How You Should Start Marketing Your Business Like You’re Beyonce

Beyoncé is the queen of business in a way. No matter what she does, it becomes trendy. Her fans copy her style, talk about her albums for months after their release, and become obsessed with all of the products she promotes on Instagram. 

There’s something to be learned from the way that Beyoncé markets her brand, and most businesses can learn something from it. In this article, I’ll break down some ways that you can market your brand as Beyoncé does.

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1. Embrace Boldness: Like Beyoncé, daring marketing moves can leave a lasting impact.
2. Craft a Unique Brand: Develop a distinct brand identity that resonates with your audience.
3. Prioritize Creativity: Innovative and creative marketing campaigns can set you apart from competitors.
4. Connect Authentically: Establish a genuine connection with your audience through relatable storytelling.
5. Embody Confidence: Confidence in your brand and offerings can attract loyal customers and fans.

You’re A Brand

The first thing you should know is that marketing isn’t just for businesses. It’s also for artists, celebrities, and any other person or organization who has something to sell. The second thing you should know is that everyone is a brand not just Beyonce.

The third thing you should know is that there are three types of brands: personas (your public face), products/services (your tangible goods), and organizations (your non-tangible goods).

To understand how marketing works in today’s world, it’s important to understand all three types of brands.

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You Have An Audience

Let’s talk about your audience. You need to know who they are, what they want, and how you can provide it for them. This is the first step of marketing like Beyonce because if you don’t know who your audience is then how will you be able to market to them?

If you have a product or service that provides value for someone (and let’s face it if you do, then why else would someone buy from or hire out) then consider who would be interested in what your business has to offer. Who are these people? What do they like? What do they not like? 

Do they care about style? Does their budget allow for quality products and services that come with premium prices? 

How much time do they have on their hands so that they can invest in something new and exciting versus something cheaper but less valuable such as fast food rather than home-cooked meals made from scratch at home every day by mom?

Instead working late hours at the office drinking coffee during lunchtime meetings discussing spreadsheets full of numbers representing profits vs losses over dinner being served by an automated robotic kitchen machine programmed into thinking it understands human needs better than anyone else does.

Since humans only think about themselves when making decisions even though this isn’t true because everyone else also thinks about themselves too but won’t admit

You Have To Market Yourself First

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. When you’re starting a business, you have to market yourself and your brand first. 

You have to show people who you are and what your values are so that when they hear about your company, they already know how awesome it is for them.

You need to be able to tell the story of how your passion became an idea and then turned into a successful business before anyone else does it for you. 

You also need to show people what makes you different from other businesses or brands around for them to choose yours over another one with similar products or services.

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You Have To Create A Buzz

You have to create a buzz about your business for it to thrive.

Use the power of social media but remember, not all hashtags are created equal. You want your hashtag to be unique and memorable so that people will use it when talking about your company or product.

It’s also important for you to use personal social media accounts as much as possible for people who are interested in what you have to say about yourself or your brand can follow those channels too!

Don’t forget about using all of the other tools available online too (like websites), because they can help drive traffic toward certain topics/pieces of content related specifically to them

You Need To Show Them How It’s Done

There is no better example of how to handle your business like Beyonce than the queen herself.

Beyonce’s brand is real, authentic, and consistent. She knows her audience, she knows what they want and she delivers consistently. 

Her fans are loyal because they know what they are getting when they see her name on something and you should want your customers to feel the same way about your brand.

It’s easy to try too hard when it comes to marketing yourself as an entrepreneur to make it seem like everything is perfect all the time, but that isn’t true for anyone who has ever had an idea or started a business before (or even if you’re just starting now). 

You have good days and bad days in business; sometimes things work out well for months at a time and then one day everything falls apart at once.

Because there was some mistake made somewhere along the line by someone else involved with your project but then there are other times where nothing goes wrong at all!

You Can Use The Power Of Hashtags And Social Media

In the new age of social media, hashtags are a great way to engage with your fans and reach new audiences. Not only that, but they’re fun! You can use them to create a movement for your brand or event, attract publicity for yourself, or even just have some fun on Twitter.

Hashtags also provide you an opportunity to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to marketing strategies. 

For example: if you’re having trouble thinking of what kinds of images or videos would be good fits for your business’s Instagram account.

Consider creating some custom images based on popular user-generated content (UGC) like animated GIFs or memes that incorporate elements from popular culture like Beyonce’s Lemonade album cover a perfect example is this one below:

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You Have To Be Unique

You have to be unique. You can’t just be like everyone else. 

And when I say “everyone else,” I mean that you should never try to copy anyone else’s marketing strategy, because even if they are successful now (and we don’t know that they will always be), it doesn’t mean their approach will work for you in the future.

And being unique is not only about having a unique personality or style but also about being different from other businesses and brands out there even if those differences are subtle. For example:

  • You could have a silly or crazy video on your website landing page instead of something boring and dry that most businesses put up there
  • You could have a funny or quirky blog post title instead of using super obvious clickbait headlines like “15 Things Your Customers Want” or “How To Do X In 10 Easy Steps”
  • You could write an article with a more creative headline than most articles in your industry (e.g., “10 Ways To Get More People To Your Website By Doing Nothing!”)

Be Authentic. Be Real. Be Original. Be YOU

Be yourself. No one knows your business better than you do, so don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not. 

If your brand isn’t authentic, people will see right through it and they won’t trust what you have to say about your product or service. Instead, show off who you are and embrace the unique qualities that make you special!

Be honest with yourself and others about what’s going on in your life at any given time: What are your current challenges? What makes this project so exciting? What would success look like for this campaign? 

Try not to get too caught up in all the things going on around you; instead, focus on what matters most at any given moment (which also happens to be a great way of staying focused).

Be transparent with others; nothing good comes from keeping things secret! Keep an open dialogue with customers so they know exactly where their money is going when they buy something from a company; 

If there’s ever any confusion surrounding pricing or shipping costs then just ask them up front before placing an order instead of after taking their money which might result in some unhappy customers…and unhappy customers = bad business practice = bad news.”

Keep It Private Until It’s Ready To Be Shared

Bey’s album is the perfect example of this. She kept her music secret until she was ready to release it, and she did so with her fans’ interests in mind. 

Beyonce didn’t want them to get tired of waiting for new content by sharing a song before it was finished, so she waited until all the songs were complete and ready for release before revealing them one at a time.

Then there’s the secrecy around her new tour (and no, we’re not talking about how much money she’ll earn). 

Beyonce announced that tickets would go on sale this past weekend, but only with an eight-hour window that ended at noon EST on Wednesday and only through Ticketmaster Verified Fan! 

That meant you had to be one of those lucky people who received an invite from Ticketmaster because you’ve ordered concert tickets from them in the past or had purchased other goods from them recently (like merch).

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Surprise Your Fans With Content They Didn’t Expect

If you’re a Beyonce fan, you know she’s not always predictable. She’ll drop a new album out of nowhere or suddenly show up at Coachella (remember when she was life streaming her life while pregnant?). 

She has millions of loyal followers who love these surprises because they feel like they’re in on something special and it keeps them coming back for more.

Surprise your customers with unexpected and exciting offers or information about new products they’ll appreciate and remember you again when there’s an opportunity for them to buy from you!

Use Your Fans’ Comments, Feedback, And Suggestions For Your Next Step

If you’re Beyonce, you can use the audience to help make sure your concert is a success. Listen to what they say and use it as feedback that can inform your next steps.

If you’re not Beyonce, then maybe this comparison doesn’t fit quite right. Nevertheless, there are always ways we can take our fans’ thoughts and opinions into consideration when it comes to marketing our business. 

If someone says your product is too expensive or if someone else says they don’t like the way something looks or feels on their skin take note! It’s extremely valuable information that could help shape how you market yourself in the future.

You could also consider using customer surveys as another form of feedback from customers who have purchased from you before (or even those who haven’t yet). 

This will allow them an opportunity to provide insight into their experience with both your product and its marketing efforts

Don’t Shy Away From Collaborations, Features, Or Sponsorships

The last thing you want to do is look like a beggar. But the truth is, this is a business and you need help to get the word out about your brand. Asking for help isn’t shameful or wrong, it’s smart!

Collaborations are one of the best ways to reach a new audience and grow your fan base by tapping into someone else’s fan base as well. 

Maybe you have an artist friend in another genre who could make a song with you or maybe they have some extra product they’d be willing to give away if people sign up for their newsletter (this happens alllllll the time). 

If none of those ideas sound interesting, consider hiring someone on Fiverr or Elance who knows what they’re doing when it comes doing collaborations and features/sponsorships in exchange for exposure on whatever platform(s) these people use most often (Facebook Live? Twitter?).

Stay Consistent And True To Yourself Forever

Like Beyoncé, you should be consistent and true to yourself forever.

This is how you’ll build a brand that works for your business. Stay true to your brand, but keep it fresh by not being afraid to try new things (like short-term marketing campaigns) or change directions when needed (like pivoting).

You never know what will work best until you try something out! If it doesn’t work and there’s a good chance that won’t happen then tweak your approach until it does. Then rinse and repeat until no one can count the number of awards in your trophy case!

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You Need A Team Who Believes In You Just As Much As You Believe In Your Brand

In a world as competitive and cutthroat as the music industry, you need a team who believes in you just as much as you believe in your brand.

To build that kind of team, make sure it’s comprised of people who:

Believe in your vision. They’re not just saying they do; they think that what you’re doing is going to work and be successful. 

They’re not looking for any other outcome but success because they believe in what you’ve created, why it exists, and how it can help others succeed too.

Believe in your brand’s mission. Your company has a greater purpose than just making money – there’s something bigger at stake here! Make sure everyone on the team understands what this mission is and why it matters so much to them personally (and professionally). 

If there isn’t an emotional connection between them and the mission behind what we do at our business then no amount of marketing will save us from failure…or worse yet…mediocrity!


Every brand has a story to tell. Using Beyonce as the inspiration for this article, I wanted to highlight how we can all be better marketers and business owners. We can learn from her tenacity, hard work, and creativity. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur trying to get your venture off the ground. You’re still going to need marketing strategies that stand out from your competitors. 

Just remember that consistency is key when building any form of success. If you think about it, this type of marketing approach is what has made Beyonce such an icon in our world today!

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