How To Land Your Dream Job As Food Server

The food service industry is one of the largest in America. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 14 million people employed as servers and hosts/hostesses in this country alone! 

That means more opportunities than ever before for people who want to work in restaurants or hotels; however, it also means that these jobs are competitive and difficult to come by. If you’re serious about landing your dream job as a server or host/hostess then follow these steps:

Take The Initiative

Take the initiative. Once you’ve got your resume updated and ready to go, it’s time to get proactive in your job search. You should always be sending out resumes and cover letters as soon as possible after being hired at a restaurant.

This is especially true if you’re hoping for a promotion or considering leaving your current job. If an opening comes up at one of the restaurants you want to work at, be sure to apply right away.

You might also consider making contact with local restaurants that are hiring by leaving a handwritten note along with your application materials (see above). This is something that’s considered very professional in food service circles, so use this opportunity wisely!

Be Proactive In Your Job Search

Be proactive in your job search. It can take a little time, but doing the research and planning will help you land your dream job.

Researching the company and industry is essential for any type of job application or interview preparation. Companies have different cultures, so it’s important to know what makes them unique before applying for any position with them. 

Also take note of their competitors, because they may offer valuable insight into what makes one business more successful than another in its field.

Researching your desired position will also help you understand what skills are needed to succeed within that role and which ones might make you stand out from other applicants who don’t possess those particular traits (or haven’t taken the time). 

Researching potential employers’ competitors can give you an idea of how much demand there is for similar jobs across different companies or industries; 

If there are many openings available at competing firms without much competition among applicants themselves then that could be good news for us!

Send Out Your Resume

After you’ve found a dream job, it’s time to get your name out there. If you want to land an interview for a food server position, you need to send out resumes.

Resumes are documents that show potential employers what you have done and what you can bring to the table. 

They’re great because they allow people who don’t know each other (like yourself and a potential employer) to connect over their shared interests or experiences; 

They allow you to highlight your skills and strengths, and some employers will even let resumes replace cover letters entirely!

Now that we’ve covered why sending out resumes is such an important part of getting hired as a food server, let’s talk about how to send them out successfully.

Take Care Of Your Appearance

Dress professionally. Your first impression is based on how you look, so it’s important to present yourself neatly. 

Wear clean clothes and shoes that are free of holes or tears; make sure your hair is clean and neat, and make sure your nails are trimmed short (no one wants to eat with someone whose hands appear dirty).

Dress appropriately for the job and weather. If you’re applying for an indoor server position at a hotel restaurant, dress professionally but not too formal jeans would be fine if they aren’t torn or stained.

But t-shirts should be avoided unless specifically requested by management due to the nature of their work (such as bartenders who serve patrons). 

On the other hand, if you’re applying for an outdoor restaurant or food truck where patrons sit outside at picnic tables during warmer months (or even indoors during winter months).

Then jeans may be inappropriate since they can get messy from dirt or snow being tracked onto them by patrons’ boots!

Research The Companies You Want To Work For

Figure out what the company’s mission statement is, and how it has evolved.

Read reviews on Glassdoor or other employment review sites to see if anyone has complaints about their workplace culture, management style, etc.

Check out the company’s history and try to find patterns in its business practices. Is there a reason why this company has been successful for so long? What does its success look like? How does that compare with what other similar businesses have been doing lately?

Look up their products and services online; do these things exist anywhere else? Do they do anything unique or special (or both)? If so, why might this be important as an employee at that company versus another one making similar products/services?

Research what kind of benefits are offered by working at this particular restaurant chain is health insurance provided at all locations across North America; 

Are there any tuition reimbursement programs in place; will they help support me through my studies if I choose not to pursue them immediately after graduating high school but want everything set up before starting a full-time job next year (even though I’m only 16 years old now)?

Check Out Local Job Fairs

Local job fairs are a great place to go if you’re looking for a new direction in your career. 

You’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with employers, who will be able to tell you exactly what they’re looking for from candidates and discuss ways that you can stand out from other applicants.

Some of the best places to find local job fairs include:

  • Local colleges
  • Community centers
  • Libraries

Many larger nationwide events target specific industries or professions such as healthcare or education jobs and these can be good places to start your search as well.

Look Online

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find job openings. Here are a few:

Look in the newspaper. Newspapers list food serving jobs all over the place! Look at your local paper and see if they have any ads for servers or waiters/waitresses. If they do, make sure to go apply as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity!

Check sites like Glassdoor and Indeed where employers post their open positions online – often with links directly back to their websites where you can learn more about what they do (and how much they pay). 

Glassdoor is also great because it has curated lists from other users based on categories like location or industry.

So if someone else has already done some research for you by checking out job postings across different fields before posting about them here then why not take advantage?

Go To The Library And Look Through Their Jobs Section

Libraries have plenty of job listings, whether they’re posted there or at another place. If you go to a library, you can look at all their job postings online. 

You can also look at those same job postings in person and even better if you like looking through computer screens (or tablets or smartphones), then this method is perfect for you! 

Not only that, but even if your eyesight isn’t so great and it becomes difficult for you to see small text on screens you’ll still be able to see everything perfectly well once again thanks to being able to read through printed materials instead (which are also very popular methods for finding work).

Get In Touch With A Temp Agency

If you want to get in touch with a temp agency, it’s best to do so early on. “The earlier you get in touch with them, the better your chances are of getting work as a food server,” says Campbell. 

“Agencies are inundated with requests from people looking for part-time jobs and often just take the first few that come along.”

If you’re lucky enough to land a job through an agency, they’ll provide all of your training needs which means they’ll send out an instructor who will train you up on how things work at their company. 

From there, once your training is finished and you have some experience under your belt (and this may take weeks or months), it’s time for…

Fill Out An Application At Any Company You Are Interested In Working For Even If They Don’t Have An Job Openings Posted

You can also fill out an application at any company you’re interested in working for even if they don’t have a job opening posted. As long as you’ve done your research and have determined that the company is reputable, send them a resume and cover letter along with your application. 

If you don’t hear back from them within a couple of weeks, call them up and ask if they received your application. Make sure to check with every place that might be hiring because sometimes companies will hire people without posting jobs online first!

Ask around at local businesses and schools and see if they need extra help on events, etc.

If you’ve got a job that involves serving food, this is a great way to get your foot in the door. Ask around at local businesses and schools and see if they need extra help on events, etc. 

This is a great way to meet people in the industry who can help you out later down the road when you’re transitioning into full-time work.

You can also try checking with local mom-and-pop restaurants or bars where there might be an opening or two during peak times of service (weekends).

Don’t Overlook Asking Friends And Family Members Who Might Know Someone That Would Be Able To Help Out With Finding Work Either!

If you are a college student, check with your school’s career center, they may have leads for students that are in your major field of study.

The best way to land a job is by networking. Your college career center can help you with this, as well as writing cover letters, resumes, interviewing, and salary negotiation. Many students don’t realize that their school’s career center offers these services for free. 

If you are attending a university with a large student body (more than 10 thousand students), then ask yourself if there is enough demand for food servers in your area. 

If so then it may be worth your time and effort to check out the job openings at the local restaurants near campus or online.

If you get an interview, dress professionally and arrive early.  Try to make a good first impression because that can go a long way toward getting hired.

Dress professionally. If you’re applying for a job that pays less than $40,000 per year, wear a suit or at least a dress shirt with a tie or bowtie and clean jeans (no holes!). 

This will help you make a good first impression of your interviewer and show them that their business matters to you.

Arrive Early! Try To Arrive At The Interview Location 10-15 Minutes Before The Scheduled Time. Arriving Too Late Shows That You Don’t Care About Punctuality Or Time Management Not Traits Employers Want In Their Employees!

Be prepared with questions for the interviewer: What are some challenges facing this industry? 

How do I fit into those challenges? What would be my first project/task when I join the team? (For more information on how to form these types of questions in advance, check out our blog post “How To Ace A Job Interview.”)

Get good sleep: Before an interview, prepare yourself by getting enough rest so that the next day goes smoothly! Make sure there aren’t any distractions like pets running around downstairs while waiting for an interview call; 

Also, avoid eating spicy foods because they can trigger heartburn and nausea which can make one feel uncomfortable throughout their entire life trajectory as well as during interviews themselves.”

When applying for a job, ask if there is anything else you can do to help them out such as filling out paperwork, making coffee, water plants, etc)  This will show that you are eager to work there!

Asking if there is anything else you can do to help them out such as filling out paperwork, making coffee, water plants, etc.  This will show that you are eager to work there! If they ask you to do something and you are willing it will be a good sign that they might want to hire you.

When applying for a job at a restaurant always ask yourself:

  • What am I going to bring here? What value do I bring? (Be specific)
  • How can I stand out from other applicants? (How did my experience/ education make me unique?)

The best way for someone who wants to work in restaurants is by getting your foot in the door first by doing any type of volunteer work possible like washing dishes or bussing tables at local restaurants if they have openings.


You may have read some of my other articles, where I talk about the importance of networking, how to dress for an interview, and even how to write a resume. This is just another one in a long line of job search tips that you can use to land your dream job!

You may be wondering why I am writing so much about serving jobs when there are so many other professions out there. The answer is simple: the food service industry is growing faster than any other industry in America right now. 

A lot of people have been laid off from manufacturing jobs or lost their homes during this recession, which means they need something else to support themselves as well as their families. 

You see it everywhere from restaurants and fast food chains like Mcdonald’s or Burger King all over town; 

Through catering companies who cater events such as weddings and business meetings; at grocery stores where cashiers bag your groceries while you shop around then pick up your purchases later at the cash register (this happens!). 

Even if you aren’t interested in serving others directly through these types of positions but want something similar like administrative assistant work then make sure to ask yourself first what type of job best fits your personality. 

Then check out our article on How To Find Your Dream Job In America: What Type Of Work Do You Like Best?