How To Write A Youtube Video Script (With Examples)

You probably know that content marketing is a great way to get your business in front of potential customers. 

What you might not realize, however, is that YouTube videos are a great way to reach people who aren’t actively looking for your product or service. If you’re not sure how to write the perfect script for your video or even if you are read on!

How to Write a Video Script for YouTube ⭐️
1. Understand Your Audience: Tailor your script to resonate with your target viewers, addressing their interests and pain points.
2. Grab Attention Early: Hook your audience from the start with an attention-grabbing introduction to keep them engaged throughout the video.
3. Organize Your Content: Structure your script logically, following a clear beginning, middle, and end to ensure a cohesive and compelling narrative.
4. Use Storytelling Techniques: Incorporate storytelling elements to make your video memorable and emotionally impactful for your audience.
5. Showcase Examples and Visuals: Enhance your script with relevant examples and visuals to make your content more engaging and easier to comprehend.
6. Call-to-Action: End your video with a strong call-to-action, guiding viewers on what action to take next, whether it’s subscribing, liking, or visiting a website.
7. Practice and Refine: Practice delivering your script, and seek feedback to refine your content and presentation for a polished and professional result.

Start With A Simple Outline

Before you jump right into the script, try taking a few minutes to outline your video. It’s important to get your thoughts in order before writing anything down.

With an outline, you’ll be able to see how much content there is and where it should go in the final script. 

You can also make sure that each part of your video has a logical flow and purpose by ensuring that all of these pieces are connected in some way. Additionally, this will help ensure that nothing gets left out!

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Hook Your Audience With A Compelling Introduction

For a YouTube video script, you should start with an introduction that hooks your audience. You can do this by framing the topic in a way that makes it immediately relevant to the viewer’s interests and concerns.

You may also want to use some form of a rhetorical question at the beginning of your script to engage viewers and make them want to watch more. For example: “Have you ever felt like this before?” or “How do I get started?”

If you’re writing a how-to video, then you can use a personal story as an opening hook. In such cases, start with something like “I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar…” or “When I was growing up in high school…” 

This is especially effective if people are watching who also went through similar experiences as teenagers or young adults looking for musical guidance from someone older than themselves (like parents).

Write Out Dialog For Each Part Of Your Video

Now we’re going to write out the dialog for each part of your video. You might be tempted to write a script that is overly formal, but doesn’t do it! While there are some situations.

Where you may want to use professional-sounding language (like if you were writing a script for an investor presentation or something), in most cases it makes more sense to write out the natural conversation as people would speak it.

That being said…make sure the dialog is still correct! Don’t worry about getting every word right; just get the meaning right and then make sure that the meaning doesn’t change too much when translated into speech by someone else who reads aloud from your script. 

And don’t be afraid to use contractions (like “can’t” instead of “cannot”) or slang terms like “dude” or “awesome”–these terms are part of everyday speech and won’t detract from your message!

Use Natural Dialogue To Keep It Conversational

Use natural dialogue to keep it conversational. The best way to convey a message is through a conversation. If you were talking to someone in person, you wouldn’t say “I’m going to write a script for my next video” or “I’m going to create awesome content today.” 

Instead, you would say something like “Hey man! I’m writing a script for my next video right now. I think it’s gonna be pretty cool.”

Use conversational language and contractions. Contractions make your copy sound more friendly and engaging which helps viewers feel more connected with what they’re reading on screen. Plus, they’re just plain fun! 

For example, You can use “can’t” instead of “cannot” or “don’t” instead of “does not”. Contractions also help make sentences shorter so readers spend less time reading them (because we all want our videos watched in full). And that means more views for everyone!

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Include B-Roll Within Your Script

When writing a script, think about how you can use B-roll to support your main points.

B-roll is a fancy term for background footage that helps illustrate what you are talking about. It’s usually used to break up monotonous narration or explain some point in the video.

For example, if you were making a video on how to make spaghetti carbonara, your main point would be: “here are the ingredients.” If this was all you said, it would be pretty boring! 

Adding in some details about each ingredient could make it more interesting for viewers: “the first thing we need to do is sautee our bacon until crisp.” See? 

Now, something is interesting going on! You’re giving them instructions while also showing them how things should look by using different types of footage (in this case, stills).

Research Popular Youtube Video Templates

To begin, it’s important to look at what other people are doing. You don’t have to copy their work, but you can get inspiration from them and make your unique spin on the idea.

Here’s an example: If you want to create a cooking video for YouTube, look at other cooking videos on YouTube and see what they’re doing differently or the same as yours. 

If there are already many similar cooking channels out there, maybe try a different type of food altogether! Your choice should be based on what your audience wants not what’s currently popular in the market.

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Keep Your Script Concise (And Concise-Ish)

There are no hard-and-fast rules for the length of a video script, but it’s important to have a grasp on what is expected. If you’re planning on writing your script from scratch or writing one for someone else, it’s best to keep things concise. 

The ideal length for a single page of written text is about 500 words (although we’ve seen some longer ones). 

It helps if you use bullet points instead of full sentences whenever possible and try to keep your sentences short and sweet a good rule of thumb here is that each one should be at most ten words long. 

Your paragraphs should also be pretty brief; two or three sentences per paragraph is ideal if they can’t be combined into one.

As a bonus: not only will this help you keep within the bounds of YouTube’s character limits, but it’ll make sure that whatever footage comes along with your video doesn’t seem too long-winded either!

Know Your Viewer’s Objectives And Motivations

To create the best video content, you need to understand the goals, objectives, and motivations of your audience. You should consider what they are trying to achieve and how they want to feel after watching your video. 

This will help you make sure your script includes the right facts, information, and tone that will resonate with them.

Let’s look at an example: A person who has just bought a new car wants to learn how to drive it safely on their own as soon as possible. 

They’ve searched for driving schools in their area using Google and found one that offers online videos with step-by-step instructions on how to use the vehicle’s features like GPS navigation or satellite radio controls. 

This is an example of someone who has clearly defined goals (learning how to drive) and motivations (safety being paramount) for watching YouTube content about cars!

Customize Your Script For Each Video Type You Create

You might want to create different types of YouTube videos, and each type will require a unique script. Here are some examples:

A review video for your business can be written as an objective third-person narrative (i.e., like a traditional review on Amazon), or in your voice with more conversational language.

A tutorial video should have clear instructions, but you don’t need to tell the audience everything they need to know at every step of the how-to process; instead, focus on key points that guide viewers through their learning process.

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making one of these videos? That’s perfect for something informal like a Facebook Live Stream and shouldn’t take too much thought.

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Include A Call To Action In Every Video Script You Write

When you’re done with the first draft, you’ll want to take a look at the script and make sure that it contains a call to action. 

A call to action is simply a request for viewers to take some sort of action (whether it be signing up for your newsletter, visiting your website, or purchasing something).

A good way to remember how important calls-to-action are is by thinking about how many times you try something new from an ad. That “buy now” button makes us do crazy things! It’s no surprise then that YouTube video scripts should always end with one too!

Test Out Different Video Scripts Before Publishing

It’s important to test out different video scripts before publishing. You can do this by creating a script template and writing a few different versions of the same video, with varying topics or styles. 

This will help you find what works best for your audience, what sounds most natural when you say it aloud, and how long each section should be.

Focus On Entertaining Your Audience And They’ll Keep Watching

Being yourself is key. When you’re comfortable, it’s easier to be funny.

You don’t have to know everything about your topic I’m still learning new things today! Don’t get caught up in the “perfect” idea and miss out on what could be an awesome video (and don’t forget that you can always edit out mistakes later). 

If you want your audience to connect with you and learn from what’s inside of you, let them see all of it the good, bad and ugly. 

And don’t worry if something doesn’t turn out as well as expected it happens! I’ve been there many times myself while producing videos for my YouTube channel. Just remember that this is supposed to be fun!

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Don’t Be Afraid To Show A Little Personality

One of the biggest things that makes YouTube videos stand out from other content on the internet is personality. 

The best YouTubers aren’t just great at writing scripts, they’re also amazing at using their unique voice to make their content more fun and engaging and it’s something you can learn to do yourself!

Here are some ways to show off your personality in your script:

Show your audience that you are human not just a business. 

Get personal with them by dropping in the names of people who are important to you (e.g., “I’ve got my wife’s favorite meal ready for when she gets home from work” or “We’re going on vacation next week! I can’t wait!”). 

This will help build trust and loyalty with potential customers by showing them that there’s a real person behind all this marketing mumbo jumbo and if they like what they see here, maybe they’ll be willing to buy from or work with this brand too someday?

Make sure everyone knows what company or business owns the video so there aren’t any surprises later down the line (e.g., “This video was created by ABC Company”). 

These days especially where everything feels so impersonal due to technology being everywhere around us all day long every single day without fail whatsoever except when it doesn’t work correctly.

Which happens rarely ever but still sometimes happens which is why we shouldn’t use these devices so much anyway because then we wouldn’t need them anymore either way unless we did because then again maybe not…”).


Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas on how to create your own YouTube video scripts. Whether it’s by using one of these examples as inspiration or writing from scratch, we think you’ll find that creating videos for your channel can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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What is the importance of a well-crafted video script?

A well-crafted video script is crucial as it sets the foundation for a compelling and engaging video. It ensures your content flows smoothly, communicates your message effectively, and keeps viewers hooked.

How do I structure a video script for maximum impact?

Structuring a video script involves organizing your content into a clear beginning, middle, and end. Start with a captivating introduction, deliver the core message in the middle, and conclude with a strong call-to-action.

Are there any tips for writing authentic dialogue in video scripts?

To write authentic dialogue, focus on understanding your target audience and using language that resonates with them. Avoid jargon and be conversational to create a relatable experience.

What elements should I include in a YouTube script for better engagement?

A YouTube script should include a strong hook in the opening, concise and valuable content, relevant visuals or demonstrations, and a clear and compelling call-to-action to encourage viewer engagement.

Can I use video script templates to save time and effort?

Yes, video script templates are designed to streamline the scriptwriting process and save you time. Utilizing these templates can provide a structure to work from while allowing room for customization to suit your specific content and brand.