How To Steal Your Competitor’s Instagram Followers

Instagram is a big opportunity for businesses. You can use it to grow your audience, build brand awareness, and even make sales. Instagram is also one of the most effective ways to get new followers because it’s easy to use, free, and has almost no competition (at least not yet). 

However, getting more Instagram followers isn’t always as simple as making an account and posting photos every once in a while. It takes time and effort to build an audience on any social platform but what if this process could be made easier? 

That’s where stealing comes in! Yes: it may seem like something that only happens in movies or professional sports leagues but stealing followers from other accounts on Instagram is indeed possible (and legal). 

So how do you do it? Read on for tips on boosting your follower count without breaking any rules or spending any money!

How to steal followers on instagram from your competition
Key Takeaways
1. Identify followers of your competitors with similar interests.
2. Engage authentically to attract potential followers.
3. Offer unique value through your content and profile.
4. Avoid spammy tactics and focus on building relationships.
5. Use ethical practices and adhere to social media guidelines.

Find Your Competitors On Instagram

The first step in stealing your competitor’s Instagram followers is to find them on the platform. 

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way is to search for their name or business name in Instagram’s search bar. When you find their account, click “Followers” and get ready to steal!

If you’re looking for a specific type of business (e.g., local businesses), you can also search by category like “food” or “clothing.” If you want even more niche results, try searching by brand name for example: “Starbucks.” 

You’ll be able to see exactly who’s following these brands so that you know who they are and what they’re doing right!

Building a strong Instagram presence might seem daunting, especially when you’re starting with no followers. However, with the right strategies and dedication, you can learn how to grow your Instagram account even when you have no existing following.

View Their Followers

To start, you need to find your competitors on Instagram. Once you do that, open their profile and scroll down until you see the section called “Followers.” Click on it.

Click on a few of their followers and look at their profiles to identify which ones are most engaged with the account. The ones who have a high number of comments and likes will likely be the best bet for your next follower campaign.

Follow And Engage With Your Competitor’s Followers

Following and engaging with your competitor’s followers is one of the most effective ways to steal their followers. It’s a simple tactic that increases engagement, which in turn leads to more followers over time.

There are several ways you can begin following and engaging with your competitor’s followers:

Provide value by following them back (or better yet, send them a direct message). This could be anything from sharing content related to their niche or industry, inviting them for an interview, or mentioning them in a blog post.

Give shout-outs to competitors’ fans on Instagram stories or posts of yours. This gives some love back to the people who helped grow their audience so quickly!

Ask for feedback from interested users who follow you both by asking questions in DM like “What do you like about this post?” or “How do you feel about our brand?” 

You can also ask questions directly on posts through Instagram polls (this feature isn’t available yet but should be soon). Once again: make sure these aren’t spammy! Make sure they’re relevant and useful for everyone involved before sending out any messages/polls etc.

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Use Hashtags To Find Your Competitor’s Followers

Using hashtags is a great way to find other Instagram users who are into the same things that you are. If you want more followers, then it makes sense to follow people who already follow your competitors.

If your competitor has thousands of followers, then they probably have hashtags that they use often on their posts. If so, try searching those hashtags and see what kind of content shows up! You may find some people who seem like they’d be interested in following you too!

Leave Relevant, Helpful Comments On Your Competitor’s Posts

Use this strategy to be helpful while not being too salesy. While you’re commenting, don’t be pushy or generic. You should also avoid being overly personal or negative. 

The key here is relevance! You want to make sure that your comment offers advice that’s useful to the post at hand and doesn’t try to sell something directly (or even indirectly).

Create A Keyword Search For Competitor Mentions

You can use Instagram’s search bar to find your competitors’ followers. If you know the name of their company and follow them, simply type it into the search bar above their posts. Then click on the magnifying glass icon and hit “Search.”

From here, you’ll be able to see any users who have mentioned your competitor by name in their bio or comments section. 

These are great candidates for following because they’ve demonstrated interest in what your competitor has to offer and might just be interested in yours!

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Use Paid Ads And Social Media Contests To Get More Instagram Followers

Promote your business on Instagram by using paid ads and social media contests.

Use Instagram’s ad manager to create a campaign. You can target users based on their interests, location, and other criteria to reach the right audience for your product or service.

Use a relevant, engaging image. Your image should be interesting enough to draw people in but not too busy that they have trouble understanding what they are looking at.

Use a compelling call to action (CTA). The CTA is what prompts people scrolling through their feed to take action on your ad as opposed to ignoring it or moving on quickly without clicking anything at all so make sure yours stands out! 

A good rule of thumb is using words like “Learn More” or “Click Here” instead of just an arrow icon pointing towards some text (which can easily get lost in all the other pictures cluttering up someone’s feed). 

Also, consider adding some personality to your CTA so that it doesn’t look like every other boring text link floating around out there; for example: “Join Our Team” rather than just saying something bland like “Apply Now.” 

And don’t forget about including links within each post – this way followers who want more information from you can easily find them without having to go through several layers of hashtags first!”

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Ask For Referrals From Existing Customers And Followers

Another way to grow your Instagram following is by asking for referrals. This can be as simple as asking people to tag a friend in a comment, or you can offer rewards for each person that tags their friend. 

If you’re using an app like Chameleon, you can make it easy for your current customers and followers to refer new people. It’s also important that when someone refers another user, they get their reward so that the referral process remains consistent.

You Can Build An Audience On Social Media Without Wasting Money On Ads By Following These Simple Steps

You can build an audience on social media without wasting money on ads by following these simple steps:

Use Instagram hashtags to find people who have similar interests and then engage with them. This is the best way to build a loyal following since your content will appear in front of people who are already interested in it!

Don’t forget to keep your content interesting, relevant, and engaging so that people will come back for more!

Diving into Instagram marketing can be overwhelming, but having a collection of ideas can help you hit the ground running. Get inspired with these 15 ideas to kickstart your Instagram marketing and create engaging content that resonates with your audience.


In the end, you want to build an audience of people who are interested in what you have to say. And if you can do that without spending money on ads, all the better! 

But don’t forget all this work is worth it only if people are reading your content and engaging with your brand. So pour yourself a glass of wine (or two!) and get started building your following today!

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Now, here’s the “FAQs” section with semantic-based questions and answers:


How does stealing competitors’ Instagram followers work?

Stealing competitors’ Instagram followers involves identifying your competitors’ followers who might be interested in your content or products and engaging with them to attract them to your own profile.

Is stealing competitors’ followers an ethical practice?

Stealing competitors’ followers should be done ethically and within the boundaries of social media guidelines. Focus on offering value and engaging content to attract followers genuinely interested in your brand.

What are some effective engagement strategies for attracting competitors’ followers?

Engage with competitors’ followers by liking, commenting, and interacting with their content. Provide valuable insights and solutions to their queries to pique their interest in your profile.

How can I ensure that I don’t come across as spammy when targeting competitors’ followers?

Avoid generic comments or messages. Instead, tailor your interactions to the individual’s content and context, showcasing genuine interest and offering meaningful contributions.

What other methods can I use to grow my Instagram following apart from stealing competitors’ followers?

Apart from stealing competitors’ followers, you can create high-quality content, use relevant hashtags, collaborate with influencers, and engage with your current followers to organically expand your Instagram following.