How To Become A Product Reviewer In 15 Simple Steps

If you’re passionate about your favorite products and like to share your thoughts with others, becoming a product reviewer is a great way to do that. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to become a product reviewer: from getting started with blogging or creating an account on YouTube or Instagram, building up your following through social media networking, joining product testing sites (like Influenster), writing reviews for those sites…and more!

How To Become A Product Tester (Guide) – YouTube
1. Start by identifying your interests and expertise to select the right products to review.
2. Create a platform, such as a blog or YouTube channel, to showcase your reviews.
3. Focus on providing valuable and unbiased insights to build credibility.
4. Engage with your audience and encourage feedback to improve your reviewing skills.
5. Network with brands and other reviewers to discover new opportunities.
6. Consistency is key; maintain a regular schedule for your reviews.
7. Stay updated with industry trends and new product releases.
8. Utilize social media to expand your reach and connect with potential sponsors.
9. Consider joining affiliate programs to earn from your product recommendations.
10. Be patient and persistent; building a successful reviewing career takes time.
11. Always disclose any sponsorships or affiliations to maintain transparency.
12. Seek feedback from your audience to understand their preferences better.
13. Collaborate with other content creators or brands to reach new audiences.
14. Keep learning and improving your reviewing techniques.
15. Enjoy the process and have fun exploring products in your niche.

1. Create A Blog Or Website

When you first start as a product reviewer, it’s best to have a blog or website where you can publish your content. You can create a blog about anything that interests you. Some popular choices include:

  • Your life story
  • Your experiences
  • Your opinions on various topics (like politics)

It’s also important to note that some people will want to know what type of content they’re going to receive from reading your site. So if someone is looking for reviews on shampoo, they may not want to see a post about how one person’s dog died last week even if it was really sad!

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2. Build Up Your Following

If you want to become a product reviewer, you must build up your following. If you don’t have an audience, how are companies going to know that they can trust your reviews?

You can use social media or other platforms to build up your following:

Social media is the easiest way for new businesses and entrepreneurs to get their products out there into the public eye. 

You can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks where people will see what you are doing and follow along with your blog posts and product recommendations.

Blogging is another great way of building an audience around yourself as a blogger who specializes in reviewing products. 

The more followers who visit your site regularly, the easier it will be for them to see what kind of experience they could expect from buying one of your recommended items!

3. Get To Know The Product Review Community

The first step is to get to know the product review community. If you’re reading this, you probably already do this. But if you don’t, consider spending some time getting acquainted with the people who are in your industry and reviewing products.

This is a good way to learn about trends in how product reviewers are conducting themselves as well as what they are doing right and wrong so that you can avoid making those same mistakes yourself when it comes time for your reviews.

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4. Join Products Testing Sites

There are two main types of product testing sites. The first kind is run by companies and takes place in person, at their offices. If you want to join one of these, the only way is to apply directly through their website. 

The second type is more informal and does not require any application process; instead, it invites users to join based on the products they have reviewed for other sites or services.

The benefits of becoming a product tester can be numerous: you get paid for your work as well as free products that become yours to keep (or give away). You may get access to new technologies or luxury items before they go on sale at retail stores. 

The downsides include being able to test only certain types of products (for example cars) and having limited time slots during which they can be used by testers.

These sites include:

Amazon Tester Program – is one of the most popular ones because it’s easy to sign up and offers many different kinds of products for testing!

5. Start Writing Reviews

Put on your reviewer hat and start writing reviews. You can write about products you use, and you can also write about products that are completely foreign to you. 

Write about the ones that make your life better and the ones that don’t. Write about the things that annoy you and the things that amaze you.

If there’s a product out there, it has been reviewed by someone before so why not get in on the action?

6. Understand FTC Guidelines For Paid Reviews

It is important to understand that the FTC guidelines for paid reviews are not the same as those on product review sites or those of a product testing site. The FTC’s guidelines cover advertising, while many other sites’ guidelines cover reviews.

The FTC’s rules say that if you are being paid to review a product, you must disclose this fact in your review and make it clear if the company has had any input into what you write.

7. Research The Product

The first thing you need to do is research the product. Look it up on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website. If you can, find a place where people can review it and see what they have to say about it. 

You want to make sure there are no glaring issues with this product that will make your job harder. 

You also want to look for a variety of reviews so that you don’t just get one biased opinion you need multiple sources of information when making your own decision about whether or not this product is right for you.

If possible, search for any reviews that mention the specific name/brand of whatever item it is you’re going to be reviewing! 

This will help give some context as well as increase the chances of finding more detailed information about its features and benefits since reviewers tend not to write long paragraphs comparing their experiences with other similar products (they usually just share their thoughts).

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8. Critically Evaluate Everything You Test

  • Critically evaluate everything you test.
  • Be honest and constructive. Don’t hold back on telling the truth if you don’t like an aspect of a product, say so. The most useful reviews are ones that tell readers exactly what they need to know, not just what writers want them to hear or read. 
  • If there is something wrong with the product, be sure to mention it in detail! 
  • On the other hand, if there are aspects of a product that impress you, don’t hold back there either! 
  • Remember that your job as a reviewer is not just about providing information: it’s also about helping consumers make good decisions about their purchases.

9. Use Storytelling In Your Reviews

As a product reviewer, your job is to help readers determine whether or not they want to buy the product and why. Using storytelling helps you engage readers in your review and make it more memorable.

Use storytelling to explain why you like the product: When talking about how much you love a certain item, be sure to use anecdotes that show your enthusiasm for it. 

For example, if it’s an app that makes your life easier at work, tell us about all of how it saves time for you every day (and maybe even some of those ways are unique!). If any features stand out as particularly useful or innovative, mention those too!

Use storytelling to explain why you dislike something: On the flip side of this same coin if something disappointed you about a product share what happened so others know what not to expect from using it themselves…

Or better yet…why it left such a bad taste in their mouth! Think about what makes your story compelling (e.g., did something go wrong? Did someone else say something mean?)

10. Include Photos And Videos In Your Reviews

Product reviewers are always looking for a way to make their reviews more interesting. The best way to do this is to include photos and videos in your reviews. 

Photos and videos help you show how a product works (or doesn’t), which is one of the most important things that consumers look for when they’re trying to decide whether or not they want something.

Photos can also help customers learn more about your lifestyle and interests, which makes them feel more comfortable buying from you. 

If someone sees photos of you on vacation, they might be more likely to buy from you because they know that you won’t just take their money and run away with it!

Videos are even better than photos because they give people an idea of how something looks and feels in real life before making a purchase decision. It’s easier than ever these days with inexpensive cameras like smartphones that have great video quality!

11. Be Honest And Transparent

Being honest and transparent is a key part of being a product reviewer. You don’t want to mislead your readers, so be sure to let them know what you do and don’t like about the products you review. And don’t be afraid to say how much you paid for them. 

If a high-end product costs too much money, they may not want it—but you’ll lose credibility if you don’t mention that upfront!

Similarly, if there are things about a product that is just fine for your budget but not great for someone else’s budget (like cheap plastic parts), make sure that your readers understand why those things matter before making their decisions. 

This will help them make better choices for themselves in the future as well as build stronger relationships with their readership base across all demographics worldwide (including yours).

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12. Keep Working At It!

The most important takeaway from this guide is that you should keep working on it. It’s a lot of work to get started, but once you have your first successful product review published, the next steps are easier and more fun. The more practice you can get in, the better!

You’ll need to continue refining your skills as a writer and editor. You might want to try out new writing tools, like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor; or create a blog or join an online community where you can get feedback on your work. 

And if there’s anything else we didn’t cover here that interests you like taking photos of products with your phone instead of relying on stock images go out and learn how!

The best part about being a product reviewer is that no two days are ever the same: every day offers new challenges and opportunities for improvement (and sometimes even some laughs). 

This job requires constant curiosity about the world around us so we know what questions people will be asking about their own lives when they come across our reviews online; plus an ability to communicate clearly.

So readers will understand why we think something works well enough for them to consider buying it themselves without having any prior experience using similar products themselves before hand; 

Also, emotional resilience because sometimes things don’t always go according to plan while testing different types/styles/categories etcetera but still need doing anyway during trial periods even though results may not always turn out favorably due

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What are the essential skills required to become a successful product reviewer?

Successful product reviewers possess excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to provide unbiased and honest assessments.

How can I approach companies for product review opportunities?

You can approach companies for review opportunities by creating a professional pitch, showcasing your reviewing expertise, and expressing genuine interest in their products.

Is it necessary to have a large following on social media to become a product reviewer?

While a large following can be beneficial, it’s not a strict requirement. Many companies value authentic and engaged audiences, so focus on building a dedicated community.

Are there any legal considerations I should be aware of as a product reviewer?

Yes, as a product reviewer, it’s crucial to adhere to FTC guidelines, disclosing any sponsorships or affiliations that may influence your reviews.

How can I monetize my product review platform?

Monetizing your product review platform can be achieved through various means, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or partnerships with brands.