How To Land Your Dream Job As Food Runner

You know that feeling when you’re so excited to be working at your dream job? The one where you’re happy to wake up, get dressed and go to work every day. 

That’s what I experienced when I first started as a food runner. I had no idea it would be such an amazing experience, but here’s how it happened:

Get A Job You Love

If you’re looking for a food runner job, the first thing you should do is to get a job that you love. This may sound overly simple, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

When most people think of their dream jobs, they imagine that they will be doing amazing things every day and making tons of money. 

However, if your dream job is just about how much money or how many cool things happen at work, then chances are not only will this not make you happy in the long run (and also give you some pretty bad habits).

But it’ll keep changing over time as well meaning no matter how good or successful your current “dream” gig gets, there’s no way for it to last forever.

If finding an awesome career is something important to you then make sure that when considering what type of work environment would suit your needs best: check out different industries.

And types of companies so that when trying out new positions makes sense within those scenarios too! Understanding what kind of person fits which role best will help ensure happiness both now and in future opportunities.”

Be The Best You Can Be

You want to be the best you can be. The most reliable person you know, the most positive person you know, and so on. 

All of these things are important because they’ll help make your job easier. If you’re the best food runner a restaurant has ever seen, it’s more than likely that other staff members will look to you for help in any way possible.

Being able to get things done quickly and efficiently is also a major part of being a good food runner and this comes from being knowledgeable about everything surrounding the business: 

Its menu items, what comes where with each order (the meals), how long it takes for the table to finish their meal (how long they’ll keep ordering drinks), etcetera.

Sometimes It’s The Small Touches

Here are some tips for making a great first impression:

Be on time. Even if you’re not required to be somewhere at a certain time, do your best to arrive early. If you’re running late, call ahead and let them know. 

This is especially important if the job requires you to interact with guests or other employees in any way (like being a runner). You don’t want anyone thinking of you as unreliable!

Dress professionally. You should look neat at all times no matter what type of job you have! A clean appearance will help ensure that people take your words seriously and give them the attention they deserve. 

It also shows that taking care of yourself is more important enough for one person’s day-to-day life than another’s opinion about what makes someone look “good” or “bad.” 

In addition, should an emergency arise where food needs cleaning up quickly (and trust me it does), having everyone working together means nothing gets left behind!

It Isn’t All About You

There are a few qualities that can make or break you as a food runner. These include:

Be a good team player. Your job is to support the other runners in the restaurant, and they will help you out if you need it.

Be a good listener. The kitchen staff will talk about their problems with each other, but don’t get involved unless asked for advice or opinions the kitchen is their turf, not yours!

Be a good communicator. If someone asks for something from the bar or outside seating area, let them know before taking off.

So they can wait until you get back rather than calling over another runner who may not be on top of things yet (or even worse a server who doesn’t know what they’re doing). 

But remember: always be polite when dealing with customers or coworkers alike!

Make Service Your Passion

It’s important to love what you do. You have to be passionate about the food you serve, the restaurant you work for, and most importantly, the customers that come through your door. Take pride in the job you do and show it through your actions and attitude. 

If there is one thing that will make or break a customer’s experience at a restaurant it’s their interaction with the staff running around making sure everyone has a great time!

To become a great runner (and eventually move up in rank) remember these key points:

  • Love what you do
  • Be passionate about everything on this list above

Greet People With A Smile

When greeting someone, your first and most important goal is to make that person feel good. The best way to do this is with a smile. A smile is contagious, and when you greet people with a big grin, they’ll be more likely to return it and have a positive interaction with you. 

A genuine smile shows that you are friendly, approachable, and confident in yourself all traits that will make people want to work with you. It also shows that you’re happy, which goes hand-in-hand with being confident: 

After all, if we weren’t happy at our job wouldn’t we just quit? 

Finally, if someone knows they’ve made another person happy by simply smiling at them then they will think highly of themselves (or “feel good about themselves”) which makes them more receptive to other people’s ideas as well

Friendly Communication Is Required For Food Runners

Food runners should be friendly, polite, and always willing to help. When you’re out on the floor, make sure that you’re making eye contact with guests and saying hello. You can also ask how their meal is tasting and if they need anything else from the bar or restaurant. 

It’s okay if someone doesn’t want to talk just be polite about it! When customers leave the restaurant or bar, say goodbye and thank them for visiting.

Know What You’re Serving And How To Serve It

The best way to be a good food runner is to know how the food should look when it’s served. 

If a customer orders an omelet, for example, you’ll want to make sure that you put the egg on first and then add any fillings that way, it doesn’t get cooked into the omelet. 

And if someone orders pancakes with extra butter and syrup on top, then you will want to put those on last so they don’t run off before they hit their plate!

How Do I Serve A Plate?

In general, there are two ways of serving plates: in one hand or two hands (or both). With one hand: 

Hold the plate securely at its midpoint with your thumb underneath and fingers above; use three fingers from your other hand as support under dishware near its edge (if using hot beverages) or just above dishware near the edge (if using cold beverages). 

Use your wrist motion like when throwing a Frisbee. With two hands: Hold dishware using thumbs for support under each section of dishware; grasp with the remaining four fingers around the outer circumference.

Note: these instructions apply only when holding more than one piece of flatware together such as spoons/forks/knives at once!

Be Patient, But Persistent

You’ve been looking for a new job, but you haven’t found the right one yet. You’re tired of applying for jobs that don’t even give you the courtesy of an email response, and it’s starting to get frustrating. You need to focus on how YOU can land your dream job as a food runner!

You want to make sure that when you apply for a position as a food runner, you do so in the most qualified way possible. Be patient and persistent in your search don’t be too pushy about getting their attention; don’t be afraid to follow up; just be consistent in reaching out!

Make A List Of Your Skills

The first step to landing your dream job is figuring out what your dream job is. Before you can do that, it’s helpful to spend some time thinking about your skills and how they might help you in the food service industry. 

To start this process, take a few minutes and make a list of everything you know how to do. 

This could include anything from being able to cook dinner for eight people in under 30 minutes (or however long it takes) up to being fluent in multiple languages and having knowledge of complex engineering principles. 

Once you have this list of all of the things that make up who you are as a person, number them from 1-10 depending on how much experience or skill level each skill requires for success. 

Then take another look at those skills which ones would be most helpful when working as a food runner? Which ones would mean the most to others?

Be Reflective And Open To New Ideas

If you want to land your dream job as a food runner, be reflective and open to new ideas. The best thing about being a food runner is that there’s always room for improvement. 

You will learn something new every day, whether it’s how to work more efficiently or how to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. 

It’s important not only that you’re willing to take on criticism but also that you’re willing to accept criticism when it comes from others; 

These two things go hand in hand because they both require that one be open-minded enough to try something new before deciding whether or not they like it!

Being willing to try new things is important because it helps keep people from getting bored with their jobs and boredom can lead them down paths they never thought possible before! 

If someone had told me ten years ago what my career would look like today (which I’m sure was much different than anything else), I probably wouldn’t have believed them…but now here I am: working with cool people who love what they do every single day of their lives!

Avoid Bad Vibes And Gossip

A big part of being a food runner is working with other people. You can’t run any restaurant, let alone one as busy as yours if you don’t have the help of your fellow employees. But sometimes even the most dedicated employee isn’t enough to make things go smoothly.

The key is to avoid bad vibes and gossip at all costs. This means staying away from negative people and in this industry, there are plenty of them! 

It also means not being a gossip yourself; if you’ve got something negative on your mind, keep it to yourself and focus on how best to solve the problem at hand. 

Being a complainer or whiner will get you nowhere except maybe fired (and rightly so). And finally: if someone comes up with an idea that sounds dumb but has merit? Don’t automatically reject it just because it wasn’t your idea!

Be Reliable From Day One. Show Up On Time

As a food runner, you’ll be responsible for taking orders, delivering food and drinks to customers, and making sure they’re happy. When you’re interviewing for the position, it’s important to show how reliable and committed you are. 

If your employer sees that you’re willing to do whatever it takes (even if that means showing up early), then there’s a good chance they’ll hire you. Here are some ways to demonstrate your dependability:

Have A Great Attitude

People like to work with people they like. If you make it known that you’re a hard worker and an easygoing person to be around, your chances of landing your dream job are significantly higher. This means:

  • Be positive at all times
  • Acknowledge and thank others for their help
  • Don’t complain about anything (ever)

It may sound obvious, but when it comes down to it, having a good attitude is the most important thing you can do when looking for a job in any field.

Apply To Every Job You Can

You should apply to every job you can, even if it’s not a perfect fit. If you apply for a position and don’t get it, you’ll still have more experience on your resume than if you didn’t apply at all. Just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! That being said…

Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs that are right below where you want to be—and know that there’s always room for growth with food service positions (and in many other industries).

Don’t be afraid of applying for jobs that are overqualified or even irrelevant; at least they can help build up your network.

And finally: Don’t let the fact that a particular job doesn’t interest or excite you keep you from putting in an application anyway; sometimes it takes time before we find something we truly love doing!

Write A Resume That Focuses On Your Skills

A resume should be a three-part document. The first part should be a summary of your life and skills, the second part should be an outline of your professional experience, and the third part should include any additional information that might help you land your dream job. 

If you’re applying for a position as a food runner at a restaurant, this might include things like:

  • Any relevant experience (this could mean working as a waiter or waitress in another restaurant)
  • Your education (if it’s not specifically related to hospitality)
  • Your certifications from any classes or training programs related to hospitality
  • Any relevant hobbies, like cooking or bartending

and so on!

Have Experience As A Host Or Server

A food runner is a position that requires you to be able to serve the restaurant’s food, but it’s different from the role of a server. 

A server serves guests their meals at tables, while a food runner brings out pre-ordered plates and checks on the status of tables whose guests aren’t ready for their food. 

You might have had experience waiting tables or working in restaurants before, but if not, there are ways you can build up your resume with similar jobs so that they translate well into this position. For example:

Hosting is one way to get experience serving people directly and making sure they have everything they need. You should have good people skills to do this job well staying friendly and upbeat when greeting new guests will help them feel welcomed in turn! 

And if there are any questions about the menu or decorum at your restaurant location (like what type of dress is appropriate), being able to answer those questions shows that you know how things work around there so customers will feel confident trusting you when ordering something special off-menu or requesting another dish altogether.

Server duties include taking orders from seated customers as well as dropping off drinks or appetizers on request – both require excellent memory skills since most servers don’t write down every detail during service hours so they can focus on talking with guests instead; 

However, this also means memorizing at least some details may help increase chances getting hired quickly after applying (especially if positions become available unexpectedly fast).

Create Your Elevator Pitch

When it comes to job interviews, the first impression you make is crucial. The interviewer has a limited amount of time with you and will make judgments about whether or not they like you based on your appearance, demeanor, and communication skills within those few minutes. 

Therefore, it’s important that when they ask what your strengths are or why they should hire you over another candidate, you have an answer ready. 

An elevator pitch is the short version of this answer a super-concise but compelling way to get across everything that makes you worthy of a job offer in one sentence (or one minute).

The best way to create an effective elevator pitch is by thinking about how other people could benefit from hiring you. What are some things that set someone apart as a good employee? What do companies value most when looking for new hires? 

These questions can help generate ideas for how to describe yourself in a way that will stand out from other applicants without sounding too boastful or arrogant:


Be sure to keep an eye out for job openings at your favorite restaurants, and be ready to impress your potential employers with a winning attitude and great work ethic. Food runner jobs are plentiful, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find one that fits your needs. 

Whether it’s at a fancy bistro or a casual pub, being a food runner can be fun and exciting especially if you’re excited about food!