How Much Do Digital Marketing Freelancers Make

Digital marketing is one of the most exciting fields in the business world today. It’s also a field that’s growing rapidly and demands more and more attention from companies looking to stay competitive. As such, digital marketers are becoming more and more in demand. 

But how much do these professionals earn? How much should you expect to pay them per hour? What services do they offer, exactly? And what should be included in this package?

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of these questions as well as some others that might come up if you’re considering hiring someone to do your digital marketing for you. Let’s start with the basics: how much does it cost to hire a freelancer vs an agency?

How Much i Can Earn From Digital Marketing Freelance
1. Digital marketing freelancers’ earnings vary based on experience, skills, and project complexity.
2. Specialized freelancers may earn higher income than those with general skills.
3. Building a reputation and client base is crucial for increasing freelance income.
4. Beginners can kickstart their digital marketing freelancing career by gaining experience and exposure.
5. Networking, online platforms, and a strong online presence help find freelance opportunities.
6. Continuous skill improvement and client satisfaction are key to succeeding as a freelance digital marketer.

How Much Do Digital Marketing Freelancers Charge Per Hour?

The average rate that a digital marketing freelancer charges per hour are between $100 and $250. Of course, this range can vary depending on the experience of the freelancer and other factors like region, company size, etc.

Freelancers usually charge less than agencies because they don’t have to pay for fixed office costs and administrative staff salaries. They also don’t have to worry about having enough clients at all times or not having enough work for their employees to do each day. 

As such, it makes sense why agencies would charge higher prices than freelancers when it comes to hourly rates agencies are prepared for fluctuations in workload and can take on more projects simultaneously due to their larger teams of employees working on different types of projects at any given time.

However, there are also some disadvantages associated with being an agency: You may have trouble keeping up with demand if you have too many projects going all at once; you may not be able to find enough talent among your team members; 

And some clients prefer working directly with individuals instead of through an agency (which could affect how much they’re willing to spend).

If you’re wondering how to price your digital marketing services, consider various factors that contribute to value. Check out our comprehensive guide on how much you should charge for digital marketing to help you determine your worth in the market.

How Much Do Digital Marketers Make?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including where you live, your education level, and the type of work you do. In the US, the median salary for digital marketing managers is $100,000 per year, according to 

To see how much other jobs in the field pay in different countries around the world, check out our Digital Marketing Salary Guide for 2018: 

What Skills Are Needed To Be A Digital Marketer?

The skills you need to be a digital marketer are varied, but they include:

Marketing. This includes everything from creating strategy, writing content, and making sales.

Social media marketing. You have to know how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter correctly and also understand their capabilities and limitations when it comes to helping your business grow.

Data analysis. Understanding how data can be used for marketing purposes is essential for any digital marketer looking for success in their field today; this could involve anything from marketing automation software (like Infusionsoft) or A/B testing tools like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer, among others.

Copywriting & content creation skills. If you’re not great at writing compelling copy then it’s unlikely that your clients will trust you with their campaigns because nobody wants boring content on their website!

Is There A Lot Of Demand For Digital Marketing Freelancers?

The demand for digital marketing freelancers is growing. It’s expected to continue growing in the next few years.

This means that if you’re looking for opportunities as a digital marketing freelancer, you’re in luck the industry has more demand than it can supply right now. And that’s great news because it means there should be plenty of opportunities out there for you!

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When Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Freelancer?

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a digital marketing freelancer. Here are some of the most common reasons:

You need someone with specific skills to help you out with a project or initiative. Perhaps you don’t have in-house expertise for your new B2B website and need someone who does, or maybe your company is launching a new product and wants to hire someone just for that project.

You want an outside perspective on your business. Hiring an independent contractor allows them to offer fresh ideas that can help improve your current approach as well as make suggestions on how to grow it in the future.

You need temporary assistance because of an employee shortage. This could be due to maternity leave, vacation time, illness, or any other reason why staff members aren’t available at a given period and if this happens regularly enough then it might be worth hiring somebody full-time instead!

What Is The Difference Between Hiring An Agency And Hiring A Freelancer?

The biggest difference between hiring an agency and hiring a freelancer is the number of resources you get for your money.

An agency, by definition, has more resources than a freelancer does. This means that the agency can handle more projects at once as well as different types of projects. An agency also has full-time staff members who are responsible for things like marketing and accounting; they’re not just one person who works on all things related to digital marketing.

On top of that: When you hire an individual freelancer (as opposed to an entire company), you don’t need to worry about setting up HR procedures or paying benefits or other overhead costs associated with running an office space with multiple employees working full time on your project(s).

Is It Cheaper To Hire A Digital Marketing Freelancer Than An Agency?

While it may be tempting to go with an agency because they have more resources, there are several reasons why hiring a freelancer can be more cost-effective and productive.

First, you will pay less for the same service. A typical digital marketing agency might charge $100 per hour or $1,000 per day. This can translate into tens of thousands of dollars in fees over a year if you hire them full-time. 

But with freelancers who charge anywhere between $50-$100 per hour and no retainer fee (like some agencies), you can get access to many of the same services at a fraction of the cost or even free!

Second, freelancers are often more flexible than agencies when it comes to working arrangements such as location and time zone, which means they’re easier for businesses on tight budgets (and in need of help) 

To manage remotely without having someone travel out of state or overseas every single week just so that person has time available during normal business hours back home before heading back out again tomorrow morning.

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Why Should I Hire A Freelance Digital Marketer Instead Of Using An Agency Or In-House Team?

Flexibility: Freelance digital marketers can be hired on a short-term basis, or for a longer period if needed. This gives you the flexibility to hire an expert who can help you with a project, while still being able to scale back when it’s not necessary anymore.

Results-focused: Hiring freelancers means that they’re only getting paid when they deliver results and that means they’ll work very hard to make sure those results happen quickly and efficiently.

Cost-effective: Because freelancers don’t have overhead costs like offices or salaries for employees, their services are usually much more cost-effective than hiring an agency or in-house team would be. Depending on how much you need help with your digital marketing strategy (or recruitment), this could be a huge benefit for your business!

What Is The Average Salary Of A Freelance Digital Marketer?

We’ve already touched on the topic of how much digital marketers make, but this is a pretty broad question. To get a better idea of what freelancers in your field should expect to earn, it’s important to know exactly what kind of person you are: do you work for yourself or are you an employee? 

Are there any particular skills that make your services more valuable than others?

The average salary for digital marketers who freelance is around USD 50k per year, with higher salaries around New York City and San Francisco (surprise!). 

It’s also worth noting that in many cases, freelance digital marketer salaries will be higher than the annual wage earned by full-time employees. 

The reasons behind this have been debated some say that it has something to do with location while others suggest it might just be because freelancers tend to work longer hours than their nine-to-five counterparts but whatever the explanation may be, freelancing has its perks both financially and otherwise!

The digital marketing industry offers a wide range of opportunities with varying pay scales. Check out our comprehensive overview on how much digital marketing jobs pay to explore potential career options and their associated incomes.

What Types Of Things Do Digital Marketing Freelancers Offer That Agencies Don’t Offer?

As the digital marketing industry grows, more and more people are getting into it. One of the most popular ways for freelancers to make money is by offering their services to clients who need help with their digital marketing campaigns.

Freelancers offer flexibility and lower costs: Digital marketing agencies often have hundreds of clients at a time, which means that they can’t be as flexible with their pricing structures as freelancers can. 

This makes them more expensive for small businesses and startups that just want some help getting started in their digital marketing endeavors especially since most agencies don’t offer any type of payment plans or monthly payment options like many freelancers will do (at least in my experience).

Freelancers can be more creative: If you’re looking for creativity over consistency and standardization, then hiring an independent contractor might be right up your alley! 

You’ll also likely get some fresh ideas from someone who’s not quite as familiar with what you do as someone who has been around longer (and thus may have developed a formulaic way of doing things).

How Can I Tell If My Marketing Efforts Are Failing Or Succeeding?

But how do you know if your marketing efforts are failing or succeeding?

First, know what to measure. Yes, this sounds obvious. But it’s not enough just to know that you should be measuring something you need to know what data points will help guide your business in the right direction. 

For example: If you’re running a Facebook ad campaign for new clients, then spend some time thinking about who those people might be (and where they hang out online). Do they fit into certain demographics? 

Are there particular interests or hobbies that might clue you in on which ads would resonate with them? What wording would attract their attention instead of turning them off?

And then once you’ve measured what needs measuring (the “how”), consider where those metrics can come from. Not all data is created equal some sources will give more accurate results than others depending upon what information they can provide and how well they collect it. 

There are many different types of digital-marketing analytics tools available today: Google Analytics is one popular option, but other services exist as well such as Kissmetrics or HubSpot’s Marketing Platform (which has its analytics suite).

Finally, don’t forget about maintenance! This may sound like common sense but it’s important enough to warrant repeating: 

For any type of measurement system from Google Analytics itself down through every level beneath it to work effectively over time requires constant upkeep and monitoring so nothing gets missed along the way due to lackadaisicalness from either end user/administrator side (or both).

How Can I Find Out If I Have Any Gaps In My Marketing Knowledge That Needs To Be Filled By Hiring Someone Else To Perform These Services For Me?

Before you hire someone else to perform these services for you, it’s important to first analyze your current marketing efforts. This will help you determine what gaps in your knowledge exist and where they are.

Once a plan has been put into place and systems have been implemented, it’s wise to regularly reevaluate your progress. If something isn’t working or seems out of place, then it’s time to make some changes.

If certain things seem like they’re not working but aren’t causing any major problems right now, it might be best simply not address them at all until there is more time and money available for improvements (or until the problem becomes so severe that even small improvements would address most of the issue).

Managing digital marketing costs is essential for success. Learn more about typical expenses and budgeting tips in our guide on how much digital marketing costs per month to ensure your marketing efforts are efficient and effective.


In conclusion, the average salary of a digital marketer is $47,000 per year. This is higher than the average salary of workers in other fields of marketing such as public relations ($35,000 per year) or advertising ($54,000 per year). 

Digital marketers can also make more money by working for smaller companies or startups that don’t have huge budgets for hiring full-time employees. These companies are usually willing to pay freelancers more than larger firms who have less flexibility when it comes time to work around other commitments like family vacations.

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How much can a digital marketing freelancer earn?

Digital marketing freelancers’ earnings can vary depending on their experience, skills, and the scope of projects they handle. While some freelancers may make a modest income, others can earn significant sums by working with high-paying clients and delivering exceptional results.

What factors influence a freelance digital marketing manager’s salary?

The salary of a freelance digital marketing manager can be influenced by factors such as their expertise, location, industry demand, project complexity, and the size of the clients they serve. More experienced and specialized managers tend to command higher compensation.

Is digital marketing freelancing a viable career option for beginners?

Yes, digital marketing freelancing can be a viable career option for beginners. While building a reputation and client base may take time, starting as a freelancer allows beginners to gain practical experience and exposure to various industries.

How can I find freelance digital marketing opportunities?

To find freelance digital marketing opportunities, consider networking within your industry, leveraging online freelance platforms, reaching out to potential clients directly, and building a strong online presence through a portfolio or website.

What are some tips for succeeding as a freelance digital marketer?

Succeeding as a freelance digital marketer requires a combination of technical skills, business acumen, and effective communication. It’s essential to stay updated with industry trends, continuously improve your skills, and prioritize client satisfaction to thrive in this competitive field.