How Much Do You Make In Digital Marketing

Good news! The digital marketing industry is booming, and it does not just benefit packages that are on the rise. While the average salary for a marketer was $55,000 in 2022, salaries for digital marketers varied widely based on position and experience level.

In this blog post, we’ll break down how much you can expect to earn as a marketer with different levels of experience and responsibilities. We’ll also give you tips on how to get started increasing your salary in digital marketing (and making it more than just what your last boss paid).

Section 1: Digital Marketing Salary Breakdown by Experience Level – This section takes the data from our research report and breaks down how much money different levels of digital marketers are making based on their years of experience. 

In addition to breaking out averages by years worked in the field (0-1 year; 2+ years), we also looked at averages by job type (Director/VP; Social Media Director/Specialist; SEO Specialist; Web Developer/Programmer; Content Creator).

Highest Salary in Digital Marketing for 2023 | Simplilearn
1. Digital marketing salaries vary based on roles and experience levels.
2. Higher-level positions like managers and consultants generally offer better pay.
3. Additional certifications and qualifications can boost earning potential.
4. Salaries in digital marketing are competitive compared to other marketing roles.
5. Regional variations can significantly impact salary levels in this field.

1. Experience

It’s important to note that experience is essential when it comes to digital marketing. If you’re looking for a career in digital marketing, or if you want to take your current position as far as it can go, then having some kind of internship experience is necessary. 

You’ll learn what it takes to succeed in the field and develop invaluable skills that will be useful throughout your career.

You need experience because, without it, no one will know how good of a job candidate you are. If a company wants someone with five years’ worth of experience who knows their stuff inside and out (and this is a very common request), they won’t hire someone who doesn’t have any related work history under their belt no matter how qualified they are otherwise.

There are two ways that people get internships: by applying directly through companies’ websites or by finding them through organizations like Idealist or LinkedIn/Monster. 

These sites often have listings that aren’t advertised anywhere else which makes them extremely useful places for finding jobs within specific industries but beware! There are also many scams lurking around these sites so always read reviews before applying anywhere online!

Building a successful digital marketing career is not just about skills, but also knowing how much to charge for your services. Understanding your worth can lead to better opportunities and growth in the industry.

2. Location

Location is the second most important factor when it comes to salary. Where you live can affect your salary by as much as 15%, so it’s worth considering when deciding on a career in digital marketing.

You’ll also want to think about what you’re looking for in a location: Do you need access to beaches, mountains, or other natural wonders? Are there cultural hotspots nearby? What about nightlife? These things all play into the quality of life that matters most to you and will ultimately determine where you end up working and living.

3. Role

In addition to being a factor in determining the amount of work you will have to do, your role also plays a part in your salary. The larger the company and the more responsibilities you’re given, the higher salary you can expect.

The size of your company also determines how much personal growth potential you have at that job. If you’re working for a small business or startup (with fewer than 50 employees), then it’s possible that this could be your only role at this point. 

This means that if they don’t grow any further or expand their business with new hires, then there won’t be room for personal growth because there isn’t anything else for them to do but stay where they are now with their current set of responsibilities and tasks.

In contrast, if you were hired by a large corporation like Google or Facebook as an SEO specialist, for example, there would be many different departments within those companies and therefore many different roles available such as technical writer specialist; project manager specialist; digital marketing specialist, etc.

Each one of these jobs would require skillsets specific only to what they do within their department which means they might not overlap very often (if ever) with other departments within that organization so as long as someone stays within one particular group over time then their job title will always remain unchanged no matter how many promotions come along!

Digital marketing managers play a crucial role in driving online success for businesses. Learn more about the responsibilities and earning potential of this role to advance your career.

4. Skillset

The skillset required for this job is a little more diverse than some of the others on this list. A digital marketer needs to be able to do all the basics: write, design, research, and analyze data. But they will also need exceptional writing skills, as well as strong design skills (visuals are key in social media).

They also need to understand SEO best practices because they are responsible for making sure that their client’s websites rank highly on search engines like Google and Bing. 

They’ll also need analytics knowledge so they can track how people are using their content online, which will help them refine future campaigns based on what’s working or not working right now.

Finally, good copywriting skills will enable them to know how best to use language to persuade people into buying products or services from their clients’ businesses!

5. Length Of Tenure

Let’s start with a basic assumption: the longer you have been in the industry, the more you will earn. This is because you are now an established expert who has developed strong connections and a reputation. You can negotiate a higher salary and your worth is greater to employers than a newbie.

Your income will also increase as your tenure increases because of the following reasons:

You know more things about digital marketing than someone who just joined this field recently; therefore, your skillset is more valuable to employers.

Your experience makes it easier for you to understand what clients need from their digital marketing campaigns which means they will be able to get better results with less effort on their part (and yours).

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6. Client Size/Revenue

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The bigger the client, the more you will earn. A company that generates over $100 million in revenue will pay you much more than a company generating $10 million. This is just an obvious fact of life.

The more revenue your clients generate, the more you will earn. Companies that make more money have larger budgets for digital marketing than those that don’t and they can afford to pay their partners more as a result.

With experience comes higher salaries and better opportunities for growth within your field of expertise or industry niche (or both!). If this sounds like something you want to pursue, think about taking classes at local colleges or universities near where you live (even if they aren’t related directly).

7. Employer Size (Revenue)

How much you earn in digital marketing depends on the size of your employer. The larger the company, the more you’ll make. This is because larger companies have more revenue and resources to spend on employees’ salaries. 

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that a small business cannot compensate its employees well or offer competitive benefits packages; it just means that if you want to earn a high salary working for a large corporation or agency, then your job search should focus on those types of companies so as not to miss out on opportunities for lucrative paychecks.

Similarly, how much money does a company make? If there are two similar jobs but one pays $22 per hour and another pays $23 per hour but makes twice as much profit per year (and therefore has more resources), which would be preferable?

8. Company Culture And Benefits

Company culture and benefits are important for employees. They look for companies that treat them well and provide a good work-life balance. Benefits might include free food, gym memberships, flexible working hours, etc.

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9. Agency Vs In-House

You may have heard that agency work is better than in-house work. Indeed, the pay is usually better, but it’s not something to be taken as gospel. There are pros and cons to both sides of the coin, so you need to figure out what works best for you before making any decisions about where you’d like to work.

You might also want to consider other factors such as your personal preferences and goals when deciding between an agency and an in-house environment. If you’re looking for more stability and less risk, then going with an agency might be a good fit (as long as they have something going on). 

On the other hand, if working at an agency doesn’t align with your personality or goals (or if there aren’t any opportunities available), then staying at home would likely make more sense for now

10. Education

An important factor in how much you make is your education. When it comes to jobs, being educated makes you more competitive and employable. It also makes you more valuable to your employer and your clients.

Education helps you to be more competitive and employable in the job market because employers can see that they are hiring someone who has been trained in their field of work. 

They can trust that this person will be able to do the job well, which means they don’t have to spend time training them themselves or have them learn on the job without adequate knowledge of what is required of them there. 

Education also gives employers confidence in knowing that if they do hire someone with less education than usual (for example), then this person will still be able to perform their duties competently because they have learned about these things through an accredited program or institution before entering into employment with them

And since everyone wants qualified employees who know what they’re doing and know how important it is for those employees’ productivity levels you’ll probably find yourself making more money as well!

Money Is The Most Important Factor To Consider When You Are Looking For A Career In Digital Marketing Sector

Money is the most important factor to consider when you are looking for a career in the digital marketing sector. You need to earn enough money for yourself and your family. However, money is not the only factor that you should consider when choosing a career. 

It’s also important to work in an organization where you can enjoy working with people and doing your job every day.

Freelancing in digital marketing offers flexibility and potential for higher earnings. Learn about the average incomes, challenges, and tips to succeed as an independent digital marketer.


It’s important to remember that many factors go into determining how much you make in digital marketing, such as experience, location, role, and skillset. The most important thing is to find the right job for you and then work hard at it!

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What are the typical salary ranges for digital marketing jobs?

The salary ranges for digital marketing jobs can vary based on the specific role and the level of experience. Entry-level positions like digital marketing assistants may start at lower salaries, while more experienced roles like digital marketing managers and consultants tend to command higher pay.

What factors influence the salary of a digital marketer?

Several factors can influence the salary of a digital marketer, including their level of experience, the location of the job, the size and industry of the company, and the specific responsibilities and skills required for the role.

Are certifications and additional qualifications beneficial for earning a higher salary in digital marketing?

Yes, certifications and additional qualifications can be beneficial for digital marketers seeking higher salaries. Certifications from reputable organizations can demonstrate expertise and add value to your skills, making you more desirable to employers.

How does the average salary of a digital marketer compare to other marketing roles?

On average, digital marketing roles tend to offer competitive salaries compared to other marketing positions. The increasing importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape has contributed to the rise in demand for skilled professionals, leading to more attractive compensation packages.

Are there regional variations in digital marketing salaries?

Yes, there can be significant regional variations in digital marketing salaries. Salaries tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas with a high cost of living and a strong demand for digital marketing expertise. Smaller cities and regions with a lower demand for digital marketing skills may offer comparatively lower salaries.