How To Land Your Dream Job As a Legal Assistant

You want to be where you want to be someday. And if that’s as a legal assistant in the legal field, then this guide will help you get there. 

You don’t need to wait until the last minute to start looking for jobs or plan your path through law school. If you follow these tips and always pay attention to detail, then landing your dream job shouldn’t be too difficult:

Network, Network, Network!

There is no better way to network than by meeting people. In fact, if you want to land your dream job as a legal assistant, you should be constantly networking. 

Networking is so important that I would even recommend attending parties and events just for the purpose of meeting new people. But don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds. 

You can always find some way to make yourself useful at any event you could volunteer to help out with food or drinks, or simply provide encouragement and support when needed. 

The more familiar you are with people in your industry, the more likely they will be willing to recommend you for a job opening later on down the line!

So how do we actually go about networking? Well, there are many different ways:

Network with everyone you meet whether it’s at a party or through mutual friends or neighbors who happen upon each other while out shopping on Saturday mornings (I know this seems random but trust me). 

People like talking about themselves so if anyone asks what do “you do,” tell them about how much fun being an assistant was compared against being stuck behind desks all day long doing menial tasks like clicking send buttons every 5 minutes because someone else wasn’t paying attention.” 

You never know who might end up being useful down the road!

Formal Education Never Hurts

Formal education is a great way to get started in the legal field, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The most common degrees for entry-level legal assistants include associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates. 

If you can afford it, earning an advanced degree will likely increase your chances of getting hired as a legal assistant.

Attending law school or medical school can also provide valuable experience that could help you become a better legal assistant later on down the line.

Be Proactive, Active, And Involved With Your Community

It’s important to be proactive and make sure that you’re active in your community. You should join a community group, volunteer, join a professional association, attend events and take classes.

It also helps to ask questions when you don’t understand something, introduce yourself to people whom you’d like to know better (and who may have connections that could help your career) and say no if something doesn’t feel right.

Be Patient And Persistent

Patience and persistence are key when you’re looking for a job. You can’t expect to find your dream job overnight it takes time, effort, and the willingness to try new things.

The first step is asking for help from people who have been there before: your friends, family members and mentors. They will be able to give you advice on what worked for them when they were looking for their dream jobs as well as some tips that might not have occurred to you yet! 

If they already work in the field that interests you (or if they’ve had experience working in related fields), ask them what their favorite parts of those jobs were so far. 

This way it’ll be easier for them later on down the line when everyone gets tired about talking about all these same topics over again 😉

Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Be in the right place at the right time.

This is probably the most simple advice, but also one of the most important. The best way to get hired is by simply being available and ready when a position opens up. Are you aware of what’s going on around you? When there are job openings, do you know how to apply? 

Are you checking your email regularly so that if something comes up, it doesn’t slip through your fingers? If not, then this is an easy fix!

What if you’re already looking for jobs but haven’t heard anything back yet? 

What if there’s nothing else out there except working retail or waiting tables until someone decides to hire an assistant? Well then it’s time to make yourself more visible! 

That means making sure that people see who did what work and making sure they can contact/find/remember about you with ease (more on this later).

Have A Plan And Follow It Through

The first step to landing your dream job is having a plan and following it through. This may seem obvious, but having a plan means that you have set goals for yourself and are actively working toward them.

If you’re not sure what your goals are or how to reach them, start with small steps. For example, if your ultimate goal is to work as an attorney at a law firm, then one of your first steps might be applying for an internship at that firm. 

You should also think about what skills and experience you need in order to achieve these goals.

You should also be patient and persistent while pursuing these goals you can’t expect things to happen overnight! Once again: take it slow so that you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged by setbacks along the way (and believe me there will be setbacks).

The last part of having a successful plan is being in the right place at the right time (or vice versa). In other words: try not worrying too much about luck because there’s no way of knowing when opportunities will arise unless we’re open-minded enough for them!

Begin Your Search Early

Start your search early. We know it’s tempting to wait until you have a perfect resume, or the perfect interview, before you start looking for jobs. The reality is that most jobs aren’t advertised and will be filled through networking and word-of-mouth. 

Don’t put off starting your search because you don’t feel like your job search skills are ready yet! Everyone starts somewhere, so just get started!

Don’t wait for the perfect job to come along either. So many people think that if they keep looking and applying for jobs, eventually one will pop up that is exactly what they want – but this isn’t necessarily true! 

If you’re willing to work hard and network effectively then there are tons of opportunities out there waiting for someone with drive who wants them badly enough (and has done their homework).

Take Interns Or Volunteers To Help You Out In Difficult Periods

The most important thing you can do is to have a team. When you’re the only one working on a case or a project and it’s taking longer than expected, you might feel like giving up and going home. 

But if there’s someone else who knows what they’re doing, they can help keep the momentum going until you get back on track.

Mentors are also great for this role because they’ve been where you are now they’ve been young legal assistants who were just starting out in their careers.

But they learned from their mistakes so now they can share what they’ve learned in their professional lives with younger people like yourself!

If possible, try to find interns or volunteers who are willing to work with other professionals in your field (i.e., attorneys) on projects that don’t directly affect clients’ cases yet may still be interesting enough for someone looking into law as a career path.”

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail! Rejections Are Part Of Life

When you’re interviewing for legal assistant jobs, it’s likely that you’ll encounter a few rejections along the way. Don’t let this discourage you! 

Rejections are part of life and an opportunity for learning. If a job isn’t right for you, there will be another one out there that will be perfect for your skillset and personality.

Don’t beat yourself up if your interview doesn’t go as planned; instead, use it as a chance to learn something new about yourself or perhaps even change some of your behaviors in preparation for future interviews (you can read more on how to improve at interviewing here).

Always Ask For Feedback On Your Work

Feedback is a gift. It’s the one thing your boss can give you to show that they actually care about your work, and it will help you improve in the long run. 

Your boss may not have time to offer feedback on every single task you complete, but if they are busy enough with their own tasks that they don’t have time for this, take it upon yourself to ask for feedback from other team members when possible. 

They might be able to offer insight into areas where you could do better or provide tips on how best to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

This also shows that you want feedback and want your boss (and other people) to feel comfortable giving it!

Don’t Lose Hope If Don’t Find Your Dream Job On Your First Try. Keep Looking

Don’t give up! The most important thing is to keep trying, because your dream job could be just around the corner. 

If you apply for a position and don’t get it, that doesn’t mean that it’s time to throw in the towel and move back home with mom and dad (even if they’re all out of money). Readjust your expectations, learn from what went wrong with this particular application process, and try again!

If you’ve applied for five jobs and still haven’t gotten any responses or if all of those jobs were total busts it might be time to consider other options. Maybe you need more experience or education than you thought. 

Or maybe there aren’t any legal assistant positions available in your area at all (unlikely). 

Or perhaps it was just bad luck: sometimes good candidates slip through the cracks when hiring managers are juggling multiple candidates at once or following different sets of criteria when deciding whom they want on their team.

Whatever happens next will depend on how flexible your thinking truly is and how prepared you are to adapt accordingly. 

If moving across state lines isn’t an option for your family situation or personal commitments (and if relocating isn’t something that interests or appeals), then what other options do you have? 

Are there other types of legal assistants who work remotely? 

Do some research online about this type of work environment so that when interviewers ask where else would be open-minded enough about remote working arrangements (if indeed they do), you’ll have some answers ready!

If You Want To Be Where You Want To Be Someday, Start Planning Today And Keep Going Till You Get There!

It’s never too early or too late to launch a plan of action when it comes to your career. The sooner you begin, the more time you have to take advantage of opportunities that come along your way.

The best time to start thinking about what kind of job and career path you want is NOW! Even if nothing happens right away, being proactive shows that you’re serious about getting a head start on achieving your goal.


There are many different steps you can take to land your dream job as a legal assistant. You don’t need a law degree, but you do need to know what employers are looking for in candidates and how to best approach them. 

The most important thing is that you’re passionate about helping people, so if that’s something you care about then this could be an amazing career path for you!