How To Land Your Dream Job As Leasing Consultant

To land your dream job as a leasing consultant, you’ve got to do some preparation. And that includes preparing for the interview itself. Preparing for an interview is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure your success on the job once hired.

Good preparation leads to good answers during the actual interview itself so that you really impress your interviewer and stand out from other candidates who did not prepare.

Be Ready For The Interviewer’s Questions

You should be prepared for the interviewer to ask you questions about your strengths and weaknesses. This is a question that many interviewers ask because they want to know what you think makes you stand out from the rest of your competition.

You should also be prepared for questions related to work experience and goals. Your interviewer will likely ask about how long you’ve been in the real estate industry.

If there are any other industries or locations where you have worked, what your goal is in terms of career advancement, and whether there are any areas where you would like to improve to reach those goals (if applicable).

Finally, the interviewer might ask about salary expectations at some point during the interview process (especially if they’re considering offering an internship).

Or when negotiating an offer letter following an offer acceptance from a candidate who has been selected after receiving multiple offers from different companies

Don’t Be Overly Familiar With The Leasing Consultant Interviewer

While it might be tempting to try and get to know the interviewer a little better, this is one of the worst things you can do during an interview. 

Remember that you are being interviewed for a job that will last at least nine months and likely much longer than that. If you end up becoming overly familiar with your interviewer, it could be seen as unprofessional or even offensive on your part.

It’s always best for both parties involved when they keep their business relationship professional and strictly in line with what’s expected of them as professionals within their industry even if they’re friends outside of work!

Talk about Your Leasing Consultant Job Experience And Background

If you are going to be a leasing consultant, you need to talk about your leasing consultant job experience.

If you are going to be a leasing consultant, you need to talk about your leasing consultant background.

If you are going to be a leasing consultant, you need to talk about your leasing consultant education.

If you are going to be a leasing consultant, you need to talk about the training and qualifications that make up the core of what makes someone qualified in this industry.

Don’t Forget To Ask Questions

By asking questions, you can learn more about the company and the job. You can also learn how well your experience matches up with what they’re looking for, and how knowledgeable you are about their industry.

  • Ask questions about the company: What is its culture like? How long has it been in business? What are its goals for the future? And what does it mean to work there?
  • Ask questions about yourself: Why do you think this position is right for me? Do we have similar values or interests? 
  • What do you expect from this position in terms of my responsibilities and duties, both on an everyday basis and over time as I grow within the organization?

Talk About Steps You Would Take To Handle Difficult Situations On The Job As Leasing Consultant

As a leasing consultant, you’ll need to know how to handle difficult situations. It’s important to be able to talk through your approach to solving problems calmly and confidently during the job interview process.

For example, you could say: “I like to solve problems by gathering as much information as possible before making any decisions. For example, when we were presented with an issue at one of our properties last year, I made sure that everyone involved was present. 

We then went through each person’s role in the situation to get an understanding of where things went wrong and why they happened that way. 

Once we had all this information on hand, it was much easier for us all and especially me to come up with a plan for resolving the problem.”

Or perhaps you have already faced some difficult situations as a leasing consultant or have had experience handling them well? In that case, tell me about them!

Ask About Benefits And Salary

Asking about salary and benefits is the first step to landing your dream job as a leasing consultant. 

It’s important to know exactly how much money you can make so that you can calculate your potential earnings, and thus, decide whether or not it would be worth it for you to quit your current position.

Salary: The average annual salary of an entry-level leasing consultant is $20-$30k/year. This means that if you’re able to land a job in this field, it will likely be enough for basic living expenses and paying off existing student loans or credit card debt. 

However, there are also some cases where salaries are much higher than this, especially if there is an opportunity for advancement or promotion within the company (such as becoming an assistant manager).

Benefits: Benefits vary according to each business but typically include health insurance coverage, retirement plans such as 401Ks or IRAs; vacation days (some companies offer up to 10 paid vacation days per year); 

Sick days (similarly some companies offer up); personal days off work without having them count against their overall total number of available workdays per year; paid holidays off work each year around Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Eve; 

Maternity leave benefits are sometimes offered by some employers depending on whether or not female employees are working within their company

Talk About Your Goals For The Job As A Leasing Consultant

You should define the problem before starting on a solution.

  • Ask yourself: What are my goals as a leasing consultant?
  • Don’t worry about what other people’s goals are.
  • Be ambitious, but stay realistic. 

For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds in three months and get up at 5 am every morning so that you can exercise before work, those aren’t going to happen if you keep getting up at 11 am every day because of last night’s late-night pizza party with your friends.

Illustrate Your Ability To Work Under Pressure

To be successful in the leasing industry, you must be able to handle pressure. This means that you must be able to manage multiple tasks as they come at you, with little time to spare. 

When interviewing for a job as a leasing consultant, it is important to show your interviewer that you are capable of handling this type of pressure.

Here are some examples of how you may have handled pressure in the past: “I work better under pressure.”

This statement shows the employer that even when things get busy at work or home life becomes hectic, spending time alone can help relieve any stress or anxiety felt by having too much on your plate at once.

State Your Career Goals As A Leasing Consultant

As a leasing consultant, you need to be confident and prepared. You know what you want and where you’re headed in the future. Here are some more tips on how to land your dream job:

State your career goals as a leasing consultant. This will allow potential employers to see that you have direction and ambition, even if they aren’t sure at first where it will lead them. 

It also shows them that even though it may be difficult at times, they should hire someone who has their heart set on doing something great.

Be specific about what kind of work or tasks you would like to do as part of this career field (i.e., “I prefer working with people rather than machines; I want my job duties to consist mostly of customer service rather than designing software). 

Then list out any relevant skillsets or experiences from other jobs that might apply here as well (i

Emphasize Teamwork At The Interview

Be sure to emphasize teamwork during the interview. Your success as a leasing consultant will largely depend on working in a team with other employees, so your potential employer must know you’re a team player.

Here are some ways you can demonstrate your ability to work well with others:

Talk about how much you enjoy working in groups. If there’s anything I love more than getting stuff done, it’s doing it while surrounded by great people who share my passion for success. 

I’ve had the pleasure of doing just that since high school when I joined our school tennis team and won three state championships!

Talk about your current job as an example of how much you value teamwork. In my current role at [company name here], I sit on several cross-functional teams where we discuss our client’s needs and come up with strategies to ensure they get what they want and fast! 

This kind of cross-departmental collaboration is vital for keeping [company name here] competitive in today’s market, which is why being part of one has been so rewarding for me over these past few years.”

Talk About Salary Expectations During A Leasing Consultant Interview

While it’s important, to be honest about your salary expectations, you should also be prepared with concrete answers. You should have a number in mind, and discuss what that number means to you. 

For example, if someone asks how much money they can expect to make as a leasing consultant, say something like: “I would need around $50k per year.” Or maybe: “I’d like to make $75k annually.” 

By stating exactly what your numbers are and why those numbers are the ones that matter most for you in this role (e.g., because of your student loans), you’ll show that not only do you know what salary range is appropriate for this position but also why it’s appropriate for it.

And more importantly how the job fits into your life beyond just being another paycheck check every two weeks or so!

Use This Technique To Ace The Interview As A Leasing Consultant

When you’re on the way to your interview, you may have the urge to rehearse. Don’t. It’s a mistake many job seekers make, but it can lead to overthinking, which is a big no-no in interviews. 

Instead of rehearsing answers or worrying about how you’ll do in the interview, focus on getting there with plenty of time to spare and preparing yourself mentally for what’s ahead.

If you want to ace your next leasing consultant interview (or any job interview), here are some tips:

Make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses you’ll be able to use these later when explaining why an experience was a success or failure during the interview process.

Compile a list of accomplishments and failures from past jobs or internships so that they’re fresh in mind when asked about them during an actual face-to-face meeting with potential employers.

This will also help ensure that there aren’t any major gaps between what happened at one place versus another as well!

Now Is The Time To Think Through How You Plan To Do Your Best In Your Upcoming Leasing Consultant Interview

Now is the time to think through how you plan to do your best in your upcoming leasing consultant interview. No matter what, don’t be nervous be confident! Be prepared for the interview and know what to expect. 

Be ready to answer questions about yourself and tell your story, as well as talk about your goals for success with the company (and why it’s important that they hire you).


Now that you’re prepared for your leasing consultant interview, it’s time to get out there and land your dream job! Remember: preparation is key to success. 

You want to make sure you are ready for any question that might come your way and can give a well-thought-out answer. 

You should also practice making eye contact with the interviewer, as this will help put them at ease during their conversation with you. 

Finally, don’t forget to ask questions about benefits or salary expectations having a good understanding of these things will help ensure that both sides are satisfied with their arrangement when all is said and done!