The Most Important Skill For A Freelance Marketer

There’s a lot to think about when you decide to become a freelance marketer, but there’s one thing that stands out above all others: You’ll need some serious people skills. I know that sounds obvious, but it doesn’t mean what you think it means. 

This article will go through what I mean by “people skills,” and why they are so important to your career as a freelancer!

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Be Ready To Hit The Ground Running

As a freelancer, you need to be ready to take on any project. You’re the one who is going to decide how well it goes for you.

You may get asked to do more than the person who hired you expected: I once had a client ask me to build him an entire website in just a few hours. 

That was great because it meant we could get his business up and running quickly, but he also said he would pay me later on when he had money again. It worked out in the end but can cause problems if not handled properly.

Be prepared for anything and everything by being careful about what kind of clients you take on from here on out!

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Be Willing To Learn New Things

The best marketers are always looking to learn new things. They do this by reading articles and listening to podcasts, but they also know that the best way to learn is by doing.

When you’re starting out, it’s easy to feel like everything is a mystery. But if you’re willing to take action and try things, even if they don’t work right away, then one day all of your questions will be answered.

Be Sure You Understand The Technical Process First

Finally, the most important skill for a freelance marketer is to understand the technical process. There is no way to get around it and do it well if you don’t understand how online marketing works.

As a freelancer, you will be responsible for every aspect of an online marketing campaign from start to finish. You need to know how that process works to determine which tasks you can take on yourself and which ones you have no choice but to outsource. 

If possible, try getting involved even early on in the project so that when it comes time for launch or optimization, there are no surprises!

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Be A Good Communicator

In the last section, we discussed how important it is for a freelance marketer to be able to communicate clearly. But what does that mean exactly?

Being a good communicator means being clear and concise, using plain English rather than corporate jargon. It also means speaking loudly and clearly so that your clients can hear you over any background noise they may be listening to while working in their offices or homes. 

It also means using hand gestures when appropriate to help illustrate points you’re making during conversations or presentations. 

And finally, it means using visual aids like whiteboards or flip charts when explaining concepts or sharing ideas with others (or yourself) so that everyone involved understands what’s going on!

Be Good At Guiding Projects Through Several Stages

Start by understanding the project and its goals. The more you know about the client, their goals, and the resources they have available, the better equipped you will be to guide projects through several stages.

That means understanding everything from what’s being asked of you (and why) to how your work fits into a larger strategy. It also means knowing who else needs to be involved for everyone involved to succeed and making sure that happens.

Then comes getting all of that information down in writing so everyone knows where they stand on each stage of the project: 

What needs doing now; when it should be done by; how much budget is available or not available; who should sign off on which deliverables or parts thereof; any risks associated with moving forward at all; quality standards…the list goes on!

Be Organized, And Able To Organize Others

You may have heard the phrase “be organized.” That’s good advice, but it doesn’t go far enough. What it means is that you need to know how to organize yourself, and be able to organize others.

Organization isn’t just a matter of keeping your desk tidy and your inbox uncluttered though it certainly helps. 

It’s about being able to recognize what needs doing, when it needs doing, and who should do it, and then getting it done before anyone else notices that something hasn’t been done yet.

As a freelancer with no one but yourself holding you accountable for deadlines and deliverables (except maybe your clients), this skill becomes even more crucial than usual: 

If there’s anything standing between you and success, the organization will help get rid of that hurdle so that nothing else has time to get in your way either.

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Keep Your Mind Open And Your Mouth Shut Until You Have All The Facts

When you’re working as a freelancer, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. But when you’re trying to solve a problem or deliver results, you’ve got to keep your mind open and your mouth shut until you have all the facts.

Don’t jump to conclusions. If something goes wrong, don’t assume that someone else is at fault you might be wrong! Always check things out first before jumping to conclusions or taking action (which could end up being costly).

Don’t make assumptions about what a client wants or how they will respond when faced with certain challenges ask questions instead of making assumptions about their needs or preferences! 

People can change their minds quickly; asking lots of questions keeps everyone on track by narrowing it down exactly.

What needs doing so there aren’t any surprises later on down the line when everything looks like it should be going smoothly but then suddenly isn’t anymore due simply because one thing slipped through unnoticed…

Be patient while waiting for answers this may take longer than usual depending on who’s answering back! 

But if someone took time out of his/her schedule just give them some respect back by not interrupting them until they finish what they were already doing before answering back right away instead 🙂

Bring Something New To The Table Every Time

The most important skill you can have as a freelancer is the ability to bring something new to the table every time.

As a freelancer, your job is to bring value and experience to your clients. You want them to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth every time they hire you. 

And when it comes down to it, all businesses are looking for employees who can make this happen which means that if you want them as clients or customers, then it will be up to you (and only you) if they actually work with or buy from your company again.

Remember That No One Cares About Your Feelings Or Insecurities

Remember that no one cares about your feelings or insecurities. It’s important to have a thick skin because the work you do will be critiqued by others. 

If you’re good at what you do, then criticism shouldn’t bother you if it does, take the time to reflect on why that is and how you can improve.

Don’t let other people’s feelings get in the way of getting things done. It’s important not to let other people’s emotions cloud your decision-making process when it comes to business or marketing tasks (or anything else). 

Remember: they might yell at each other behind closed doors after they leave work for the day, but when they come into work tomorrow morning.

They’ll have forgotten all about whatever argument happened last night after leaving the bar across town where they met up with their friends from college who are now working elsewhere in different countries around the world!

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Remember Who’s Paying For Results And Deliver Them

You are the one who is getting paid. You are the one who is responsible for the results. You are the one who is accountable for the results. 

You are the one who is responsible for delivering the results, and you should be prepared to accept responsibility if something goes wrong or doesn’t go as planned (which it never does).

Always Offer Value For Money Or Better

Offer value for money or better. If you are going to charge someone for your services, then make sure that they feel like they have got value in return. Always be honest with your clients and never over-promise or under-deliver on work.

Never say yes when you mean no. This is a great rule that I learned early on as a freelancer and it has served me well ever since! 

If you don’t know the answer, say so; if you don’t think something is possible, say so; if something will take longer than expected, let them know immediately!

Step Up To Responsibility Without Being Asked

As a freelancer, it’s going to be up to you to make sure that things get done. You won’t always have an amazing manager who is going to tell you what needs doing and when.

So step up and take responsibility for the work, even if no one has asked you to do it yet. This frees your client from having to nag or chase after someone else (like their full-time worker or intern).

The best way I know how this works is by example. When I first started working with a new client, they gave me some tasks they wanted me to complete, but not much else in terms of direction or guidance on how those tasks should be carried out. 

So instead of waiting for them specifically to tell me what they needed to be done, what was most important here?

If You Don’t Know The Answer, Say So – Then Go Find It Quickly

You may be a great marketer. You might have even spent years working for companies that gave you all the answers, but if you don’t know the answer and say so, then go find it quickly? 

That’s what makes you an awesome freelancer. No more pretending to know something just because someone else told it to you once. Be honest and say what needs to be said and let everyone else handle their stuff.

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Making A List Of Things That Need To Be Done

The first thing that you need to do is listen. You must make sure you understand what the client wants and has in mind. You need to understand the project, how it will work, and what needs to be done.

You also need to understand your client. Do they know exactly what they want? Do they have a clear idea of their expectations and deadlines? 

How much money are they willing or able to spend on this project? What kind of culture do they want their brand represented by (e.g., formal vs casual)?

Nip Problems In The Bud As Soon As You See Them Coming Up – Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Do It, Because They Won’t Always See It Themselves

This is one of the most important skills for a freelance marketer. It’s easy to see how this can become a problem for companies who are used to having someone in charge of everything, even if that person doesn’t know what’s going on. 

Companies with lots of employees will often let things fester, or wait for someone else to come up with a solution. As an independent worker, it’s your job (and it’s fun!) to say something when you see something wrong or think you can help improve things. 

Don’t let anything slide or wait for someone else to do it you’ll find that once people get used to being proactive and addressing issues right away instead of waiting around and hoping someone else will deal with them, they often like working more efficiently overall!

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If Someone Asks You How They Should Do Something, Tell Them How You Would Do It Rather Than Suggesting They Do It In A Way That Doesn’t Work For You Personally – There May Be Reasons They Want To Do Things The Other Way Around, Even If There Are More Efficient Routes Available

One of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to explain things in a way that makes sense to other people. 

If someone asks you how they should do something, tell them how you would do it rather than suggesting they do it in a way that doesn’t work for you.

There may be reasons they want to do things the other way around, even if there are more efficient routes available.

This is one of my favorite ways of helping people understand where I am coming from and why I make decisions as a freelancer. I’ll give an example:

One time when it helped me was with my portfolio website. It was great; everything looked fantastic and the content was well written. 

But then one day someone asked me about how long it had taken me to create this site (a question on everyone’s lips when they see these sorts of things). My first instinct was to say “Oh no! 

This took forever! It took hours upon hours just getting all those images selected…” but instead what came out was “You know what? The process only took about 15 minutes.”


We hope this list of tips will help you succeed as a freelance marketer, regardless of whether you’re looking to go into full-time freelancing or just want some extra income. 

Remember that there are many different ways to market yourself, and it’s important not to get too attached to one method over another don’t forget about other skills that might be useful too! 

There is no “right way” for every situation; take some time each day to reflect on how things are going with your business.

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Now, let’s move on to the FAQs section:


What are the core skills needed for freelance marketing success?

To succeed as a freelance marketer, you should possess a combination of skills such as strategic planning, content creation, data analysis, and client communication.

How can I become a proficient digital marketer?

Becoming a proficient digital marketer requires continuous learning and adaptation. Start by mastering core skills like SEO, content marketing, social media management, and data analysis.

What does a digital marketing manager do?

A digital marketing manager oversees marketing campaigns, analyzes data to optimize strategies, manages teams, and ensures effective online brand presence.

How do I stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends?

To stay updated with digital marketing trends, regularly follow industry blogs, attend webinars, conferences, and join online communities where professionals discuss the latest developments.

What’s the significance of data analytics in digital marketing?

Data analytics plays a crucial role in digital marketing as it helps in understanding consumer behavior, measuring campaign effectiveness, and making data-driven decisions to improve marketing strategies.