Ways Some Bloggers Make Money Online – Lessons I Learned

After getting a few freelance writing jobs under my belt, I realized that the more ways you can make money as a blogger, the better. This is because it’s hard to get started on this career path and there are bound to be ups and downs along the way. 

It takes years for most people to start making a full-time income from blogging, but some bloggers manage to make their living sooner than that. 

Some have managed to make millions of dollars with their blogs! I have compiled a list of 33 ways some bloggers make money online:

How To Make Money Online With A Blog – YouTube
Key Takeaways
– Blogging offers various avenues for generating income online.
– Learning from experienced bloggers can provide valuable insights into effective monetization strategies.
– Freelance writing and copywriting can be lucrative paths to earning money through your blog.
– Understanding the importance of SEO and content marketing is essential for driving traffic and monetizing your blog.
– Building an online community and engaging with your audience can contribute to long-term success in the blogging world.

Writing For Other Blogs

Writing for other blogs can be an easy way to make money online. Bloggers who write guest blog posts get paid per article, but the payment isn’t always consistent. Some blogs pay their writers by the word or by pageview, while some pay based on clicks or signups.

Some bloggers also earn money when their articles are linked to other sites and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

These links allow readers to click through to the original article and then read more of that author’s work elsewhere on the Internet — which allows them to earn enough money for a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote and sell other people’s products, and earn a commission for each sale you make. For example, if I have a blog about running and I’m looking for a pair of new running shoes, I can search online to find the best deals on shoes. 

If I find an online store that has great prices and good reviews, then I can post their link on my blog along with some information about the product. 

When someone clicks through to buy those shoes and makes a purchase, both I (the affiliate) and that merchant get paid by the network or program we’re working with. 

This form of digital marketing is rapidly growing in popularity because it allows bloggers to earn money without having to create their products or sites.

Selling Courses

Create a course.

Sell it in your blog, on other platforms, and through a marketing funnel.

Price the course based on what you want to make and how long you think it will take you to create it (e.g., $100/month might be too low if you’re creating an online course that requires five hours per week over six months.)

Market your product using email marketing, social media posts, guest posts, and more! You can also use traditional advertising methods such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads (more on both of these later).

Deliver content consistently over time so that customers know what they are paying for when investing in this; don’t let them down by not delivering what was promised during the sales process!

“Build” an affiliate program that allows other bloggers/influencers/etc., who trust their judgment on quality products within certain categories (like food blogs), to promote them for free because they have confidence in their ability to sell said items successfully themselves.

But only if those “affiliates” meet certain qualifications like being active members within your community already before becoming affiliates themselves do NOT just hand out affiliate links without vetting them first that’s lazy 🙂

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Promoting Your Products, Ebooks, And Services

Promoting your products, eBooks, and services is a great way to make money online. If you have something of value you can sell, it makes sense to promote it on your blog. Here are seven different ways bloggers do this:

Give a free trial of your product or service. Have people sign up for the free trial in exchange for an email address. 

This will allow them to try out what you’ve got without any risk on their part and it gives them enough time for the product (or service) to make an impact on their lives so they’ll likely want more when the trial ends.

Offer a discount on your product or service during launch week or other special promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales season each year. 

Create buzz around these promotions by posting about them in advance so readers who might not normally pay attention will remember later when they see something interesting happening again next year!

Offer free consultations with everyone who buys something from you at full price–even if that’s just one hour’s worth of work once every three months (or whatever works best).

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to make money online. There are lots of websites and magazines that pay you to write articles for them, and it can be a fun way to learn about topics you’re interested in while working from home.

You might have heard about people who blog as their main source of income, but many bloggers also do freelance writing on the side as well. 

That means they don’t only focus on blogging, but also take clients from other places too (like their personal website or another website).

If you want to start freelancing with your skillset and passion for writing, here are some tips for getting started:

Crafting compelling content is the key to successful blogging. Dive into the simple secret of good writing to enhance your skills and captivate your audience with engaging and impactful blog posts.

Find Your Niche

The first step is figuring out what kind of work you want to do and what type of content do people need? For example, if you like technology news then maybe try looking at tech blogs or websites that hire writers all the time like Mashable or TechCrunch. 

Or if cooking is more your thing then maybe look into food blogs like Food52 or Saveur magazine online which have been known to hire writers occasionally as well! 

Remember: You always have more options than just one option so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out right away either!

Selling Consulting Services

Selling consulting services is one of the most common ways bloggers make money online. If you have a skill or expertise in a particular area and can offer your services as a consultant, there are many benefits to this type of revenue stream.

The first thing you need to consider when selling consulting services is the value of your time. In other words, how much is an hour or day worth? 

It may be tempting to charge less so that more people will hire you and increase the number of clients on your roster, but if they don’t pay well enough for all your work (and overhead), then it won’t be worth it in the long run.

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding what fees are fair is how much experience or education someone has and how much they can afford to spend for them to get results from working with you.

Selling Online Coaching Services

The internet is a great place to make money, but it’s also a great place to get advice. One of the most common ways people earn an income online is by providing coaching services. These can take on many different forms:

Consulting services. If you have expertise in a certain area and want to help other people succeed in it, you can offer consulting services for money. 

For example, if you’re an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) and know how to get websites ranked high on Google, then clients will pay good money for your expertise.

Coaching services. Your coaching might be virtual or face-to-face depending on what your clients prefer; 

Whether they just want email support or weekly meetings too will depend on their needs and budget as well as where they live geographically speaking.

Since some places may not be accessible via Skype or FaceTime video chats while others may require travel expenses before starting any kind of coaching program together so keep these factors in mind when coming up with ideas about how deliverable will work best for them!

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Selling Ad Space On Your Blog

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is to sell ad space on your website.

If you’re new to this, it can be intimidating. But don’t worry we’re here to help!

Here are some tips for selling ad space on your blog:

Negotiate a good price. Don’t just accept whatever price someone offers you; it’s important that you feel like you’re receiving a fair deal. 

If an advertiser makes an offer, ask them if they would be willing to negotiate on the cost of their ad placement and other terms for the money they spend on advertising with you will be worthwhile (and profitable).

Make sure you get paid. Before agreeing on anything with a potential advertiser, make sure they have an agreement in place stating exactly how much they will pay and when they’ll pay it.

So there are no surprises later down the line when it comes time for payment or whether there’s even going e0305f4b6a4cad564b2a2d6eaf5e7d5eac8f090400861d9bb50c2f963aeaa52e

Selling Sponsored Posts

Selling sponsored posts. This is one of the most common ways bloggers make money online, and even if you’re not a blogger yourself, it’s still possible to get involved with this method. 

A sponsored post is an article that is written by you (or someone else) and published on another site in exchange for payment. It can be published on your blog first then syndicated elsewhere or directly on the other site as a guest blog post.

Sponsored social media posts are also growing in popularity as brands begin more often offering payment for tweets or Instagram posts mentioning their products and services. 

When I was blogging full time there were many times when companies would reach out via email asking me to do an Instagram photo collage of different items they sent me this also counts as branded content! 

I didn’t always get paid but it was usually enough to cover my hosting fees for the month so I’d jump at any chance to make some cash off my hobby! 

As far as other platforms go though (Snapchat, IGTV, etc.) I don’t know too much about how much these cost yet since they’re newer forms of communication between businesses/advertisers and consumers/bloggers alike.”

Writing Paid Reviews Of New Products

A paid review is just like any other review except that you got paid to write it. The goal of a paid review is not to tell the reader what they can expect from the product, but rather to persuade them into buying it. 

It’s like when your friend tells you that she loves her new mascara and then asks if you want to buy some of her because it’s been discontinued. You might be more inclined to buy something if someone who knows about beauty products has recommended it than if they didn’t give their opinion on the product at all!

The best way I’ve found of getting these gigs is by contacting companies directly through their websites or social media pages and asking if they are interested in having me write reviews for them (many companies will list how many items they need to be reviewed). 

If there are no listings available on their site, though, I would suggest reaching out through email instead this way there won’t be any confusion over whether or not they’re looking for freelance writers right now (or ever!).

Being A Virtual Assistant (VA)

Being a virtual assistant (VA) can be a great way to make money online. You’ll need some basic computer skills, but other than that, you don’t have to have any special training. 

As long as you’re good with people and organized, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be a virtual assistant.

The benefits of being a VA are that it allows flexibility in your work schedule and location. And depending on the type of business you’re working for, it may allow access to opportunities that would otherwise not be available to those who work from home or outside an office setting.

To become a successful VA, you should have excellent communication skills with clients on the phone or via email/chat programs such as Skype or Zoom if they prefer using those platforms instead of traditional phone calls (which can often make it difficult for clients). 

It also helps if they know how to manage multiple projects at once since most clients will probably want more than one thing done at once.

So having this capability will help them feel confident knowing their needs will always get met regardless of how busy things get around here at HQ which is always buzzing with activity 24/7 365 days per year!

Providing Virtual Training Or Consulting Services

As a side business, you can offer your skills as a consultant. After building up a good reputation in your niche, you can offer your services to other bloggers, or even businesses that need help with their blogs.

If you have a particularly popular topic and some people are looking for more information on it, this might be an excellent opportunity for you. 

If you don’t already have the expertise they need, then consider investing in some training so that you can better serve those clients by providing value through your expertise.

Creating An Artificial Scarcity Of Products

The scarcity principle is a marketing concept that states that a perceived lack of something can drive demand for it. It’s the same reason why people will buy last-minute airfare at full price instead of waiting until the next day: they are afraid they won’t be able to get what they want.

Scarcity can be used to increase sales just as easily as it can be used to create panic. When you create an artificial shortage of products, customers will feel like there is limited time left before all opportunities pass them by and they miss out forever (even if this isn’t true). 

This idea also works with non-perishable items because it creates an urgency to make a decision now rather than later when there may not be any left for sale anyway! There are plenty of ways that bloggers use this principle in their businesses so let’s take a look at some examples:

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Make Money On The 1st 100 Sales Only And Then Offer A Lifetime Discount

It’s a pretty standard business practice to offer a discount on the first 100 sales. The idea is that you’re willing to take less money now for the sake of having more customers in the future. 

This can also be applied to online courses and other digital products, but there are some important caveats you should keep in mind:

Make sure it’s worth it! If your course costs $400 and people will get a lifetime discount if they purchase within the first 100 purchases, then you need to make sure that the first 100 purchases are worth more than $400 each. 

So maybe instead of offering a 50% discount for those first 100 buyers, offer something like $100 off their next course?

Don’t make it too complicated! You don’t want something so complicated that people won’t bother using it (this would include things like coupons or promo codes). 

Instead, think about how likely someone would be interested in buying from you after hearing about what they stand to gain by doing so then figure out what value might work best given this information.


I hope that this blog post has given you some ideas on ways to make money online. There are so many benefits to running your own business and being in control of your own time, that I would recommend it to anyone who might have been thinking about taking the plunge. 

Like anything in life, it takes time and commitment but if you put in the effort, then you too can be successful.

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How can I effectively monetize my blog?

Monetizing your blog involves strategies such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital products, and offering online courses. Choose methods that align with your niche and audience to maximize your earnings.

Is it possible to make a living solely from blogging?

Yes, it’s possible to earn a substantial income through blogging, but it requires dedication, quality content, and a well-executed monetization strategy. Many bloggers have turned their blogs into full-time businesses.

What role does SEO play in blogging for profit?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for driving organic traffic to your blog, which can lead to higher earnings. By optimizing your content for search engines, you can attract more visitors and potential customers.

How can I attract advertisers to my blog?

To attract advertisers, focus on building a strong online presence, producing high-quality content, and engaging with your audience. You can also reach out to brands directly or join ad networks that connect bloggers with relevant advertisers.

Are there any free tools to help me improve my blogging income?

Yes, there are free tools available, such as Google Analytics for tracking website traffic, Google AdSense for displaying ads, and social media platforms for promoting your content. Utilizing these tools can contribute to your blogging success without significant upfront costs.