How I Double My Email Subscribers And Page Views In One Day

Even though I’m a social media maven, I only started building my own following about two years ago. Despite being an avid user, I had always seen my Twitter account as more of a personal journal than something that could be used to grow a business. 

Wow, was I wrong! The amount of traffic and new email subscribers these social media channels have brought in for me is staggering. Of course, there’s no magic bullet to creating a successful social media strategy overnight. 

It takes time, effort, and an understanding of the platforms you’re using before you can boost your engagement and reach. 

However, there are some great ways to fast-track that process if you’re willing to put in the time upfront which is where this guide comes into play! In it, we’ll go over 10 different ways you can boost your reach on Twitter and increase conversions from your audience today.

Email double opt-in introduction – MailerLite tutorial – YouTube
1. Implementing effective email capture forms.
2. Crafting compelling and shareable content.
3. Leveraging social media for wider reach.
4. Utilizing targeted online advertising.
5. Analyzing and optimizing user engagement.

Create A Tweet

You can use the following formula to create an effective tweet:

Use a call to action. What do you want your readers to do? If you’re using a landing page, then encourage them to click on the link and sign up for emails. If not, just let them know that they should subscribe so that they don’t miss any of your content. 

You can also ask them questions or use humor in your tweets as long as it doesn’t come across as too salesy or self-promotional (don’t be afraid of letting your personality shine through).

Use a strong headline that includes both benefit and problem elements (you’ll learn more about this later). This will help people understand why they need what you’re offering before even reading further into the post itself!

Include an image or video if possible; images tend to perform better than written content when it comes down specifically where things like social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are concerned.

Because people tend not only glance but also read through each line instead of just scrolling past everything quickly like Google Search Results do when looking something up online.”

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Create A Strong Offer

Offer something of value to your audience that they can’t get anywhere else. Don’t make them think too much about it just give them what they want, when they want it.

Make sure your offer is relevant to your audience and easy for them to use (e.g., if you’re offering an eBook or online course, make sure the landing page has links that lead straight back to where they can download it). 

If you have too many hoops for someone to jump through before they get their hands on your offer, then the chances of people buying lessen significantly!

Utilize Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are a great tool for bloggers. They allow you to add rich media content like images, videos, and links to your tweets. 

This means that whenever someone shares one of your articles on Twitter, all their followers will see the image or video that’s embedded in it when they click on it. 

It also allows you to add links directly from within the tweet so readers can easily navigate from Twitter to your blog post, landing page, or store!

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Create An Email Checklist

Once you have a clear call to action, it’s time to write your email. To start, create an email checklist with all of the things that need to happen before you hit send:

Have a clear call to action. Your emails should be focused on one thing: getting more subscribers. If you don’t have this in mind as you’re writing your copy, it will show up in the body and make for sloppy messaging.

Use compelling subject lines. Subscribers are picky about which emails they choose to open so make sure yours is worth their time! 

Try using curiosity phrases like “Don’t miss out on…” or “Didn’t see this coming…” in order to draw people in as soon as they land on your page (and not just once per day). It may seem obvious but some people forget how powerful simple words can be when used correctly!

Create Push Notification Buttons

A push notification button is a big, red button that you place on your site that says something like “Get My Free Ebook” or “Take me to the next page”. 

When someone clicks on it, they are taken directly to a form where they can sign up for your email list and get what you promised them (the ebook).

These buttons are important because they give people an easy way to convert without having to think about it. If you do it right, most people will land directly on your mailing list without ever leaving the page!

Add Text Links To Your Twitter Chats

While you’re organizing your Twitter chat, take a look at your website’s copy and do some targeted adjustments. This is the perfect opportunity to add text links to everything you want people to know about.

Link to your website: This can be anything on the home page that relates to your Twitter chat topic. If you’re doing a food-themed chat, maybe add a link under the “About Us” section where it says “Our Chef”. 

The link will take people over there and give them more information about what kind of food they can expect if they attend/join the chat.

Link to a blog post: You probably have some blog posts about this topic; so link those up too! It would be silly not to mention them when everyone’s talking about it on Twitter! 

If people see those links in their feed or mentions, they’ll click through and get even more info from you! How cool is that?

Link to a video: If there are any videos related directly related (and preferably free) then make sure they’re linked on this page as well just like above with blogging posts! 

You want all relevant content at hand for whoever’s visiting right now so that no one leaves without learning something new!

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Use Special Offers And Giveaways Wisely

Promotions are a powerful way to build a sense of urgency, excitement, community, and trust in your brand. 

In an age where everyone has access to the same information on social media or the web at large, you must stand out from the crowd and give your audience something they can’t get anywhere else. 

This can be as simple as offering them a discount on their next purchase if they sign up for your email list today or it could be something more elaborate like hosting an online conference where 100 of your top customers win free tickets to meet you in person later this year at an exclusive retreat!

Write Clearly And Professionally

When you write, your goal is to deliver information clearly and professionally. This means keeping it simple and using short sentences and clear language. 

You want a conversational tone that’s friendly but professional; think of it like you’re talking with a friend over coffee or giving someone directions on the street.

You also want to use active voice when possible (as opposed to passive voice) because this makes your writing more engaging for readers it sounds less like an instruction manual and more like a conversation. 

Finally, avoid flowery language or overly complicated words unless they are necessary for conveying your meaning effectively.

Use Hashtags To Boost Reach And Engagement On Twitter

If you’re looking to boost your traffic and engagement on Twitter, hashtags are the way to go. Not only will they help you reach a wider audience, but they’ll also increase your brand awareness and gain more followers.

Here’s how:

Use relevant, popular hashtags in your tweets to tap into the conversations surrounding them. This is one of the easiest ways to reach an entirely new pool of people who may be interested in what you have to say about a particular subject matter (and who knows? 

They might even retweet or favorite your tweet). For example, if I wanted my blog posts about email marketing strategy to be read by more people from around the world (i.e., not just by my friends and family).

Then I could write a post about “how adding clickable links can increase subscriber conversion rates,” tag it with popular hashtags like #emailmarketingtips and #emailmarketingstrategy, and voilà! More people will see what I’ve written thanks to these tags!

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Maximizing The Value Of Your Social Media

Use the right hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of more people, but only if you know how to pick good ones. 

For example, the most popular hashtag for food and travel photos on Instagram is #foodporn (and all variations thereof), with over 2 million posts, whereas there’s only one post tagged #photography.

Be consistent. One way to ensure that you don’t lose momentum is by being consistent with posting times, days, and strategies. 

For example, if you’re using Twitter but only post once every few weeks or months or just before major events you won’t see any real results from it until then either! 

So make sure that whatever schedule works best for YOU makes sense for your business goals that way if something comes up unexpectedly (like an unexpected holiday party).

At least everyone knows what’s going on so they don’t miss out because no one else has posted yet either!

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I know that getting more email subscribers can be a challenge, but if you follow these simple steps, it’s not too difficult. I hope you found this article helpful and that you will use some of my tips to grow your email list!

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And here’s the FAQs section:


How can I increase traffic to my website?

Increasing website traffic involves a combination of strategies such as optimizing content for SEO, leveraging social media, using paid advertising, and focusing on quality backlinks.

What are some effective ways to promote a YouTube channel?

Promoting a YouTube channel requires creating engaging and relevant content, optimizing video titles and descriptions, collaborating with other YouTubers, and actively engaging with your audience.

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