to produce engaging and unique content.
2. Understand the Audience: Knowing your target readership helps tailor your articles to resonate with their interests and preferences.
3. Consistent Hard Work: Achieving success in magazine writing requires dedication and a willingness to put in the effort consistently.
4. Cultivate a Strong Voice: Developing a distinctive writing style and voice helps you stand out and build a loyal readership.
5. Adaptability is Key: Being open to exploring diverse topics and writing styles enables writers to seize various opportunities and challenges.
6. Build Connections: Networking with editors and other writers can lead to valuable collaborations and more exposure for your work.
7. Embrace Feedback: Constructive criticism and feedback help writers grow and improve their craft over time.
8. Understand the Market: Staying updated on trends and market demands allows writers to pitch relevant and timely article ideas.
9. Meet Deadlines: Meeting deadlines consistently showcases your professionalism and reliability to editors and publications.
10. Persistence Pays Off: Success in magazine writing often involves facing rejection but persisting in pursuit of your goals.

They Write Every Day

It’s not enough to just write. You must also write every day.

Writing is like any other skill: it gets better with practice, but only if you’re practicing regularly. If you only write occasionally (or worse yet, never), your skills won’t improve as much as they could be and your writing won’t be nearly as strong.

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They Work Hard

Don’t just write, write a lot. Don’t just write, write often. Don’t just write and expect something to happen you have to keep writing if you want to succeed as a writer and make money from your writing!

It sounds obvious, but we often tell aspiring writers that they need to write at least one new article every day or week, or month to get good at it and build their portfolio (and sometimes even as an entry-level requirement). 

And it’s true: The best way for new writers is probably still going out there on the internet with no expectations but simply learning by doing and creating something every day. But once you’ve done this enough times (or if you’re already doing this), maybe consider making some changes when starting your next project.

They Try To Focus On The Pleasure And Not Just The Payment

>“I think the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and find pleasure in the process of writing, not just waiting for a check to come in, because there’s no guarantee anyone will ever pay you.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to write purely as an act of commerce, that’s going to be very difficult.”

Eric Garcia

They read magazine articles out loud to improve their writing.

The secret to writing a good magazine article is to read it out loud. That’s right when you’re done with your first draft and think that you’ve got it just about perfect read it out loud. Doing so will help you identify areas that need improvement. You’ll understand your own writing better, as well as the flow of your article and its structure better too!

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They Read The Classic Works Of Great Authors

Read the classics.

The most successful writers are those who read widely, and many of them have a favorite book or two they turn to when they need inspiration. One of their favorites is probably “Gone with the Wind,” which has been called one of the greatest love stories ever told. 

Another is J.R.R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, an epic fantasy that has been adapted for film several times (the latest version will be released this December). 

And then there’s Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” a Russian novel from 1866 about an impoverished student who murders two old women to pay off his debts and then spends his remaining life repenting his sins while trying not to get caught by police detectives or his conscience!

They Don’t Wait For Inspiration, They Look For It

Inspiration is something that writers are always looking for. If you’re waiting for inspiration to strike, it might just be a long wait. The best way to get inspired is by looking for it in the things that you see around you, hear about, or read about every day.

Don’t assume that inspiration will come when needed and write something down when it does you need to be proactive in your search for ideas.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by writing down a list of people who inspire you and thinking about why they inspire you, what they’ve done and how their work has made an impact on your life. This can lead to interesting topics such as “What inspires me?” or “How do I find my passion?”, which we’ll take a look at later on in this article series!

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They Carry A Notebook And Pen With Them Everywhere They Go

“I think it’s really important to be able to capture ideas as they come,” says Ann Friedman, who writes the “Future Perfect” column for WIRED magazine and is also a contributing editor at New York Magazine. “

You can use your phone, but I would rather use something that feels more natural and lets me write in longhand. If you don’t have any space on your desk or nearby table, then it can be difficult to even get started.”

The best way to get started writing is starting with what interests you most whether it’s world news or something personal like relationships. This also helps writers overcome writer’s block because an article won’t feel like work if there’s some element of fun involved (e.g., interviewing someone famous).

Don’t be afraid of taking breaks even long ones! as long as you do some sort of writing every day (even if it’s just journaling).

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They Make A Plan And Stick To It, But They Know When It Needs To Be Changed

One of the most important things about being a writer is having a plan. Not just any old plan: a good one. You need to know what you’re doing and why, otherwise it’s easy to get distracted by all the shiny things on the internet and never finish anything.

But even though it’s important to have a plan, sometimes plans need to change as circumstances change.

So how do you make a solid plan? How do you stick with it when life gets in the way?

They Learn From Mistakes

They learn from mistakes and move on.

“It’s okay to make mistakes,” says [writer]. “You learn more from failure than you do from success.” To that end, this writer recommends reading about successful people who made a lot of mistakes in their early careers but were able to bounce back by learning from them and moving on.

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They Keep Trying, Even In The Face Of Failure

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Success is a long road that involves many failures. The key is to keep trying, even in the face of failure. You might be surprised at how much you learn from being rejected or getting a bad review. Even though it’s hard to admit at times, these experiences can make you stronger and help you grow as a writer.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our tips for writing a successful magazine article. We know that it can be tough, especially if you’re just starting. But don’t give up! Keep practicing until you find your groove, and remember that everyone has to start somewhere. If we can do it and we did! then so can you!

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How can I improve my writing skills?

Improving your writing skills involves consistent practice, seeking feedback, and studying the works of accomplished writers. Take writing courses, join writing groups, and read widely in your genre to enhance your craft.

What are some tips for successful pitching?

To craft successful pitches, tailor your ideas to each publication, research the target audience, and keep your pitch concise and compelling. Highlight your unique angle and demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter.

How do bestselling authors achieve success?

Bestselling authors often work hard to build their brand, engage with their readers, and consistently deliver quality content. They also invest time in marketing and networking to expand their reach and influence.

What strategies can freelance writers use to succeed?

Freelance writers can succeed by identifying their niche, building a strong portfolio, setting competitive rates, and maintaining good client relationships. Networking with industry professionals can also lead to more opportunities.

What are the common traits of successful writers?

Successful writers often exhibit traits such as discipline, resilience, creativity, and the ability to accept and learn from constructive criticism. They are open to continuous learning and stay committed to their writing goals.