How I Inspired A Generation Of College Kids To Selfie

The selfie is a beautiful thing. It allows us to share our most intimate moments with others without actually having to see them or interact with them. 

It’s also a way for us to express ourselves through an often misunderstood art form that has been around since the Civil War: photography. 

The only problem is that selfies aren’t taken as often as they should be! 

So here are some tips on how you can inspire people from all walks of life from college students and young professionals on down to grade-schoolers to take more selfies, better selfies, and more creative selfies than ever before:

How Millennials Became the Selfie Generation | The New Yorker
Leveraged creative storytelling to encourage college
students to embrace selfies as a form of self-expression
Used relatable anecdotes to connect with younger
generations and showcase the positive aspects of selfies
Highlighted the cultural significance of selfies and
how they contribute to modern communication
Shared practical tips on taking meaningful and
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Empowered college students to embrace self-confidence
through self-representation on social media

1. Look At Your Friend While Taking The Photo

I want to convince you of two things: 1) that I am an expert selfie artist, and 2) that taking selfies is good for you.

To start with, let’s establish a few fundamentals about how to take selfies. First off, you should look at the camera while taking your pic and not just any camera; whoever’s behind it (a photographer or just yourself). 

When people say they don’t like looking into the eyes of their subject matter because it feels creepy or stalkerish (or both), what they mean is that they’re afraid of being seen as creepy stalkers themselves. 

That said, there are also plenty of reasons why looking into another person’s eyes can be beneficial for both parties: It helps establish eye contact, which in turn fosters intimacy; it indicates respect; 

And if nothing else, it makes the other person feel like they aren’t being ignored by checking out their shoes instead…although if anyone has ever told me “your hair looks nice today!”, then I’m more than happy staring at my feet until their next compliment comes along! 

All joking aside though: The point here isn’t necessarily whether or not someone wants to look at another person it’s whether or not they’re willing to put themselves out there enough so as not to be afraid when doing so.

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2. Think Of The Funniest Selfie Name And Caption You Can Think Of

To be honest, I was surprised no one had thought of this before. The selfie craze had been going on for years and yet no one was taking full advantage of its potential to be funny and shareable.

After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with what I think is the best combination of name and caption ever:

“The Unibrow” is accompanied by a photo of me squinting my eyes at the camera. It took a few tries but eventually, everyone on campus knew it as my signature selfie pose, which made it easy for them to recognize me everywhere I went!

3. Ask Him To Put His Arm Around You

This is a no-brainer, but it’s still important, so I’ll say it again: ask him to put his arm around you. “I’m feeling uncomfortable,” he might say, or something along those lines. 

He may even try to take off his shirt and make sure that he has a good body; this way, if he does have a good body and wants people to know about it by taking a selfie video of himself in gym shorts on Instagram Live (my favorite).

Then he’ll be ready for your and everyone else’s approval when the time comes!

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4. Remember, The More Angles The Better

Remember, the more angles the better. This is why it’s important to take a selfie from the front, back, and sides of your face. Also, make sure you get some shots from above and below so people can see how your nose looks from all angles. 

You might want to get a few pictures that show off your style too like one where you’re wearing sunglasses or another where you’re showing off an outfit that matches your personality perfectly!

5. Look Away From The Camera And Pretend Like You Don’t Know He Exists

What you should do: Look away from the camera, but look at him. It’s a simple concept, but one that can be hard to pull off. 

The key here is to make sure that your smile is directed at him. This way, it looks like you aren’t looking directly at the camera because you’re so focused on what he’s saying or doing! Try:

  • Smiling with your lips closed a “smile” as opposed to an open-mouthed grin (this is a good time for those sexy pouty lips)
  • Smiling wide enough so he can see both of your teeth without looking like an idiot
  • Smiling and then sticking out your tongue if it makes sense for context (I’m not saying this would work in every scenario)

6. Put Your Face Right Up To His As Close As You Can Get It

This is a good tip for group photos, but it’s especially important when you’re taking selfies with your significant other. When you pose for photos together, there are two people in the picture: you and him. 

If you stand too far away from him when taking the selfie and get both of your faces in focus, his face won’t be big enough to make an impact on the photo. 

Instead of standing back and making sure both of your faces are clear (or worse yet, using a camera timer), lean into each other so that one person’s face fills up most of the frame while still keeping an eye on whether or not everything else is in focus as well.

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7. Prove Once And For All That It’s Not Just A Girl Thing

I am proof that men can take selfies too.

Men can take selfies with other men and women. Men can take selfies with people, themselves, their friends, and family members, and even in the case of my selfie-taking history: myself alone.

I want to inspire young people to feel free to express themselves through selfies however they wish to do so!

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8. Have Him Take A Picture Of You Looking At Yourself In A Mirror

Next, you should have your friend take a picture of you looking at yourself in the mirror. This will be a great selfie for when you’re feeling self-conscious about how few clothes you’re wearing or how much weight you’ve gained.

Step 1: Get your friend to take a picture of your face from across the room, making sure that they capture not only your face but also at least half of the room behind it so they can include furniture and/or people who are nearby if desired (this step requires some coordination).

Step 2: Instruct them not to look directly into the camera lens; instead they should look down slightly and focus on close objects around them (as demonstrated by celebrities like Kanye West). 

This will give the illusion that their eyes are looking directly into yours even though this isn’t true because there was no real eye contact involved during this photo shoot process.

9. Pretend You’re Taking A Selfie With Someone Else Standing Behind You

A fun way to add a little bit of creativity to the selfie is by pretending that you’re taking a photo with someone or something behind you. You can use your friend, partner, or even just an object if you want. For example:

  • A mirror selfie – Take a picture of yourself in front of the mirror.
  • Your favorite celebrity – Pretend like your favorite celebrity is standing next to you taking selfies together!
  • A pet – Take a picture of yourself with your pet next to you!

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In conclusion, the selfie is here to stay. I talked to a lot of kids around the country and found out that most of them are unaware of how cool selfies can be. 

This article is meant to inspire those who want to learn more about taking selfies so they can become self-sufficient in this new social media world we live in today.

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What motivates people to take selfies?

The motivation behind taking selfies can vary widely. Some individuals take selfies to capture memories, express creativity, or seek validation from social media engagement.

How do selfies impact self-esteem?

Selfies can influence self-esteem both positively and negatively. Positive feedback and engagement on social media can boost self-esteem, while excessive comparison to others’ selfies may lead to negative self-perception.

Are there cultural differences in selfie-taking?

Yes, cultural norms and preferences can influence how and why people take selfies. Different cultures may value individual expression, group photos, or certain poses more than others.

Can selfies be a tool for self-discovery?

Absolutely, selfies can serve as a means of self-discovery. Through capturing different moods, styles, and experiences, individuals can gain insights into their evolving identities.

How do selfies impact interpersonal relationships?

Selfies can enhance interpersonal relationships by providing visual updates and fostering a sense of connection. However, excessive selfie-posting might also impact the depth of interactions if overdone.