How To Market Your Business Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms for marketing your business. It has millions of active users every day who are looking to engage in conversations about a wide range of topics, including health, fitness, travel, food, and more. 

However, if you’re new to Reddit marketing or just not sure where to start when it comes to promoting your business through this platform then read on because we have compiled some great tips and tricks that will help you get started today!

2 Ways You Can Use Reddit To Promote Your Online Business
1. Reddit offers a unique platform for business marketing.
2. Identify and engage with relevant subreddits.
3. Share valuable content that resonates with the community.
4. Build credibility by participating in discussions.
5. Avoid overly promotional tactics and focus on adding value.
6. Respect subreddit rules and contribute genuinely.
7. Measure success through engagement metrics and brand growth.
8. Establish connections and foster brand awareness.
9. Leverage Reddit’s niche communities for targeted marketing.
10. Approach Reddit marketing with authenticity and patience.

Get To Know Reddit

You’re in for a treat. Reddit is an awesome place to find news and learn about new things, but it’s also a social media network that people use every day.

There are subreddits dedicated to everything from cryptocurrency to Japanese anime to politics, and each subreddit has its own set of rules and guidelines. 

If you want more information on what makes Reddit different than other sites, check out [this article](

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Use Reddit For Your Research

If you’re looking for a way to do research on your competitors and customers, Reddit can be an invaluable tool.

You can use Reddit to research the following:

Competitors – You can find out about their marketing strategies and how they conduct business by looking at their content across different channels. 

This will help you understand how competitive you are against them as well as where there may be opportunities for growth in the market space, or even how to take market share from them if needed.

Customers – You can get feedback from real customers through subreddits like r/appstore or r/googleplayreviews and see what they have to say about your product or service (and if it’s positive). 

This is also a great way to find out what features they would like added in future iterations of the products/services so that you can create more value for them down the road!

Industry trends – If someone mentions where they work in one of their posts, go ahead and click through their profile page! 

You never know what kind of information might pop up while browsing around on this website; sometimes finding new sources of inspiration is just as valuable as anything else when trying to come up with new marketing ideas.”

Respond To Customer Service Issues On Reddit

You should also be active on Reddit, so you can respond to customer service issues as they come up. If your company has a subreddit of its own, you can use that to your advantage by answering questions and comments from customers. 

Responding to negative comments is important because it shows that you’re listening and care about their problems but responding too quickly or in an overly aggressive way might make matters worse.

On Reddit, people are often looking for information and advice before making purchases (and they don’t want ads). So if someone posts in one of your subreddits saying something like “What’s the best electric toothbrush?” you should reply! 

This type of casual conversation between companies and customers can help increase brand loyalty by fostering trust relationships between businesses and consumers.

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Watch Out For Spam

Another important tip to keep in mind is that spam is any unwanted message. This can be a link to a website, a comment, or even a post. It could also be a private message or even just an upvote in your favor (or against you). 

Spam doesn’t always have to be obvious; sometimes it’s very subtle and easy to miss at first glance.

With this in mind, you must make sure every piece of content you share on Reddit is authentic and useful for others. In other words: if it doesn’t add value for them if there isn’t something unique about what you’re doing then don’t do it!

Keep Things Positive With Reddit

One of the most important things you can do when using Reddit is to keep things positive. While it may seem counterintuitive, people are more likely to respond positively when they see a positive comment. 

If you have a negative opinion about something or someone, it’s best to avoid the subject altogether and focus on communicating positively.

If you respond positively, be sure that your tone matches what was said in the original post:

  • In an effort-related post: “Thanks! I appreciate your kind words!”
  • In a question-based post: “Thanks! I hope this helps :)”

Post Content Regularly On Reddit

Posting on Reddit is a great way to build your brand, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to start posting on Reddit, the first thing you should do is create a profile. This helps people identify you as an expert or influencer in your field.

Once you’ve created an account and confirmed your email address, click “Edit my profile” at the top of the screen and fill out all of these fields:


The name people will see when they visit your profile. It should include both an adjective (e.g., “entrepreneur”) and a noun (e.g., “Marketing”). Your username will appear next to every post you make, so pick something memorable!


A small picture that represents who are are as individuals within this community and how others can relate with us better through our passions for content creation/consumption purposes only; not meant for personal reasons only! 

We recommend using one that has been taken recently so there’s no confusion when someone sees it later down line 🙂

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Start A Blog And Link It To Your Reddit Account

Now that you have a domain name and hosting, it’s time to build a website! The best way to market your business on Reddit is through your website. Why? Because people are more likely to trust you if they can see who you are and what you’re about. 

Having an easily accessible and mobile-friendly website will make it easier for people in the community to engage with you on other platforms too, like Twitter or Instagram.

To make sure your website looks good and works well for users, follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure the site is easy to navigate and don’t overload visitors with too many links at once!
  • Include relevant images throughout the site (but don’t overdo it).
  • Organize content into sections so that visitors can easily find what they need without scrolling through endless pages of content. 

For example, if someone wants information about our services but isn’t sure whether we offer those services yet because they haven’t read our blog posts yet (because those links are buried somewhere deep within an unorganized mess)…

Well then maybe just give them some headings so they know where everything is located instead of having them click around aimlessly trying figure out where those links could be hiding).

Focus On The Community Aspect Of Reddit

If you’re new to marketing on Reddit, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many subreddits and they all have their own rules and regulations. The best way to get started is by focusing on what you can offer the community and how that will help them grow their business.

As a marketer, your goal is not necessarily to make money from Reddit but instead to increase your company’s presence within the community by participating in conversations in relevant subreddits, commenting on posts relevant to your expertise, or offering advice when needed. 

This type of activity will help drive traffic back to your website where people can learn more about who you are as an entrepreneur (and hopefully become customers).

Don’t Get Into A Back-And-Forth Battle On Reddit

The Reddit community is a place for discourse, so when you’re just starting, it’s good to remember that you should never engage in a back-and-forth with a troll. The same applies if someone asks you for advice or to help them out. 

If you do this, it will make both of you look bad: the person who originally asked will think less of your professionalism and expertise, and as for yourself? 

Well…you’ll just be seen as someone willing to argue on the internet. That’s not exactly something most people want to be associated with their professional image.

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Don’t Be Salesy Or Promotional on Reddit

To succeed at marketing your business on Reddit, you must follow the rules of the subreddit you are sharing in. Each subreddit has its own unique culture and rules that members expect to be followed. Be sure you are familiar with them before posting.

Don’t be salesy or promotional. You may be tempted to use every post as an opportunity to sell your product or service don’t do this! 

Posts that are primarily promotional will get downvoted by other users and may even lead to you being banned from certain subreddits entirely (especially if it’s a popular one). 

If people have questions about your business, answer them honestly and directly don’t try to spin answers into something more commercial than they are (for example: “That’s great that our product does what we say it does! We’re proud of our work.”).

Do not use a link shortener or URL shortener on Reddit. You should never use any type of tracking system when posting on Reddit; 

The moderators don’t allow it because they don’t want advertising agents using their site to track users’ activity across different sites (which would violate privacy laws). 

This includes anything that creates a “clickable” link out of text without actually linking back into itself as Bitly links do automatically (which has been heavily criticized by some Redditors over time).

Use Moderation When You’re Posting

Everyone gets banned from Reddit. It’s just a fact of life. If you get banned, it won’t be the end of the world but it will make your life harder for a little while. Use moderation when you’re posting to ensure that your content stays on the up-and-up, and don’t cross any lines!

Check out what’s allowed in r/business before posting anything yourself; make sure to follow those guidelines so that you don’t get into trouble with moderators or other users.

Read through Reddit’s FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) thoroughly before starting an account or making new posts it’ll give you an idea of what kind of content is acceptable on different subreddits and help keep things within their boundaries. 

Also, check out their Community Guidelines and User Agreement; 

These documents outline how users should behave online as well as any rules they must obey while using Reddit services like voting or commenting on posts or submitting links themselves.*

Be Thoughtful When Adding Self-Promotion To Relevant Threads

We’ve already talked about the importance of being thoughtful in your business promotion on Reddit. 

It’s tempting to just post a link to your website or social media profile, but that can be off-putting for users who are trying to discuss a topic that has nothing to do with you or your brand and it could land you in hot water with moderators.

The best way to promote yourself on Reddit is by adding a comment that offers value first and foremost; then, if appropriate, add an opening line about how you’re involved in the topic at hand and/or why it’s so interesting for you (if this is indeed true). 

This way, people appreciate the insight before they realize they’re reading self-promotion instead of genuine conversation.

Find The Right Subreddit For Your Business Or Niche

To start, you’re going to want to find the right subreddit. Subreddits are communities of people with similar interests, and they serve as a great way for you to connect with your audience.

Subreddits can help you find your audience by letting you see how many people are already interested in the niche or topic that interests you. 

They also give you an idea of what types of content other people are creating in this space, so if you have something unique or different than anything else out there, it’s easier to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by Redditors!

For example, if I search “marketing” on Reddit (using “search subreddits”), I see that there is a subreddit called r/Marketing where over 50k people subscribe (and post content). 

If I go there and take a look at some recent posts and comments on this particular sub-Reddit, I notice that most topics tend towards advertising strategies so maybe this isn’t where my business would do well?

Check Out The Competition On Reddit

The first step in building a Reddit marketing strategy is to understand what your competitors are doing on Reddit.

If you are in the same industry as other businesses, then obviously it’s important to know how they are using social media for marketing purposes.

The best way to find this out is by checking out their profiles on Reddit and seeing what kind of content they’re sharing, who they are interacting with, and what kind of engagement they’re getting from the community.

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Know What Not To Do On Reddit

Now that you know what to do on Reddit, it’s time to learn what not to do. When it comes to the world of social media marketing, there are many ways for a business owner or manager to screw up. The following list will help you avoid some of these common mistakes:

Don’t post your content. Redditors are smart and savvy and they can tell when a post is self-promotional. If they think that you’re trying too hard or coming across as spammy, they might just downvote your submission and leave negative comments.

Don’t engage in conversation with other users unless it’s something really important (e.g., someone has posted false information about your company). 

Remember: Your goal is not only to find potential customers on Reddit but also to create relationships with them so that they trust your brand enough eventually buy from you! 

That means not wasting time engaging with users who don’t have an interest in buying from you anyway!

Keep An Eye Out For Negative Feedback Across Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to monitor your company’s reputation is through social media. Monitor not only what people are saying about your brand, but also how they say it. 

There will be times when people take a negative comment too far and become abusive. If you see this happening, you must respond immediately and professionally address their concerns.

Some companies choose not to engage at all with negative comments on social media platforms because they believe that doing so would give those comments more attention than they deserve; 

However, failing to address complaints can cause consumers to lose trust in you and may result in lost business if potential customers see these posts while searching for information about your products or services online! 

To avoid alienating potential customers who may be skeptical about visiting or purchasing from your business after reading these types of statements online (which could affect sales), make sure that when responding with positive feedback from other users’ posts instead!

Search For Terms Related To Your Brand

Reddit search is a great way to find discussions related to your brand and discover people who mention your brand. You can use it to gain insight into the questions people are asking about the industry you’re in, and how you can provide solutions for them.

For example, if you sell dog collars and leashes on Etsy, you could use a Reddit search to find relevant discussions about dogs (and other pets), then jump into those threads with a link that takes users back to your Etsy shop page. 

Or maybe someone mentions an aspect of owning a dog that irks them like having trouble cleaning up after their pooch so they turn to Reddit for advice on what kind of product would be best suited for their needs?

In this case, it might not make sense for the OP (original poster) to look for advice on cleaning products because they have no real need yet; 

But when they do make their purchase later on down the road from reading some helpful comments from other Redditors who recommended specific types of products based on personal experience… 

Well, let’s just say there’s little chance anyone else will be competing against “your” recommendation when finally deciding which item fits best!

Have A Good Sense Of Humor In Your Interactions With Customers On Reddit

Respond To Comments

If a comment is left on one of your posts, you should always check it and respond accordingly. We’re not saying you have to reply to every single comment (because who has time for that?), 

But it’s important that when something negative is said about your company, especially if it’s constructive criticism, you have a good sense of humor about it. If someone says something negative about your product or service, don’t take it personally; just laugh at the situation!

Reactions And Reviews

On Reddit, users can react to and review comments in many different ways it can be including upvotes or downvotes.

And they can also give them “Karma” points which are credits used as social proof by other users who will see how many karma points each post has received before deciding whether or not they want to read what was written there too.

When these reactions happen on Reddit posts related specifically with businesses though (such as ones created by brands), companies should try their best at responding positively rather than negatively even if there’s nothing funny being said within such replies themselves.”


Reddit isn’t for everyone. But for companies that can successfully navigate this bottomless ocean of content, it has the potential to be a rich source of customer service insights and community interactions. 

It’s not just about monitoring and responding to questions and complaints though Reddit has an active community with millions of members who are willing to share their opinions on a variety of products, services, and topics. 

As such, Reddit is also an opportunity for companies looking to gather feedback from [.]

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How can I effectively market my business on Reddit?

Marketing your business on Reddit requires a strategic approach. Start by identifying relevant subreddits where your target audience hangs out. Share valuable content, participate in discussions, and avoid overly promotional tactics to build genuine connections.

Is Reddit suitable for all types of businesses?

Reddit can be valuable for a wide range of businesses, but success depends on understanding the platform’s culture and rules. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses that can provide unique insights, valuable information, or engage in meaningful discussions within specific niche communities.

How do I avoid coming across as spammy on Reddit?

To avoid being seen as spammy, focus on adding value to the community. Participate in discussions, share helpful content, and interact genuinely with other users. Avoid constant self-promotion and engage in a way that fosters trust and credibility.

What are some common mistakes businesses make when marketing on Reddit?

One common mistake is disregarding Reddit’s community-based nature and treating it solely as a promotional platform. Overly aggressive self-promotion and lack of genuine engagement can lead to negative reactions. It’s essential to take the time to understand each subreddit’s rules and culture before participating.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my Reddit marketing efforts?

Tracking metrics like upvotes, comments, and engagement rates on your Reddit posts can provide insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. However, the true value of Reddit marketing often lies in building brand awareness, establishing expertise, and fostering connections within relevant communities.