Press Releases That Generate Massive Traffic

Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your company and products. They can be distributed to hundreds of online outlets at once, which means they have a high chance of getting picked up by search engines like Google. 

And if someone shares your press release on social media or their website (either through a direct link or copy/paste), you’ll also see some referral traffic from those sites as well.

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Crafting effective press releases can drive substantial website traffic.
Well-written press releases can attract media attention and online exposure.
Optimizing press releases with keywords and links can boost SEO performance.
Press releases contribute to brand visibility and credibility.
A strategically planned press release distribution can result in increased website visits.
Newsworthy content and engaging headlines are crucial for press release success.
Utilizing press releases as part of your PR strategy can lead to audience growth.
Quality press releases provide value to readers and encourage them to explore your website.
Incorporating quotes and contact information enhances the effectiveness of press releases.
Leveraging press release distribution networks can maximize your reach and impact.

It Has A Unique Angle

You may be wondering, “What does a unique angle mean?” Well, let me tell you.

It has a unique angle. A press release should always have a unique angle. Otherwise, it won’t stand out from all the other press releases on any given day. 

If all your competitors are sending out their press releases about how great their service or product is, then yours will get lost in the mix even if yours is better than theirs.* This is because everyone knows that there’s nothing new under the sun (a quote from Ecclesiastes 1:9). 

So instead of trying to do something different and failing miserably at it, why not try doing something similar but better? That way even if someone else has already done it once before (which they probably have), they’ll still want to read about your version because it sounds good…and maybe even better than what was previously written or said!

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It Is Newsworthy

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your news release is newsworthy. What do we mean by this? Well, a newsworthy article is something that your audience will want to read and share because it’s interesting and important. It should also be timely if your release covers an event that happened months ago, there’s no point in sending it out now.

Here are some examples of newsworthy topics:

  • An app you built has been featured on Product Hunt or Hacker News
  • You’ve created a new product or service
  • A celebrity-endorsed one of your products (or vice versa)

It Has Stats And Numbers

To back up your claims with statistics, use data. The words “data” and “statistics” are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Statistics are a subset of data, but in general, data can be thought of as raw information that has not been organized or categorized. This can include charts and tables as well as words.

Statistics refer to numerical representations of data that have been organized into groups according to some sort of formula or process they’re just numbers that tell you something about a particular set of items (in this case, people). If you want to make an argument with numbers attached to it, stick with using statistics instead!

The best way to think about using statistics in PR is like this: if you were writing about how many times someone sneezed today on your blog post titled “How Many Times Will People Sneeze 

Today?” then each sneeze would be considered one piece of raw information; however, if we wanted to know exactly how many times more women than men sneezed today then we could simply take all those numbers together and add them up into one total for both genders combined (and maybe even compare them against previous years).

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It Is Short And Sweet

The length of your press release is important. It should be kept to under 500 words, and the paragraphs should be short (between six and eight sentences).

The entire point is to get someone to read your content, so don’t make it difficult for them by using complicated sentences or excessive jargon.

This also means you shouldn’t go overboard with quotes or statistics; keep it simple!

Don’t use too many hyperlinks in the body text – this will break up the flow of reading and distract readers from the main point at hand. Limit yourself to just one link per paragraph or two at most if it’s necessary for context (like an infographic).

It Is Free Of Hype And Exaggeration

Hype and hyperbole are no good for a news release. You need to stay focused on the facts, and this is best done by avoiding hype and hyperbole altogether. 

The word “and” is much more powerful than “but” it’s direct, it’s concise, and it emphasizes the positive elements of your story. 

It also helps to avoid words like “too” or “also,” which imply that something is unnecessary or unimportant (for example: “It was a great day at the beach…too bad there wasn’t any sun.”). 

Instead, use the word “however” to draw attention to an alternative point of view without negating your statement (for example: “The beach was full of people…however there were plenty of umbrellas available”).

It Is Written In The Third Person

You can use the first person in your headline and byline, but steer clear of using it in the body of your article. That’s because readers are more likely to associate with a character (in this case, you) than they are with an entity like “The Press Release” or simply “Press Release.”

Headline: Use the I + action verb to describe what you did. Examples: I created a killer press release; I wrote an amazing press release; etc.

Byline: Write as if you’re telling someone why they should read this (or link to it). You can even include a personal story that connects with what you’ve written about.

Contact Info: Use singular pronouns like “I” when talking about yourself and plural ones like “we” when referring to multiple people working on something together for example, if there were two authors listed under bylines we would write “Author Bio” not Author Bios”.

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The Title Has A Benefit-Driven Keyword Phrase

The title is the most important element of your press release. It’s what will be seen first, and it needs to grab the reader’s attention so they want to keep reading.

The best titles are benefit-driven keyword phrases that describe what the article is about. The longer you can make that keyword phrase without making it awkward or unreadable, the better!

For example: “How To Bake A Cake Without An Oven” vs “How To Make Cakes In Your Kitchen Without An Oven”. One sounds like a recipe for disaster, while the other seems like an easy way to bake cakes at home without having to buy an expensive appliance or spend money on gas for driving around town (or paying for delivery).

The Article Body Has Benefit-Driven Keyword Phrases

You should use keywords that are relevant to your business, target audience, product or service, and industry. Here’s an example:

If you own a coffee shop that sells organic coffee beans and kombucha tea on tap, it would make sense to include keywords like “organic coffee” and “kombucha tea.” 

But if you’re running an SEO-focused article marketing campaign (like this one), you’ll want to include more sophisticated versions of these terms to generate higher rankings in search engines like Google. For example:

Organic coffee bean suppliers can be found online today by searching for the term “organic coffee beans” OR by conducting an online search for products related to organic farming practices such as hydroponics equipment or aquaponics systems.

The Article Body Has Numbers And Statistics

If you want your press release to generate buzz, then you have to make it newsworthy.

This seems obvious, but many people forget this critical step. You can’t just write a press release and expect it to be picked up by a news outlet you need some sort of hook that makes people want to read what you’ve written. The best way for that hook is usually through statistics and numbers (for example: “The average person will spend $1000 on Christmas gifts this year”).

It’s important not only that there are numbers in the body of your article; it’s also important where they fall about each other. For example: “The average person spends $1000 on Christmas gifts this year.” 

That statement alone isn’t very interesting because there aren’t any other details provided beside the fact that someone spends money on Christmas gifts every year. 

However if instead, we say “The average person spends more money on Christmas gifts than they do their rent,” then suddenly our statement has become more interesting it provides readers with new information about a topic they may have never thought about before!

Distributing your press release correctly is crucial for its success. Follow our comprehensive 15-step guide to distribute your press release correctly and ensure that your message reaches the right audience effectively.

You Cite Other Sources In The Article Body

One way to make your post more credible is to cite other sources. You can do this by including quotes from experts in the industry, as well as links to supporting articles and studies. 

This will show that you are not making up facts, but rather simply reporting what other people have said. It also shows that there is a lot of support for your position in the industry, which helps build authority around it. 

Finally, citing other sources helps demonstrate that you’re not alone in thinking something: sometimes we get so caught up in trying to prove ourselves right that we forget how many others agree with us!

You Provide Contact Info At The End Of The Release

Here’s the first thing to remember: The contact info in your press release should be easy to find and easy to read. If a reporter or blogger isn’t able to find your contact info, they will move on.

It’s also important that the contact info is clear, concise, and easy to understand. There are no excuses for sloppy writing here this is an opportunity for you as a company or organization to show off your professionalism!

Thirdly (and finally), the best way for reporters or bloggers who are interested in covering your story is if they can easily get in touch with you through email or phone number(s). This means that any time someone contacts us about coverage, we don’t have any trouble reaching them back within 24 hours (or less).

You Provide Multiple Links To Other Pages On Your Site (Not Just Your Homepage)

The more links you can provide to a visitor, the better. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three links on your press release. You should also think about including links that are specific to the topic of your release. 

For example, if you’re announcing that you’ve just released version 3 of your software and it includes significant improvements in functionality and performance, then linking back to these updates would be ideal.

Press releases are an invaluable tool for growing your PR campaign. Find out why press releases are the best way to grow your PR campaign and learn how to leverage them to enhance your public relations strategy.

If You Want To Write A Press Release That Gets Massive Traffic, Keep These Tips In Mind

If you want to write a press release that gets massive traffic, keep these tips in mind.

Do your research. Find out everything you can about the person or company who is receiving your press release. That way, when you write it, it will be more relevant to them and their readership.

Write a newsworthy story with no hype or exaggeration involved (which can often be hard for small businesses because they’re so excited about their product). The easiest way to do this is by asking yourself what would make someone want to share this information. 

How could they see this as being “newsworthy?” What makes this different than other similar products on the market today? Is there anything unique or interesting about my service or business that others won’t know unless they read my press release?


Now that you know how to write a press release that will get massive traffic, it’s time to put all your energy into doing this. The more time and effort you put into crafting a great press release, the more success you will have with it. So keep at it!

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Got questions about press releases, website traffic, and SEO? Here are some common queries answered:

How can press releases contribute to website traffic growth?

Press releases can generate website traffic by creating buzz around your brand, products, or services. When well-distributed, press releases attract attention from media outlets and online platforms, directing interested readers to your website.

Do press releases impact SEO ranking?

Yes, press releases can have a positive impact on SEO ranking. When press releases are optimized with relevant keywords and links, they contribute to your website’s backlink profile and online visibility, thus enhancing your SEO efforts.

What are the key elements of an effective press release?

An effective press release includes a compelling headline, concise and informative content, relevant quotes, and contact information. It should be newsworthy and provide value to the readers, encouraging them to visit your website for more details.

How do press releases boost brand visibility?

Press releases get published on various media outlets, online platforms, and news sites, exposing your brand to a wider audience. This increased exposure can lead to more people discovering your brand and visiting your website for more information.

Can press releases improve my website’s credibility?

Yes, well-crafted press releases from reputable sources can enhance your website’s credibility. When readers see your brand featured in respected media outlets, it adds to your authority and trustworthiness, potentially attracting more visitors to your website.