Become A Millionaire Blogger Without Becoming A Self-Proclaimed Expert

You no longer need to spend years at a company working your way up the corporate ladder or get an MBA from an elite university if you want to become a self-made millionaire. You can do it all from home, by starting a blog. 

You don’t need any special training or education – all you need is passion, dedication and the willingness to learn. It might sound corny but it’s true: I’ve seen people with nothing more than basic computer skills build successful blogs that generate millions of dollars per year!

How to Become a BLOGGER in 2023 // How I Started a Blog
Key Takeaways
Focus on valuable content that resonates with your audience.
Embrace continuous learning and growth in your niche.
Build credibility through authentic experiences and expertise.
Connect and collaborate with other industry professionals.
Prioritize building a loyal readership over self-promotion.
Monetize strategically without compromising your audience’s trust.
Provide unique perspectives and insights that stand out.
Consistency and perseverance are crucial for long-term success.
Leverage your passion and authenticity to attract opportunities.
Cultivate a mindset of success and abundance.

1. Take Yourself Seriously

To be successful, you need to take yourself seriously. This means being confident in your abilities and passionate about what you do. 

It also means being committed to your goals, willing to invest in yourself, willing to invest in your business, and willing to invest in the community that supports your venture.

The good news is that everyone has access to education these days; the bad news is that not everyone invests in it as much as they should! 

The best way for bloggers or entrepreneurs to take themselves seriously is by educating themselves on things like marketing strategies, social media management tactics, and SEO practices so they can get ahead of their competition (and hopefully one day become an expert).

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2. Invest In Your Online Education

I would encourage you to get your hands dirty. It’s time to put the pen down and start learning by doing.

Read books. There are many books out there that help us learn about money, business, marketing, and more. 

Take a look at my list of recommended personal finance books here and my post on how I use Kindle Unlimited to read free eBooks here. I also have a list of recommended business books here if you’re looking for those resources as well!

Listen to podcasts or watch videos online which can be found on YouTube channels like “The 80/20 Entrepreneur” where they share their experiences with building businesses with their guests who are experts in their fields.

Such as blogging/content creation & marketing strategies that helped them grow their businesses from scratch into multi-million dollar empires (just like Pat Flynn did). 

You can also find great information about how people got started in real estate investing through podcasts like BiggerPockets Radio or Investing Daily Lessons which feature interviews about how others got started investing in real estate without having any previous experience doing so!

Sign up for an online course(s) if you’re interested in learning more about specific topics such as marketing strategies used by bloggers who’ve made millions from blogging alone so that way when it comes time for me to write my next book.

We’ll all know exactly what steps need to be taken before we even begin working on our first chapter together! 

Or maybe even better yet – sign up directly below this article right now so that way when it comes time to start making money blogging full time – we’ll already know everything there is

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3. Make A Website Plan

The best way to start your blog is to make a plan. This can be as simple as creating a list of what you want to include on your blog, or it could involve hours of research into keywords and competition. 

Either way, you must have a plan so that you know where you’re heading with this whole thing.

A few things worth considering when making your website plan:

  • What do I want my website to look like? Will it have pictures? Videos? How many pages do I need? How often do I update each page (or should they be updated)?
  • Who will be reading my blog? What kind of content will appeal most specifically to them? Can I write about a topic that interests me without having any expertise in it whatsoever (and still get good results)? And finally…

4. Start An Email List And A Facebook Group

  • Start an email list.
  • Start a Facebook group.

You should start an email list because it will allow you to build relationships with your readers, as well as create a sense of community around your blog and content. 

You can either set up the list manually or use one of the many tools available to help manage it for you in exchange for a small fee (I use ConvertKit). 

An important thing to remember is that when someone signs up for your email list, make sure that they know exactly what they’re signing up for! 

Send them a welcome message that explains what’s in store for them (i.e., “Dear reader, I’m going to send you weekly newsletters with my newest blog posts and tips on how much money I made this week”).

So they know what’s coming their way without having any expectations whatsoever about what kind of emails they’ll receive from now on.

5. Start Building A Community

Now that you have a core idea of what it takes to start a blog, let’s talk about the ways that you can build a community around your blog. The best way to do this is by building a Facebook group or an email list.

The best way to start building your Facebook group is by creating an opt-in form (also known as an “opt-in box”) at the end of any post on your blog that asks readers if they want more information or content from you. 

You can use LeadPages or SumoMe to create these boxes, which are popups that appear when someone clicks away from your site.

The second method involves collecting email addresses directly through Google Forms so that people can sign up for whatever freebie/course/product offer you have available at the time. 

When someone submits their information via Google Form, they will get added automatically to MailChimp so you can start sending out emails from day one!

: Becoming a recognized authority in your niche doesn’t have to be daunting. Explore our guide on how to become a local business expert and unlock the power of establishing meaningful connections that boost your blog’s credibility.

6. Value And Respect Your Community

Be thankful for your community. After all, a community is only as strong as its members, and you will be much more successful if your community is thriving.

Be grateful for the people who are part of your online community. If you want to be a millionaire blogger, then it means that you’ve already found some success in blogging and making money from it and that’s because of your readers! 

The more grateful you can be toward them (and their support), the better off everyone will be in the long run; and when things go wrong or get difficult along the way, remember how much they mean to you they’ve kept this dream alive!

7. Pick The Right Blogging Platform For You

Picking the right blogging platform is important. If you go with a blogging platform that doesn’t work for your content, you’re going to have a tough time making money from it. Here are some things to think about:

  • Is it easy for you to use?
  • Is it easy for you to maintain?
  • Is it easy for you to update?

You should also consider whether or not the platform allows users like yourself (that is, regular people) or only experts who can code their stuff in HTML and CSS. 

While the latter option may sound attractive because of its potential for high earnings…don’t be fooled! It’s probably not worth the time required by most people just starting with blogging unless they already have those skills anyway.

8. Find Your Niche

It’s time to find your niche.

What is that? It’s the area where you can be the best in your field or at least better than most others. A niche may seem like it limits your options and opportunities, but it sets the stage for a more focused approach and will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t know what kind of blog you want yet, try doing some initial research on different niches first before settling on one:

What are other bloggers writing about? Is there an interesting trend going on right now? Check out their posts and see if they’re getting any engagement or comments from their readers.

What topics do people tend to search for when they visit Google? This can give you some insight into what keywords are currently popular with potential readers and which ones aren’t as popular yet but could become so soon!

As a new blogger, you’re stepping into a world of possibilities. Delve into our collection of 11 SEO tips for every new blogger to gain insights on optimizing your content, growing your audience, and making your mark in the digital landscape.

9. Aim To Create Evergreen Content

The next step to creating evergreen content is to write timeless content.

Evergreen content is a term used in digital marketing and SEO to describe topics that are relevant and can be used by readers long after they’re published. It’s important because it helps you build trust with your audience, so they know you are an authority on the topic at hand.

If you want your blog to remain relevant for longer than just one month, then creating evergreen content will help you achieve that goal!

10. Write Powerful Headlines That Make People Want To Read Your Blog Post

A headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on your blog. It’s also the only way you can grab their attention and make them want to read more of your content.

The key is to write headlines that are short and catchy, but also give readers an idea of what they’ll be reading about. 

You don’t need to spend hours coming up with the perfect headline; in fact, most successful bloggers will tell you that it takes less than 30 seconds for them to think of one good enough for their purposes.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep it short no longer than two sentences
  • Use numbers or visual references (e.g., “How To”) to catch people’s attention
  • Add some humor if possible

11. Write Posts That Are Easier To Read And Promote It As Much As You Can

  • Write posts that are easier to read and promote them as much as you can

If your blog’s content is hard to understand, or if it contains errors in spelling and grammar, people will lose interest very quickly. 

You don’t want this to happen because nobody wants to deal with a headache when they could be reading something that doesn’t make them feel like they need a nap afterward! 

Also, there are many tools available today that can check for grammar and spelling errors on your website another reason why investing in such software would be worth the investment.

A few more tips:

Use bullet points instead of paragraphs whenever possible (bullets help break up the text into smaller chunks). This makes it easier for readers’ eyes not only when scanning them but also when scanning through search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It’s also important not only because so many people use smartphones these days but also because most social media platforms display feeds in small chunks anyway. 

This means that anything you write should ideally fit within those limits while still being readable by anyone regardless of their preferences regarding font size or color scheme (which we’ll cover next).

12. Try To Establish Yourself As Someone Thought Leadership In Your Niche

The most important thing to remember is that you are not an expert! You are a blogger. And that’s alright. Just because you blog about something doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in it.

It’s very easy for us bloggers to get carried away with ourselves, so try not to do this, or else it will affect your mentality and writing abilities negatively.

13. Ask For Help From People You Admire And Pay Them Back In Whatever Way You Can

When you start to make money, offer to help people you admire. In return, they’ll do the same for you. Pay it forward in whatever way you can.

If someone offers a piece of advice and it makes sense, take it! 

If someone tells you about something that might be valuable and that person has never asked for anything from you before, then give back by paying them forward in any way possible (and don’t wait until they ask).

14. Be Nice To People, Especially If They Have Something To Offer That You Need Or Want To Learn From

Being nice to people, especially if they have something to offer that you need or want to learn from, is a powerful way to build connections.

You must be nice and respectful not just because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s good business. You never know who will help you or what opportunities are waiting around the corner for someone else’s kindness. 

In this day and age, everyone seems more willing than ever before (because of social media) to share their knowledge with others and those people are often just as willing (if not more so) to return the favor later down the road when they see an opportunity for mutual benefit.

Transitioning into full-time writing comes with its own set of challenges and revelations. Join us as we share our journey and the 25 things we’re learning along the way, providing valuable lessons and insights for fellow writers navigating a similar path.


One thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that there are a few key principles you should always keep in mind when you’re trying to become successful at anything. One of those is that it’s better to focus on the process than the results. 

The process will take time and hard work, but if you’re willing to put in both then success should follow. Another principle is that there are no shortcuts – no matter how much money or fame someone has, for example, they still had to work for it. 

Finally, always remember there will be people who don’t believe in what’s possible because they’ve never seen anyone do before them (or don’t see how anyone could succeed). Don’t let these nay-sayers stop you from pursuing your dreams!

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How can I become a millionaire with limited financial resources?

Becoming a self-made millionaire without a substantial amount of money requires a combination of resourcefulness, smart decision-making, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Consider leveraging your skills, networking, and identifying opportunities that align with your strengths.

What are the key factors to making millions through blogging?

Successful blogging involves a mix of quality content creation, effective audience engagement, strategic monetization methods, and a consistent approach. By focusing on building a loyal readership and offering value, you can create a foundation for generating significant income.

How can I increase my blogging income?

To increase your blogging income, consider diversifying your revenue streams. Explore options such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, digital product creation, and offering premium content to your audience. Consistently improving your content quality and engaging with your readers can also contribute to higher income.

What unique approaches can lead to becoming a millionaire blogger?

Embracing innovative tactics like niche-specific strategies, unique content formats, and creative storytelling can set you apart as a millionaire blogger. Additionally, developing strong connections within your industry and staying open to experimentation can yield exceptional results.

Is it possible to become a millionaire blogger even if I’m just starting out?

Absolutely! While becoming a millionaire blogger might take time and dedication, starting with a clear niche, consistent content creation, and a growth-oriented mindset can lay the groundwork for future success. Focus on building an engaged audience and refining your strategies as you progress.